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Sunbeam 350-Watt MixMaster Stand Mixer


  • Offset Bowl Positioning
  • Tilt Locking Head
  • Burst of Power Button
  • Powerful 350W Motor
  • 12 Different Speed Settings
MaterialStainless Steel Bowl, Rubber Feet, Die-cast Base
Wattage350 watts
Item Dimensions LxWxH13.8 x 12.1 x 15 inches
Number of Speeds12
Item Weight10.35 Pounds


  • 350 watts of mixing power
  • 12 speeds to assist you in preparing delectable meals and desserts
  • Soft start technology contributes to the reduction of splatters.


  • No lock to hold spinning
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This primary tilt-head machine is well-suited for everyday kitchen tasks like stirring baking mixes, mashing potatoes, and whipping cream.

It’s not fancy, not flashy, and only available in black, but it’s incredibly user-friendly and gets the job done. Additionally, the straightforward design fits comfortably on any countertop.

Unlike most of its stand mixer contemporaries, the beaters do not rotate in an orbital fashion. Rather than that, each beater rotates independently as the mixing bowl spins freely, resulting in a synchronized three-way mixing action that effectively blends ingredients.

This model is intended for use with a 4-quart bowl, but the adjustable turntable can easily accommodate a 2-quart bowl as an option. A convenient feature for those quick, small tasks, adjusting the turntable to the proper size is as simple as switching a lever on the base.

Sunbeam 350-Watt MixMaster Stand Mixer features a 4-quart stainless steel bowl that sits off-center on a turntable, making it simple to add ingredients while the machine is in use.

With a powerful motor, this machine can perform simple tasks such as mixing a single or double batch of cookies, preparing pancake and cake batters and blending gravies. It is not a machine for churning bread dough (despite the presence of chrome-plated dough hooks) and should not be treated as one.

It is constructed primarily of durable, heavy-duty plastic components and is lightweight enough to be moved easily while maintaining the heft necessary to power through thicker mixes.

And the tilt-head design and off-center bowl make it simple to add ingredients, switch attachments, and load or unload the bowl – it’s much easier to get into a tilt-head style than it is to get into a heavier duty “lift bowl” model.

The top handle simplifies the tilt and lifts motion, and it features two user-friendly buttons: one on top ejects the attachments, while the other on the side provides a power burst when necessary to work through thicker batters.


Sunbeam’s soft start technology minimizes splatter by accelerating slowly and gently, eliminating the “snowstorm” effect when dry ingredients such as flour are added.

While this model does have some limitations in terms of functionality, it is an excellent small unit for occasional bakers. It’s a perfect entry-level stand mixer that’s especially well-suited for beginners or those unsure about making the switch from handheld models.

It includes two sets of sturdy standard attachments that are simple to insert and quickly release with the push of a button.

One set includes a pair of chrome beaters that can mix anything from cake batter to a thicker meatloaf. Additionally, a couple of chrome dough hooks is included for soft dough kneading.

Additionally, this model is compatible with any other MixMaster attachments, allowing it to expand its capabilities.

A 350-watt motor provides adequate oomph when a light batter is required. However, doubling a cookie recipe or using it to make dense bread dough is not a good idea. This is a light-duty machine intended for light-duty applications.

The twelve-speed settings enable various stirring, mixing, and whipping techniques.

It also has a deft touch, a slow start acceleration that minimizes spatters, and an additional “burst of power” function for when a little extra elbow grease is required for rough mixes. (However, as previously stated, I would caution against getting too carried away with your “tough mixes”).

As each beater rotates independently of the others, the synchronized three-way mixing action stirs, blends, and whips to an even consistency. Friction from the extended tip on the left beaters propels the bowl into a free-spinning third rotation, completing the action.


This product is straightforward to clean. The bowl, as well as the hand mixer, detach. This is extremely simple to deep clean following a mixing adventure.

The remainder of the machine is easily cleaned. There are few nooks and crannies for mixes to become stuck and become difficult to clean.

Should you buy Sunbeam 350-Watt MixMaster Stand Mixer?

In general, we believe that unless you intend to use this mixer infrequently and for straightforward recipes, it will cause you more frustration than it will save you financially.

If you want to use a stand mixer more frequently, for more extended periods, or for more demanding tasks, such as kneading bread, it may be worthwhile to invest in a higher-end machine.

Suppose you do not anticipate using a mixer frequently enough to justify the expense. Finally, the Sunbeam 2594’s overwhelmingly negative reviews make us skeptical of its quality, and we recommend looking at other mixers.

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