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Can Crockpot Be Used in the oven?

I am the proud owner of a slow cooker. It is the best appliance for slow-cooking sauces and stews in a single pot. This slow cooker consistently produces delicious meals, living up to the crockpot name. 

I desired to test the beef pot recipe and the oven-baked casserole. I began to wonder if my slow cooker was oven-safe and if I could use it for my recipes in the oven. Here is what I discovered. 

Can a Crockpot be Used in the Oven? 

Yes, the ceramic insert pot is safe for the oven. The crockpot’s outer casing, which contains the heating element and the lid, is not oven safe. It is important to note that when I discuss the oven safety of slow cookers, I am referring to the crockpot brand of slow cookers. 

Different brands have different safety parameters. You must consult the manual for your specific brand to determine if it is oven safe. Please let me explain in detail how to use the Crockpot insert in the oven safely. 

Let us first comprehend the operation of the slow cooker. 

Crockpot Mechanism of Operation 

A crockpot comprises a metal housing with an integrated heating element and control panel. Within the housing is a ceramic insert. This insert can be used for cooking in the oven. 

The slow cooker has a glass lid with plastic knobs and handles. A crockpot has three internal temperature settings: high, low, and keep warm. The temperature varies between 175F and 215F. 

When you turn on the slow cooker and select a setting, the heating process begins at the slow cooker’s base. The heat gradually penetrates food from the edges inward. 

As the food is heated, steam is produced. This steam creates a vacuum seal within the slow cooker using the lid. Moisture and condensation persist throughout the cooking procedure. As the water content does not decrease or evaporate, well-cooked broth results. 

How to Safely Use the Crockpot Insert in the Oven 

  • The first step would be to consult the owner’s manual to determine the oven’s temperature limits. Keep the temperature below 400F. (200C). 
  • Before placing the crockpot insert in the oven, remove the lid. Use a lid made of oven-safe glass or stainless steel. You may also use foil to cover the top of your insert. 
  • Your slow cooker insert can become very hot in the oven. Use gloves or potholders to insert and remove the ceramic insert from the slow cooker. 
  • Leave an empty third of the insert. Do not overfill the container. This will prevent the ingredients from overflowing and give them adequate space to cook thoroughly. 
  • Do not subject the ceramic insert to drastic temperature fluctuations. Before using the cold or warm insert in the oven, allow it to reach room temperature. 
  • Likewise, allow the bowl to cool before placing it in the refrigerator. 
  • Do not use slow cooker liners in the oven. 
  • Never pre-heat an empty crockpot insert. This can result in insert damage. Always add ingredients before placing food in the oven. 

Here is the crockpot manual for additional information regarding safe usage guidelines. 

Understanding the Temperatures for Slow Cooking 

As previously stated, slow cookers have three settings: High, Low, and Warm. It would help if you remembered that the difference between high and low temperatures is not the temperature, but the time required to reach that temperature. 

Both High and Low temperatures reach a maximum of 209 degrees Fahrenheit. Selecting the highest setting takes the pot three to four hours to get its maximum temperature. 

It takes seven to eight hours on a low setting for the pot to reach its maximum temperature. When you select the warm setting, the food is kept between 164- and 175-degrees Fahrenheit. 

Here is a simple conversion of slow cooking in low, high, and oven, depending on the desired cooking time. 

Time for slow cooking to reach 200° F on a low setting Time for slow cooking to reach 200° F on a high setting Time for slow cooking in a conventional oven 
4-6 hours 1.5-2.5 hours 15-30 minutes 
6- 8 hours 2-3 hours 35-45 minutes 
8-12 hours 4-6 hours 50 minutes to 3 hours 
What are Other Slow Cooker Brands Oven-Safe? 

There are many other brands of slow cookers on the market besides Crockpot. All-clad, Cuisinart, Black & Decker, and Hamilton Beach produce oven-safe inserts. Use them safely in ovens up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The material of a slow cooker insert determines its safety in the oven. Ceramic, aluminum, and stainless steel are safe for use in the oven. I cannot emphasize the importance of reading the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific brand to determine the oven safety specifications. Do not place slow cooker lids in the oven unless they are made of plastic-free, tempered glass. Most slow cooker covers are not oven safe. 

You can also use a stainless-steel lid (without a plastic knob) or aluminum foil to cover the top. 

Here are some questions that are frequently asked. 

Which Crockpot Parts are Oven-Safe? 

Your slow cooker’s removable inserts can be used for oven cooking. Ensure that the temperature remains below 400° F. The metal housing containing the heating element and control panel is not safe for use in the oven or microwave. The crockpot’s lid has a plastic knob and handles. It cannot be placed in the oven because it will melt. 

Can a Crockpot Insert be Used on a Broiler? 

Not even close Grilling requires high temperatures. Your insert is only safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you should never use the broiler’s insert. Before placing anything on a broiler, review the manufacturer’s instructions regarding acceptable temperature ranges. Most slow cooker inserts are not suitable for broiling. 

Can a Crock-Pot insert be utilized on the stovetop? 

Using a ceramic insert for a slow cooker on a stovetop is not recommended. Because the ceramic bowl experiences thermal shock when subjected to direct heat. 

It cannot withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. The ceramic material undergoes contraction and expansion, resulting in the fragmentation of the insert. However, you can place your slow cooker on an off stovetop. It is an excellent base beneath the slow cooker, providing excellent stability. 

In addition, cleaning is much simpler compared to countertops. The glass surface is resistant to food splatters, moisture, and steam. In addition to the Crock-Pot brand, there are other brands of slow cooker inserts that are stovetop safe. Before placing your slow cooker on the stovetop, consult the manual for your brand. 

Can I let the slow cooker cook throughout the night? 

Yes, it is safe to cook it overnight. Most slow cookers, including crock pots, are designed to cook for an extended period. They turn off automatically after twenty-four hours. 

You can also turn it on in the morning so that the food will be piping hot when you return home from work in the evening. Ensure that you adhere to all the safety instructions in the manual. Ensure the slow cooker is placed on a safe, stable surface away from walls. If your slow cooker’s wiring is old, frayed, or lost, you should not leave it on for an extended period unattended. 

Can I remove the slow cooker’s lid during cooking? 

You can peek at your food to determine its quality. However, I would not recommend doing this frequently. Together, the lid and the steam within create a vacuum seal. Frequent removal of the cover allows moisture to escape and slows the cooking process. 

Can Dry Foods Be Prepared in a Slow Cooker? 

A slow cooker meal must contain a liquid for the cooking process. The liquid generates steam and contributes to moist, tender food. Food will stick and possibly burn in the slow cooker without liquid. Even when cooking the meat in its juices, most slow cooker manufacturers recommend adding some water. 


Crockpot inserts are safe for use in ovens up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Before using your crockpot insert in the range, you should always read the instructions. 

Use the crockpot insert in the oven safely by adhering to the above safety precautions. Do not utilize the lid in the range. Cover the insert with aluminum foil or an oven-safe lid. 

Refer to the table for easy conversion of slow cooking times between a crockpot and an oven. With the above information, it is time to bake casseroles in the oven. We wish you the best! 

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