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How to use an immersion blender properly?

Are you familiar with the term “immersion blender”? Do you have an immersion blender at home but aren’t sure how to use an immersion blender properly? The immersion blender blends ingredients directly into the cooking pot, saving you the time and effort of transferring components to a kitchen top blender.

Before you can use an immersion blender, you must first understand how it operates and the basic features. This article will also cover the basics of an immersion blender and the types of recipes you can create with this beautiful kitchen appliance.

What Is An Immersion Blender?

In addition to being a handy kitchen tool, an immersion blender (also known as a hand blender) is a helpful kitchen tool for home cooks. It consists of a motor attached to the end of a long shaft. It rotates the cutting blades mounted on the extended shaft’s opposite end, which powers the blender’s motor.

These blades remain sharp and easy to remove for hassle-free cleanup. When operating, the long shaft is typically dipped in a food container. This shaft features a broader handle for a more secure grip, allowing you to run the blender efficiently. On the other end, there is a button that, when pressed, activates the hand blender. This feature makes the tool portable and easy to use, eliminating the need to think about using an immersion blender.

How does an immersion blender work?

For an immersion blender to function, it must have a small blade that rotates at the bottom of a long handle. It is inserted into the pot of food to be blended with the blade at the end of the handle, partially covered by the handle’s wide-mouthed bottom, and then removed.

An immersion blender’s wide-mouthed opening helps to avoid splatter (to a degree). The immersion blender is a versatile handheld tool and is therefore easy to use across the kitchen.

It’s simple to use in bowls, on counters, or in pots. Given the small size of the immersion blender, it is ideal for blending chunky soups, provided that the chunks are neither too hard nor too large.

Simply immerse the immersion blender in the soup or liquid you’re puréeing. Then, using a gentle squeeze, pulse, or hold the trigger until the desired consistency is achieved.

You may need to reposition it in the bowl or pot to ensure that you hit everything. Additionally, avoid pulling it out of the liquid while blending, as this may result in splatter (which will be hot if the item is a stovetop item).

Typically, the metal wand detaches with a single click and can be placed directly in the dishwasher. Alternatively, rinse that section in the sink and move on to the next project. Almost no other small kitchen appliance performs as well, as quickly, or as easily as this one.

How To Use An Immersion Blender Properly?

Using an immersion blender regularly will increase your likelihood of referring to it as one of your “go-to” cooking appliances in the future. If you’ve recently received or purchased an immersion blender, you should practice using an immersion blender properly. Here is some essential information you should be aware of:

After associating the blender’s components, plug in the immersion blender to determine if the cord length is appropriate for your work area. Bear in mind that your blender is soaked in the mixture to prevent food from splattering.

The majority of hand blenders feature an easy-to-use on/off switch. Because immersion blenders operate at a single speed, it’s simple to turn them on.

1. Ensure that you use the appropriate vessel size.

When it comes to getting the most out of your immersion blender, the vessel you blend is critical. If the level of the ingredients you’re mixing is too shallow, your blender will struggle to process them effectively, resulting in a less-than-perfect result.

Because you want your ingredients to be at least an inch deeper than the blade, it’s better to use a taller, narrower container for blending than a wider bowl for small batches of things like salad dressing.

2. Always make sure that your blade is completely submerged.

Before turning on the machine, check to see that the blades and section of the shaft have been thoroughly soaked in the mixture. Failure to exercise caution could result in a splattering mess of ingredients in your kitchen, which is an unpleasant sight to behold.

Additionally, you should also avoid immersing the shaft too much in the mixture. Dipping the shaft may cause damage to the engine, which may cause it to stop working.

3. Always start at a slow speed and gradually increase your speed.

Start blending at the lowest speed possible, whether your unit has a range of speeds or only high and low settings. Increase the speed as you mix. In this way, larger pieces can be broken down more easily before increasing the power for a complete puree.

Smooth consistency indicates that the blender has done an excellent job of blending the ingredients. If the ingredient is sticky, on the other hand, it is preferable to blend it for a more extended period. If you’re attempting to make a vegetable soup, you may require additional time to thoroughly combine the ingredients.

Allow yourself a break between each mix so that you can achieve the consistency you desire in the end. It can be harmful to the motor if it is kept running for an extended period. When using the immersion blender, it is recommended that you take a 30-second break between each batch for best results.

4. Recognize when to move and when to remain stationary with the immersion blender.

When creating whipped cream, whipped egg whites, or homemade mayonnaise—anything that requires more than liquifying—you’ll want to incorporate air to increase the volume. It would be helpful if you moved your immersion blender around in your liquid in all directions, including up and down, which is the key to getting a smooth texture (while remaining submerged, of course).

Suppose you are not attempting to incorporate air into your mixture. In that case, you can keep your immersion blender relatively stationary and closer to the bottom of your vessel, moving only as necessary to blend ingredients thoroughly.

5. Utilize it to help you reduce food waste and set a budget.

Do you have a speck of mustard, jam, or honey at the bottom of a jar? Add vinegar, oil, and seasonings and whisk together a salad dressing right in the jar. Replace the lid, and you’ve got no waste and storage in one.

Do you require whole canned tomatoes to be crushed? Remove the lid, pour a small amount of juice into a blender, and blend right in the can.

Hummus in a flash? Drain your chickpea can or jar and fill halfway with tahini, then blend in the can or jar with a squeeze of lemon and a splash of water—season to taste and drizzle with olive oil before recycling the vessel and avoiding the mess.

6. Hand-wash it

While many immersion blenders are dishwasher safe, they will last much longer if you wash the parts by hand. This prevents the blade from dulling or dinging when it comes into contact with other items in your dishwasher and protects any plastic components from degrading due to the dishwasher’s intense heat.

How To Use An Immersion Blender Safely?

1. Avoid nonstick frying pans and glass dishes.

The blades of your blender can cause the glass to chip or shatter if it comes into contact with them. If this occurs, you must discard your mixture immediately; otherwise, you risk ingesting glass, which can be fatal.

Nonstick coatings on pans, likewise, can chip off and end up in your mixture. This coating can be harmful if swallowed or consumed in large quantities.

Stainless steel is the safest type of mixing container to use with your immersion blender.

2. When blending, make sure the blender motor is above all of the liquid.

By immersing the immersion blender’s motor too much in the mixture, you risk burning out the engine, shorting out the electrical components, or electrocuting yourself. Even when using extremely deep dishes, avoid lowering the motor into or beneath your mixture while running.

3. Allow hot dishes to cool slightly before blending.

When blending soups or other hot blended dishes, turn off the heat and allow the pot to cool for 10-20 minutes before agreeing on anything. Things can occasionally spatter when using a hand blender, and getting hit with a drop of boiling soup is never fun.

4. Always unplug the immersion blender when cleaning

Before cleaning your blender, always unplug it. Never immerse the blender’s motor in water when cleaning; instead, use a mild soap and a sponge or damp cloth.

The blade of the immersion blender has numerous difficult-to-reach areas, and if left in place for an extended period, it cannot be easy to clean thoroughly. After each use, you should clean it under hot water and give it a gentle scrub with a soaped-up sponge.

Hand wash the blending shaft in hot water and then clean with a mild soap. Take extra care when cleaning the blending shaft around the blades. These are incredibly sharp and can easily cut you.

5. Keep your immersion blender in a secure place.

Immersion blenders are child-friendly and may be mistaken for a toy. It is hazardous, and you should store your blender in an inaccessible location to children, such as a high cupboard.

Additional Recipes That Can Be Prepared Using An Immersion Blender

It’s beneficial to be aware of the various applications of this versatile kitchen tool. Whether you’re using an immersion blender for one or two recipes, learning to use one effectively provides a significant benefit.

Milkshakes and Smoothies

The immersion blender can be used to create frothy drinks. For dessert, make a smooth milkshake; for breakfast, make a fruit-filled smoothie. Additionally, some unique model has the strength to crush ice cubes and slice frozen fruit.

Beaten eggs

Cooking pancakes, omelets, or scrambled eggs is something you enjoy. To beat the eggs, you can use an immersion blender. In comparison to whisking or beating with a fork, it’s quick and easy. This ensures that the yolks and whites are mixed evenly, resulting in fluffy eggs.

Pancake Batter

Using an immersion blender, combine the batter to make classic buttermilk pancakes without worrying about flour streaking and lurking behind.

Prepare a puree

Transfer a pureed hot soup to a blender may probably be a challenging task. You are not required to repeat it. The immersion blender makes it simple to create hot puree soup.

Whipped Cream

There’s no need to bust out the stand mixer and work up a sweat to get some whipped cream on the table. Within minutes of using this kitchen tool, you will have a fresh batch of homemade whipped cream on your hands.

Pesto Sauce

Whirl a handful of leafy greens or fresh herbs in the immersion blender until they become a delicious sauce for your pasta. You can also add olive oil, nuts, and parmesan to your pesto sauce to make it more flavorful.


Not a fan of chunky salsa? No problem. In less than a minute, an immersion blender can transform it into a smoother salsa. In a tall, narrow stainless steel dish, combine minced garlic, chopped jalapeno, cilantro, tomatoes, sliced onion, and a pinch of salt and pepper. When you’re happy with the blending, start moving your immersion blender up and down to get the desired consistency.

TIP: Stack the tomatoes on top of the beaker – they’re more accessible for the blender to break down and add liquid to the salsa, allowing the remaining ingredients to blend more quickly!

Cheese Sauce

If your cheese doesn’t melt properly, you’ll have a strange, goopy, unappealing sauce. However, by using an immersion blender for a few seconds, you can restore any lumpy sauce to a smooth, cheese-y, delicious life!


The majority of us obtain our mayonnaise from jars, which is acceptable. However, once you’ve tasted homemade mayonnaise, you may never go back!

Combine egg yolks, a high-quality, mild-flavored oil, and a squeeze of lemon juice with a pinch of salt in a medium mixing bowl. Begin with just the yolks, lemon juice, and salt, and gradually drizzle in the oil while blending until the mixture reaches the desired mayonnaise consistency.

Tantalizing Salad Dressings

Salad dressings purchased in stores typically contain gums to help keep the ingredients together. Additionally, they may have low-quality oil and inexpensive vinegar. Once you taste how much better a freshly prepared salad dressing made with premium ingredients tastes, you’ll never go back.

In a small bowl, combine one tablespoon balsamic or red wine vinegar, one tablespoon dijon mustard, and a pinch of salt and pepper. You can add a fresh garlic clove and any fresh herbs if desired. Like mayonnaise, begin blending while adding the extra virgin olive oil in a slow, steady stream.

How to use an immersion blender properly - FAQs

The immersion blenders can scratch the bottom surface of pots if they come into contact with them. Hold it at an angle or blend slightly higher than the bottom to avoid scratching your pots. Additionally, some hand blenders include silicone guards that help prevent scratches.

Apart from the risk of splashing hot liquid on you or of the immersion blender slipping and hitting you, there is no additional risk associated with using immersion blenders on hot mixtures. They are primarily used to make hot soups creamy.

Because handheld immersion blenders are primarily used to blend soups, and other soft foods, a power rating of around 150 watts is sufficient for mixing. At 250 watts, you’d be able to combine anything that an immersion blender would typically blend, such as baby food or thick stews.

An immersion blender can be used in a pan, a bowl, or any container you desire. However, nonstick pans and glass dishes should be avoided. Due to the blade’s vigorous movement, glass can easily shatter. Additionally, the nonstick coating on some pans can chip off.

Due to the guard at the end of the immersion blender, the blades rarely contact the bottom of a pot or pan. We’ve never encountered any issues while blending with an immersion blender in our Dutch ovens.

Ensure that each piece of the immersion blender is dry throughout before storing it. During storage, moisture buildup on your blender can result in mildew, which is not ideal for a clean kitchen. Before storing the cord, wrap it around the widest part of the blender handle.


Using immersion blenders to achieve a pleasing and thin consistency in a mixture is very common nowadays. A fine texture is achieved by breaking up chunks and bits. Smoothies, pureed soups, and whipped cream can all be made in a short amount of time. Learning to use an immersion blender is not difficult; all it takes is a little practice and perseverance.

If you have any questions about immersion blenders, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Providing you learn how to use it properly can be a handy addition to your kitchen toolbox. As soon as you know how to use it, you may discover that it is the ideal blender for anyone who needs to make smoothies regularly.

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