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A comprehensive guide to the best portable blender for travel

During my travels, I’ve realized how convenient it would be to have a small portable blender or smoothie blender. Perhaps you enjoy drinking smoothies or protein shakes so a battery-powered blender would be helpful. As someone who wants a morning smoothie, it would be highly convenient to have a mini smoothie blender on hand when purchasing local fruit. 

As I’ve decided to purchase one for my travels, I’ve been reading numerous personal, small, and mini blender reviews to determine the best portable one for the trip and which one to purchase. This will give you and me the information we need to decide which blender to buy. 

I will discuss the best portable blenders on the market and the best blenders for the money, and then you can choose the best portable smoothie blender or protein shake blender for you. 

What to Look for in a Portable Blender 

There are several factors to consider before purchasing the ideal portable blender. 


The wattage of a blender will give you a good idea of its strength. You should have little difficulty with any blender if you typically blend soft foods, such as peanut butter or banana. 

However, if you intend to blend ice or thickly sliced, tough vegetables, you should consider purchasing a portable blender with a higher wattage. Also, higher-wattage blenders tend to be noisier, so keep this in mind when traveling to remote areas or camping with others. 


Blenders come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Although it may initially appear to be a suitable size, it is difficult to determine until the portable blender is tested in a backpack or suitcase. 

Even though these blenders are portable, they are still large when luggage capacity is considered. So be sure to account for the additional space. The last thing you want to do is risk damaging the blender and your luggage by squeezing it into it at the last minute. 

Capacity of Cup 

Consider the amount of food you blend for meals. Consider a portable blender on the larger spectrum if it’s a lot. The number of blender users is also an important consideration. If traveling with more than one person, you will need a larger cup unless you intend to blend more than once for everyone. 

Considerations Before Buying a Portable Blender 

Size and Weight 

As previously mentioned, the portable blender you purchase must fit in your luggage. Your blender must travel with you in your luggage. Due to the presence of blades, this item is prohibited in carry-on luggage. Ensure that you consider its dimensions and weight. Some blenders are difficult to pack due to their shape, so consider packing them in a box. 


A less powerful blender will suffice if you primarily blend soft foods and liquids. You may consider a more powerful portable blender for frozen foods and tougher fruits and vegetables. 

In addition, portable blenders cannot generate the same amount of power as countertop liquefiers or processors. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend these expectations before purchasing. Ensure that you test your meals in the blender before traveling. 


Kitchen blenders in the most expensive price ranges will have motors that generate around 700W of power. Some portable blender motors will generate as little as 125-150W of power.  

However, this does not preclude them from creating the ideal smoothie for you. It is something that requires testing and setting expectations. You must find a motor with sufficient power to handle the ingredients and frequency of your blends. 

Power Source 

This is, without a doubt, the most critical factor. Your initial choice will be between a corded and battery-powered blender. 


If you are traveling to cities or urban areas, you will have access to outlets for your blender. It is essential to consider the voltage in this case. An adapter is an excellent investment to ensure that your blender receives the correct voltage. 

Occasionally, countries have extremely high voltages in their sockets. Be cautious not to overpower the blender and thereby cause damage. Sometimes, you may need to purchase a power converter and an adapter. 


Numerous portable blenders include their batteries, which have a finite lifespan before they must be replaced or recharged. Your environment is the best factor to consider when purchasing a portable blender powered by ion batteries. A fully charged battery should be sufficient for a day’s worth of meals if you are leaving the house. 

However, days spent camping in rural areas necessitate backup batteries. Therefore, you should consider this if you are without electricity for extended periods. 


Lastly, a USB-powered portable blender may be an excellent choice if you travel with many electronic devices. USB-powered portable blenders are typically the weakest, but their portability is highly convenient. This could be a great option if traveling to a country with a high voltage output from electrical outlets. 

Alternately, some individuals camp for multiple days with solar-powered device chargers. Consequently, a USB-charged blender would be suitable in this circumstance. 

Cups and Accessories 

Portable blenders typically include additional or built-in cups, allowing you to blend, detach the cup, and drink. Many also include additional accessories such as blades and pouring funnels. 

You must ensure that the blender you select has a single setting. Altering your accessories frequently will consume both luggage space and time. Ensure that the cup can accommodate all the ingredients you intend to blend. 

Self-Cleaning Capabilities 

Home blender cleaning can be challenging enough. However, you have the necessary space and tools to complete the task successfully. This luxury is unavailable when traveling. Attempting to clean the blades while hunched over a bathroom sink is not optimal. 

Numerous portable blenders are equipped with self-cleaning features, making traveling much more straightforward. If not, you will need to consider how you will clean the blender with minimal effort and additional accessories. 

Best Portable Blenders for Travel Summary 

There is no doubt that portable blenders can significantly impact how you eat and drink while traveling. Control over how we prepare our food is crucial for some of us. When traveling, not everyone can eat in restaurants. 

Whether you prepare your food for health or dietary reasons, knowing that you can do so while traveling is essential. There are numerous factors to consider before purchasing a portable blender. But if you travel frequently and want to cook your food, they can be a wise investment. 

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