Most Versatile

Ninja FD401 Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker


  • 1760-watt unit
  • Crisping lid
  • Pressure lid
  • 8-qt. ceramic-coated pot
  • 5-qt. ceramic-coated Cook & Crisp Basket


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The Ninja Food Deluxe pressure cooker is now available. The 8-quart Deluxe pressure cooker with crisping action. In as little as 20 minutes, Tender crisp technology enables you to go from frozen to crispy.

Cook and crisp baskets make it simple to cook, and air fry delectable treats and meals quickly. The new Stainless Steel design, combined with an improved user interface, makes this the most luxurious Foodi yet. Dishwasher-safe components.