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NutriChef Digital Baby Food Maker

Help your child become accustomed to solid foods while saving money and providing better-quality food with the—NutriChef Digital Baby Food Maker. Make a smooth, devoid of preservatives and other unwelcome additives puree from fresh ingredients.


  • Achieve Good Puree Texture
  • Adjustable Steam Timer
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Easy Fill Water Tank
  • Soft Touch Button Activated ‘Pulse’ Blending
  • Create Delicious Puree, Ground & Soft Chopped Meals
  • Safe for Placement on Any Kitchen Table or Countertop
MaterialEngineered ABS Housing, Stainless Steel Blade
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Wattage430 watts


Create healthy, homemade baby food in just ten minutes with this sophisticated and modern kitchen design. This device has an easy electric plug-in design and hassle-free control settings. Its sleek, stylish appearance makes it a perfect complement to any kitchen countertop or tabletop design aesthetic.

This electric food processor has been subjected to rigorous testing in a laboratory. It features a food-grade safe engineered ABS housing, stainless steel blade construction, and an auto power-off safety function. In addition, it comes with a one-year limited warranty. Additionally, it is entirely risk-free for placement on any countertop or table in the kitchen.


If you wish to prepare your baby food, this machine performs admirably. When I tried steaming on my own, it always took forever (this takes a maximum of 20 minutes), and this device purees better/more smoothly than my blender. Even if you only use it occasionally, it is inexpensive enough to be worthwhile.

Toss in a few vegetables, go about your business for the next twenty minutes, and when you come back to the basket, the vegetables will be steamed and ready to be blended. All you have to do is empty the steaming basket into the blender. Because of the smooth nature of the puree and how simple it was to steam, this was an excellent product to work with.

Mix and match ingredients to find the nutrient-dense (and baby-appetizing) combination. Once your infant begins to walk and transitions to mac ‘n’ cheese and sandwiches, this at-home fresh baby food maker also produce delicious smoothies for parents to enjoy as a meal supplement, replacement, or snack.


Each piece is dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze. The detachable blade and the 10.2 oz (300 ml) capacity blend cup are dishwashers safe to make cleaning and storage simple.

Should you buy NutriChef Digital Baby Food Maker?

This product comes highly recommended from me to anyone looking for a way to save money on baby food while also making the food that their baby consumes more nutritious. One piece of advice I can give you is to go out and purchase some containers for yourself to store any leftover food in the freezer. If you want to show how resourceful you are, buy some pouches that you can fill with food and carry.

  • 2-in-1 Steamer Cooker and Puree Blender Food Processor
  • Pulse blending
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It may remain the odors

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