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Magic Bullet Blender 11 Piece Set


  • 200 watt
  • Chopping, mixing, blending, whipping, grinding and more!
  • Easy To Use
  • Hassle-free Cleanup


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Magic Bullet 11-Piece Kitchen Blender & Food Processor Set – Over 40 Million Bullets Sold! Performs any task in under a minute! Blender and mixer with high-speed transmission. Incorporated is a ten-second recipe book. As if you had your food processor and blender.

All of this can be accomplished with the help of a high-powered blender and mixer system. Prepare by chopping, mixing, blending, whipping, grinding, or mincing. The Magic Bullet Blender & Food Processor is compact, versatile, and simple to use. It occupies little counter space while delivering maximum speed and versatility.

The Magic Bullet Blender & Food Processor, with its unique design and compact size, chops, mixes, blends, whips, and grinds in less time than standard kitchen appliances. Easily create the perfect smoothies and milkshakes, frozen cocktails, and pureed soups!

Additionally, with a diverse selection of dishwasher-safe attachments, cleanup is a breeze. The Magic Bullet’s time-saving efficiency is attributed to its specially designed blade and one-of-a-kind bullet shape. These features combine to rapidly and forcefully recirculate food back into the Cyclonic Cutting Zone, enabling the Magic Bullet to perform virtually any food prep task in seconds.