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Discover What the Best Battery Operated Blender Is Now

Undoubtedly, a blender is a useful kitchen tool, allowing us to mix and blend fresh harvests, including fruits and vegetables for a delicious and nutritious drink, which we don’t have to buy from the shake stand. What more if we could have these all anywhere that we are with the best battery operated blender.

You are probably wondering how could blenders be battery-operated, but it is true. The introduction of these blenders can make our lives easier and our health better, knowing that we can always have a dose of our favorite smoothies and shakes anywhere – on picnics, camping, hiking or just about any place we’re far from the kitchen.

Plus, such a travel blender needs no electricity to run, so you can keep blending even when the power’s interrupted. In that case, you can just continue mixing until your drink is ready.

    Additionally, having the battery-operated blender is a portable way to stay healthy at work. In the office, you can still keep your diet plan, which includes healthy smoothies and shakes that you can prepare during break times, preventing yourself from rushing to the vending machine for a snack.

    In this case, you also avoid skipping meals when you’re too busy to leave your desk. All you need is to pack your ingredients in a container and then throw it in your bag. Just bring your fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables and battery-operated blender at work.

    So if you’re losing weight, you can still keep up with your diet plan, as your portable blender can help you stick with it through healthy juicing and blending. Just like a blender combo, the battery-run blending appliance can blend your ingredients, and then turn them into a delicious shake or smoothie in no time.

    Blending your drinks, you can avoid the consumption of added sugars in cafeteria or coffee shop beverages. With the blending appliance, you don’t only make yourself healthy but also your loved ones. Using it, you can make sure that your kids and loved ones will always have their dose of fresh and healthy juices and shakes anytime, especially during snack time when kids want to reach for their favorite canned sodas instead of water.

    Outdoors, the situation probably happens a lot if you don’t have the battery-operated blender. So definitely, looking for this type of unit might be what you need to keep yourself and loved ones healthy.

    But you might be wondering if this appliance is affordable or not. Good news is that the blenders are affordable, meaning you can simply make a one-time investment on your blender. You can then make use of it in blending or juicing your favorite fruits, including strawberries or blueberries, watermelons or apples in no time, preventing you from always rushing to the café, an impractical juicing and blending option.You can just do the math by calculating how much money to spend in a week on your drink.

    In this review, I want to help you find the right battery-operated blender or mixer. So if you’re ready, let’s start listing our options on the top picks in the category.

    1. Waring TG15 Tailgater Blender

      People looking for the best battery operated blender can appreciate the unit that lets them do many things with just a push of a button. This blender isn’t only for juices and blended drinks, but also for making salsas. Definitely, having a kitchen helper like this one is an excellent idea.

      It has a 15-foot cord plug to recharge it on cars, boats and SUVs. With it, you won’t miss on any of your healthy eating recipes, especially for smoothies.

      It does more than that, however. The blender also comes with a 48-oz plastic carafe that can be used for serving a group. It is also made with heavy-duty chrome, making it more durable, even for making batches of single serve drinks.

      Just like a high-quality immersion blender, this unit is compact and portable for taking outdoors. Aside from plugging it into 12-volt cigarette lighters, it can also be plugged and used at home with the AC converter included in your purchase.

      And for added convenience, the unit is equipped with an easy to clean and removable blade assembly.

      Surely, having this mini blender for home is an excellent investment to last for many years. So aside from your regular blender sitting in the kitchen but cannot be used outdoors, you can have the battery-operated blender that you can use while on road trips and camping. In that case, you can always make sure that you are serving your family or loved ones with not only delicious but also nutritious and pre-digested whole foods.

      And for its function, the unit has a capacity of six cups for making dips, drinks and sauces with its basic one-speed setting. Finally, storing it won’t be a problem because it only stands 14 ½ inches high and it has a 7-inch base.

      Take note; the product is built to comply with the North American Standards, however.

      2. Cuisinart CSB-78

        Convenience and precision – both these features are in this Stick hand blender. It is rechargeable for your convenience and use anywhere – picnics, hiking, camping or any outdoor activity. You can be as mobile as you can without any hassles or miss your favorite dips, sauces and drinks using this compact and small hand blender to provide you with everything you need in terms of meal preparation and fruit and vegetable blending.

        The small blender is versatile, as it is an immersion blender, featuring all the same benefits that a traditional blending appliance can give. It is cordless, so storing and using it anywhere is easy. One feature worth noting of the unit is that it is a flexible appliance in general. It can blend liquid and soft ingredients well.

        You can use it for making whipped froths as well as for preparing baby foods, soups and cheesecakes. These are only some remarkable applications that you can expect to get from this appliance. It just translates to one thing – the blender can be used in many kitchen chores and save you money from buying separate food processors.Another cool thing about this immersion unit is that it is an excellent space saver. The shake blender isn’t frustrating to use, too, as compared to big blenders that usually have a power base, consuming much space on the countertop, even when it is not in use.

        But space isn’t going to be a problem by having a smart hand blender like this one, especially if you’re someone living in an apartment or a flat. So if kitchen space is a concern, you may want to stay away from bulky models out there, but look for sleek appliances like this smart blender that saves you kitchen space.

        One more thing worth mentioning about this unit is that it comes with a whisking attachment, letting you whisks eggs for making salad dressings or combining with your morning omelet. The attachment can be removed by pressing a button, so you don’t need to struggle with any twist and lock systems used in some immersion models out there.

        The product also comes with a double-bladed chopping bowl, which can turn the unit into a low powered traditional blender. But of course, the quantity won’t be the same amount, as you would put in the regular blender’s chopping cup. The chopping bowl included in this Cuisinart can be your kitchen helper for breaking down hard solid foods and chop them into bits for toppings or any other purpose you may want to use them for.

        And on a single charge, you can have it running for 20 minutes. It also includes a storage stand for wall mounting or countertop storing and comes with a beaker for accurate measurements.

        With all these functions and features of this small lovely, you might get the most out of your dollars!

        3. Oster FPSTHB6600-GRY

          This item is another reliable hand mixers on the market I found and believe should be a part of this review. First off, the unit is a 3-in-1 handheld mixer with a twistable head that turns it from a hand mixer to a drink mixer in an instant. With its multifunction, anyone looking to have smart appliance additions in their kitchens may want to consider a product this versatile.

          For added convenience, this Oster has a heel rest that you can use between mixing. Additionally, it has a whisk, regular beater and drink mixer, not mentioning all these are also dishwasher safe, so busy mothers who don’t want to spend much time in cleaning up can depend on this product.

          And using one versatile kitchen tool like it, you can plan and target as many meals and drinks for a family gathering or just about any regular day. It can help you make an entire menu, including entrees, drinks and desserts without using other food processors like those from brands like Black and Decker or Coleman.

          Each purchase comes with accessories/attachments, including a whisk, a standard beater, and a drink mixer. It also has a soft touch handle for added convenience and works using two power settings for stirring, blending, mixing and beating.

          4. GSI Outdoors Vortex Blender

            If you’re looking for a blender for boats or cars for example, then you might also want to give this GSI Vortex Blender a second look. It works using a two-speed gear system, powerful enough in crushing through hard ingredients, including ice. It is also only that this is a robust appliance for this purpose, but it is also accommodating. It comes with a 1.5-liter pitcher as well as a shot cap that’s made of BPA-free plastic. With that said, you can also depend on the product’s safety even for use as a baby food blender.

            For added convenience, the unit also comes with a locking lid design, a broad base and a C-clamp in securing the blender on your table, also preventing accidents, especially if you have kids in the house.

            Additionally, the blender is also made of a stainless steel base, making it durable to last for many years and giving you peace of mind that your unit will not break even with frequent use.

            The blender is perfect for families that are always on the go for camping, out of towns, road trips and more outdoor activities that they enjoy together. Using this small and powerful appliance ensures that everyone in the family stays healthy with delicious and freshly made drinks, including shakes and smoothies. With that being said, you don’t also have to stop and drop by cafes or convenience stores, not mentioning that what they are selling aren’t fresh and often loaded with sugars. That’s not something you’d appreciate if you were into healthy eating or diet.

            To use it, just find a tabletop to clamp it on, and get started. You can use it on a picnic table, camper or home countertop – virtually almost anywhere. The unit has a base to clamp tightly in place, letting you crank away without the unit and your ingredients tipping.

            Using it, you don’t also have to replace batteries or find a source of electricity. All you need is your muscle power! With just a couple of uses, you will eventually master the technique in operating this hand blender. Just pour your finish product in a cup or a bottle and drink it up for that morning or afternoon boost while outdoors and before or after a workout.

            When was the first blender invented?

            It was in 1922 when Stephen Poplawski invented the first blender. He envisioned an appliance for mixing ups drinks, including milkshakes and malts, which were popular at soda fountain restaurants.​

            FAQs on Battery-Operated Blenders

            What are battery-operated blenders?

            They are blenders that work without a cord and are portable to use and bring anywhere.

            What are the types of blenders under this category?

            Immersion models are handheld blenders and are ideal for small blending amounts. Then, the other one is a stand blender that is usually bigger and ca stand on the table.

            What jug size to choose?

            Consider the number of people to serve. Some jugs are single sized and others are larger ones that can be up to 48 ounces for four people.

            What attachment comes with this blender?

            The best ones come with different accessories, including a standard beater, a whisker, and a drink mixer.

            How long can you use it for a single charge?

            You can use it for 20 minutes or maybe more or less depending on the model you’re using.

            What are the types of power that such a blender run?

            It can be operated by batteries, while some are rechargeable, such as immersion types.

            Selecting your battery-operated blender

            Picking one does not have to be hard at all. Just consider the purpose you have for buying this battery-operated food processor/mixer/blender. The five featured products are good options to start with the selection process. Each of these blenders has its outstanding features, so choose one based on your needs and requirements just like when buying a Ninja blender unit . Hope this guide helps you find the best battery operated blender today!​

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