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How to make snow cones with a blender at home

If you have fond memories of eating snow cones as a child or if you still enjoy them today, this article is for you. Due to the warm weather, the body becomes restless during the summer.  

During the summer, snow cones are an excellent way to quench your thirst. In addition, by mixing with various syrups, a variety of flavors can be created. Discover how to make snow cones using a blender!  

What is the distinction between snow cones and shaved ice?  

It is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive and one of the easiest to answer. Even though both treats contain ice and flavored syrups, they are distinct in specific ways.  

Snow cones  

It is a popular icy treat with a sweet flavoring drizzle sold at festivals such as food fairs and carnivals. The ice has a crunchiness to it. In addition, much of the syrup falls to the bottom of the snow cone cup, creating the tastiest bites!  

Typically, less than five flavor options are provided for snow cones. The most common flavors are cherry, grape, and blueberry. They are quick and simple to prepare, and most children enjoy them.  

Shaved ice  

Frequently, shaved ice is sold at roadside kiosks and mobile units. It’s snow-like ice that’s light and fluffy. The syrup is poured over the surface of the shaved ice, making each bite delicious!  

They are frequently available in over twenty distinct flavors. Due to the smooth surface of the shavings, the texture is fluffier and dissolves rapidly in the mouth.  

Detailed instructions for making snow cones with a blender.  

The following are the ingredients for one snow cone:  

  • Plastic cone/cup  
  • Powerful blender  
  • Ice cubes, Syrup or juice  


Step 1: Choose a proper blender  

After cleaning the blender, use it to crush ice. The standard method for making snow cones at home ensures that the blade system is sufficiently sharp and thick, and that the blender series can grind ice.  

The manufacturer of several blender lines warns against blending hard or solid ingredients, as doing so may cause the blade to wear out or even damage the machine. After selecting an appropriate blender, plug its power cord into an electrical outlet.  

Step 2: Crush ice with a blender.  

Combine the ice and water in a blender. Ice should comprise approximately one-third of the blender’s capacity for optimal results. Then, close the machine’s lid to prevent spillage. The quantity of ice required depends on the size of your cone cup(s) and the density of the ice you press.  

Select the option to grind. Examine the ice cubes through the clear pitcher to determine if they have reached the desired consistency. Never open the lid of the blender while it is in use.  

Step 3: Remove the ice from your blender  

Press the off button and wait for the device to shut down completely. After removing the lid, scoop it into paper cones.  

Step 4: Drizzle flavoring on the top  

After selecting your preferred syrups, drizzle them over the ice and consume them immediately. If you add too much flavoring, your snow cone will quickly melt and become a slush cone.  

Step 5: Clean  

Cleaning the blender is a breeze with this straightforward method for making shaved ice at home. After unplugging the blender from the electrical outlet, remove it and wash it with clean water before drying and storing it in a dry location.  

How do you pick a blender for snow cones?  

  • The machine’s power: Look for a unit with at least 400W of power to ensure stability during work. If the product has a motor with insufficient power, the blender will not operate smoothly, and it will be simpler to heat or shake.  
  • Pitcher material: Shatterproof plastic and a high-quality glass are two of the most common pitcher materials. When using a plastic pitcher, is lightweight and resistant to breakage when dropped or jarred. The glass pitcher is dependable, robust, and resistant to high temperatures, allowing it to be used with hot foods and easily cleaned.  
  • The volume of the blender jar: The blender jar will typically hold between 24 and 72 ounces. More ingredients can be blended if the blender’s capacity is more extensive.  
  • Blade: To maintain food safety and sharpness when pulverizing, the blades should be made of steel or stainless steel. An ice-cutter with a serrated zigzag pattern will be a superior option.  

Here are a few suggestions for blending ice in a blender  

  • Crushing ice before grinding it: Before blending, you should break the ice into small pieces to keep the blender safe and durable.  
  • Estimating the typical quantity of crushed ice: The ice machine can become clogged if too much ice is placed simultaneously. Then, securely close the machine’s lid to prevent ice from escaping.  
  • Adjusting speed: To ensure safety, you must initially grind them at a low or medium speed and switch to a high speed. Then, use the “pulse” function to conclude.  

Snow cones are the most popular food at festivals, in conclusion. This dessert is simple to prepare; you only need a powerful blender capable of crushing ice and flavor-enhancing syrups.  

In contrast to shaved ice, snow cones have a chunky texture that can be chewed to experience the chilly sensation. Try this drink in the summer for a feeling of revitalization!  

We hope this article has taught you how to make snow cones using a blender. Follow us for further reading! 

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