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How to choose the best blender for vegans

You will need a powerful blender to adhere to an entirely plant-based diet. Why? Since plant-based recipes require a great deal of food preparation. However, the best blender for vegans can be something other than any ordinary blender, as you are not dealing with any everyday ingredients. 

There are tough stalks, stems, and a great deal of fiber to contend with. In addition, there are numerous nuts and seeds to engage with. And if you’re a raw vegan, the blending challenge becomes exponentially more difficult. 

In terms of functionality, your blender must be versatile. (Consider soft smoothies on one end and nut butter on the other.) And if the soup is frequently on the menu, then something that can simultaneously handle hot and cold ingredients. 

What exactly is veganism? 

Veganism is the absence of all animal products from one’s diet. Vegans abstain from consuming all foods derived from animals, including meat, dairy, eggs, and fish. Ethical vegans abstain from eating animals and apply this philosophy to other aspects of their lives. A vegan who adheres to ethics opposes using animals for any purpose. 

According to the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a well-planned vegan diet is suitable for all life stages, including infancy and pregnancy. Vegan was first used in 1944 when Donald Watson co-founded the Vegan Society in the United Kingdom. 

Best Blender for Vegans: A Complete Buying Guide 

Given the amount of slicing, dicing, chopping, pureeing, liquifying, and emulsifying required for vegan recipes, it is difficult to conceive a vegan kitchen without a blender. To process vegetables, nuts, and seeds, however, you cannot rely on just any blender, as this requires much more power than standard blenders. 

Like everyone else, I was a non-vegetarian who enjoyed devouring flavorful meats and did not hesitate to indulge in tempting dairy products. But as veganism has gained momentum over the years, I have become increasingly motivated to become vegan. Given the numerous health benefits of adopting a vegan diet and my affection for animals and Mother Nature, becoming vegan was a brilliant choice. 

If you are a vegan like I am, you know that a wide variety of vegan foods require a blender. However, more than any blender will suffice. Most vegan recipes require a robust and sturdy blender that can blend even the most challenging vegetables quickly and efficiently. 

Nevertheless, given the abundance of blender options on the market, selecting the one that best meets your needs can appear daunting. 

Fortunately, I have gone through the essential requirements of what the best blender for vegans should include and all the critical factors you should consider before purchasing a new blender. So, here is what you should look for in the best vegan blender. 

How to Select a Blender for Vegan Cooking 

Vegan food is inconceivable without nutritious vegetables, fiber, and nutrient-rich nuts. Therefore, you must ensure that the blender you choose for your home can quickly and easily blend various vegan ingredients. I have outlined some factors that will assist you in selecting the best blender for your vegan meals from a sea of options. 


Before making any purchase, and especially for appliances like blenders, you should always conduct a brief investigation into the available options. By doing so, you will learn about the available brands and their specifications and the characteristics that distinguish each blender from the rest. 

There are typically multiple variants of the same product, each with distinct features and functions. Researching beforehand can help you find the best blender options that meet your preferences and requirements. 

Pay close attention to Customer Evaluations. 

If you intend to purchase a blender for vegan cooking online, consult the online customer reviews and ratings. Customer reviews provide truthful information about the product and play a crucial role in making an informed decision. 

Reviews and Ratings can inform you of the product’s strengths and weaknesses. They are also an excellent resource for determining whether the product causes problems after a few uses. 

Be willing to choose 

People often prefer a particular brand or product, such as Ninja or Vitamix, which may or may not be based on experience. However, you should never purchase a product based on your emotions. 

The more alternatives and options you investigate, the more likely you will find a fantastic product with unique features and enticing discounts. 

Create a Pros and Cons list. 

With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which product is superior to the others. Create a list of pros and cons to help you organize your work and make a sound decision based on all relevant factors. 

As a result, you can analyze and select which products make the cut and eliminate the rest. 

What are the benefits of owning a high-quality blender for vegan food? 

Almost every vegan dish necessitates using a modern, powerful blender capable of blending and chopping various vegan ingredients. From blending vegan smoothies to crushing nuts and seeds, only the best blender for vegans is up to the task. The following are some benefits of investing in a high-quality blender for your vegan meals. 

Value for Money 

Everyone has a different budget when purchasing a blender that satisfies all the desired functions. The good news is that you do not have to empty your bank account to find a blender that does everything for you. 

A quality blender can be used for years without sacrificing quality and does not even have to be expensive. This is one of the most significant benefits of purchasing a high-quality blender. Your research will also allow you to select a blender from a brand that fits your budget and provides excellent year-round service. Ninja blenders are a perfect compromise between price and performance. The most expensive blender is also the most durable and feature packed. 


With the development of technology, manufacturers have begun to create extraordinarily portable and highly effective blenders. No longer must you settle for a cumbersome blender that is difficult to use and a nightmare to clean after each use. 

Invest in a lightweight, respectable-sized blender that, despite appearing diminutive, is highly effective. If you are always on the go and extremely busy, you can even purchase a compact and portable blender to fit in your bag. 

Modern Features 

A further advantage of owning a high-quality blender is its extensive array of modern features and functions. Most blenders now include a current panel of controls that allows the customer to switch between functions. 

You can efficiently operate the blender by using the control panel, which is highly equipped with modern features and functions—the greater the number of features, the better the option for you. 


When making a purchase, it is also essential to consider the warranty period provided by most blender manufacturers and brands. Vitamix blenders include a minimum 5-year warranty. 

While some brands offer a respectable six- to twelve-month warranty on their products, others provide customers with an impressive two- to five-year warranty. Invest wisely in a product that performs well and comes with a solid guarantee. 

What Features Does a Blender for Vegan Food Need? 

Before purchasing a blender, vegans must consider several factors because they must look for one with various features. Vegan cuisine includes numerous nutritious soups, luscious smoothies, shakes, and delicious nut milk and butter. Before choosing the best blender for vegans, you must consider the following features essential for a vegan food blender. 

Powerful Blades 

Due to the prevalence of tough roots and vegetables in vegan cuisine, a blender must be able to chop, slice, and blend these ingredients easily. A quality blender will always be equipped with sturdy stainless-steel blades to facilitate this task. 

These blades typically have three to four prongs, which are highly effective at effortlessly blending the toughest nuts and vegetables. Plastic blades may not be able to perform this task as effectively as those made of stainless steel. Ninja and Vitamix are superior in this regard; therefore, always keep an eye on the blades. 


When you consider the amount of preparation required for vegan recipes, you’ll realize the importance of a powerful blender. For the vegan kitchen, the right power profile is needed to work with tough vegetables and complete challenging tasks such as making raw nut butter. 

Your power preferences may also be determined by the ingredients you intend to blend daily. For instance, if smoothies are your primary need, a smaller model with moderate motor power may suffice. For more intensive vegan blending, however, you will need something extremely potent. Look for performers who can provide a minimum of one thousand watts for high-quality blending. 

Durable Components 

When searching for a blender, it is essential to purchase one that is constructed of high-quality and long-lasting parts. Consider purchasing blenders made from steel or that are BPA-free. 

Some blenders are constructed from a type of plastic that resembles glass. Tritan Copolyester is the name of this plastic, also known for being BPA-free. They are also interchangeable with steel and produce the same results as a steel blender. 

Speeds and Settings 

When dealing with various vegan foods that require blending, the greater the speeds, the more influential the blending; the same is true of settings. Numerous blenders have programmable buttons that allow you to create your preferred smoothie, puree, or soup with a single touch. 


A tamper is a valuable tool when working with ingredients that tend to stick to the blades or the bottom of the container. Also, a tamper is required when preparing dense mixtures such as nut butter, vegan ice cream, or thick soup. 

Self-Cleaning Capability 

If you use your blender daily, you should purchase one with an automatic cleaning function. Many models include a self-cleaning function that requires only the addition of warm water and soap, followed by 30 to 60 seconds of operation. Some have dishwasher-safe components, while others have detachable jars for easier cleaning. 

Elaborate Control Panel 

A quality blender will include a sophisticated control panel that makes operation simple. It would help if you looked for a blender with an intuitive control panel that allows you to switch between functions easily. 

You should be able to navigate its controls and functions without needing to consult the user guide. Every high-quality blender has a control panel that allows for variable speed settings. 

Attractive Style 

Choose a blender as attractive and contemporary in appearance as in performance. A blender with beautiful components enhances the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. You can purchase blenders with a matte, glossy, or glossy finish, as they are available in various designs. 

You can select assorted colors and sizes that best suit your needs and preferences. Your blenders do not have to be dull; you can have one that is visually appealing but also powerful and versatile. 

Which Blender Type is Suitable for Making Vegan Food? 

You cannot use any ordinary blender to create delicious and nutritious vegan dishes. For crushing and blending various vegan ingredients, you need a specialized blender with high-quality components and a powerful motor. The following factors should be considered when selecting the best blender for vegans. 


Consider its power when selecting a blender for multiple purposes, such as blending, chopping, making purees, etc. The motor performance of a blender is represented by its power, measured in watts. 

It would help to choose a blender with a power range between 500 and 1000 watts. These blenders will be capable of performing all functions without becoming jammed. 


A quality blender will always include variable speed settings. Choosing blenders with at least three to five-speed settings is advisable, as this will allow you to switch between the various speeds required for different applications. 

Jar Size 

A jar that is either too large or too small is undesirable. Choose blenders that are either of moderate size or come with various jars. Blenders with a capacity between 20 and 55 ounces are typically suitable for small families. 


In addition to raw motor power, a blender for vegan recipes must be durable, as natural, or thick ingredients can put a blender to the test. This includes motor components such as an all-metal drive, which is always superior to a plastic drive. To meet the requirements of vegan blending, the container and blades should also be of high quality and have long-lasting construction. 

Simple to Clean 

Always choose simple blenders, as blenders that are difficult to clean are more susceptible to spoilage. With so many vegetables and nuts blended, food particles may become entangled around and beneath the blades. 

Whenever possible, choose blenders with a self-cleaning function. Some blenders include detachable blades, which makes the cleaning process even simpler. If this is not possible, most blenders can be easily cleaned with brushes, lukewarm water, and mild detergent. 

Can Vegan Foods be Prepared Using a Blender? 

Who says your blender can only be used for chopping and blending vegetables? Your blender is a versatile appliance that can effortlessly prepare various delicious and nutritious dishes. As soon as you purchase the best blender for vegans, you will realize that you can prepare any dish you desire. 

Most blenders are designed to serve multiple purposes and include a variety of built-in functions. The powerful blades of a blender can create a delicious frozen fruit smoothie and a comforting vegetable soup. 

When you want to indulge your sweet tooth, you can easily blend all the cake ingredients in your blender to create a smooth, perfectly blended cake mix ready to bake. You can also prepare delicious nut butter and creams that pair well with various dishes. 

Suppose you are a gym enthusiast who enjoys drinking wholesome and nutrient-rich protein smoothies after intense workouts. In that case, you can quickly prepare protein smoothies with nuts and frozen fruits using a blender. 

Even if you enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of coffee with a touch of vegan milk in the morning, you can use your blender to make rich nut and oat milk quickly and efficiently. Consequently, selecting a versatile blender that can accommodate all your needs is essential. 

Final Takeaway 

Every investment you make in your life is significant. Therefore, it is essential to conduct research before making a purchase. With the assistance of the buying guide above, you can quickly locate the ideal blender for all your vegan dishes. 

You should only compare, evaluate, and shortlist blenders that look good and perform well. 

Best Vegan Blender: Final Thoughts 

Vegan blenders must be able to process a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, and some do so more quickly than others. The Vitamix 7500 is a hard-to-beat machine among the options available today. It is the best blender for vegans because it can handle frozen fruits and fibrous vegetables just as easily as soups. This makes it an indispensable addition to the kitchen of any vegan chef. 

The BL642 provides comparable crushing power to the Vitamix at a fraction of the price. This budget-friendly option’s performance, versatility, and user-friendliness earn it a spot on this list. 

With the Blendtec Total Classic, you can anticipate the high performance for which the brand is renowned. It provides all the appropriate modes for creating various recipes and eliminates the guesswork from vegan blending. 

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