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Cucumber-Melon Smoothie

My neighbor gave us some cucumbers from her garden. They were so beautiful and tasted like summer.

I grabbed one to cut up and put the rest (in the baggie) in the fridge.

I don’t know what your fridge is like, but I only have one refrigerator and it’s cram packed with fresh fruits and veggies, leftovers, milk of all assortments (almond, coconut and goat) and bits of milled grains (like flax, wheat, wheat germ), ingredients for bread making (Vital Wheat Gluten, yeast…) and of course the endless supply of condiments you use only a few times a year. But, most of all it’s full of fruits and veggies (lettuces, spinach, carrots, blueberries, celery, bell peppers…it’s an endless rotation of these items).

All of this to say…my fridge is cram-packed and it freezes often. My milk will have ice bits in it, my romaine is often found crispy- frozen and when I pulled out my bag of cucumbers (remember – from my neighbor) they, too, were frozen! Solid! Hmmm.

This gave me another opportunity to use my blender. I freeze all kinds of fruits for smoothies, why not veggies?!? Besides thawed veggies are not fit to eat raw any more, they are much better blended. icon smile Cucumber Melon Smoothie

I filled my blender jar with fresh cantaloupe. They are in peak of season now and are delicious, melt in your mouth delicious.

I tossed in a couple of very ripe kiwi fruit and last added the frozen cucumber. No water. These fruits are full of water.


Done. A great tasting smoothie full of vitamins and minerals to get my day started. I didn’t need to add any extra water. Great tasting and very filling. It tasted like summer.

Cucumber-Melon Smoothie

  • 2 Kiwi peeled
  • 1/3 Cantaloupe, peel rind off and scoop out seeds
  • 1 small to medium frozen cucumber, broken into small pieces


  1. Add all ingredients to your blender and blend well.
  2. Add water if you like.
  3. Makes approximately 2 cups.

Cucumber-Melon Smoothie - FAQs

It’s loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals and can be very hydrating, thanks to the high water content of cucumbers. The ingredients in this beverage also provide antioxidants, which can help fight cell damage that leads to aging and disease.

Almonds, basil, chervil, coriander, cumin, dill, macadamia, mint, oregano, paprika, parsley, pine nuts, pistachio, sage, tarragon, thyme. Beef, capers, chicken, crab, cream cheese, duck, feta, freekeh, goat cheese, olives, pork, quinoa, salami, salmon, sesame, turkey, za’atar.

Fruit. Avocado, lemon, lime, melon (esp. honeydew), pineapple, and tomatoes.

6 Things You Should Never Add To Your Smoothie
  1. Fat-free flavored yogurt.
  2. Fruit juice.
  3. Ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sherbet.
  4. Too much of a good thing.
  5. Added sweeteners.
  6. Canned fruit.

Yes, since two excellent ingredients to eat as Salad or mix together as a smoothie are cucumbers and bananas.

Cucumbers are considered as extremely low-calorie foods made up of 96% water. 100 grams of cucumbers add up to just 45 calories. They are packed with minerals, dietary fibers and other vitamins which are very effective in losing belly fat.

Cucumbers don’t grow well near: Brassicas. Plants in the brassica family (like brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and kohlrabi) have a mixed relationship with cucumbers.

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