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Air Fryer Halloween Spooky Donuts

Air Fryer Halloween Spooky Donuts

As Halloween approaches, what better way to commemorate the occasion than with some Air Fryer Halloween Spooky Donuts?

Creating our air fryer Halloween Spooky Donuts recipe in various styles will be a lot of fun for you! Decorative sprinkles on frosted donuts add a festive touch. A special treat is the air-fried spooky donuts, which feature screaming ghost-like faces.

This recipe is straightforward to prepare and will have your guests begging for more.

Halloween Spooky Donuts For Kids In An Air Fryer

These easy-to-make Halloween doughnuts are baked in the air fryer and are a hit with everyone. Parents adore this recipe since it’s so simple to prepare, and air frying them makes it even simpler.

Children love them because they can decorate them with their favorite frostings and sprinkles to create a variety of weird faces.

These are ideal for parties, classrooms, or any occasion where you want to provide easy Halloween-themed snacks.

Why you should use an air fryer to make Halloween donuts

  • Air Fryer Halloween spooky donuts are so easy to make. All you need is a can of biscuits, a can of frosting, cooking spray, and sprinkles.
  • Air Fryer donuts are fantastic because they are healthier than deep frying donuts in a large amount of oil, they cook quickly, and children can even assist in the preparation.
  • The fluffy cookie dough is great. After air frying, the layers become more visible, and biting into these fluffy doughnuts is delectable.

Storing Leftover Halloween Spooky Donuts

  • Refrigerate these in an airtight container. When ready to eat, simply air fry them for approximately 2-4 minutes at 350°F.
  • You can freeze any remaining doughnuts, but it is recommended that you do so before frosting or icing them.
  • It’s preferable to freeze them cooked and then thaw them before serving. Then top with your preferred icing or frosting.

What Air Fryer Should I Use?

In recent years, the world of air frying has exploded. I was an air fryer skeptic, but now it’s the only thing that gets me excited about cooking. The COSORI Air Fryer Max XL 5.8 Quarth has worked wonders for me.  I have been using this air fryer for over a year and I love the appliance. It has a lot of presets for common foods (chicken tender/ wings, French fries, shrimp, steak, bacon, etc.), which helps take the guesswork out of how long to cook certain things. It’s also super easy to clean, so no complaints there. 

What Size Air Fryer Do I Need?

You’ll definitely want to factor in the size or capacity when choosing an air fryer. Air fryers typically have a capacity printed on the box measured in liters. It can be tough to visualize what this translates to in serving size. Use this chart as a guide:

Capacity Portions Good for
1.5 to 2.5 liter
1-2 servings
Snacks, sides and mains
3.0 to 6.0 liter
3-4 servings
Snacks, sides, mains and complete meals
6.5 to 12.0 liter
5+ servings
Snacks, sides, mains, complete meals, whole chickens and batch cooking
Air Fryer Halloween Spooky Donuts



Separate the biscuits and use a 1-inch biscuit cutter to cut holes in the center of each one.

For regular-shaped donuts

Separate the biscuits and use a 1-inch biscuit cutter to cut holes in the center of each one.

(Reserve the hole cutouts to air fry as eyeballs if you’re feeling extra creative).

reate the spooky ghost face, stretch the dough lengthwise.

If making ghosts:

  • Separate the biscuits and use a 3/4-inch biscuit cutter to cut holes in each biscuit for the eyes and mouth.
  • To create the spooky ghost face, stretch the dough lengthwise.

    (If you’re feeling adventurous, save the hole cutouts to air fry as eyeballs.)

spray cooking oil

Coat the air fryer basket/tray with a light coating of oil spray.

Arrange the donuts in a single layer in the basket

Arrange the donuts in a single layer in the basket/tray, avoiding contact (you may need to cook in batches).

Air fry for 6-7 minutes at 330°F
  • Air fry for 6-7 minutes at 330°F/165°C, then wiggle gently to loosen.
  • Turn over and continue Air Frying for 1-3 minutes or until golden brown at 330°F/165°C.
  • Continue with the remaining donuts and donut holes (they will cook slightly faster) – set the timer a few minutes less and check for doneness earlier).
Transfer to a cooling rack

Transfer to a cooling rack after removing from the air fryer. Allow cooling.

Dust the powdered sugar or frost and decorate the donuts with Halloween-themed sprinkles.

Dust the powdered sugar or frost and decorate the donuts with Halloween-themed sprinkles.

Helful tips to make air fryer Halloween donuts

  • Don’t let the dough holes go to waste. Keep those and air fry them to make holes in things or decorate them to look like eyeballs.
  • Keep in mind to flip the doughnuts halfway through to ensure even frying.
  • Make sure the eyes and lips are large enough for the creepy face. If you use a tiny cutter for the eyes and lips, the holes in the cookies may bake through too tightly. As a result, the extended eyes and mouth may appear less dramatic.
  • Stretch the dough enough to form dramatic long eyes and mouths for weird or ghost faces.
  • If you have preheated your air fryer or are cooking in batches, you may need to adjust the timing by a few minutes (unless preheating is called for in the recipe).
  • Do not apply the frosting to the donuts while they are still warm; otherwise, the frosting will turn into a glaze, and your sprinkles and candy eyes will melt.
  • If you’re not adding candy eyes or sprinkles, you can frost the cookies while they’re still warm to create a glaze. We enjoy doing this, followed by a warm donut.

Air Fryer Halloween Spooky Donuts - FAQs

Any canned biscuit dough will suffice. We prefer flaky layers, crescent sheets, or buttermilk biscuits, but you can substitute whatever your family likes.

You might even be able to use canned pizza dough!

Although we prefer Pilsbury frosting, you can use any flavor or color you like.

You can purchase colored frosting or color it yourself by adding gel food coloring to vanilla frosting.

We prefer gel food coloring because it helps keep the frosting from being too runny.

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