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How to choose the best blenders for soup

If soup is a staple in your home, you are fortunate. This review of the best blender for soup will provide you with all the information you need to make soup properly in a blender. 

While most blenders are known for whipping up smoothies and shakes in seconds, you can also find models that can prepare soup in minutes. The trick is to find a blender that, in addition to being effective and thorough, fits the size and requirements of your kitchen and your financial constraints. 

In addition, making soup requires working with hot ingredients, so your blender should be able to do so. Most models generate sufficient heat to transfer to the ingredients via blade rotation. Similarly, while some may allow you to prepare soup from scratch, others may require a small amount of pre-cooking or browning before adding the ingredients. 

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Soup Blender 

Blenders come in various shapes, sizes, and specifications, so assessing your kitchen’s requirements makes sense. A low-cost budget option may suffice for occasional use, but the machine must also include distinctive features for more specific blending tasks. 


Contrary to popular belief, high-performance blenders are only sometimes equipped with blades susceptible to dulling over time. Instead, they are fitted with durable blades capable of pulverizing virtually anything. This also makes cleaning them safer. 

Notably, blenders with the ability to process hot ingredients will typically feature BPA-free Tritan plastic jars, as these are more resistant to shattering when exposed to high-speed blades. 


If you tend to second-guess yourself when blending, you should look for something with preset features. Presets eliminate the uncertainty associated with over-blending or under-combining your ingredients. 

This is especially useful when attempting to cook ingredients while blending them. While basic models have only a few speeds, a blender with more features will have several. Consider models with a soup function and the capacity to handle hot ingredients for making soup. 

Vented Lids 

This is essential for making soup, as the heat generated during blending will raise the container’s internal temperature. Ventilated lids provide a safety mechanism for hot food processing by allowing steam to escape. 

Some lids include a filler cap that allows you to add ingredients while the machine is in use but not while the soup is being blended. However, it is a valuable feature for other blending tasks. 

Cooling Capacity 

The cooling capacity should be carefully considered for blenders that process hot ingredients. Most blenders will cease operation and not restart until the motor has completely cooled down. Depending on the model, this can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. 

Typically, thicker mixtures, or in this case, the mixing of hot ingredients, can lead to overheating issues. However, a blender with a powerful cooling system can avoid this and prevent the inconvenience of stopping mid-blend. 

Clean Up 

A blender that is simple to clean will be utilized significantly more. Look for models with dishwasher-safe removable parts. Some blenders feature detachable jugs to facilitate the cleaning of the blades. 

Best Soup Blender: Final Thoughts 

The Vitamix 7500 is superior to other blenders because it can make not only soups but drinks, dips, sauces, spreads, and purees, all with the same blade. Although this blender is an investment, finding a better-performing, more compact model that can do so much isn’t easy. 

Rx is adored by NutriBullet devotees seeking an upgrade to a model with a bit more power. The NutriBullet Rx provides perfectly smooth consistency at an affordable price and quickly processes whatever you put in it. 

The Blendtec Total Classic, despite its commercial-grade quality, was designed with the home user in mind. The Total Classic is user-friendly, with well-designed functions, presets, and a large-capacity jug for making soup. 

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