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Presto 02144 12 Qt Electric Pressure Canner


  • Automated for simple home canning.
  • No adjustments needed for pressure canning at high altitudes.
  • Innovative sensor
  • Digital interface
  • LED display icons
  • Includes instruction/recipe book, quickstart guide, and canning rack.
  • Ten built-in safety features
ColorBlack Stainless
Capacity12 Quarts
Item Dimensions LxWxH14 x 17 x 16 inches
Item Weight24 Pounds
Wattage1485 watts
Operation ModeAutomatic


  • Simple to use 
  • Straightforward controls 
  • Cycles through processing steps automatically. 
  • Ventilation and cooling times are built in. 


  • Labels for vent/can positions that are difficult to read. 
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Since the Presto brand is revered by many home canners and US Department of Agriculture canning experts, it would be a real boon if the company developed an electric canner that is safe and efficient. We spent several weeks evaluating the Presto Precise Digital Pressure Canner as pressure and boiling water-bath canner. 

The canner has a brushed metal shell, a central display screen, and simple controls resembling a basic electric stove. A regulator-topped vent pipe and an air vent/cover lock under the cover rim hold pressure canner necessities. Locking the canner and securing the temperature sensor is a neon green plastic knob. It requires a firm press and twist during use, but it is long-lasting. 

Only the power cord is missing from the canner. As soon as I opened the instruction manual, the first thing I was told to do was dismantle and clean everything. Unlike stovetop pressure canners, this canner has a removable pot inside a canner body. The fact that it is nonstick seemed inconsequential to me because it is only ever intended to hold water. It is also the only component that can be washed in the dishwasher. 

It would be best if you washed or wiped everything else in the canner, except for the cover or body of the canner, by hand. You can also clean the vent filter, sealing ring, and frame. Putting everything back together after cleaning and drying is the last step before beginning canning. 

With the large top handle, I twisted and lifted the canner’s lid without difficulty. When the canner was venting, I quickly discovered that the metal parts of the cover were too hot to touch, so I learned to avoid touching them. 


The instructions emphasize several critical points in the USDA-recommended stovetop canning processes, such as the 10-minute venting time and cooling period required for safe processing. The canner cycles through these phases automatically, and the countdowns matched the time on the clock, which I found reassuring. 

 The canner selects the proper pressure and temperature for you behind the scenes. If you are used to canning on the stovetop, it may seem strange that there is no readout or independent way to verify these settings; you must rely on Presto. 

What makes this electric unit simple—and safe—is that it is only intended for two functions: pressure canning and water-bath canning. This also simplifies its use. There is only one pushbutton and one pushbutton. The knob enabled me to select my canning method and processing time at the outset. 

After I had completed my part (inserted jars to warm, filled jars, or added the regulator), I instructed the canner to advance to the next preprogrammed step via the advance button. The cancel button is primarily intended to be used if you accidentally change the processing mode or time. Due to altitude, the canner is in charge of all processing details and pressure adjustments. I remained responsible for selecting a safe canning recipe, correctly filling, and screwing on canning jars, and dialing in the proper processing time, including adding time when water-bath canning at altitude. 


Other than the rack, the canner should be cleaned or wiped down by hand, taking care not to submerge the lid or body. Cleaning the vent filter, sealing ring, and frame are also options. You can reassemble, plugin, and begin canning after everything has been cleaned, dried, and reassembled. 

Should you buy Presto 02144 12Qt Digital Canner? 

It may be the way of the future for home canning. The Presto Precise Digital Pressure Canner automates and simplifies a large portion of the canning process. This may become your favorite canning tool if you have faith in Presto. Still, independent research confirming that the canner complies with USDA safe canning guidelines would reassure both novices and experienced home canners. 

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