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Here’s what other people are saying..

“Great bakery! They have excellent cakes, cookies and king cakes. I’ve bought several beautiful cakes here for various occasions, usually birthdays. They made my Mom’s 70th birthday cake, and it was just lovely!  The cakes are always fresh and moist, and the decorator icing is fabulous. Their cookies are adorable and taste good too. They made monkey cookies and duck cookies for my twin boys’ birthday party.  One of my little boys loves monkeys, and the other loves ducks, which is why I selected those options.  Jody’s also makes the best king cakes Ive had in Hattiesburg.

They sometimes bring goodies to the doctors and nurses at Forrest General Hospital, and that is always appreciated.  Nice people. Great baked items. I highly recommend them.”

-Sonia C.
Katy, TX

“Clean!, I have a thing about glass display cases and how gross they can get, the owner should be proud I didn’t even see any fingerprints on the glass, Friendly staff oh and did I mention CLEAN 🙂 We got an assortment of cookies (sugar, peanut butter and coconut) All had good flavor and texture. I have no choice but to go back if the eclairs and cannoli’s taste as good as the cookies I will be upping my gym time to twice a day. For the non-sweets people I did see an array of prepared food (veggie dishes, pasta dishes ect) and breads.”

-Gretchen A.
Clarksville, TN

“Jody’s has been my family’s favorite bakery since I was a little kid. They’ve made all but my 21st birthday cake (out of town for it for brother’s surgery), my wedding cake, all of the king cakes we have ever purchased (DELICIOUS), all of my family’s various cakes, and I’ve converted a great number of people to Jody’s from Home Bake. I don’t think there’s anything that I haven’t tried. Their frozen pre-prepped dinners are great (favorite is chicken rotel which I will be sending my spouse to pick up today). Everything is always fresh, and the bakery front is always clean. The cupcakes/cakes, cookies (husband’s favorites are lemon drops and mud puddles), chess squares, petit fours, cheesecakes, tortes, baklava, breakfast foods…everything is amazing.”

-Aston L.
Hattiesburg, MS

“Jodie’s bakery has been a great part of my childhood. I remember when my mom would bring us cookies when we were Little. Everything I continue to get from there is always DELICIOUS! Especially their gourmet cupcake’s!  Very moist and decadent icing.  Italian creme cake is to die for as well!”

-Windsor S.
Hattiesburg, MS

“Jody’s Bakery produce some awesome sweets and take home frozen meals. I true enjoy there sausage bread,warmed in the microwave for a few seconds.”

Purvis, MS

“The very best cakes along with the most incredible customer service! Jody’s is AWESOME!!!! I live in Texas and wanted to have a birthday cake sent to my daughter’s office in Hattiesburg. Jody’s went over and above my highest expectations by delivering the most delicious, absolutely adorable decorated birthday cake ever! It beat anything I ever baked for her growing up !!!! It was a wonderful experience to find a business that treats your family so special on their special day. Every time I’m in Hattiesburg, guess where I’m heading for something great to eat? Jody’s of course.”

-Terri F.
Hattiesburg, MS

“Jody’s helped me design my husband’s 40th birthday cake in Febuary this year. I wanted a topsy turvy, and she helped pick the colors and design. It was delicious! From cookies to pastries to King Cakes, it’s all very good!”

Hattiesburg, MS

“Had a great experience my first visit to Jody’s…sweets are delicious! Petit fours and sugar cookies are great!”

Jackson, MS