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Best Silicone Steamer Basket To Buy

Every kitchen must have a steamer basket, whether made from stainless steel, plastic, or silicone. It has many uses in the busy kitchen of everyday life. It makes people’s lives happier and more enjoyable in the kitchen and saves them time and effort.

There are various types of steamer baskets, including silicone steamer baskets, plastic steamer baskets, metal steamer baskets, and stainless steel steamer baskets.

Silicone steamer baskets have more convenient and unique features than plastic and stainless steel baskets, which has resulted in a rapid increase in their use worldwide.

If you are looking for the best silicone steamer basket, you have arrived at the correct location. Here are reviews of the ten best silicone steamer baskets currently available. In addition, we have provided answers to frequently asked questions about silicone steamer baskets after the studies.

These silicone steamer baskets are manufactured by the most well-known and dependable silicone steamer basket manufacturer brands currently available on the market. Each silicone basket is highly efficient, unbreakable, versatile, durable, and inexpensive.

Therefore, read the complete reviews and purchase the silicone steamer basket to make your life in the kitchen more enjoyable.

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Last updated on September 28, 2023 2:40 am

What can a silicone steamer basket be used for?

We have previously stated that a silicone steamer basket is an essential kitchen appliance. It is a versatile kitchen tool with many uses in everyday cooking. A kitchen is incomplete without a steamer basket (stainless steel, plastic, or silicone).

Listed below are some applications for silicone steamer baskets:

The most important uses for a silicone steamer basket in the kitchen are described in the following section.

Cooking foods

Various foods, including vegetables, fish, shellfish, eggs, Kale, chicken broth, meatloaf, meal, soups and stews, hard-boiled eggs, and pasta, are cooked in a silicone steamer basket.

Steaming foods

The primary purpose of a silicone steamer basket is to steam foods. A silicone steamer basket is simple to steam vegetables, meat, various types of fish, beans, grains, potatoes, tomatoes, and carrots, among other foods.


In addition to cooking and steaming food, a silicone steamer basket can be used as a colander for washing fruits, vegetables, and more!

Roasting meat

As silicone steamer baskets are heat resistant, they can also be used for roasting meat, fish, and other foods.

Kitchen Organizer

In the kitchen, a silicone steamer basket can also serve as an organizer. All small kitchen appliances, such as a kitchen knife, vegetable chopper, salad chopper, dessert spoon, and small dishes, can be stored in the silicone steamer basket to free up kitchen space and enhance the kitchen’s aesthetics.

Food storage basket

In the kitchen, a silicone steamer basket can also be used to store food.

Best Silicone Steamer Basket Reviews

Before reading the total reviews, keep in mind that these silicone steamer baskets have more unique features and specifications than those we have listed. However, we cannot list all the features and specifications here to keep the reviews brief. 

1. Best Overall - Instant Pot Official Silicone Steamer Basket

Instant Pot Official Silicone Steamer Basket, Compatible with 6-Quart and 8-Quart Cookers, Green

as of September 28, 2023 2:40 am

Instant Pot is one of the most reputable and well-known manufacturers of kitchen appliances on the current market. This Instant Pot silicone steamer basket is one of the best silicone steamer baskets currently available. 

It can be used to cook, steam, boil, and roast meat, vegetables, and eggs, among other things. In addition, it can be used to store food ingredients and organize kitchen setup. It is sufficiently deep, and its sturdy handles are always excellent. 

The Instant Pot silicone steamer basket is compatible with various sizes of cookers, ranging from 6 to 8 quarts. It includes secure-lock handles that fit under the cooker’s lid while cooking and can be hung up for storage. 

The steamer basket removes cooked, steamed, boiled, or roasted food from the cookers. 

Simple to use and highly durable The silicone used to make this basket is 100 percent pure and BPA-free. Because it is dishwasher-safe, it is straightforward to clean. It is resistant to heat and can withstand temperatures up to 450°F (232°C). 

This compact and lightweight Instant Pot kitchen appliance measures 11.4 x 7.48 x 6.41 inches and weighs just 7.4 ounces. 

This Instant Pot silicone steamer basket is one of the best silicone steamer baskets. It will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen and make life in the kitchen incredibly more straightforward. 

Key Features 
  • High walled silicone steaming basket 
  • Allows you to steam a large amount of food at one time 
  • Handles allow for easy transfer in and out of cooker 
  • Compatible with 6L & 8L pressure cookers 
  • Rolls up for compact storage 
  • Made of durable, reusable, thick gauge silicone 
  • Food safe and BPA free 
  • Heat resistant up to 230°C 
  • Superior silicone steamer basket
  • Compatible with most cookers
  • High resistance to heat
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • BPA-free dishwasher-safe
  • Only available in green color
  • Lack of manufacturer warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee

2. Runner-Up - OXO Good Grips Silicone Steamer

OXO Good Grips Silicone Steamer

as of September 28, 2023 2:40 am

OXO is one of the most well-known, reputable, and well-liked manufacturers of kitchen appliances on the market today. Its products are famous worldwide for their efficiency, durability, and reasonable cost. 

This is one of the best silicone steamers with an extendable handle from the OXO brand that can be used for a variety of purposes in the kitchen and steaming and cooking food. 

This OXO kitchen tool is favored for its flexible handles, large capacity with a flat bottom, high heat resistance, dishwasher safety, reasonable price, etc. 

This easy-to-use, high-quality silicone steamer is compatible with various sizes of pressure cookers. It is also compatible with multiple pot sizes, the Ninja Foodi, air fryer, microwave, and stovetop. 

It has high supporting walls that keep food from boiling water and contain it. And its handles remain cool at all times and roll up easily for compact storage. It measures 7.25 x 3.75 x 10.5 inches and weighs only 8.2 ounces. 

You can purchase a famous brand’s silicone steamer basket if you are interested. The results of buying this OXO GG silicone steamer basket will exceed your expectations. 

Key Features
  • High walls keep contents contained and away from boiling water, while stay-cool handles allow for stable transfer
  • Pleats allow steamer flex accommodating pots that have a 7″ diameter or greater
  • Flexible handles fold inward and lock in place allowing the use of lids on pots
  • Ideal for use in pressure cookers
  • High walls keep contents contained and away from boiling water
  • Large capacity with flat bottom fits larger items such as fillets of fish
  • Steamer rolls up and handles hook onto feet for compact storage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Silicone steamer of a well-known and popular brand
  • Very efficient and long-lasting
  • Price-effective and space-efficient
  • Excellent aesthetics and sizing flexibility ranges, ovens, and microwaves
  • Compatible with fish fillets and other large food items
  • Product of China
  • Not compatible with rice cooker

3. Best Value - Instant Pot Silicone Steamer Basket

Instant Pot Silicone Steamer Basket

as of September 28, 2023 2:40 am

The traditional bamboo steamer has been channeled into the design of the silicone steamer basket that comes with the Instant Pot. A large capacity and a flat bottom make the most of the available space and allow for the storage of larger food items such as fish fillets.  

Cooking food in a steamer is an excellent way to prepare a fast, healthy, and well-balanced meal. Stackable, with room for two steamer baskets on the steam rack of any cooker with a capacity of 5, 6, or 8 quarts. You can steam almost any kind of food, including vegetables, meat, poultry, rice, seafood, fruits, and pasta. Steaming is a very versatile cooking method. 

In any case, the bottom is quite sturdy, the silicone sides perform precisely as intended, and the clip that is supposed to hold the sides together does an excellent job. It is simple to attach and detach while also strong enough to keep everything in its proper position.  

This was the perfect size for my instant pot that holds 6 quarts. After placing the steam rack and the silicone springform pan in the pot, add one cup of water to the pot. I was able to bake my cheesecake to perfection, and the resulting cake is of a good enough size to serve either two or even four people. I can’t say enough good things about this pan, and the price is so reasonable! 

Key Features 
  • Can be stacked 2 high on the steam rack in the Instant Pot Multi Use Programmable Pressure Cooker 5, 6 and 8 Quart: IP DUO60, IP LUX60, IP LUX60V3, Smart 60, Ultra 6, IPLUX80, IP DUO80, IP CSG60 and IP CSG50 
  • Made from FDA & LFGB tested inert food safe silicone and BPA free 
  • Heat resistant to 450F (230C) & Dishwasher safe 
  • Genuine Instant Pot Multi Use Programmable Pressure Cooker accessory 
  • FDA food-safe silicone
  • Heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No handles
  • Silicone can cause a strange smell

4. Amazon's Choice - Fox Run Collapsible Silicone Steamer Basket

Fox Run Collapsible Silicone Steamer Basket Insert for Instant Pot, 6-Quart, Red

as of September 28, 2023 2:40 am

This silicone steamer by Fox Run is also an ideal silicone steamer basket, similar to the previously mentioned silicone steamer baskets. This steamer basket insert from Fox Run is compatible with 6-quart instant pots, pressure cookers, air fryers, Ninja Foodi, and other brands of cookers. 

This space-saving, collapsible steamer basket is made from 100 percent BPA-free food-grade silicone and is completely safe for pressure cooking. It can also be used as a colander and kitchen organizer. 

The rust- and dent-resistant silicone steamer basket from Fox Run will not mar your kitchen table, cabinet, or countertop. And, unlike conventional stainless steel steamer baskets, they will not need to be placed on a trivet. 

The Fox Run kitchen appliance features a single-handle design that facilitates lifting with one hand. The handle also prevents hands from being scorched or burned while handling the steamer basket during food preparation. 

This silicone steamer basket accessory is safe for use in the top rack of the dishwasher, making it very easy to clean. Moreover, its flexible and collapsible design makes it very easy to store. 

This Fox Run silicone steamer basket has dimensions of 8.5 x 8.5 x 2 inches and 15.2 ounces. It also features a vibrant hue and is the ideal size. 

Consider this Fox Run silicone steamer basket if you search for the best silicone steamer basket with an abundance of convenient features. 

As with the previously-mentioned silicone steamer baskets, the results of purchasing this food-grade silicone steamer basket will undoubtedly make you happy. 

Key Features

• Food-grade silicone is 100% BPA-free and safe for pressure cooking
• Won’t scuff up kitchen tables
• No need to set on a trivet like traditional metal steamer baskets
• Single-handle design allows for easy one-handed lifting in a busy kitchen
• Fully covered silicone handle prevents scorching of hands and arms

  • Rust-resistant, dent-free, collapsible, and bendable
  • High resistance to heat
  • Compatible with pressure cooking
  • Secure and straightforward to use
  • Machine-safe and straightforward to clean
  • Useful as a steamer, competitor, and kitchen organizer
  • A little bit expensive
  • Available in only one red color

5. Best Combo - Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Official Steamer Insert Set

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Official Steamer Insert Set – Long Handled Trivet, Steamer Basket, Broiler Pan to fit all 8qt and 6qt models

as of September 28, 2023 2:40 am

The inserts for the instant pot are high quality and a great set. The steamer basket is durable and fits nicely, and the broiler pan performs its function adequately. The trivet has long legs that keep it out of the water if you put more than a cup in, and the trivet itself does not get wet. The silicone construction is durable and flexible, making it easy to use and store—an excellent enhancement for any instant pot. 

The silicone basket appears to be a conventional bamboo steamer, but the silicone material ensures that food will not adhere to it. It secures onto the silicone steam rack accessory, and you can stack up to three of them on top of each other in a stackable configuration.  

It did an excellent job steaming dumplings, and I appreciated the flat surface for cooking fish. I found the lid to be a helpful addition. (Most alternative steamers that I’ve tried for the Instant Pot have a concave design that prevents food from lying flat.) This steamer is more convenient to clean (throw it in the dishwasher!), costs less than bamboo steamers, and thanks to its custom size, it can be used in the Instant Pot without taking up too much space. 

Key Features 
  • Made of the highest standards of food grade safe silicone 
  • Made from FDA & LFGB tested inert food safe silicone and BPA free 
  • Heat resistant to 450F (230C), dishwasher & freezer safe 
  • Genuine Instant Pot Multi Use Programmable Pressure Cooker accessory 
  • Instant Pot brand verified accessory. 
  • Easy to clean
  • Fitting neatly into the pot
  • The handle on the steamer tray which allows for easy removal of the food from the pot.
  • It may retain the smell of the last cooked item

6. Also Great - MSC International Joie Silicone Vegetable Food Steamer

MSC International Joie Silicone Vegetable Food Steamer, Adjustable and Collapsible, Expands to 9-Inches

as of September 28, 2023 2:40 am

The Joie Silicone Steamer is used for stovetop and microwave steam cooking. Steaming helps preserve fresh textures and flavors, as well as vital nutrients. Easily prepare nutritious meals by transforming almost any pan or microwave container into a vegetable steamer.  

The footed design allows food to float above the water for gentle steam cooking. Using a steamer instead of boiling promotes healthy cooking by preserving more of the food’s fresh flavor and texture while increasing the number of nutrients.  

No longer should valuable vitamins be leached into the water and flushed down the drain. They are specially designed with overlapping panels that expand to nine inches to accommodate a variety of pots. Ideal for cooking and reheating individual or multiple portions.  

The silicone and nylon construction will not scratch delicate nonstick cookware. Naturally nonstick for simple maintenance. Simple to use. Place the Steamer into a covered pot or microwave-safe container and add water until it reaches just below the base of the basket.  

Place the food in the basket, cover, and cook until the food is done. Utilize the center post to quickly and safely remove the Steamer from the hot water. Less expensive and more compact than electric food steamers. Folds for storage efficiency. Compatible with dishwashers for simple cleanup. 

Key Features 
  • Joie’s Silicone Steamer for steam cooking food on the stovetop and in the microwave for fresh textures, flavors, and to preserve precious nutrients 
  • Made from silicone with nylon handle; FDA approved; will not scratch non-stick cookware; naturally nonstick for easy cleaning 
  • Expands to 9-inches; adjusts to fit most pots; folds to store easily; center post allows safe removal from pans and microwave containers 
  • Cook and reheat single or multiple servings, perfect for steaming vegetables, fruit, dumplings, eggs, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, desserts, and more 
  • Footed design elevates food above boiling water to steam; smaller and more economical than electric food steamers; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup 
  • Adjustable and collapsible, it can be easily stored.
  • Easy to clean
  • Durability
  • It fits in different size pots
  • The small knob/handle in the center was a little difficult to get
  • The bottom of the steamer may peel after use.

7. Best Cheap - Joseph Joseph Bloom Steamer Basket

Joseph Joseph Bloom Steamer Basket Folding Non-Scratch BPA-Free Plastic and Silicone, Green

as of September 28, 2023 2:40 am

This is one of the best Joseph Joseph bloom folding steamer baskets currently available. It is ideal for various non-stick cookware. 

This Joseph Joseph bloom folding steamer basket is made from polypropylene and silicone materials that are 100 percent BPA-free. It is long-lasting and unbreakable. Moreover, it has high heat resistance. It can withstand temperatures up to 520 °F. 

This bloom folding steamer basket is simple, dishwasher safe, and versatile. It features an easy-lift fork hook and self-adjusting sides. 

The Joseph Joseph kitchen appliance has dimensions of 6.3 x 6.3 x 3.94 inches and weighs only 5.2 ounces. This indicates that it is of an ideal size and weight. 

Although it can be used with various pots and pans, it cannot be used with a microwave or electric pressure cooker. 

If you are searching for the best bloom folding steamer basket, this is one of the best options available. 

As with the previously mentioned silicone steamer baskets, you are purchasing this bloom folding steamer basket that will make you happy and make your life in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Key Features
  • Bloom is the updated model of the previous Lotus steamer
  • The steamer’s self-adjusting sides allow it to fit a variety of pots and pans. Minimum pot diameter 7 inches. Features an easy-lift fork hook.
  • Made of BPA-free polypropylene (heat-resistant up to 230°F) and silicone (heat-resistant up to 520°F)
  • Large capacity when fully open, but folds neatly away for storage. Closed: 6 in diameter x 5 in tall; Open: 10.5 in diameter x 5 in tall.
  • Dishwasher-safe. Suitable for use in non-stick pots. Not suitable for use in a microwave or pressure cooker.


  • Well brand bloom folding steamer basket.
  • Versatile and compatible with the majority of non-stick cookware
  • Extremely simple to use and manage
  • Simple to store and maintain
  • Superior heat resistance and durability
  • Beautiful hues and inexpensive
  • Not entirely made of silicone
  • Not safe for pressure cookers or microwaves
  • Extremely cheap

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Silicone Steamer Basket

Silicone Basket Material

There are two types of silicone baskets that can be used for steaming your buds. One type is made from silicone rubber, and the other is made from silicone gel. Both have their pros and cons. Silicone rubber has a higher thermal conductivity than silicone gel, but it is not as durable. On the other hand, silicone gel is much more durable than silicone rubber, but it does not heat up. If you want to steam your bud without worrying about breaking your silicone steamer basket, go with silicone gel.

Steamer Size

The size of the steamer basket is determined by how many grams of dry bud you plan to use at once. A larger steamer basket allows you to fit more material into the basket, thus increasing the time you can spend steaming your bud. However, if you only need to steam a small amount of bud, a smaller steamer basket is sufficient.

Steamer Shape

A round steamer basket is ideal for steaming large amounts of bud. This shape allows you to evenly distribute the heat throughout the entire surface area of the bud. In addition, this shape makes it easier to remove the finished product from the steamer basket. 


No, all silicone steamers are not safe. 

As a result of the fact that many brands of silicone steamers are not made from 100 percent BPA-free food-grade silicone material that has passed the pinch test, they emit harmful chemicals and colors while cooking and steaming foods. And these toxic chemicals and dyes harm the purity of foods and consumers’ health. 

Because they are made from BPA-free food-grade silicone and have passed the exact pinch test, the silicone steamer baskets listed above will not leach harmful chemicals or color into your food. 

Yes, a silicone steamer can be used on the stove. In this case, you must attach your silicone steamer to the stove. Our reviewed silicone steamer baskets are compatible with the majority of stoves. 

Put everything in a steamer basket. Bring about 1 inch of water to a boil in a pot over medium heat. Once the water is boiling, place the broccoli in the steamer basket, cover, and cook for 5 minutes. Setting a timer is advantageous. 

Using silicone molds for steaming is possible, but you must ensure to use food-grade silicone. Silicone bakeware or molds that are oven-safe should be suitable for steaming. 

In many cases, silicone models offered two minor benefits: first, they were simpler to clean, and second, they were more resilient. The food trays on the steamers all had perforations that allowed bits of food to fall back into the bowl as it was being cooked, but the plastic and metal models frequently required additional care to remove food particles from them. All the steamers had safe dishes for the dishwasher, and some even had perforations in their leaves. 


The silicone steamer is ideal for creating a beautiful, uniform, and smooth surfaces on dishes. It is simple and can be operated with a short instruction manual. In addition, the dish features insert that are designed to reduce wrinkles and creases. 

This product is a foldable steamer basket made of food-grade plastic. It has a diameter of 6 inches when collapsed and 11 inches when the petals are expanded. This steamer can steam a variety of foods, including vegetables, seafood, eggs, meats, desserts, and baby food.  

In addition, the legs and central post are foldable to facilitate insertion and removal from boiling water. In addition, the polished surface prevents food from adhering to the steamer and facilitates its cleanup. If you are searching for a healthy cooking option, this product is ideal. 

If you want to buy the best silicone steamer basket for your family, you can buy any silicone steamer baskets listed above. 

Any of these steamer baskets will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen and will make life in the kitchen more enjoyable. 

These silicone steamer baskets will produce the best results for cooking, steaming, and straining year after year. You will be compelled to value the silicone steamer basket after using it. 

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