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Do food processors make purees?

Do you begin each day with a glass of a healthy and fresh smoothie or puree? I know the answer for fitness fanatics is “yes.” 

Therefore, you must have a food processor in your kitchen to maintain your daily routine. And if you’re wondering whether food processors can puree, let me assure you that they can and that the result is also quite spectacular. 

Based on my kitchen experiences, I’d like to discuss using a food processor to make a puree. Please stay until the conclusion of this article to learn more about them. 

Using a Food Processor for Pureeing 

When you need to puree, you can rely on the attachments of a food processor. They will provide the ideal texture and thoroughly combine each ingredient. From a food processor, you will obtain the flavor of the fruit or vegetable and a smooth, creamy texture. 

Selecting The Best Food Processors For Pureeing 

There are numerous categories of food processors available on the market today. Among all of them, certain brands produce food processors for pureeing purposes exclusively. 

Here are some brands to consider if pureeing is your top priority. For instance: 

Ninja Food Chopper 

This food processor is effective for making puree from both regular and solid food ingredients. It has 200 watts of power and a capacity of approximately 2 cups. 

You can purchase this compact, four-star-rated food processor if you want to make a small amount of puree for your baby or everyday cooking. 

Hamilton Beach Food Processors  

Hamilton may be your best option if you’re looking for affordable, high-quality food processors. It has a wattage of 450 and a capacity of 10 cups. 

With stainless steel blades, the device is efficient. Additionally, a scraper is available for the effortless removal of purees before consuming them. 

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro Custom Food Processor  

Cuisinart is renowned for its powerful 625-watt motor, which can be too loud. Its 11-cup capacity bowl can produce puree in a single second. Four types of blades are ideal for chopping, shredding, slicing, and pureeing. 

Numerous customers have rated this as the most durable and reliable support for their daily work. The design and functionality had won their hearts over ultimately. 

Importance Of Producing A Perfect Puree With A Food Processor 

  • If you want a perfectly smooth puree from your food processor, you must be mindful of a few details when selecting the right attachments. Examples 
  • Perfect puree requires razor-sharp blades. The blades should be extremely sharp and made of stainless steel, which is more durable. 
  • The motors of food processors should be robust and substantial. 
  • It is impossible to obtain a perfect puree without a strong motor, so you should be mindful of the wattage. 
  • Before purchasing a food processor, the feed tube must be considered. It is possible to puree numerous pieces at once using a large-diameter feed tube. 

Difference Between Blender And Food Processor Functions 

Blender Food processor  
Only can-do specific functions  Multi-functional capabilities   
Comparatively strong and default speed control  Speed control is manageable 
Making minced or pureeing of meat is not possible  By a food processor smooth puree of meat is possible 
A specific consistent pureeing is possible by this Both thick and thin consistency can be done by it. 


I hope you now know the answer: to use a food processor to puree. A good food processor functions effectively by preserving food quality, not only for adult foods but also for baby foods. 

And if you have infants and toddlers in your household, pureeing their food is a daily necessity. Therefore, choose your food processor carefully for effortless and time-saving kitchen tasks.  

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