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Mueller Electric Hand Mixer 5 Speed


  • 5-Speed Motor
  • Turbo Function
  • Non-slip Handle
  • Snap-on Storage Case


  • Affordable
  • Beaters are easy to eject and clean
  • It includes a dough hook
  • It features Snap-On Storage Case


  • Speed 1 is even too fast
  • Noisy
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With these four stainless steel accessories, you can blend, whip, and beat a variety of dishes without requiring a great deal of force, time, or effort.

It comes with two distinct stainless steel accessories, allowing you to select your preferred metal beaters. It’s a detachable metal beater easy to clean in the dishwasher and compact enough to store.

Take advantage of the durable and robust performance of this electric hand mixer. It features five speeds and a 250-watt motor that will ensure reliability in the kitchen—designed to expedite tasks and allow you to customize the mixing speed of any recipe.

With its lightweight design and non-slip soft-grip handle, you can comfortably knead, combine, and whip. The sliding control makes it simple to change speeds with a single touch, and the upright stance design makes it easy to set the handheld mixer aside.

No more misplaced attachments or dangling cords! The specifically designed snap-on storage container maximizes the space efficiency of this small kitchen gadget, allowing you to store it among your baking ingredients or take it with you wherever you go!


This Mueller Electric Hand Mixer 5 Speed is a must-have for any food enthusiast, as it is a necessary and adaptable addition to any kitchen. It may be used to mix, blend, whip, and beat various foods while cooking or baking. It features detachable metal beaters and a 5-speed 250w turbo motor that speeds up mixing time and effort.

With a 5-speed dial, the Mueller Hand Mixer makes it simple to combine ingredients for delicate and heavy-baked items. Additionally, it features a simple snap-on case for storing loose beaters neatly.

This is a pretty strong hand mixer, and we immediately whip up some power pancakes without the batter splattering everywhere. Additionally, we adore the dough hooks.

Have you ever purchased a jar of natural peanut butter and attempted to stir it with a butter knife? If you’re anything like me, you found it a complete disaster.

With the dough hooks, you can drop them directly into the bottom of the jar, secure them to the pot, and turn them on. Your nut butter will be blended in seconds, no mess.

We created an Amish potato roll recipe that allowed us to use both mashed potatoes and yeast dough. It made quick work of the potatoes, and the dough hooks came in for mixing the dry and wet components.

It required some final kneading by hand, but the mixer did most of the job with any mixer. The motor appeared to have sufficient torque to handle the mushy dough.

Additionally, we used it to combine a boxed cake mix and make buttercream icing, and it performed admirably with both.

Shoul you buy Mueller Electric Hand Mixer 5 Speed?

This compact mixer was a pleasant surprise. We expected it to be somewhat flimsy given the price, but we were mistaken. We tested it on three different objects to see what it was capable of. We also had other Müeller items in my kitchen, so my expectations were high and met.

Beaters are simple to eject and clean, and it includes a storage box when not in use. Overall, I was rather impressed. It performs similarly to my handheld Kitchen Aid mixer but at a lesser price point. Of course, as is the case with all hand mixers, a tough bread dough would be impossible to manage, but that is the purpose of the massive stand mixers.

This mixer would be an excellent addition to your kitchen for most smaller tasks that do not require hauling out the big stand mixer or as a wedding gift. This one is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


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