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Best Steak Knives – Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

Welcome to our Best Steak Knives Review page, where we present you all the steak knives we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the web.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best steak knife for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. On this page you will also find some important information that you should pay attention to when buying steak knives.

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

    A steak knife belongs to the category of table and dinner knives and is primarily designed for cutting up meat. Almost all models have characteristic features that distinguish them from conventional kitchen knives:

        • The particularly sharp blade of stainless steel or damask steel, slightly curved at the tip
        • Ergonomically shaped handle for comfortable guiding of the knife
        • Blades and handles mostly made of high-quality materials

      The combination of a sharp blade and ergonomically shaped handle allows you to cut steaks or other meat products from the grill or pan cleanly and without much pressure. Compared to conventional knives, you therefore do not have to tear or squeeze even thicker pieces of meat. With a steak knife, you can cut cleanly through the piece of meat, so that the juicy consistency of the steak is preserved and your meat does not dry out.

      Pros and Cons of Using the Best Steak Knife Set

      First, they are specifically designed to slice and cut steaks. They provide that enjoyment and satisfaction in eating delicious, perfectly prepared steaks. Many of these high-quality knives are of high quality, stay sharp and look attractive.

      They also have that balance and comfort in handling and using. Another great about these knives is that they are well presented; many of them come with a box, which makes it perfect as a wedding gift.

      Steak knives also come from top brands, including Victorinox, Wüsthof and Mercer knives.

      For the downside, these knives are pretty expensive, and some of them might turn dull quickly if you don’t clean them up immediately after use.

      Things to Look for to Find the Best Steak Knife

      Durability is a major factor. Steak knives always come in contact with plates. That’s the reason you should find a strong set of steak knives.

      Look for the type of steak knives to buy. There are straight edge types, which can glide through meats smoothly. On the other hand are serrated edge blades, like those sold by Shun Knives. Their blades can stay sharp, allowing cutting even tough foods.

      Check for the steel quality; some of them are high carbon stainless steel. The steel quality sometimes predicts the price, so you may want to check on it before investing in a set.

      Think of the number of people to use the steak knives. Do you need a set of four? Handle feel is also important to know if the knife is easy to grip and use for slicing your roasts and chops. Handles can also be made of plastic or woods.

      Additionally, know how the knives are made. What method is used – stamping or forging? Stamping is a technique of punching steel from a steel sheet, while forging heats thick steel and then pounding that into shape.

      How to Find the Best Steak Knives (and Top 5 Picks)

      1. Victorinox 4-3/4-Inch Straight-Edge Pointed-Tip Steak Knife

      Victorinox has always been consistent regarding rankings of top cutlery brands in the world. In fact, it has been recommended by many authorities, including Cook’s Illustrated and New York Magazine.

      The brand has proven itself once more with the model that already includes six pieces of steak knives, each with rosewood handles.These rosewood handles make these knives more durable than their counterparts that have plastic handles. And aside from durability, they also look very attractive to have in your cutlery collection.

      The knives come with pointed tips and straight edges, making them the precise steak knives you’ll ever need. The set is tucked in a great-looking storage box as well.

      Now if you’re looking for edge retention and maximum sharpness, you might want to consider the knives that are made from high carbon stainless steel materials. And to sustain sharpness, these pieces are ice-tempered.

      The blades are also stamped using cold-rolled steel, and they don’t have any bolster on their edges for easy sharpening. And because they are not bolstered, and they are stamped, they also provide you with an easier time in sharpening.

      You might also love its classic look with its rosewood handles, which are designed with perfect balance for your comfort and riveted for added strength. So if you’re looking for the best steak and potatoes experience, you might want to check out this set.

      To keep them performing well, you should hand wash the steak knives.


          • They are made in Switzerland, one of the world’s top suppliers of high-quality cutlery through the years.
          • The knives are straight edged, each with a pointed tip.
          • The products are backed by lifetime warranty.
          • The blades are stamped, meaning they don’t have bolsters.
          • They come with ergonomically designed rosewood handles.


            • The blades might become dull if you will soak them in water.
            • The knives are dishwasher-safe, but it is not recommended.

          2. Wusthof 8pcsteak 8-Piece Stainless-Steel Steak Knife Set

          The set is one of the go-to steak knives for people looking for that ideal wedding gift. This amazing set already includes eight pieces of knives, which are packaged in a wooden box that has a mahogany stain.

          They look classic and appealing, and those who will receive them as a gift will appreciate their charm and beauty in the table.

          Regarding durability, you can depend on this set because the pieces are made from high carbon and 18/10 stainless steel serrated blades. They are rated for durability. So if you’re looking for long-lasting steak knives, you don’t have to think twice but have these steak knives with you. Serrated blades are easy to use for slicing chops and roasts.

          And because they have serrated edges, they can keep their sharpness for a longer time as compared to straight-edged knives. They can cut through even tough foods, including chops.

          For the modern appeal, the pieces also come with modern and polished 18/10 stainless handles. And for added durability, the pieces are precision-forged, which makes it an ideal choice for those looking for top-performing steak knives that can retain sharpness without constant honing required.

          The set is backed up lifetime warranty that can give you peace of mind regarding the quality of the knives.


              • The steak knife set already includes eight pieces of cutlery tools.
              • The materials are high carbon stainless steel, which makes each piece durable for long-term use.
              • It includes a wooden box that makes it an ideal gift.


                • The set is quite expensive than other cutlery sets on the market.
                • The pieces might turn dull if you don’t properly maintain it. Ideally, you must dry and store them.

              3. Wusthof Gourmet 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

              This product is a part of the brand’s Gourmet Series, which comes with a durable blade that is cut perfectly using steel sheets and precision lasers do the process. This product is made using full-tang and three riveted handles, which are virtually indestructible for added durability.

              The product does not have bolsters, meaning they perfectly fit the handles. Another great feature of the knife is that it is made of high carbon stainless steel, but it is thinner than premium knives from the brand are.

              This model is an excellent starter kit that comes with four knives, which are ideal for slicing roasts, chops, and steaks without any hassles.

              The knives are long enough for balanced and comfortable handling and gripping. Despite being long enough, they are light to handle. The best part is that these knives are dishwasher safe, but to protect their edges from becoming dull, you should hand wash them.

              They don’t only look appealing, but they also last longer than their more affordable counterparts on the market are. You can depend on them even for daily use. The blades do not require regular sharpening, so you don’t have to worry about using strong, sharp knives that always come in contact with plates.


                  • They are long enough for handling, each at 4.5 inches.
                  • The set already includes four pieces of knives, which are ideal for slicing chops, roasts, and steaks into the sizes you desire.
                  • Each of the knives is made of high carbon stainless steel blade


                    • While the pieces are dishwasher safe, you might have to hand wash to prevent dulling.
                    • The knives might require constant sharpening to keep their top performance.

                  4. Wüsthof Classic Steak Knife Set, 4-Piece

                  The set is composed of four steak knives, which are made of high quality and durable materials – known for the brand. Nothing beats slicing perfectly cooked steaks each time. And if you’re looking for top quality knives, then there is no thinking twice but you might want to go for the classic set!

                  The knives are made out of forged high-carbon stainless steel blades, which make them extra durable and dependable. The pieces are hand-honed, so you can rely on them for razor-like sharpness all the time.

                  The classic pieces also come with traditional composition handles that are triple-riveted for superior balance, comfort, and strength. These handles can provide the best balance for easy gripping.


                      • The pieces are dishwasher-safe, which means that you can clean them up in a breeze.
                      • The best part is that the set comes with a lifetime guarantee, meaning you can have peace of mind that the knives are backed by a reliable guarantee.
                      • This set also looks elegant, and it is ideal as a gift.


                        • The set is more expensive than other products on the market are.
                        • You shouldn’t soak them in the water for a long time or use chlorine bleach on them or your steak knives might turn dull.

                      5. Wusthof Gourmet 6-Piece Steak-Knife Set

                      Another excellent choice when it comes to steak knives is this classic gourmet set! You can count on it each time you’re looking for perfectly sliced roasts and chops.

                      The set is made of 4.5 inches steak knives, which are long enough that make them comfortable for handling. The knives also come with balanced and comfortable handles. These handles are made out of synthetic polypropylene handles, which are triple-riveted that make them more durable.

                      For added durability, the knives are stamped high carbon steel along with a stain-resistant alloy. The steak knives are also accurately tapered from their bases to their tips, and they don’t have bolsters.

                      And because they have plastic polypropylene handles, they can last long. In that case, you can look forward to long-term use with this set. If you’re looking for a perfect gift for someone special or a friend, you may also consider this one that already comes with a box.


                          • The set is made in Germany.
                          • This model is a great starter steak knife set, and it is perfect as a wedding gift.


                            • The product isn’t dishwasher safe.
                            • The blade might turn dull after some time, so regular honing might be essential.

                          Best Steak Knives Buying Guide 

                          A steak knife is one of the so-called cover knives. That means you can use it as cutlery for cutting cooked meat, especially steaks. Because of the sharpness of the steak knife, the meat is cut with a clean cut and not crushed. This way the meat juice stays in the steak and does not leak out.

                          Did you know that steak knives have different blade cuts (U and V cuts)?Steak knives with a U-cut have a slightly rounded blade. This makes the blade more robust but also somewhat blunter than a V-ground blade. This cut is very popular with European knives.Steak knives with a V-cut have a very smooth and extremely sharp blade, as it is not rounded. This grinding results in a very thin blade, which is also quite sensitive. You will often find this type of cut on Japanese knives, for example.

                          Why do I need a steak knife?

                          If you regularly prepare meat and especially steaks, you should think about buying a steak knife. It has the advantage that the meat you prepare remains juicy even after cutting. Due to the rediscovery of the eating culture, the steak knife has recently enjoyed increasing popularity.

                          Where can I buy steak knives?

                          You can buy steak knives in specialist shops as well as in well-assorted supermarkets and department stores. Online sales of steak knives have also increased considerably in recent times. On the internet you have a much wider choice and it is easier to compare the different offers. You can also view customer reviews here without any problems.

                          The following shops offer steak knives:

                              • Specialist shop
                              • Supermarkets
                              • Department stores

                            Steak knives are sold on the Internet at the following shops, among others:

                                • Amazon
                                • Ebay

                              All steak knives we present on this page have a link to at least one of these shops. So you can strike directly if you have found a steak knife that meets your wishes and requirements.

                              How much are steak knives?

                              Steak knives are usually available in sets of between two and twelve. The most common variant is a 6-piece steak knife set. You can rarely get individual steak knives. The unit price of the different steak knives varies between 1 Euro and 110 Euro. Material, workmanship and brand name determine the price.

                              With cheaper models from about 1 to 3.50 backs per piece, the handle of the steak knife is usually made of plastic, which looks less noble on the tablecloth. In addition, the workmanship of the blade is usually not as high quality. Therefore these steak knives often do not last as long or do not cut as well as higher-priced models.

                              Between 3,50 and 10 $ per piece you usually get acceptable quality. Here the handle is usually made of stainless steel and merges almost seamlessly into the blade. Models with wooden handles are also common in this price range.

                              At unit prices of over 10.00 $, you already get the top class steak knives. Here the blade should definitely be sharp and the knives should have a long service life. You can also get unusual handle materials, such as deer or buffalo horn, here.

                              Where can I have steak knives engraved?

                              It is common to have steak knives engraved. Many buyers have their initials engraved on the knife handle, for example. Engravings are offered by many shops and sellers of steak knives.

                              Often you can have your steak knives engraved in department stores or specialist shops. This is also offered more and more often online. Many sellers of steak knives on the Internet offer this, for example, directly with the purchase. All you have to do is specify your desired engraving.

                              Decision: What types of steak knives are there and which one is right for you?

                              Basically you can distinguish between three types of steak knives:

                                  • Steak knife with smooth edge
                                  • Steak knife with serrated edge
                                  • Steak knife with micro serration

                                For a tasty steak experience, the right steak knife is of central importance in addition to a good piece of meat and the right preparation. It is very important that the meat is cut with the right cut to ensure full enjoyment.

                                The steak knives differ mainly in the type of blade or the way they are sharpened. The different cuts of steak knives each have different characteristics and properties.

                                To help you with your decision, the next section briefly introduces the three different types of steak knives and clearly explains the respective advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide which one is right for you.

                                How does a steak knife with smooth cut work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

                                The steak knife with smooth cut is characterized by a smooth cut of the blade. This type of grinding of a steak knife allows a clean cut even with half-cooked and raw meat pieces.

                                A big advantage is that steak knives with a smooth edge really cut the meat and do not tear it. For this, the steak knife with a smooth edge must of course always be well sharpened. Another big advantage is that you can sharpen it yourself.


                                    • Independent regrinding
                                    • Clean cut
                                    • Suitable for all cooking levels


                                      • Higher price
                                      • Poor price-performance ratio
                                      • Loses sharpness faster

                                    Steak knives with a smooth blade are often more expensive and good quality knives are rarely available at a good price-performance ratio. This is also due to the fact that it has a more complex manufacturing process and therefore the majority of large and well-known knife manufacturers also produce steak knives with smooth blades.

                                    How does a steak knife with serrated edge work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

                                    The steak knife with serrated edge is characterized by the tooth-like grinding on the blade. This is often on the left side of the steak knife, as most people are right-handed. The scalloped edge increases the durability of the steak knife, which allows you to cut even the most difficult to cut pieces of meat. Wavy edge steak knives are durable because the blade stays sharp longer.


                                        • Durable
                                        • Cheaper
                                        • High cutting force


                                          • Regrinding by a specialist
                                          • Danger of “tearing”
                                          • Blade wears out more quickly

                                        However, the blade does not remain sharp enough for a perfect cut of the meat for a very long time. This brings the danger that the meat is torn rather than cut. When sharpening steak knives with a serrated edge, you must make sure that you sharpen the correct side of the blade, otherwise, you will wear down the saw teeth. Most of the time, sharpening is done by a professional, which is a disadvantage.

                                        A big advantage is that you can find sharp steak knives with a serrated edge in the cheaper price range, as there are many different manufacturers and variants.

                                        How does a steak knife with micro serration work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

                                        The steak knife with micro serration is the finest grinding of the steak knife with a serrated edge and allows you a very fine, clean cut. These steak knives are very difficult to sharpen because the serrations are very close together.

                                        It is best to have the micro-serrated steak knives sharpened by a specialist. High-quality steak knives have a thicker blade. For this reason, new waves are often sharpened into the blade. Steak knives with thicker blades are usually much more expensive.


                                            • Durable
                                            • New shafts can be ground
                                            • Fine cut


                                              • Higher price
                                              • Regrinding by a specialist
                                              • Regular maintenance

                                            Steak knives with micro-serrations can take a long time to sharpen if they are well cared for and regularly re-sharpened. These steak knives are usually a little more expensive than the other steak knives, even if the blade is of normal thickness.

                                            Purchase criteria: With these factors you can compare and rate steak knives

                                            In the following we would like to show you the criteria you can use to compare and evaluate steak knives. So you can decide for yourself which knife set is best suited for you.

                                            These are the most important criteria for comparison:

                                                • Set size
                                                • Packaging
                                                • Blade length
                                                • Blade material
                                                • Cutting
                                                • Handle material

                                              In the following paragraphs, we explain the individual purchase criteria and how you can classify them.

                                              Set size

                                              Steak knives are normally available in sets of two to twelve pieces. Since they are primarily used as cutlery, you can choose the set according to the average number of people eating. However, it is never wrong to have a few steak knives in reserve in case you expect more guests.


                                              You can buy steak knife sets in different packages. Usually the knives are packed in a cardboard or plastic box or in a wooden box. You can also use this box to store the steak knives.

                                              Blade length

                                              Steak knives have a blade length between 9 and 12 cm. A longer blade offers you the advantage that you can also cut larger pieces of meat without any problems. A shorter blade is easier to handle and gives you the advantage of easier and more flexible handling.

                                              Blade material

                                              The blade of a steak knife is usually made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is usually rust-free and very easy to clean. Rarely you can also get steak knives with a damask steel blade. This offers you the advantage that it is particularly robust and durable.

                                              Blade sharpening

                                              You can get steak knives with a smooth blade or a serrated or sawed edge. A smooth blade is easier to re-sharpen. A serrated blade, on the other hand, should be taken to a specialist for re-sharpening, as a normal sharpener would destroy the sharpening. A serrated blade is said to have a higher cutting power and a longer-lasting sharpness.

                                              If your steak knife has not been sharpened for a longer period of time, you should use a grindstone with a grain size of less than 800 to get a good pre-sharpening. After you have finished sharpening, you should use a grindstone with a grit of 800-2000.

                                              Handle material

                                              There are knife handles made of wood, metal, plastic and bone or horn. The choice of material depends primarily on your preference and budget. However, you should make sure that the material is easy to clean so that bacteria cannot settle down easily. In addition, the handle material should have a high density. This is a sign of stability and durability.

                                              Most often you will find chef’s knives with stainless steel, plastic or wooden handles. Bone or horn handles are comparatively rare and you will find them rather in the high-priced segment. We cannot particularly recommend bone as a handle material because it decomposes over time and becomes brittle.

                                              Above all, the handle of the knife should lie well and securely in your hand. Your personal feeling is the most important thing here.


                                              These are the best steak knives on the market to consider for your family or as a gift for a friend or special someone. They all have a different style, price ranges, and features. Choose based on your needs and preferences. Also, determine the number of people to use the steak knives to ensure that each will have a steak knife to enjoy the finest of steaks from home. This list of the best ones will help you decide better and possess the best set that you will need.

                                              Finally, these are all top brands known in the world for providing top-performing knives whether for a commercial or a residential kitchen; thus, any set that you will select from this list will provide you with the best knives that you can use through the years. For this review, our winner is the Victorinox Straight-Edge Pointed-Tip Steak Knife that has a superb quality at a reasonable price for those looking to get the best bang for their buck. Study your options well and buy your steak knives today!

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