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Hamilton Beach 62633R Hand Mixer

Homemakers on a budget require a powerful yet affordable tool to assist them with routine cooking mixing tasks. Hamilton Beach’s 62633R Hand Mixer satisfies this requirement precisely. It is potent yet straightforward to use. It is capable of mixing, beating, and folding tasks while remaining economical. Even those who are new to cooking or are only learning the fundamentals of baking can use it with ease.

It includes a variety of attachments and a compartment for storing them. The following sections discuss the detailed specifications and features.

  • 275 Watts of peak power and six speeds
  • 6-Speeds and Quickburst Button
  • Bowl Rest: A built in groove lets you rest the mixer over the bowl
  • Snap-on storage case has easy-access door for convenient storage
  • Eject button releases attachments easily
Brand Hamilton Beach
Color Red
Material Plastic
Model Name 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer,
Wattage 275 watts
Item Dimensions LxWxH 10.3 x 5 x 9.1 inches
Number of Speeds 6
Item Weight 3.5 Pounds
pros PROS
  • Supply of a snap-on storage case for cords and other accessories
  • Includes five appendices (2 dough hooks, 2 beaters, and 1 whisk)
  • Six-speed capability
  • Incorporation of a burst button
  • Includes a bowl rest feature that allows the mixture to rest on the bowl.
cons CONS
  • The blades can become more difficult to remove at times. 
  • Some users encountered cleaning issues.


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Hamilton Beach 62633R hand mixer features an eye-catching red design that adds grace and style to your kitchen décor. It’s simple to store, as it has a small footprint that fits almost anywhere in your kitchen.

Due to its lightweight design, this hand mixer is ideal for longer mixing jobs. This means that your hands, wrists, and arms will no longer become fatigued.

Five additional attachments are included with the Hamilton Beach 62633R Hand Mixer. There are two traditional beaters, two dough kneading hooks, and one whisk included. These beaters are superior to wired ones, bending and breaking. Additionally, there is an integrated Snap-On storage case for accessories or a cord.

The bowl rest is the most remarkable feature of this hand mixer. It allows the mixture to rest on the bowl’s rim, preventing spillage and waste. Additionally, the beater is lightweight, making it ideal for longer tasks. It is not strenuous on the hands, arms, or wrists.


Use this hand mixer to perform various mixing, beating effortlessly, and folding tasks to create your favorite treats. Even those who are inexperienced can operate the appliance without difficulty.

This Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer features six speeds. The slow speed first setting helps to minimize splatters and mess. Additionally, this feature is advantageous when beating and whisking mixtures of varying consistencies. One can always increase the speed with the aid of a quick burst button, but caution should be exercised to avoid creating a mess or spilling the mixture.

The mixer’s peak power consumption is 275 watts. It has a high-quality and durable plastic exterior, while the internal equipment is metal. It is an attractive red color and adds a stylish touch to your kitchen slab.


The cover help in storing and keeping the mixer clean. The mixer comes equipped with easy-to-clean conventional beaters, dough hooks, and a whisk.

Should you buy Hamilton Beach 62633R Hand Mixer?

Hamilton Beach 62633R Hand Mixer has performed admirably for its current users. Individuals who are learning to bake, in particular, require this type of mixer. The attachments that come with it are versatile and of high quality. The product is free of technical or mechanical defects and is highly durable. The storage case is excellent, as is the motor.

The unit is compact and can be stored in a small space. Current users have given this product a high rating and written favorable reviews. We will also undoubtedly recommend this product to new users.

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