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Bosch MUM4405 Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer


  • White color coordinates easily with kitchen decor
  • Plastic and metal construction is strong and lightweight
  • 400W motor and four speed settings for powerful, efficient operation
  • Includes flour power gloss whisk, dough hook, beater and 4-quart mixing bowl for meeting a variety of mixing needs
  • Durable plastic construction is easy to clean
  • Compact size takes up minimal counter space
  • All accessories are dishwasher safe
Model NameCompact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
Item Dimensions LxWxH11 x 13 x 10.5 inches
Item Weight8 Pounds
Is Dishwasher SafeYes


  • The 400-watt motor is powerful enough to handle all of your kitchen tasks.
  • The tilt-head design facilitates ingredient addition.
  • Sturdy A four-quart mixing bowl easily kneads up to six pounds of dough.
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Versatile
  • Convenient


  • May not be suitable for smaller batches
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Bosch’s Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer has a capacity of four quarts. This simplifies creating multiple batches of cookies, cakes, muffins, and brownies, among other things. While this is not an enormous amount, it is enough to handle most recipes without dividing the portions. Additionally, the compact size makes it ideal for use in small kitchens.

It is rated to hold enough dough to make three loaves of bread at a time (that’s about six pounds of dough! ), but it works best with ingredients for two loaves. The Bosch Compact’s motor is protected against overheating – it just takes a little longer for this mixer to incorporate three loaves’ worth of ingredients rather than two.

Instead of lowering and raising the bowl, this Bosch Stand Mixer’s tilt-head design allows you to tilt the mixer’s head up and down as needed. There is no reason to struggle when changing attachments, checking the status of your mixture, or removing the bowl. To engage or disengage it, press the lock button at the top.

Additionally, this Bosch stand mixer comes with three attachments: a wire beating whisk, a dough hook, and a wire stirring whisk. The beating whisk is ideal for whipping cream or making meringues; the dough hook is perfect for mixing and kneading bread dough, and the stirring whisk is suitable for the majority of other tasks. It is capable of quickly and easily mixing cookie dough or cake batter.

Additionally, this mixer includes a port for additional attachments, which can be purchased separately. This is an excellent option for meat grinders, juicers, or blenders, as it allows you to enjoy additional features without purchasing other machines.

Moreover, it expands the possibilities for this product almost infinitely. The bowl that comes with the initial purchase is made of plastic and is listed as BPA-free. Whipping up egg whites will take a little longer with the plastic bowl, but it is still possible.

If you’d rather have a metal, stainless steel bowl, Bosch sells them separately on their website. The stainless steel bowl does not include a splatter guard.

This mixer includes four rubberized suction cup feet to help secure it to your countertop. Additionally, the rubber material helps dampen vibrations and sounds generated by the active mixer when it comes into contact with hard kitchen surfaces. This mixer is already rated as a quiet mixer in terms of motor noise, and the rubber feet help to dampen the sound further.


This stand mixer features four distinct speeds. On the side of the hub is a dial that can be easily adjusted to your preferences. Lower speeds are ideal for gently incorporating large chocolate chunks into cookies or muffins, while higher speeds are ideal for whipping cream or meringues.

A pouring shield is included with this stand mixer. This ensures that ingredients are added smoothly and that, once mixing begins, flour or batter does not splash out of the bowl. Because the four-quart capacity may be insufficient for some recipes, this added protection helps keep all ingredients in place and limits the mess if you need to increase the speed for lighter recipes.

The splash guard also serves a secondary purpose: it protects the mixer’s moving parts during operation. If you frequently cook with small children or have a fear of operating machines, using the splash guard will keep all hands and fingers away from the mixer’s moving parts.

Additionally, this stand mixer features a planetary mixing action. This means that the attachments will rotate in one direction while traveling in a different direction around the bowl. In practice, this ensures that everything is thoroughly mixed and that you are not required to scrape the sides of the bowl personally. Who could complain about fewer stops, less scraping, and more efficient results?

The Bosch Tilt-Head Stand Mixer features three independent drives for distinct functions and attachment sets. The standard speed drive provides greater torque for whisks, dough hooks, meat grinders, and other high-torque attachments. The high-speed drive is capable of powering an optional blender attachment. The mid-speed drive can also power a shredder attachment, which is available separately.


You are not required to hand wash any removable components: a safe dishwasher bowl, all three attachments, and a pouring shield. If you spill something on the mixer’s base, wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Scrape clean dried-on batter or dough with little elbow grease.

Additionally, this mixer keeps your kitchen clean. The splatter shield completely covers and secures the mixing bowl during the mixing process. This shield will keep your ingredients in the bowl and off the kitchen counters and floor if you’re working with wet ingredients or simply a messy recipe.

Should you buy Bosch MUM4405 Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer?

After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, we strongly recommend the Bosch MUM4405 Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer. It’s ideal for those with a smaller kitchen or household is straightforward to use, and enables you to tackle an unlimited number of recipes.

As long as you are aware of its capabilities and patient with its medium-power mixing, you should find it quite helpful.

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