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Best Japanese Chef Knife: A Concise Guide To Buying The Best Kitchen Knife

Japanese chefs’ knives are specialized, and high-quality knives adapted to preserve or enhance the flavor of Japanese cuisine. Additionally, they enable ultra-fine precision cuts to enhance the presentation of a dish. 

You can also purchase multi-purpose Japanese chef knives capable of a variety of different cuts on various food types. These multi-purpose knives were created to replicate the functionality of famous Western chef’s knives. 

A Santoku knife is the best all-purpose Japanese chef’s knife. A Santoku is a versatile knife that is adept at cutting various foods, including meat, fish, and vegetables. Its name translates as ‘three virtues,’ indicating suitable for mincing, slicing, and dicing. 

To help you narrow down your options, we have compiled a list of features that will help you make an informed decision, and of course, we weigh in on which knife we think is the best all-around Japanese chef knife for your needs. 

Chefs understand that having the proper tools for the job is critical to completing it efficiently. Japanese knives are top-rated due to their adaptability and durability. Japanese kitchen knives of exceptional quality are an excellent addition to any professional chef’s arsenal of cooking utensils. 

These knives provide chefs with everything they need to make their jobs easier, even if they are unaware. 

Additionally, it establishes a professional and informative tone through rhetorical questions and plain language. 

Our Top Picks 

10 Best Japanese Chef Knife Reviews

Your kitchen may contain various tools and equipment, from slow cookers to pasta makers. But if you’re considering purchasing a new set of tools, you must have a chef’s knife. However, if you want to keep your kitchen looking sharp, you will have to decide between a German and a Japanese knife. Let’s get one thing straight: Japanese knives are the best in the world of cutlery.

What distinguishes them from the crowd? Japanese knives are renowned for their thin, razor-sharp blades, allowing you to quickly slice vegetables or even carve meats and sushi like a samurai without worrying about the blade losing its edge over time. We’ve covered you with the most practical knife sharpeners for every blade type. Are you prepared to search for the best blade for your cutlery needs? Check out our list of the best Japanese knives for professional and amateur cooks.

1. Best Overall: Yoshihiro VG-10 Japanese Chefs Knife

Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife (Octagonal Ambrosia Handle) (9.5" (240mm))


User reviews

Great knife for a starter looking to get into japanese damascus. Very beautiful knife and an enjoyable unboxing. The things I dont like about this knife is that the bevel is at an 80/20 grind. It is double beveled, but most of the edge is on one side. Its definitely a learning curve to sharpen, which leads me to the fact that it did not come crazy sharp out of the box. 20 minutes on my whetstone made it way sharper than the factory edge. Last the spine is very thick, when I cut a potato it kind of wedges it apart instead of slicing even though its sharp. Overall a great knife besides these few points. The saya is nice, it feels very durable. The handle is comfortable to hold. I would still recommend this knife to people.
Incredibly Sharp and Comfortable to Use. Out of the box, it is ultra sharp. My other Yoshihiro knife was not uniformly sharp like this one (but still very sharp). It is very comfortable to use if you hold it properly (front fingers on the blade). You can slice but also rock back and forth with ease (it has the right curve tip to toe). Puts a smile on my face every time I use it! Just cut through pork butt and it went through the 6+ inch thickness as if it is not there. So much safer this way than struggling with German knives getting stuck half way and such.
Just Buy This Amazing Knife. I bought the 8.3 inch knife. Absolutely love the razor sharp blade, beauty, and craftsmanship. Wonderful customer service, too. Mine was hand delivered today. I just learned that I live only 3 miles nearby the store so I will be going there very soon to drop off all my knives for high quality Japanese whetstone sharpening and cutlery shopping. Goodbye Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table for knives! Yoshihiro Cutlery is now my go to cutlery store. For people who say the price is too high – high quality products and services are absolutely worth the cost. Highly recommend!
Sharpest thing I have ever had in my hand. I am the cook in my house and I spend a fair amount of time in food prep. While this knife might be considered by some as overkill, I am a big fan of sharp tools in general and sharp knives in particular. I consider myself to be pretty good at sharpening and without a doubt, right out of the box, this is the sharpest thing I have ever had in my hand. I’ve used it for about a year now and it is still sharper than any thing else I own. It makes food prep effortless. You can get thin slices of almost anything with one hand.It comes package in a very nice presentation box and comes with a wooden sheath. I know most people would think this is quite pricey unless you are a professional chef. Still, as the old adage goes, “you get what you pay for.” I’m thinking about buying the 6″ version of this knife even though I don’t really need it.
I found my brand. After years of swearing by German forged steel, I was nervous about switching to a fine-edged Japanese blade. It didn’t take long to get used to the switch and I doubt that I will purchase anything but Yoshihiro from here on out. The price is very reasonable and the knifes are a great value. This knife is 2 ounces lighter than my previous chef knife, which may not sound like a big deal, but any professional who spends hours a day with their knife will tell you what a difference it makes. I love how light and attractive it is and the case that carries it. Just be aware that it is a very thin blade and could be damaged easily. I already bent the tip trying to slice through some very thick cuts of brisket. I should have been more careful but I plan on purchasing at least two more Yoshihiro knifes. Find yourself a ceramic sharpener for honing it between tasks, it will keep the blade sharp for days on end. The only thing I wasn’t aware of when I bought it is that the handle is unfinished and you will need to buy some oil to do so with to keep it food safe. It’s not really a complaint so much though, I stained and finished it myself and that has just made it that much more personal. One of my co-workers has a usuba knife from these makers that I also really like. I plan on purchasing one myself soon. Great knifes!
Great knife. Sharp out of the package. Holds the edge great. Specially live the handle great craftsman ship. It’s my daily butchering and veggie chopping knife. Also great protector.
Good knife, quality steel, good entry level Japanese chef knife. This well balance lightweight Damascus steel blade is light and sharp.
Great knife. I’ve had this for a couple weeks now. It’s significantly better than the Fiesta brand Chinese stainless I’ve used for the past few years. I’ve cut tomato, pineapples and potatoes with it, along with beef and pork. It literally goes through potatoes like butter. I promptly wash it after use and have had no problems. Love it.
This is a truly beautiful knife, a work of art. So sharp and it holds it edge.
Great looking hammered blade with beautiful damascus pattern, very sharp. The handle looks prettier that it’s shown in the website’s photo, it looks professional. The main focus is the knife but would like to mention that the box looks elegant. Buyers should study/ compare prices from merchants, I noticed wide price range, sometimes doubled.
Great looking hammered blade with beautiful damascus pattern, very sharp. The handle looks prettier that it’s shown in the website’s photo, it looks professional. The main focus is the knife but would like to mention that the box looks elegant. Buyers should study/ compare prices from merchants, I noticed wide price range, sometimes doubled.

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Have you ever switched knives when preparing your favorite Japanese dishes because the vegetable knife could not cut through the beef? 

A razor-sharp gyuto knife is a solution to this issue. The blade and handle of this Yoshihiro Japanese knife make it one of the finest gyuto knives available on the market. 

It is ideal for those who desire quality, adaptability, and a razor-sharp edge. It is excellent for both precise and, more significantly, thicker cuts. You can prepare yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) and katsu curry with this knife. 

The beautiful Damascus hammered finish blade prevents food particles from adhering to its edges. Therefore, each cut is clean and quick, and there is no need to stop in the middle of chopping. 

The best feature of this knife is the razor-sharp blade with a hammered finish; it holds its edge exceptionally well and remains sharp even after extensive cooking. In addition, the blade is resistant to wear and is not easily chipped. 

The blade’s 8-inch length is ideal because it is easier to maneuver and use, even by inexperienced home cooks. 

Because the knife is well-balanced, you can safely cut almost all ingredients when preparing meals from scratch. 

A complete tang design makes the knife more durable and balanced, but some users have noted small porous areas at the end of the handle where food particles can become lodged. 

This is one disadvantage to consider, given that the product is expensive. 

The handle is made of mahogany, but it is a traditional Western-style handle, not an octagonal shape. It made a list the best overall because it applies to everyone. 

It is simple to clean by hand, and the wood prevents the knife from slipping through your fingers. 

You can’t go wrong with this Yoshihiro Gyuto VG10 knife due to its reputation for superior quality. 

Key Features 
  • Proudly made in Japan and not mass produced. 
  • This knife is complimented with a traditional Japanese Wa-style handcrafted Octagonal Handle that is lightweight and ergonomically welds to the hand for seamless use. 
  • Excellent for both home chefs and professional chefs. 
  • Every knife from Yoshihiro is handcrafted by master artisans creating a unique one-of-a-kind work of art. 
  • Handcrafted in Japan 

2. Sakai Takayuki Gyuto Chef Knife

Sakai Takayuki Hammered Damascus 33 Layer Vg-10 Japanese 07396 Gyuto 240mm Chef Knife


User reviews

There’s another level of sharpness to be had out of the box. This thing is awesome. A great value. This is the second Takayuki that I’ve bought. They can be sharpened to razor sharp edges and they do a great job of holding that edge. This knife will come quite sharp. But there is another level of sharpness that can be had if you know how to do it. The blade geometry, the hammer imprints reduce the resistance to almost nothing. It glides through foods with minimal effort. I also own a similar sized Myabi. The Miyabi is a great knife too but I prefer the overall performance of this one.
Quality product and makes cutting fish a breeze. Sushi and sashimi.
Good value. Beautiful knife ,Fit hand,Beautiful pattern, Good weight,Delivery on time, This my second order from Amazon,Thank you service ^^
Finish excellent but will serve its purpose well, fairly good value. A visually appealing knife that should serve well for many years. Sturdy yet the blade is relatively thin at the top compared to many “western” chef’s knives – a good thing as it will bind less easily and take less effort when slicing through harder vegetables. My one complaint is that the finish is not as superb as it could be, as the edges of the handle rivets & bolster are slightly raised, to the point you can feel them when running a finger along the handle. Otherwise a beautiful implement & decent value for the money if you’re looking for a Japanese knife of this size for practical kitchen use.
Beautiful knife. This was my husband’s birthday present this year – he loves it.
Worth the money. Great buy I couldn’t be happier.
Great quality. One of the top knives i have bought so far.
It’s light. It’s a good knife

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The Gyuto Chef Knife by Sakai Takayuki is forged from VG-10 Damascus steel, which consists of 45 layers to maintain its sharpness and durability and results from exceptional craftsmanship. In addition, the knife’s magnolia handle is handcrafted and water-resistant, allowing it to retain its exquisite beauty. If you’re looking for a chef’s knife that strikes the perfect balance between form and function, we suggest trying this one. 

This gyuto knife is an artistic creation. I’ve had my fair share of gyutos throughout the years, and this is one of the most attractive ones I’ve ever owned. Due to its slim blade, it resembles a traditional French knife rather than a typical Japanese gyuto. 

This Sakai Takayuki gyuto knife feels well-balanced and has a pleasant weight in hand. This makes it ideal for a pinch grip, and you will have no difficulty using it for extended periods. 

The blade has a VG-10 core wrapped in 33 layers of exquisite Damascus steel and finished by hand. 

Because of its excellent edge retention and staining resistance, VG-10 steel is a popular choice among Japanese knife makers. 

While many users find VG-10 challenging to sharpen, this VG-10 stainless steel has been heat-treated to 60 HRC with a specific tempering process to achieve an ideal balance of hardness and flexibility. The result is a blade that can maintain a razor-sharp edge for a long time while remaining extremely flexible and simple to sharpen. 

As opposed to carbon steel, VG-10 is much more resistant to staining, so you don’t have to worry about your knife being ruined by a spill or accidental contact with acidic or alkaline foods. 

Key Features 
  • Light, well-balanced and incredibly sharp 
  • 45 Layer VG10 Damascus Steel 
  • Hand hammered and finished blade 
  • Magnolia handle 

3. Dalstrong 6-inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife

DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife – 6 inch – Phantom Series – Japanese High-Carbon AUS8 Steel – Pakkawood Handle – Sheath Included


User reviews

Amazing…If You Know What You’re Doing. DISCLAIMER: I *DO NOT* work for or receive any payment, kickback, or benefit of any kind from either Dalstrong or any third-party review farm. I’m just a bored cook in quarantine.Ok so…a few things…1) First and foremost, this (the 9.5″ chef’s knife) is–simply put–a very, VERY good knife at this or any price point. I’ve owned and used (yes, in professional kitchens) Wustofs, Messermeisters, Globals, Shuns, Yoshihiros, and JKCs, and this thing was cheaper and works as well or better than all of them. The handle and bolster make it probably the most comfortable knife I’ve ever used, and the blade…hooooo man…that thing came out of the box ready to work. The *only* thing even approaching a complaint in regards to the knife’ performance is that the steep angle and sheer finish tends to make food stick to it a little. That’s more of a function of the physical universe we inhabit (simple physics) than any design/construction issue, but full disclosure, blah blah.2) I wrote this mainly in response to the negative reviews on this knife. I realize it’s possible/probable that those reviewers received defective items (it happens), but reading them carefully, it seems more likely that they either didn’t read the description on the Amazon page, understand what a high-carbon knife is, just weren’t really sure how to use a knife in general, or some unholy combination of all of those factors. Yes, using a chef’s knife is a specific and technical skill that requires training and practice. No, not everyone has that skill. No, power-bingeing all 17 seasons of “Top Chef” does not miraculously impart said skill. Yes, carelessly handling ANY blade when you have no training or experience WILL lead to injury and/or a damaged knife. BUT…if you handle with care and respect,consider training/learning with this knife; its sharpness and ergonomics make it ideal for that. For the record, there are many…MAAAANNY…free and excellent online tutorials on knife skills. Go get your learn on.3) This is not a stamped-steel, $20 Victorinox or one of those things with Guy Fieri’s signature embossed on it. You’ll need to take care of it. That means–at a minimum–knowing how to use and store it properly, keeping it as dry as possible, honing it weekly, and taking a whetstone to it at least twice a year. [CAVEAT: Whetstones are a whole other thing; again, YouTube is your friend, here.] The Phantom series is marketed and designed (I think) for professional chefs looking for a good, dependable blade that won’t break the bank. That means they’re made for work. Yeah, they’re pretty and shiny and use “Japanese” steel (more on that in a second), but these are supposed to be workhorses and, from what I can tell so far, they deliver in that regard. So if you’re looking for more of a status symbol/vanity piece that you use once a month than a functional knife that will be used in a real kitchen…well then go have one made for you, Moneybags. Also, stop reading and go away. No one cares what you think. :)4) The steel; it says right in the description that the entire Phantom product line uses high-carbon AUS-8 steel with a little chromium added for stain resistance. RESISTANCE. This is NOT a stainless-steel, or even stainless-clad knife. For all of those reviewers who were complaining about rusting/spotting…don’t lie…you left it in water, or you let it air dry. <clapping> You. DO. NOT. Leave. Your. Knives. In. Water. Or. To. Air. Dry. You wipe them off after every use (yes EVERY), and dry them with a towel when they’re washed. Also, store it in the sheath. If you have an empty slot in a knife block that fits, fine, but be aware that the point on these higher-end knives can and will get bent if you try to drop them into the slot and miss. And for the “it-got-dull” reviewers…yeah. That happens. IT’S A KNIFE. Sharpen it. I’d bet cash money one or all of you left that review after you ran it through a fully-loaded dishwasher cycle.5) BUY IT. I’ll come back and eat a bucket of crow if this thing fails on me…but it won’t. User error is a thing (see negative reviews).ADDENDUM: A word on steel. If you care, the AUS-8 used in the Phantom series is what’s called a “softer” steel, and tends–TENDS–to perform a little less robustly in edge retention than other steels like AUS-10 and VG-10. However, this also means that it sharpens a bit easier, and retains its edge only slightly less than others. I have to assume its use in this series is a function of keeping the price of the knives down, as both of those tend to require more additives/refining. All that said, I’ve been using the Phantom knife for prep work several hours a day for about a week, and it shows no signs of dulling yet. With proper care, I have no doubt it will perform with the best knives out there.
The Phantom Series Raises The Bar Again. I admit it. Over the past couple of years, I have become a knife snob. I’m NOT a professional chef by any means, but I do love to spend time in my kitchen and I do love to cook. I have been using Dalstrong knives for over a year now because in my opinion, they are truly the best knives out there. I knew when the Phantom Series of Dalstrong Knives came out, I was going to want them in my kitchen.The Phantom Series knives are different from the other Dalstrong knives in several beautiful ways. The Santoku knife does come in a magnetic closure box that is perfect for gift giving, even if that gift is just for yourself. This is consistent with how the other knives in the other series come. Printed on the inside of the lid you will find detailed information about what makes the blade and handle of your knife so special. As you remove the contents from the box you will find several items included with your knife. New to this series is a small Dalstrong coin on a red string. This coin is unique for each knife in the Phantom series and is not included with the Gladiator or Shogun series knives. You will find a polishing cloth for your knife, a detailed and actually interesting color photo booklet telling you about the history, care and construction/design of your knife. A card is also included that tells you about their VIP program and another card giving you information about reaching customer service.When you remove your knife from it’s custom cut cushioning inside the box, you will see it comes inside it’s own protective sheath. What is new with the Phanton Series knives is how the sheath is designed. Unlike the sheathes that come with the Shogun and Gladiator Series knives, these are designed to open through a hinged system to expose the blade rather than to simply slide on and off the blade. This is a significant new safety feature in my opinion. Having been in the medical field for over 2 decades, one of the things we NEVER do is recap a needle when we are finished. This was to prevent accidental needle sticks to the practitioner. I see this as a similar safety measure for the kitchen since you are no longer trying to slide the blade back inside a sheath, but you can close a hinged sheath around it and help prevent accidental injury.Once unsheathed, you will see even more definitive design changes. The blade is beautifully engraved and branded on both sides. This engraving does not interfere at all with your precise cuts and the blade cleans up after use so easily. The entire knife is forged from a single piece of steel and it is exceptionally sharp, with fantastic edge retention. Looking straight down from the top of the blade, you will be amazed at just how thin and razor sharp that edge actually is. The traditional Japanese D-shaped handle fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and is made from black Spanish pakkawood. The handle is attached to the knife with a mosaic pin of brass and copper that is also quite artistic and beautiful. There is not one detail that has been overlooked in the design of this knife.Performance – ultimately this is what really counts. I was able to prepare some of the vegetables and the herbs and spices for a beautiful stir fry dinner in just minutes using this knife. The blade is ideal for three specific cutting tasks which the knife performs well: slicing, dicing, and mincing. The Santoku knife relies more on a single downward cut and even landing from heel to tip, thus using less of a rocking motion than other styles of cutlery. The Santoku design is shorter, lighter, thinner, than a traditional Western chef’s knife. I used this knife for slicing my zucchini and squash, dicing the onions and herbs and mincing the garlic cloves. Because of the handle design, this can all be done quite comfortably and with uniform precision. Clean up consisted of nothing more than a quick rinse under running water and a wipe with the cleaning cloth. It couldn’t have been a more pleasant experience. I would have absolutely no problem recommending this knife to both professionals and amateur chefs alike.
Bastante agradable, tanto como el tamaño como el diseño
This knife is incredible and my first dalstrong a chef I work with has a delta wolf and it’s amazing so had to get my own and santokus are versatile in my opinion so when I saw this I had to get it couldn’t be happier I will be buying more. The knife is well balanced light and really comfortable in the hand it’s absolutely brilliant.
I honestly consider this brand as one of the best affordable ones out there. This is my 8th Dalstrong Knife and having had, and still have, Global, Zwilling and Wusthof, I always come back to Dalstrong to work with Daily. My work bag is full of Dalstrong knives and my hands also thank me for it after our usual 10 to 12 hour days.
Excelente presentación y calidad en todo el producto.Mucho filó y acabados delicados. Un gran accesorio para tu panadería.

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If you intend for your knife set to be complete, you’ll need a vegetable knife. Designed for swift chopping, this Nakiri Vegetable Knife not only gets the job done but does so with grace and elegance. Elegantly crafted with 58-HRC Japanese stainless steel and an ergonomic Pakkawood handle, this knife is designed to cut through vegetables quickly and stealthily, like a ninja lurking in the shadows while ensuring durability and comfort. This makes the Nakiri Vegetable Knife Phantom Series the “weapon” of choice for culinary enthusiasts and master chefs seeking a high-performance knife for use in the kitchen. 

The blade is even more admirable because of its Tsu chime finish, demonstrating the knife’s Japanese heritage. The finish not only adds elegance but also improves functionality by preventing food from sticking. 

It requires little in the way of care and maintenance. The blade is rust and corrosion resistant. In addition, it has anti-stick properties. 

The blades have been vacuum-treated and precisely altered to ensure the highest quality. These procedures strengthen the material, allowing it to withstand various applications. 

The vegetable knife’s handle is made of ergonomic G10 material. It provides control and comfort, ensuring a positive user experience. The handle is composed of nonporous fiberglass, which contributes to its durability. 

Key Features 
  • The Phantom Series 6″ Nakiri Knife 
  • The Ultimate Steel For The Ultimate Performance 
  • Premium Imported Japanese AUS-8 Steel 
  • Precision Refinement 
  • Premium-quality laminated Pakkawood handles 
  • Full tang for maximum robustness & quality 

4. Shun Premier Chef’s Knife

Shun Chef's Knife Cutlery Premier, 8 Inch, Brown


User reviews

A breath of fresh air. A little background. I’ve cooked professionally for the vast majority of my adult life.. so roughly 20 years now. A bit of a late bloomer, I’m just now going to culinary school at the age of 36. That said, I’ve been around the block a couple times and I know a quality product when I see one.This knife is a bad ass. You know that guy that seems cool, but has that weird look in his eye and you’re fairly sure he could end you if he really wanted to? Yeah, that’s this knife. Compared to the knives that are provided by the vast majority of restaurants, well its like putting Butter Bean versus Jon “Bones” Jones. I’ve put this knife through its paces and here are my observations. Take it as you will.Pros:(1)Beautiful. I get alot of “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” from people who haven’t seen it before. “Oh my God” is a common phrase by people who hold it, and “Holy s*** I want one” is common by those who take a couple swipes with it.(2)Sharp. Out of the box you can cut ripe tomatoes, apples, onions, etc extremely thin very, very easily. Thin enough that light passes through it. Can you shave arm hair with it? No. You cannot. You’ll need to sharpen it yourself or have it sharpened professionally for that. Nevertheless its night and day what this knife can do when compared to your average professional kitchen knife.(3)Comfortable. I’ve tried quite a few different lines from quite a few different knife companies and this knife ranks right up there in the top for me. I’m 6’2″ 255 lbs, mediumish hands and I have plenty of room on this handle. Fits very well to my hand and is easy to maneuver. I didn’t think I would like this rounded handle as much as I do the “D” shape of the Shun Classics, but I find I prefer the Premier weight/handle.(4)Weight. I’ve used German-style knives pretty much my entire career and I was fairly certain I would hate this knife simply because it doesn’t have the heft that a German brings to the table. I was wrong. I hate to admit it, but I was. The blade is so thin and so sharp that heft becomes nothing more than an unnecessary entity under most circumstances. Not only is the heft unnecessary in most cases, but this blade allows extremely precise cuts. On a lark, I wanted to see what it would do versus a plastic 3 1/2 oz souffle cup. It went all the way through it in a single pass without even the slightest crinkle in the cup. Quite literally hot knife through butter. Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, etc are a freaking joke. Quite literally effortless.(5)Durability. I’m putting this as a pro mostly because the steel holds an edge decently well under normal usage. Cutting vegetables, breads, deboned meats etc this knife will make you giggle with glee. It is not however designed for bones or for being a can opener. It is a precision tool. If you want something that will smash through product then you are probably looking for a higher end Henckel, Wustof or F.Dick knife. With a simple daily honing after use the blade will hold a close-to-factory edge. Sharp enough to shred paper, but not quite as sharp as when you pulled it out of the box (obviously).Cons:(1)Price. If you’re like most cooks, buying a knife at this price point is an investment. Its beautiful and performs extremely well, but you’re always nervous its going to get dropped or misused by some idiot on the line that has no qualms about using items that aren’t his/hers when you’re not looking. Or it magically walking off. There are some pretty respectable SETS of knives that can be had for the price of this single knife.(2)Blade height. Honestly, most of the time the blade will simply slice through things making this con inconsequential, but there are times where it is necessary to use the heel to cut through something and in this circumstance the blade isn’t tall enough to accomplish the task without you smashing your knuckles into the product. There are only really one or two items in my current menu where this happens, but it absolutely makes me cringe when it does.(3)Debris. While the handle is beautiful and very comfortable to the hand, it tends to collect pretty much anything it comes in contact with. The blade isn’t much better. The “hammered” texture doesn’t seem to have as much impact as one would think.To say that I’m not in love with this knife would be a complete lie. It is easily the best knife I have ever owned and I would recommend the knife whole-heartedly. That said, the price point that this knife can be had at will make the vast majority of professional cooks cringe simply because of the environment that it is expected to survive in. Even as I write this review I am seriously considering buying a cheaper set that hopefully performs pretty close simply because the idea of this knife getting ruined makes my fists clench. Also, don’t let water or acidic products sit on the blade for extended periods of time. Its kind of a no-brainer, but when you get used to abusing house knives, seeing the discoloration on this knife can make you a sad panda even though it wipes off pretty easy if caught in time.UPDATE January 20, 2013: I’ve been using this knife for almost a year now. I have since purchased several other chef knives, including a $240 gyuto made with CPM-154 steel. I still keep coming back to my Shun. It is my go to knife for 90% of the stuff I do in the kitchen. I still have not experienced any of the chipping that some reviewers were complaining about, so it makes me assume they are mistreating this knife. For me, the Premier is the perfect balance of weight, utility, and beauty at a very competitive price. The blade is rigid(no flex) and while noticeably heavier than most gyutos and lasers, it is also noticeably lighter than German-style French knives. The VG-10 is about as good a steel as you’re going to find at this price point. Good edge retention, but not superb. One of the best investments I have ever made.UPDATE March 21, 2013: I figured I should mention my absolute favorite trait about this knife, and that is the finish and the geometry of the blade create a surface with virtually no drag. The combination create a performance trait that I have yet been able to replicate with another knife. It is particularly evident when doing your horizontal cuts for dicing an onion. With the grinds on other knives (Henckel/Miyabi products especially) they seem to create alot of drag and you almost have to rip the knife through the cut. The Premier is nearly effortless and it has caught some experienced cooks by surprise who had their hand on the back of the onion instead of on top where it belongs. Caution is warranted while you get used to this knife’s characteristics.
Great higher end knife. Please read this review if you are scared off by any negative reviews. I really appreciate this Shun. It was my first high end Japanese knife and introduced me to that style of knife which I am now in love with. It has a stunning mirrored finish, damascus pattern and handle. The knife itself is super sharp and holds an edge really well. It is true VG10 steel and holds its edge as such. Large blade makes short work of veggies and meats, however knife is nimble enough for delicate tasks as well. Shun includes lifetime knife sharpening for only like $5 for the first knife and $2 per additional knife which is just shipping costs which I view as a great value, not that you will need to sharpen these a ton.As for some of the negative reviews about chipping… honestly ignore them. As I have gotten into cooking and moved into the world of high end products I have seen a myriad of negative reviews on products like Le Creuset, John Boos Blocks, KitchenAid stand mixers, etc. In my pretty substantial experience these all seem to be from people who enjoy cooking so they buy a high end item and have absolutely no idea how to use or care for the item. They think because its expensive its invincible which is just not the case. I have use this knife a lot, accidentally nicked bones, cut on harder surfaces, etc. and nothing has damaged this knife with reasonable care. Yes, if you are going to take it and whack it on a chicken bone or cut on a marble countertop you may chip it. These are all things it says not to do. There is no way in hell you are going to cut veggies or meat on a wood block or plastic board and chip this thing, especially using the correct cutting motion.All that being said, I have a Miyabi Birchwood SG2 8″ chefs knife that I mostly use instead of this. Its just got an even sharper angled edge and is made of an even harder material making cutting even easier. But it should be, this knife goes for $180 that one goes for $250-300 depending on sales. If you have the money I would consider looking towards a Shun or Miyabi with SG2 level steel.
Holy COW is this thing sharp. I saw this knife used on a TV show named the Secret Meat Business on AWE network and was impressed with the appearance and the apparent sharpness of the knives he used. At the end of the show, they said that “Shun Knives” was one of their sponsors so I did an online search and sure enough, they sell them right here on Amazon!The knife is just as beautiful as it was on the TV show and I can now personally say that it is RAZOR sharp and it holds an edge fiercely. The first thing I cut with it was a dead-ripe garden-fresh tomato — the knife never even pressed the skin down, it just slid through it with almost zero resistance. I’ve used it on beef and veggies so far but know for sure it would handle ANY kitchen item needing sliced/diced/chopped/slivered/whatever. The knife feels good in my hand (male who wears size X-large gloves) but it also feels good to my wife (female with slender fingers). It is SCARY sharp so unless you have good knife form (fingertips curled under and thumbs tucked in as an automatic reflex rather than a conscious thought) you should use a cut resistant, Kevlar glove on your non-knife hand.This knife is an investment worth making if you are a serious cook. The Damascus steel will hold an edge extremely well but you DO need to be careful with it or the edge can chip. It’s like anything in life, there are trade-offs — the Damascus steel is SUPER hard so the edge lasts for ages but in exchange, the harder the metal, the more brittle so it can chip more easily if dropped or abused. Don’t use this knife to whack through bones, use a cleaver if you want to do that.With a little common sense care, this knife will easily last the rest of your life and you can pass it on to your heirs along with your cast iron cookware and such!
Excellent knife!! Extremely sharp when it arrives so be careful.
El mejor cuchillo en mi inventario, un filo impresionante y un peso perfecto, lo unico que me hubiera gustado es que incluyera algun estuche para guardarlo.
Excellent product extremely sharp
Worth every dollar.
Muy buen cuchillo. Filo perfecto. Lo afilo cada mes, y lo uso diario en la cocina para uso doméstico

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Did you know that shun refers to when a food’s flavor is at its peak? Knife brand Shun honors this tradition to ensure that its culinary equipment is always at its peak and places. Consequently, we recommend using the Chef Knife by Shun, whose sharp blade is designed to slice fruits and vegetables cleanly and make meal preparation more enjoyable. Invest time in maintaining the blade’s sharpness for optimum performance. 

The Premier has the sharpest factory edge of any knife I’ve reviewed in a long time, if ever. The blade glides effortlessly through most foods. Its edge makes you question the quality of other high-end knives on the market. Each incision feels unburdened. 

However, any enthusiast worth his salt will tell you that sharpness out of the box is less critical than Grindr’s ability. It is standard for Japanese knifemakers only to give their knives an essential edge, leaving the micro-bevel to be ground by the customer. 

They make their knives as thin and as durable as possible. Initially, this is excellent. The issue arises when you’ve been using a Shun knife for some time and need to sharpen it. And if you’ve never pointed out before, VG-MAX with a 12° edge can be challenging to learn. 

Not to imply that VG-MAX is poor steel. It is essentially a step up in edge retention from VG-10, but it is neither easier to sharpen nor more resilient. 

Key Features 
  • 8-inch Premier Chef’s knife   
  • Wide, Curved Blade  
  • High Quality Construction 
  • The walnut-finished, contoured Pakkawood handle resists moisture 

5. Miyabi Evolution Chef’s Knife

Miyabi Evolution Chef's Knife, 8"


User reviews

It live upto my hype for a serious knife. I have been of mind set of having 1 rely good chefs knife and thats mostly it for a long time but only would go as far as one big box store knifes nothing to costly, I knew I would get something serious if I went for a pro knife so settled on this oneDam was this like going from a Honda civic to a track focused race car, the balance and weight is incredible, the sharpness could cut things just by me thinking of itIt’s been a fun process cooking and learning how ease into such a serious piece of kit, this has been quite an experience
Super Sharp. I had hood Wusthof knifes and they were good, as long as I sharpened them regularly. This knife is 2 or 3 times sharper than those knifes at their best. I worry about having to sharpen them when they get dulled as it appears to require special equipment. Yes, you could easily chop off a finger! So be extra careful.
Beautiful knife. My first foray into a more premium chef’s knife. Beautiful knife that’s incredibly sharp and so fluid when using. For every day food prep use it’s really great and a huge improvement from the economy chef’s knife it replaced.
Great knife. You can see and feel the quality. Very sharp. Cuts like butter.
Very nice knife. I feared the blade would be short. It was not. The knife is hansome, contemporary, sharp, and very approachable. I seem to be grabbing it more and more. I bought in good condition for 84 bucks. A steal.Its taller than a Zwilling or Wusthof chef knife and thiner. The spine is not as well polished and rounded as my Kramer/Zwilling Carbon, but that is a 300 dollar knife.
Great knife. This is my first big knife purchase and I couldn’t be happier. It’s super sharp and feels great in my hand. I’m following the instructions diligently. Cleaning and drying it immediately after use has kept it like new through my first month of usage. So far I’ve used it mostly on vegetables and it’s been a breeze. Cuts through a lemon like butter. I definitely recommend!
Perfect weight and size for small hands. This was a gift for my daughter the amateur chef and she is small and says this knife is the perfect size and weight for her and is very sharp and cuts with ease
It is a joy to cut vegetables. I have several knives from different vendors and this is by far the sharpest knife in the drawer. It holds its edge for a long time. It is a joy to cut vegetables, fruits, fish and meats with this knife.

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Miyabi is a Zwilling group brand that combines ancient techniques and contemporary design to produce the most delicate Japanese knives. The Evolution Chef’s Knife is one of our favorite knives from the brand. Its striking blade is designed to provide long-lasting comfort and effortless meal preparation. With a Rockwell Hardness of 61 and double Friodur steel hardening, the Evolution Chef’s Knife is a revolutionary tool that ensures durability, performance, and corrosion resistance — ideal for chefs who desire a dependable blade in the kitchen. 

The Evolution series is the closest Miyabi comes to entry-level pricing. These knives are ideal for intermediate home cooks due to their blade styles and prices. The blades are made of lightweight, fine carbide steel that is razor-sharp and has a curved belly that allows for straight or rocking cuts. In my opinion, the Evolution chef’s knife is an excellent value, whereas the other knives in this series are overpriced compared to comparable knives from competing brands. 

Key Features 
  • Fabricated from revolutionary Fc61 fine carbide steel; ice-hardened Friodurx2 blade offers exceptional durability, cutting edge retention, and corrosion resistance 
  • Dry sharpened blade boasts scalpel-like sharpness 
  • Authentic, thin Japanese blade profile 
  • Ergonomic, triple-riveted pom handle nestles comfortably in the hand 
  • Time-tested German engineering meets Japanese craftsmanship 

6. Global 8-inch Chef Knife

Global 8" Chef's Knife


User reviews

Global- Best chef knife on the globe. I recently bought the Global 8-Inch Chef’s Knife, and it’s been a game-changer in my kitchen. The first thing I noticed was its sleek design – it’s not just a knife, it’s a piece of art. But more importantly, it performs exceptionally well.The knife is incredibly sharp, making slicing and dicing a breeze. I’ve used it on everything from tough root vegetables to delicate herbs, and it handles each task with precision. The balance is just right, making it comfortable to hold and use, even during longer cooking sessions.What really sets this knife apart for me is its lightweight feel, combined with its durability. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel, and after several uses, it still looks and performs like new. The edge retention is impressive, reducing the need for frequent sharpening.Cleaning it is easy too, just a quick hand wash and it’s good as new – I appreciate that it’s low maintenance. Overall, the Global 8-Inch Chef’s Knife is a stellar kitchen tool – sharp, durable, and beautifully designed. It’s definitely worth the investment for anyone who enjoys cooking.
Great Knife. Great quality at a very good price.Knife is extremely sharp and holds its edge.Light weight makes for easy use.
Excellent kitchen knife. This has become one of my favorite kitchen knives. It’s a versatile size, holds an edge for a good long time, and just works really well. Balanced and sturdy. This is a professional level product
My go to knife. I read about this brand in Tony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. This is a well-balanced, lightweight knife that stays sharp. I usually sharpen my own knives but after a year, I haven’t needed to because the edge remains sharp. I would buy this knife again and again.
Solid Knife (Balanced). Home Cook, with lots of experience growing up working summer jobs in various types of kitchens. Last Japanese Chef knife I used for 7 years. Very happy with this purchase. Razor sharp out of the box. Easy to hold and I am a fan of lighter knives so this fits the bill. Also, in all the knives I have purchased over the past 20 years, $100 seems to be the sweet spot for quality(Relatively Speaking). Can’t really go wrong unless you just cannot deal with the lighter weight. Also, be careful or you will chip the edge on this if abused. PSSS. Please take is slow if you are not comfortable using a knife like this. You can cut your finger off and not even know it.
Easy to use. I like that it is very, very sharp at the start. I cut vegetables easily. Minced garlic very easily. Since the handle is an extension of the blade, clean up is a breeze. Highly recommend.
Very very sharp. I just purchased a set of four knives quite similar to each other as an experiment. (My older 8″ knife was uninspiring.) All of them were 8″. Two are made in Taiwan. Two in Japan. The other Japanese manufactured one I purchased was a MAC hollow edge. They were all received within a few days ago and I used them all for prepping vegetables, today.This ‘Global’ knife is head-and-shoulders sharper than all three of the others. (Which themselves are sharper than my older 8″.) And I don’t mean by just a little. It’s night and day compared to the other three I just received. I almost cannot feel the Global blade as it slices through the red onions, bell peppers, and so on, today. If I had to guess (I do), the other brand new knives are about 4-6 times more ‘draggy’ as I slice. And they are already pretty sharp.I tested the Global last. Not for any reason than chance, in my case. But when I started using it, I was completely taken aback. I could tell I was actually cutting. It was like cutting through air, almost. It’s scary sharp. I mean that. SCARY sharp. Don’t let anyone near the darned thing!I then tried the knife on this product:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0006J32A0It’s a rawhide chew for dogs that is made from thick, rolled up rawhide and dried and very hard. The knife was able to breeze through the hide. I was able to quickly turn a heavy rollup into a bunch of long slices. Seriously, I didn’t need to push hard at all. Just sliced through the dried rawhide with far more ease than I like to consider. So it’s sharper than any cooking knife I’ve encountered before.This is my first time trying Global. And I’ve no idea if I will be able to maintain the edge over time with a two-sided stone. But out of the box it is way way too easy when cutting. So much so that I’m keeping it locked away, for now. (I have children and grandchildren living with me.)I’m not a cook. But I’ve been in training at home, since we largely shifted away from processed foods to where I’m spending a few hours each day prepping the mise en place before cooking or otherwise making a fresh, cold dish.The reason, these last two years, for prepping and cooking from scratch and buying as little processed food as possible (oils and vinegars, for example) is because my daughter suffers from grand mal seizures. There are other reasons, but we’ve also identified a specific chemical that is commonly used in food today — propylene glycol, aka 1,2 propanediol, aka propane-1,2-diol, which isn’t natural at all and yet is allowed to be listed under “natural flavors” by the FDA rule changes in the summer of 1982, despite that it has to be made in vats and isn’t found in nature. (1-3, propanediol is found in nature, so don’t be confused.) This was patented in 1982 by Coca Cola for drinks (first applied to apple juice) and other uses and is now a growing industry for processed foods. Unfortunately, it also causes immediate (same day) seizures in my daughter. So by eliminating the sources of this chemical we’ve greatly reduced the seizure events (gone from as much as 2 or 3 per day to only a few per year, now — it’s a shocking change.)I’m enjoying, very much, learning how to cook again. And a good knife helps a lot. But these Global knives are nothing to play with. Be careful with them. I’d be saying that for my other knives — the other Japanese MAC knife, for example, and the Mercer Taiwanese ones. But they don’t even compare. The Global is just plain scary dangerous. Works very nice. But frightens me far more than the others (which are already scary enough), as well.I’ll be trying out their other products where I find what they offer matches something I do a lot of. But I’ll also be buying a case of some kind to keep these devices out of the hands of those who may forget just how dangerous they are.I’m darned happy with this knife. But scared, too. I will be using it with the utmost care.
Okay knife. Used in a professional setting, the knife is okay. I dislike that the black parts of the handle are just painted on, so in time it’s just going to look gross when a few spots come off.Dunno about these people talking about sharpness bc if you sharpen your knives they’re always sharp.
My first Japanese knife. Sharpest thing I have ever seen / used. Perfectly balanced, easy to hold and use, sharp as hell. Now I have to get used to sharpening at 17 degrees. I’m used to a longer (German) chef’s knife so I was a little leery of this shorter one (20 cm.) but it is so agile I haven’t used my 10” German knife in a while. BUY THIS KNIFE!
super sharp, nice balance, excellent knife
Jahrelang hatte ich nur billige Messer aus diversen Messersets in Verwendung. Nie wirklich scharf und wenn man sie mal nachgeschärft hat, dann war das nicht von langer Dauer. Also wollte ich mir mal etwas Gutes gönnen. Auf Empfehlung eines Kochs aus dem Bekanntenkreis habe ich mich letztlich für das Global G-2 entschieden.Das Messer kommt gut verpackt beim Kunden an. Keine edle Holzschatulle wie z.B. bei anderen Mitbewerbern, aber die braucht es auch nicht. Zur Aufbewahrung in der Küche gibt es schließlich Messerblöcke.Das Messer ausgepackt und direkt den Test auf dem Arm gemacht. Absolut Rasiermesserscharf, einfach top! Es liegt für mein Empfinden auch sehr gut und leicht in der Hand. Das ungeliebte Gemüse schnippeln macht damit endlich wieder Spaß. Aber Vorsicht, dass Messer macht nämlich auch vor ungeschickten Fingerkuppen nicht halt. Also besser wegräumen, wenn die Verwandtschaft zu Besuch kommt und in der Küche helfen will. ;-)Wie bei hochwertigen Messern üblich ist die Spülmaschine zur Reinigung tabu. Etwas Spülmittel und ein weicher Lappen reichen aber auch völlig aus. Generell sind die Messer von Global sehr pflegeleicht, eben weil sie komplett aus Edelstahl bestehen. (Damast-)Messer mit Holzgriff benötigen etwas mehr Pflege. Auch das man möglichst Schneidebretter aus Holz oder weichen Kunststoff benutzt sollte selbstverständlich sein. Bitte nicht direkt auf der harten Küchenarbeitsplatte schneiden! Ebenso sollte man das “mit der Messerschneide vom Schneidbrett in den Topf schieben” tunlichst sein lassen. Beides schadet der Schärfe des Messers (aber das gilt generell für alle Messer).Ich besitze das Messer noch nicht so lange, aber bisweilen hat es nichts von seiner Schärfe verloren. Sicher ist es auf den ersten Blick nicht günstig, im direkten Vergleich Preis-Leistungstechnisch aber sehr gut aufgestellt. Wer natürlich Wert auf Ästhetik legt, der ist hier falsch. Es gibt schönere Messer als die von Global, keine Frage. Wer aber gutes Schneidwerkzeug sucht, was einfach das tut was man von einem Messer erwartet, der wird hier definitiv nicht enttäuscht.Von meiner Seite aus 5 Sterne und eine klar Kaufempfehlung.Es wird sicher nicht mein letztes Messer von Global sein. 🙂
Melhor faca do mundo, corte perfeito, afiadíssima, não tem igual!!!
Ho diversi coltelli in cucina, ma questo e quello con il quale mi diverto di più. Non ho mai avuto nella mia cucina un coltello cosi bello e professionale, duttile, affilato e preciso nel suo lavoro.Venditore davvero gentile e professionale, ho chiesto informazioni maggiori sul mio prodotto e mi hanno risposto immediatamente

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Global is a well-established brand known for producing world-class Japanese knives using traditional and contemporary techniques to appeal to aspiring chefs. If you desire a culinary powerhouse, the Global lightweight chef’s knife is your best option, as it’s Cromova 18 stainless steel keeps it sharp and ready to use while protecting it from stains and rust — a cook’s worst nightmares. This chef’s knife features a dimpled, non-slip handle to prevent cuts from interfering with your cooking. 

This knife is responsible for introducing Japanese cutlery to western kitchens. It was also one of the best arguments that stamped blades are not inherently inferior to forged blades. The G-2 was revolutionary in the 1980s and still holds its today, although it is still distinctive enough to stand out. 

Therefore, it seems somewhat pointless to write a review of this knife more than three decades after its release. It’s good, and you should already be aware of this. 

It has a nice, thin cutting edge, but one of the issues with convex grinds is that the thin grind quickly disappears. This is quite thick behind the edge, beginning at approximately 12 degrees. On the other hand, convex grinds do not wedge as effectively as flat grinds. This tends to separate foods rather than wedge them, which I enjoy. 

As exciting and friendly as the handle is for me, I believe it will be the first thing that turns off most people unfamiliar with Global because of its appearance and how it can feel during a long workday. 

The knife performs adequately and feels distinctive enough to remain highly relevant. There are no other high-quality knives with a handle like this and a convex grind. If you enjoy these types of things, you will enjoy this knife. Otherwise, it will be an expensive piece of metal occupying space in your knife block. 

There are multiple ways to view this knife: It is an excellent transitional knife for moving from thicker western blades to thinner, more delicate Japanese knives, or it is a happy medium for those who do not prefer either style. 

This is likely to last a long time for residential use. However, anyone using it for several hours per day in a professional kitchen should look elsewhere. It should last a few years if properly maintained and sharpened, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a cook or chef accustomed to Western or Japanese knives, as the G-2’s in-between state seems to throw them off. 

However, for the average home cook, this is a relatively low-risk blade that you could very well pass on to your children. 

Key Features 
  • Lightweight, precisely balanced 8-inch or 20cm chef’s knife 
  • Blade made of high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel 
  • Edge retains razor sharpness exceptionally well 
  • Stainless-steel handle molded for Comfort, dimpled for safe grip 
  • Lifetime warranty against defects and breakage 

7. Kyoku Daimyo Series Chef Knife

KYOKU Chef Knife – 8"- Shogun Series – Japanese VG10 Steel Core Hammered Damascus Blade – with Sheath & Case


User reviews

Excellent Knife! Best I’ve ever Found. I received this knife a year ago in a set of Chef’s knives to review as part of the Vine program and have received numerous compliments on it over the past year from visitors who joined me in cooking during their visit. My mother-in-law in particular exclaimed that it was a wonderful knife and that she would love one, should I remember to whisper that information to whoever picked her name in our family Christmas gift drawing. Well, of course I could not forget that, as she is rarely so impressed with anything and isn’t it nice to known exactly what someone wants. Luckily I was the one who drew her name this year so no conspiracy was required on my part! I was so very pleased when this arrived and I observed that it was indeed the same wonderful knife that came in the set I received: beautiful Damascus steel, perfect balance and weight, sharp enough to cut paper. It came in a lovely box, sturdy enough for storage, pretty enough to give without wrapping. It also included a nice sheaf for storage. Over a year after having received my first one of these knives, this is still my favorite knife, and I am very happy to report that the rest of my family is also very happy to be receiving it as a gift. I could not recommend this more highly.
Absolutely amazing craftsmanship. I bought this knife over 4 years ago. I am a chef at a very busy restaurant. I use this knife for almost everything. I take great care of it, and it’s taken great care of me. I sharpen it on a whetstone and it holds its edge for quite sometime. I have bought many knives. Wusthof,Chicago cutlery, Mercer, Shun, blah blah blah. This knife is by far the best. If you are looking for a new knife that’s amazing and designed very well. This it!
The customer service provided by Kyoku is second to none. The Kyoku chef knife is a great knife for a home chef as I am. In addition as did have a quality issue with the knife it was taken care of with their 100% responsiveness and replaced the knife. Because I am new to using this level of cutlery it was very important to have the knife backed up with a great company.
Great knife for the price. Knife is definitely of great quality and craftsmanship, but as others have mentioned, my knife was not very sharp out of the box. This is obviously correctable, but you’d expect that any brand new knife would not need to be sharpened right out of the box. Aside from that I’m extremely happy with this knife. The wave pattern gives it a great appearance and the VG10 steel should be very durable. It’s also a great weight and feels good in your hand. Even in spite of the sharpness issue, I’m extremely pleased with this knife. This is a great value.
This is one of the best knives I have held. I bought this knife after I was reccomened it by a friend and all I can say is it’s worth the price. This knife is super sharp, easy to clean and just beautiful.
Prep cook. I bought this for my job as a prep cook because I had to get a new knife. From the factory it came very sharp and makes my job effortless. Beautiful knife and it can handle any vegetable or fruit I throw it’s way. Will be buying from this company in the future.
Mejor calidad. El cuchillo fue perfecto. El estuche todo es súper bonito y conserva bastante el Filo. Se nota la calidad del producto
Sturdy Heavy Beautiful and Sharp ohhhh sooo SHARP. I have used the same kitchen knife for 35 years, I keep it sharp. There is no comparison to this masterpiece of work. I wish I owned this one my whole life, it is beautiful, heavy yet well balanced and oh so sharp.
Excelente artículo
Produto de ótima qualidade, bom acabamento, cabo ergonômico, lamina de ótimo tamanho e corte.Acompanha bainha de proteção da lamina.
This product is invaluable around the kitchen
Linda e extremamente afiada!!!
Excelentes el estado del producto, calidad y tiempo de entrega, sin embargo la EMPRESA DE MENSAJERÍA DE ENTREGA deja mucho que desear ya que permite que sus empleados violen la privacidad de los productos enviados por Amazon.

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The intricately crafted golden mosaic pin on the handle of Kyoku’s chef knife evokes a luxurious aura, while the knife’s wide, curved blade offers versatility and performance in the kitchen. This chef’s knife is as adept at mincing, dicing, and slicing as a powerful blender. Also featuring a balanced, lightweight design, this is an excellent choice for home chefs preparing food for large groups. We acknowledge that cooking for others is enjoyable, but what is even more enjoyable? A chef’s knife that minimizes hand fatigue. 

This knife is one of the most popular in the Daimyo series and comes from the well-known brand KYOKU. A professional chef’s knife cuts tough meat with minimal force. In addition, its blades are made of Japanese VG10 steel of the highest quality, which will not rust for years. In addition, these knives are treated with the traditional Honbazuke method of tempering. The ruthless sharpness of this 8-inch knife makes it ideal for use in the kitchen. 

This chef’s knife is a must-have if you want to cut with precision and precision. It will last for years due to its sturdiness and superior quality. In addition, the sharpness will not fade quickly, so this is a good deal. However, these knives are somewhat costly and must be hand-washed because they are not dishwasher-safe. 

Key Features 
  • Top-notch Vg-10 Japanese Steel 
  • Superior Design 
  • Unparalleled Cooking Experience 
  • Ergonomic G10 Handle 
  • Full-Tang Construction 

8. Enso Chef’s Knife

Enso Chef's Knife – Made in Japan – HD Series – VG10 Hammered Damascus Stainless Steel Gyuto – 8"


User reviews

the handle itself could stand to be slightly more shaped to be truly perfect. Better/sharper and prettier than Shuns. TL:DR version: this is a rebadged Yaxell Zen knife, superbly sharp, edge responds to a ceramic rod well, well-balanced and handles well, well-made, the handle itself could stand to be slightly more shaped to be truly perfect. Better/sharper and prettier than Shuns, blows German knives out of the water, costs less. 4.75 / 5 if I could be that specific.First off, an e-mail to Cutlery and More (the seller of these knives) confirmed that the Enso HD line of knives are manufactured in Japan by Yaxell to be sold under a trademark name belonging to C&M. The other side of the blade (not pictured here) even says Yaxell on it. The hammered + damascus blade style and shapes/sizes available indicates these Enso HD knives are re-handled and re-named Yaxell Zen knives.I’ve had the knife about a week now and used it plenty. I enjoy great kitchen cutlery but am a price-conscious shopper.Cutting performance: Fantastic. After some head-to-head comparisons on the same food, it is noticeably sharper than my Shun Sora chef’s knife. It blows away a Wusthof Classic and Henckels International (that’s the cheaper Henckels with the man-with-stick logo, I don’t own any of true Henckels with the twins logo) . Can easily do the tomato trick: cut the top off, set the tomato upside down on the board, and the knife can slice the tomato very thin without even having to touch the tomato to hold it in place with your other hand. It also easily shaves arm hair.Edge retention: again a little better than my Shuns so far. I haven’t had to really re-sharpen it yet obviously, and a ceramic honing rod works really well at keeping this knife super sharp. I highly recommend ceramic rods/”steels”, they work much better than the steel ones. Kyocera offers a ceramic rod at a reasonable price. I wish there was a knife that was this sharp that I didn’t have to regularly hone to keep the edge perfect, but to my knowledge no such knife exists – an edge this sharp, if you actually use the knife, will require some maintenance. You should be doing this with all your knives anyway.Handling: the knife is lighter than I thought it might be. The spine is a bit thinner than German knives like Wusthof and Henckels, but the blade doesn’t flex or feel flimsy at all. The hammered section is less dramatic/bumpy/ridge-y in person than it looks in the product photos, which I like. The balance point is slightly in front of the very heel, right about where I pinch grip the knife. This assists the blade in cutting. The knife feels comfortable and well-balanced in use, even at the larger 10″ size. The handle is also not as fat as I feared — it’s a reasonable handle for which you don’t need to have big hands. That said, the profile of the handle is classic rather than asymmetrical or especially ergonomic, and that’s really the only realistic room for improvement here — it’s by no means bad, but I’ve held knives where the handle was a bit more engineered and better for it.Fit and Finish: excellent. handle and rivets and bolster are all flush. Everything is straight and well-ground. There were a few specs of black dust or debris of some sort on the blade that washed off easily out of the box.Also, I want to recommend the 10″ size over the more typical 8″. The knife is still light and manageable, and more blade means it is easier to cut more stuff more quickly. It’s a big sharp piece of equipment that can be intimidating, but I’m definitely a convert after using a 10″ knife, and my kitchen is medium-small. I would say only customers in very small kitchens with small cutting boards should favor 8″ chef’s knives. And maybe those who refuse to pinch-grip a knife by the bolster/balance point and insist on holding the entire handle.
Beautiful and amazing to use. This is my first high quality kitchen knife.First off the knife is absolutely beautiful, secondly it handles and cuts like a dream!
My go to knife. It dices, it slices. Very balanced and easy to clean because of the texture on the side of the knife.
Good Knife and awesome seller. The knife was good as per most of the reviews but I’m writing this review because I have a problem with the 2 knives I ordered (not the product or the seller’s fault) and the seller was quick to address the problem. I’m 110% happy with the service and will buy from this seller again.
Sharp. Wow, I can just draw on meat with the knife tip! This thing is incredibly sharp and it feels stellar to use, even weight distribution. Looks pristine, feels of the highest quality. I plan on keeping this a long time this is not a knife you want to cut yourself on. Never met a samurai but I’m scared to if their blades are this incredibly sharp! 100/100. Not a single thing I don’t like about it in hand.
Good Knife. Good knife. However, it has not held its edge after using it for a few weeks but not daily use. Well balanced and the tip is very sharp almost too sharp. A chef’s knife is just a tool to help you cut and prep food. It will not make the food taste better only starting with quality ingredients will do that.
Great knife. Very sharp. Easy to use. Cuts through meats and fish well. Worth the price
Love it. I love this knife. It is extremely sharp just the way I like them. It is not too heavy or thick. I hope it lasts me forever.
je suis satisfait de par son ergonomie qui rend ce couteau stable et équilibré en main. Sa finition damassé est aussi belle que tranchante. À ce propos, le tranchant de ce couteau possède la qualité des marques beaucoup plus chères. C’est un véritable morceau du made in Japan, dans le sens qu’il est bien conçu, d’une qualité évidente et classe, Mic.
My first impression was “ it’s absolutely beautiful to behold” the hammered damascus pattern is awesome. It’s a piece of metallurgy artwork. I could easily just put it on display and not use it. But I did and it cuts and slices like nothing I’ve ever used before. The balance and feel is very comfortable. It slices food paper thin effortlessly. I held a piece of paper in my hand and it sliced it in half like a surgeons scalpel. It’s wicked sharp. I’m very happy to own a YAXELL ENSO chef knife. In my opinion the knife is perfect.
Super sharp and does a fantastic job
I purchased this knife as a gift and it looks, feels and cuts just as described in the above reviews and description. It is gorgeous and sleek. Definitely a worthy purchase for chef’s knife enthusiasts or fans of knives in general.
Balance knife. sharp out of the box. nice hammered finish

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Need some food for thought? The knives of Enso are forged in Seki, a city renowned for its expertise and history in swordsmithing. Awesome, right? What’s cool about the brand is that it combines tradition and technology to design knives that meet the requirements of chefs. Its micarta handle, for instance, is constructed with a sturdy tang to maintain balance (Fun fact: Enso means “harmony”) and ensure durability. As with other Japanese knives, the chef’s knife from Enso features excellent edge retention and a double-bevel edge, making it suitable for right-handed and left-handed chefs. 

This blade is sharp, but it doesn’t feel like it. I always feel more resistance than usual, most likely because Enso has ground it a bit thicker behind the edge and given it a bevel instead of a complete flat. 

This reduces chipping risks significantly. Since I’m not a line cook attempting to dice ten pounds of onions per minute, it’s not a huge issue. However, it is essential to consider the workload you will be under if you purchase this knife. This is not a fast car. 

Since the hammer finish does not begin until halfway up the blade, it does not provide much food release. Still, I am left with a pile of onion pieces on the side. 

However, the edge gets a great deal of work done. Due to the layers, it has difficulty with onions, but tomatoes and lighter ingredients such as chives and green onions are no problem. If you are accustomed to fragile, flat-ground knives, you may find them challenging to use on meat, but they will get the job done without much difficulty. 

As someone who uses a single knife for all daily tasks, I prefer the thicker edge because I’m less concerned about performing riskier tasks, such as slicing into an avocado seed to twist it. In this regard, it resembles a wider-ranging kitchen utility knife. 

Key Features 
  • Chef Knife handcrafted in Seki City, Japan; 8 inch blade (13-3/8 inches overall); Weighs 7.9 ounces (225 grams) 
  • Japanese VG10 steel cutting core for excellent edge retention; Rockwell Hardness 61 
  • 37-layer stainless Damascus blades with hammered (tsuchime) finish 
  • Black canvas micarta handle for a similar look and feel to wood without the worry of cracking 
  • Double bevel edge for both right and left-handed use; All Enso chef’s knives come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects 

9. Tojiro 8.5-inch DP Gyutou

Tojiro DP Gyutou – 8.2" (21cm)


User reviews

Makes me want to cook. I have my kitchen knives (Henckel) professionally sharpened at least twice a year. The last time I took them in, I asked the cutlery guy to suggest a good replacement for my Chef’s knives (I have several) that are over 20 years old. He recommended I try a Japanese knife and told me to look for “VG10” because it’s a superior steel for blades. I wanted to research these knives before I bought one and eventually settled on this Tojiro knife. It arrived in a very nice box, and from the first cut I made, I’m sold! This knife cuts, slices, and chops effortlessly. It’s comfortable in my hand, light, and reasonably priced. I’m such a fan that I plan to get a couple more.
Absolutely love this knife. Update: Oct 2020 – Wow I’ve had this knife since 2015 and it’s been with me through multiple house moves and even a cross country move. By now all the lettering on the knife is long gone. The blade has certainly dulled through use. I’ve been sharpening this knife at home with a handheld sharpening steel and it’s kept up. It has developed a few minor chips. Just dropped it off at a professional knife sharpening service so I will see how it performs when it comes back!Absolutely love this knife. I researched for hours what kind of gyuto I wanted to add to my my home kitchen and finally decided on the Tojiro DP 8 inch (210 mm or 21cm) because of the great reviews and excellent steel of the blade. A gyuto knife is simply the Japanese equivalent of the Western chef knife and is an all-purpose knife used for cutting meat, fish, and vegetables. I found the Tojiro to fit very well in my hands. I have small to medium sized hands and these fit very nicely. Not too heavy and the grip is solid. The handle is of a Western style and is not one of those lightweight cheap plastic handles. The blade is constructed of a very, very sharp VG-10 core steel with a spine thickness of 1.9mm. I’ve worked with Globals and also have a Kyocera ceramic and this knife is the knife I grab when I’m in the kitchen. Coming in at 7.2 oz it’s heavier than my Global and Kyocera ceramic, but it’s definitely much lighter than the Wusthof Ikon that I’ve handled and Western knives.The Tojiro handles meat with ease. Cuts through chicken and beef with minimal effort and I can make paper thin cuts of steak. It’s also great for cutting green onions, brown onions, broccoli, napa cabbage, etc. It’s sharp! I’m not experienced with sharpening knives, and hopefully someday I will learn but another reason I chose the Tojiro was because it’s a great beginner’s knife to learn how to sharpen on a whetstone.I’ve looked into so many Japanese gyutos and finally came back to this one because of everyone’s recommendations and I can’t be more happy about my decision. I’ve looked into many higher priced Japanese knives such as Shun, but because they are technically made of the same VG-10 steel and the Shun Classic line was also a lot more expensive I felt that the Tojiro fit the budget and has by far exceeded expectations. Would highly recommend and I’d say if you’re looking for your first gyuto get the Tojiro DP! You can’t go wrong with the price and quality!
EXCELLENT,PRECISE BLADE. My husband, who is an avid sushi maker, made me purchase a Japanese knife, this Tojiro was ranked & reviewed the highest. We have both been blown away by its performance. The knife is incredibly sharp and precise, making it easy to slice through even the thinnest pieces of fish or vegetables. The blade is made of high-quality steel, and it feels very durable and well-made in our hands. The ergonomic handle is also a nice touch, as it’s comfortable to grip and provides a secure hold on the knife while in use. What really sets this knife apart from others we’ve used in the past is its ability to maintain its sharpness over time. We’ve owned other knives that dull quickly, which can be frustrating when trying to create precise cuts. However, this Japanese knife has held its edge remarkably well, even with regular use. While the knife is definitely an investment, we both feel that it’s worth the money for its quality and effectiveness. Overall, we highly recommend TOJIRO Japanese knife to anyone looking for a high-quality, precise knife for their cooking needs, particularly if you’re interested in making sushi or other delicate dishes. It’s definitely worth the investment, and we’re confident that it will last us for years to come.
Best value knife on the market. After buying a few “VG10” knives off of Amazon that turned out to basically be AliExpress knives, I wanted to try a real Japanese VG10 steel knife from a trusted knife maker. After parsing through dozens of forums, YouTube videos, etc., I settled on this knife as it seemed like it offered the most value for the money.I’ve used this knife almost daily for the past few weeks and can confidently say that a step above the other, cheaper knives that I’ve tried. The knife I received was in new condition and came in a nice gift box. It was relatively sharp, but after a few passes on a whetstone it was like a laser, slicing through meat and vegetables with ease. More importantly, it has retained its sharpness even after a few weeks of relatively hard use. Not sure how to verify that it’s made out of VG10 but it has noticeably better edge retention than any other knife I’ve tried and shows no signs of rust.Buy with confidence. For ~$100, this is the best Japanese knife on the market.
excellent knife. lovely kitchen knife, easy to hold, convenient curvature for fast chopping and super sharp.nice balance when holding. love this knike.
Comes in sharp. Has a good grip and easy to use. Careful not to cut yourself as this thing slices with little force needed.
Habe das Messer bekommen und bin mehr als zufrieden, kommt in einer hochwertigen Verpackung und schneidet immer noch perfekt, wirklich scharf!Vielleicht ein bisschen zu teuer aber die Qualität ist sehr gut.
Se lo regale a mi hermano de cumpleaños, quienes un excelente cheff amateur. Esta encantado con su cuchillo, dice que es diseño y peso (y evidentemente el filo extraordinario que tiene) lo hacen super eficiente. Dice que fue el mejor regalo (a ese precio) que le podria haber hecho.
I tojiro sono degli ottimi coltelli, affilati e non troppo costosi. Unica cosa, la spedizione è stata molto lenta.
A wonderful knife. Over priced but there is little you can do due to import, customs, sellers profit margins. It is a razor sharp knife. You should have atleast 6000 grit stone to maintain the factory sharpness level. Kingkw 65 or king kds are good choices.

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Tojiro does not appear to spend much money on marketing or the packaging of their knives. This company’s lack of ostentatiousness distinguishes them from the seemingly monthly emergence of average-quality cutlery companies with lots of advertising and fancy packaging. Tojiro produces high-quality, well-performing knives at reasonable prices, and their primary marketing strategy appears to be word-of-mouth. The DP Gyutou F808 Chef’s Knife exemplifies this philosophy to perfection. The packaging is simple, and the product description is brief and ambiguous, but the performance is comparable to that of a significantly more expensive chef’s knife. 

The blade profile of the F808 is slightly curved, but not to the same extent as a Western-style chef’s knife, such as the Wusthof Classic. This means it will be less effective at rock chopping than most Western-style chef knives but better at push cutting. I believe that the F808 does an excellent job of combining Western and Japanese styles in a way that allows the blade to be useful for various tasks, even if it does not excel at any cutting job. 

The Tojiro DP Gyutou chef’s knife features a full tang, three-ply construction that encases a core of VG-10 super steel with a Rockwell hardness of 60+. The knife’s triple-riveted handle adds weight and balance, allowing you to perform virtually any task in the kitchen. 

Key Features 
  • Stain resistant chef knife 
  • Usable to both left and right-handed users as it’s even edged 
  • Blade Height: 1.7″, Blade Length: 8.2″ 

10. FINDKING Dynasty Series Japanese Chef Knife

FINDKING Dynasty Series Japanese Chef Knife, Professional Kitchen Knife, 9Cr18MoV High Carbon Steel Blade, African Rosewood Octagonal Handle, Sharp, for Meat Cutting, 8 Inches


User reviews

Really solid knife for the price. I treated myself to 3 new knives for the kitchen. I got 2 more expensive knives from chefknivestogo, and this 7″ nakiri for general use and vegetables. It’s a great knife, especially for the price. It does require some maintenance, as the exterior metal is not stainless. This doesn’t scare me away and I knew what to expect. If you know how to take care of reactive cookware (mild steel, cast iron, etc.) you’ll be happy with this knife.It has some weight too it, feels very sturdy in the hand. I prefer the Wa-style handle for grip and usability. It was relatively sharp out of the box, but I gave it a sharpen anyway to really dial it in. Took the sharpening very well and has been a great knife since. I find myself reaching for it often since it is a good performer. Also, it’s inexpensive, so I don’t feel the need to baby it. I’ve used it on butternut squash, slicing beef, chopping all sorts of greens and vegetables. The hammered finish on the knife gives good food release, which is great for slicing things like onion or frozen beef.
Premium Steel. I bought this chef knife for mainly four reasons:1) Findking advertises the steel they use2) Looks great (especially the handle)3) Comes with a leather sheath4) Quality and materialsUnlike other Chinese-made Serbian chef knives, Findking actually advertises a 9cr18mov steel, (others just say “high carbon steel”) which is a premium Chinese stainless steel. Basic care like washing and drying and the occasional sharpening is all that’s required. Oiling is not necessary. I received this knife, and the quality is excellent from the blade to the handle. It of course came sharp and made quick work of vegetables. The dimpling on the top half of the blade is not just aesthetic but makes it so things don’t stick to it when cutting. The wooden handle has a nice finish and is easy to grip. This knife is hefty so keep that in mind. The way to grip this knife is the same you would do with a Chinese cleaver – the index and thumb pinching the steel and the rest of your fingers and palm wrapping around the handle. Also, the leather sheath is thick and is stiff which should break in over time.
8 Inch Chef Knife by Findking-Dynasty clad steel. First clad steel knife I’ve owned. Apparently if you don’t take care of it, it’ll rust. Similar to a cast iron pan I suppose. It’s nothing for me to clean and dry my knives before hanging them up.The knife is surprisingly light and is balanced correctly. It is very sharp. When I unboxed it, I bumped my knuckle lightly against the blade and was easily cut. I wore a bandage for three days until the bleeding stopped. I think if I were to bump it just a little bit harder it might have cut me to the bone. Be very careful.It’s a stylish knife. The grip feels natural. No obvious defects but I can tell and for the price point, I’m very satisfied with the purchase. I’ve only had it for a week so if it turns out to be a dud, I’ll update the review.On a personal note, I normally use cleavers all the time so I’m used to heavier knives. Because this knife is so light it may take some time to get used to.The packaging notes make it clear not to use anything other than a wood cutting board. If you use stone or plastic, it will defect the cutting edge.
It holds up as my every day carry knife for work. It will do anything you need it to in the kitchen. (This is an edit. It’s been a month of almost daily use. As long as you take care of this knife properly it’s going to last you a long time. I’m still cutting boxes and zip ties at work. I also bought some ferric chloride acid and dipped the blade so the layers stick out more. It looks amazing. If you’ve got the time I’d suggest giving it a shot.I noticed you guys don’t mention that there’s a brass insert to strengthen the handle construction. You guys should definitely advertise doing that. That makes a big difference in a good way.)I bought the little utility knife. What to say first? It came razor sharp. I hate saying that because you see every cheap garbage knife labeled “razor sharp”. This came face shaving sharp. I tested that because I’m your stereotypical knife guy. I bought this as an everyday carry knife oddly enough. I use it to cut boxes and zip ties and anything else that I run into at work. The edge is properly hard and even cutting zip ties like an animal the edge hasn’t chipped out. All I do is after a day at work I’ll strop it on leather with some cut/polish compound and it has stayed near factory sharp. If you are getting this as a kitchen knife (like it’s made for) it will do what you need it to. It cuts chicken, beef, veggies, etc like a lightsaber. I grabbed another one for my mom to use as an actual kitchen knife. My guess is that their other knife styles are to the same standard as the pairing knife I got.”But I could get a knife at walmart for like $12″ I hear you thinking. Find me a $12 knife built like this that cuts and hold an edge like these and I’ll break my knife and buy one. Good luck.
Yea, it’s a $45 knife, but that is not a bad thing. For a $45 knife, you actually get a lot. If we really wanted superb quality or craftsmanship, we would have sprung for a Shun or something else Japanese made. HOWEVER, for our $45 we actually get a pretty well made knife here.I doubt it is hand forged…however, I do believe that it is forged in some way as you can clearly see the waterline on the blade and I don’t think it is laser etched on. So some basic san mai. Likely someone is turning out billets in China from maybe Japanese steel? And these folks are making knives out of them.The hammer marks are fun, but the black looks painted on. The handle is everything they say it is. Nice quality wood, nice fit and finish. The thing comes wicked sharp and if the steels are what they say they are, it should hold an edge for a reasonable period of time.So yea, it’s a pretty well made $45 knife that frankly is likely to last for years of use.
Picked up the Santoku and Nakiri a few weeks ago and I’ve been using them quite a bit since. These blades are REALLY well made for the price. I’m not a pro chef in a kitchen but rather a passionate home cook. These knifes retain their edge VERY well thanks to the hardened steel they use. Sure it’s not your standard HCS, but it’s nice to know that a bit of acidity isn’t going to destroy the finish in mere minutes. they came extremely sharp right out of the box, I didn’t need to sharpen or strop them at all. Aesthetically, these are beautiful in my opinion. I will be buying another knife from this series in the future!
The media could not be loaded.  Non taglia, dopo 10/20 secondi che uno prova poi riesce a tagliare, ma l’unica cosa che dovrebbe fare un coltello non la fa, pure pagato piu di uno classico che taglia decisamente di più
quels beaux couteaux de moyenne gamme ! , belle qualité d’acier haut de gamme chinois (9cr18mov), l’équivalent du vg10 utilisé en coutellerie Japonaise , gaffe à vos doigts, ce sont des razoirs ! entretenez les comme il se doit, pas de lave vaisselle ! lavage à la main uniquement, séchage et entretien lames et manches avec huile de camélia sur chiffon doux et ces couteaux vous suivront longtemps dans votre cuisine
Mal mal que pena no Dan una
Arrivati velocemente, ogni singolo pezzo e’ affilatissimo, bello 3steticente e sembrano anche molto robusti. Per ora super soddisfatto

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Are you an occasional home cook looking for an affordable but effective knife? It isn’t easy to find an affordable knife with as many positive reviews as the 8-inch gyuto from Findking. It resembles a traditional Japanese gyuto with its exquisite, hammered finish and octagonal wooden handle. 

This is an excellent knife for beginners and cooks who want to try a Japanese chef knife. In this price range, there are numerous inferior imitation knives to avoid. The Findking is surprisingly effective due to its 60 on the Rockwell hardness scale alloy steel blade. 

This indicates that it has excellent edge retention and remains exceptionally sharp. Users are astounded by this gyuto’s superior craftsmanship. It is comparable to knives costing $100 or more due to its multiple steel layers. 

The Granton (dimpled) surface makes it easy to cut different types of foods. The vegetable scraps and small pieces do not adhere to the blade. 

This blade is also excellent for precise slicing; once you try slicing vegetables, you realize they appear to have been machine-sliced. 

If you have difficulty balancing Japanese knives, this one is a good option because it is lightweight and well-balanced. The only concern is that it will become dull, so you must obtain your whetstone. 

Also, after a few months of use, you may notice some rust, but be sure to dry it and store it in a knife block or on a magnetic knife strip. 

This inexpensive knife’s excellent blade, ergonomic wooden handle, and edge retention make it an essential addition to your collection. 

Key Features 
  • 8 Inch Chef Knife 
  • 9Cr18MoV High Carbon Steel Blade 
  • African Rosewood Octagonal Handle

Buying Guide 

So, what should you be looking for when deciding to purchase a Japanese chef knife? 


The type of steel used to make the knife is critical to consider. Although the steel used in Japanese knives is renowned for its toughness, sharpness, edge retention, and ease of sharpening, each knife is unique. 

For instance, at the most expensive end of the spectrum, you can obtain super high carbon steel (also called blue or white steel), which is significantly more complex but more prone to chipping and requires considerably more maintenance. 

You’re more than likely looking for an entry-level Japanese knife made of stainless steel. 

Stainless steel knives are more durable and resist rusting, and it’s not necessary to spend a fortune on your first Japanese knife collection. 


The shape of the handle is critical to the knife’s balance and feels in hand. It’s critical that you feel secure when using your knife to make it easier to use and avoid any accidents. 

Hold the knives in your hands before purchasing to ensure that the handle is not too large or too small for your hands, as this will make them more challenging to control. 


Along with the greater variety of design features, a portion of the knives pictured above also feature astoundingly modern styling. The unmistakable splendor of these highlights elevates them to an a-list alliance frequently with a-list coordination costs. 


Additionally, it’s critical to consider how you’ll be using the knife, as each one serves a unique purpose. For instance, if you’re filleting and preparing fish, all you’ll need is a sashimi or Deba knife. 

If you’re looking for something that can handle a wider variety of kitchen tasks, consider whether you’ll be spending more time chopping vegetables, in which case a curved edge will probably be better. 

Allowing you to chop in a rocking motion, or whether you’ll be chopping meat more frequently, in which case a straighter blade may be preferable. 

Additionally, shorter blades are better for smaller, more fiddly items or food, whereas longer blades are better for more oversized items. 


The best Japanese knives are available at a wide range of price points, ranging from around $30 to over $500! Depending on your aptitude level, you must spend similarly. Less expensive knives will accompany a stainless-steel synthesis, though at a lower price than a more extravagant knife. 

Less expensive does not necessarily imply inferior quality. Numerous affordable knives are difficult to keep up with, easy to maintain, and have incredible sharpness. The primary disadvantage of purchasing a less expensive knife is that its edge will require more maintenance, which means its sharpness will be less consistent. 


Here is a brief overview of some Japanese knife brands that we carry at Kitchen Knives. 

 Tamahagane (derived from the Japanese words Tama’ ’round and precious’ and hagane’steel’) is a term that refers to a particular type of Japanese steel that was frequently used in the central cores of samurai swords that required extreme sharpness and strength. 

The knives are made in collaboration with the Arai workshop in Oogata City, Nigata prefecture, using the finest materials available, including Hitachi and Takefu Special Steels, to ensure that they maintain the integrity of even the most rugged products. 

Kasumi Knives are manufactured at the Sumikama Cutlery factory in Seki. Sumikama Cutlery was the first manufacturer to use folded Damascus steel wrapped around a VG-10 core, a technique that has been replicated by numerous other manufacturers since. 

Additionally, they specialize in the highly coveted VG-10 stainless steel, a steel alloy composed of molybdenum, chromium, vanadium, and cobalt that holds an edge better than any other steel. 


As one of Japan’s most prestigious brands (along with Masamoto and Misono, known as the ‘Three Ms’), Masahiro is perhaps best known for their MV-H range, which features heat, moisture, and solvent resistance resin handle. 


These traditional Japanese knives feature a non-slip bamboo handle and a razor-sharp edge on one side. 

Bunmei knives, which are primarily used for raw fish and meat in sushi and sashimi, come in various sizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The best Japanese knives are frequently lighter and more acute than their German counterparts. Because they are slender, they are more prone to tip breaking or blade chipping, which means that Japanese knives will generally require more maintenance. 

The most widely recognized culinary experts’ knife blades are stainless steel, carbon steel, Damascus steel, and ceramic. Carbon steel and Damascus steel knives are experiencing a renaissance, with artisan manufacturers producing exquisite implements. 

Japanese knives (both traditional and Western style) are lighter and, according to many, more even than German knives. While some prefer the feel of heavier knives, they can be taxed on the hands after extended periods of use. 

A few critical points to consider when selecting a decent knife. A razor-sharp, well-balanced blade is paramount. The most frequently used high-quality steel is stainless steel, which is easier to maintain. Carbon and Damascus steel, on the other hand, are experiencing a sharp, stable, simple to perfect, reliable, and adaptable renaissance. 


The finest Japanese knives are forged from the finest steel and are expertly handled by master chefs. However, they are costly. As a result, we analyzed customer reviews on Amazon to determine which knives perform similarly well. 

Additionally, we excluded chefs’ choice knives, as too many excellent knives are already available. Chefs select them primarily based on their reputation, but this is irrelevant when the importance is decades old and thus out of date. 

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    Lodge 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet
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    Lodge 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet


    The Lodge 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet is a versatile and durable kitchen essential, perfect for beginners, home cooks, and chefs alike. Crafted in America with iron and oil, this skillet is designed to handle any kitchen cooktop, oven, grill, or open flame. One of the standout features of Lodge cast ...

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    Tovolo Vented Collapsible Medium Microwave Cover
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    Tovolo Vented Collapsible Medium Microwave Cover


    The Tovolo Vented Collapsible Medium Microwave Cover is a versatile and practical kitchen accessory designed to enhance your microwave cooking experience. This cover features perforated lids that protect your microwave from splatters and spots. Crafted from BPA-free plastic and silicone, the topper covers food to ...

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    Nostalgia MyMini Personal Electric Skillet
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    Nostalgia MyMini Personal Electric Skillet


    The Nostalgia MyMini Personal Electric Skillet is a versatile and convenient appliance for on-the-go meals. It offers a quick and healthier way to cook a variety of dishes, including ramen noodles, pasta, mac and cheese, steamed rice, stir fry, omelets, hard-boiled eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, cookies, ...

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    Elite Gourmet EG6207 Fry Pan
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    Elite Gourmet EG6207 Fry Pan


    The Elite Gourmet EG6207 Fry Pan is a versatile and convenient addition to any kitchen. With its 10.5-inch size, it allows you to expand your cooking capabilities without the need for remodeling. The non-stick marble stone coating and cast-in heating element make cooking and clean-up a breeze. Whether you're whipping ...

    Braun MQ7035X 3-in-1 Immersion Hand
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    Braun MQ7035X 3-in-1 Immersion Hand


    The Braun MQ7035X 3-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender stands out with its innovative features and versatile functionality. The Easy SmartSpeed technology allows for single-hand operation with no predefined speed settings. Simply follow your intuition by pushing gently for roughly chopped results and increasing the ...

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    Breville the Barista Pro Espresso Machine
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    Breville the Barista Pro Espresso Machine


    The Breville the Barista Pro Espresso Machine offers a barista-quality performance with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to create third wave specialty coffee in the comfort of your home. The integrated grinder ensures that the right amount of freshly ground coffee is delivered on demand, resulting in a rich ...

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    Cuisinart PRS-50 Pasta Roller & Cutter Attachment
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    Cuisinart PRS-50 Pasta Roller & Cutter Attachment


    Cuisinart PRS-50 Pasta Roller & Cutter Attachment is a perfect addition to your Precision Master Stand Mixer, allowing you to create a variety of homemade fresh pasta with ease. This attachment includes both spaghetti and fettuccine cutters, as well as a pasta roller, offering versatility in pasta shapes and ...

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    Instant Stand Mixer Pro
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    Instant Stand Mixer Pro


    Instant Stand Mixer Pro delivers powerful performance with its 600-watt motor, making it a versatile kitchen companion for a variety of culinary tasks. From whipping smooth meringues to kneading yeast dough, this stand mixer handles it all with ease. Featuring a digital interface, the mixer offers 10 speed ...

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    Koolatron 6 Bottle Wine Cooler
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    Koolatron 6 Bottle Wine Cooler


    The Koolatron 6 Bottle Wine Cooler offers an affordable and elegant solution for wine enthusiasts, providing a stylish and compact freestanding design that accommodates up to 6 standard-sized wine bottles. This wine fridge is a perfect addition to any table or countertop, allowing you to enjoy your favorite vintages ...

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    Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster
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    Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster


    Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster is a versatile and user-friendly appliance designed to make toasting a breeze. With slots wider than those on many 2-slice toasters, this toaster accommodates thicker breads, bagels, and other specialty bread items effortlessly. The extra-wide slots ensure a perfect ...

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    Hamilton Beach Blender Combo
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    Hamilton Beach Blender Combo


    The Hamilton Beach Blender for Shakes and Smoothies & Food Processor Combo offers impressive 3-in-1 versatility, making it a powerhouse in the kitchen. This combo includes a 40 oz. glass blending jar for larger servings, a 20 oz. blend-in personal blender travel jar for on-the-go convenience, and a 3-cup ...

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