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Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker Deluxe

Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker Deluxe streamlines the entire process of preparing homemade baby food. This convenient appliance automatically steams and blends up to 3.5 cups of ingredients with the push of a button.  

The whole process takes approximately 10 minutes, and as your baby grows, you can choose from various textures, including mashes, purees, and soft chunks. This baby food maker includes three reusable food pouches and filling funnels for mess-free food portioning. 

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  • 4 cup capacity glass bowl
  • Automatically steams & blends in 1 easy step 
  • Easy to Clean 
  • LED control panel 
  • Blends Food To Precision 
  • 1 year limited warranty 
pros PROS
  • All-in-one system 
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl and blade 
cons CONS
  • Must hold blend button the whole time you’re blending 


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Baby Brezza’s posh baby food maker caught my eye as I researched alternatives to food preparation while perusing baby stores. I was drawn to the Glass One-Step Baby Food Maker because I liked that it used a classy container during the cooking process. However, if you are interested in this product but prefer a cheaper alternative, they offer other alternatives.

This model makes up to four cups of food and automatically steams and blends it if you choose. The “steam” option involves simply cooking the food. “steam + blend,” which automatically incorporates the food after steaming, and “blend,” which allows you to combine the food to your desired consistency.

Although steaming and puréeing baby food is relatively straightforward, the Baby Brezza Food Maker food processor can make the process even easier. The set-it-and-forget-it machine makes life easier, precisely what every new mother needs.


Baby Brezza Food Maker is an all-inclusive baby food maker that allows you to steam and puree fruits, vegetables, and other baby foods in a single operation. Sure, the result is the same as if you cooked food in a pot and then blended it in a blender, but the Baby Brezza simplifies the process by requiring only one step: placing the chopped food in the appliance and turning it on.

If you only wish to steam or puree, the Brezza provides those options. And since acclimating your foodie-to-be to various consistencies is essential, the Baby Brezza allows you to select the final product’s texture.

The Baby Brezza Food Maker is an expensive registry item, so you should be sure to utilize it. Fortunately, the machine’s versatility exceeds expectations. It’s ideal for making baby food purees, but it can also be helpful for mom’s meals. You can prepare soups, pasta, and hard-boiled eggs using the steam button. Anything that makes it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritious meals after giving birth is a plus in my book.


Baby Brezza is straightforward to clean. We’ve all struggled with a blender that refuses to stay clean, but the Baby Brezza eliminates this issue. The bowl can be rinsed and placed in the dishwasher, making cleanup simple. Additionally, the water container and other components are removable, allowing you to ensure they meet your standards.

Should you buy Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker Deluxe?

If you have the necessary funds and kitchen space, the Baby Brezza Food Maker is an excellent investment. Eliminating the step of draining steamed food and placing it in a blender is convenient, and it’s always nice to use fewer dishes.

However, it is acceptable if you cannot afford the Baby Brezza or are on the fence about purchasing one. Start by preparing homemade baby food the old-fashioned way, via a two-step steam and puree procedure. You can consider buying a Baby Brezza baby food maker if you enjoy it. You can also consider a variety of other baby food makers on the market if you’re interested in different price points or features.

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