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What to do if your blender has the smell of burning rubber?

Blenders are complex electrical machines that are often forgotten. A blender is not a magic wand; it can break or stop working. If your blender emits a charred rubber odor, there’s probably something seriously wrong. It’s also not a good idea to keep using your blender if it’s already broken. 

Any time you smell the telltale char of burning rubber, it’s probably because of a faulty part. It smells like burning, or an electrical discharge could be present. 

While making smoothies or processing food can be very unsettling. But if you ever notice that your blender emits a burning rubber odor, I’ll walk you through diagnosing and fixing the problem. 

Why does my New Blender Smell like Burning? 

You have just purchased a brand-new blender and stocked it with delicious, nutritious ingredients for a smoothie. After approximately ten seconds, you detect a burning odor from your new blender and immediately turn it off. 

Does this sound familiar? Before you search for the return label, you must understand the following. 

Almost every electrical appliance with a motor emits an odor briefly after initial use. Lubricants are added to the motors and other moving parts when the appliance is manufactured to ensure their smooth operation. 

When you first turn on the blender and the motor reach a specific temperature, the excess lubricant begins to burn off. This produces a burning odor, but it should not linger for long. The key phrase here is “brief duration.” 

If the odor persists after multiple uses, there may be an issue with the blender, and you may need to return it. 

Why does my NutriBullet smell like burning? 

NutriBullet is the brand of blender most frequently associated with complaints of a burning odor. This is neither a flaw in the NutriBullet’s design nor an indication that it is defective. Then why does your NutriBullet have a burning smell? 

The solution is simple. The NutriBullet is not intended as a countertop blender, such as a Vitamix or Blendtec. The NutriBullet is designed to create a breakfast smoothie using fruit, leafy greens, seeds/nuts, and a liquid such as almond milk or coconut water. 

There are two primary causes for the burning rubber odor emanating from your NutriBullet blender, and we will discuss both below. Once you understand how to use a NutriBullet properly, you will never again smell burning when preparing a delicious smoothie. 

NutriBullet burning odor reason 1: There is no liquid present. 

Due to their powerful motors, Vitamix and Blendtec blenders are designed to blend any ingredient and can effortlessly create a thick paste, nut butter, and ice cream. With a NutriBullet, this is not the case. 

As stated, a NutriBullet is designed to create delicious, liquid-based smoothies. It is essential to fill the container with liquid up to the maximum line before blending, or the blades will not spin. This will cause the motor to overheat, resulting in a smell of burning. 

This is the most common cause of a burning odor in a NutriBullet. Some individuals must be made aware that liquid must be added to the blender container for proper blending. If a drink is in your NutriBullet container, continue to the next section. 

NutriBullet burning smell reason 2: Blending for too long 

NutriBullet exists to make quick smoothies. Greens, frozen strawberries, and oranges do not require much blending. Due to this, the NutriBullet is not intended for lengthy blending sessions. 

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you should blend for one minute before turning off the NutriBullet. If additional blending is required, allow the motor to cool for 60 seconds and then blend for a further minute. 

After 60 seconds, stopping the machine allows the motor to cool and prevents it from overheating. 

Too much blending time is the second most common cause of a burning smell emanating from your NutriBullet. I’ve owned several NutriBullets over the years, and 60 seconds is almost always sufficient to create a smoothie. 

If you are confident that none of the above causes are responsible for the burning odor, then there may be a problem with your NutriBullet, and you should continue reading this article. 

Why does my Ninja blender smell like burning? 

Ninja blenders are designed to blend more extensively than NutriBullet blenders, but you can only run them for a while. These machines still contain electric motors that can overheat and cause your Ninja blender to emit a burning odor. 

Blending harsh ingredients, such as ice cubes and large nuts, will cause the Ninja blender motor to work harder, which may result in a quicker rate of overheating. 

The most efficient method for handling these ingredients is to pulse them until they are reduced in size. This will make it simpler for the blender blades to cut through the ingredients, making life easier for the motor. 

If you have followed the manufacturer’s instructions and your Ninja blender still emits a burning odor, you may have a worn-out component. The following section may be of assistance to you. 

Blender smells like burning rubber: Worn out parts 

Parts are almost always the root of the problem. Typically, it would be the blades, motor, or seals. With so many moving parts inside your blender, it is only a matter of time before something malfunctions, regardless of the quality of your machine. 

The good news is that blenders are simple to repair. All you need is a replacement component, and you can make smoothies again without the offensive burning odor. 

However, it is essential to realize that if the motor on a blender you purchased for less than $100 has burned out, you may be better off buying a new blender. Repairs can become costly. 

Let’s examine the primary causes of your blender’s burning or electrical odor. 

The Blades 

The blades in your tool are highly efficient. With the blades of a blender, it is possible to blend everything. These are available in a variety of styles, some of which are incredibly sharp and others of which are dull and blunt. However, they all perform the same action. Your blades rotate to blend your smoothie. 

However, there is more going on than four jagged metal pieces. It is a complete assembly that includes blades, a bearing, and a sealing plate. Suppose the bearings inside the blade assembly become seized due to food or liquid penetrating the seal and causing problems. In that case, the motor will have to work harder, which can eventually lead to overheating or complete failure. 

In addition, if you have dull blades that are not supposed to be dull but have become worn over time, they can place additional strain on the motor, resulting in a burning odor. Like any motor that works too hard, it emits a burning smell when there is too much friction! 

The good news is that the blades are simple to replace. Disassemble the blade assembly and install a new one. The blade assembly can be removed from most blenders by unscrewing the base from the jar and then pulling out the assembly. You must inspect the assembly to determine if the seal has been compromised, then replace it if necessary. 

If the blades have a problem, the entire assembly will need to be replaced by the manufacturer. Most hardware stores will not sell blender blades compatible with your blender. Nonetheless, if there is a problem with seals, many hydraulic shops and hardware stores have an abundance of seals that can be used to repair your blender. 


The motor is the blender’s beating heart. This is the essential component for the machine to function. The motor drives the blades, which spin quickly enough to blend all your ingredients. The engine is also the most likely source of the burning odor. 

If any blender component fails, the issue eventually returns to the motor. Any problems with your blender will result in diminished performance and stress on the engine, which will ultimately cause it to overheat and fail. When your blender begins to overheat or malfunction, you will detect a distinct odor of burning or electricity. 

It is also possible that liquid leaked into the motor through the seals. If you blend an excessive amount of ice, the blades may break, and the motor will become overworked. There are numerous causes of a failed engine. If you smell burning, the odor is likely emanating from the motor. This can be a costly component to repair. Depending on the cost of your current blender, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a replacement. 

O-Rings & Gaskets 

Because your blender works with many liquids, everything must be adequately sealed, from the sealing rings around the blades to the special gaskets that prevent the motor from becoming wet. However, the O-rings and gaskets that protect your internal components may eventually crack, tear, or become worn. When this occurs, the liquid will find its way into undesirable locations. 

This issue is relatively simple to identify. First, remove the blade assembly from the motor and inspect the seals around the blade; if they are brittle, frayed, or do not sit properly in their grooves, you will need new seals. The seal between the agitator assembly and the blender jar is one of the most crucial. 

These are amazingly simple to replace, as most plumbing supply stores sell various gaskets. If you bring in the old gasket, it can be measured and replaced with a new one, and you can perform the necessary repairs at home on your own. 


The couplers found on your blender are the final component. These particular components are intended to fail if the blades are overloaded. However, many blender couplers today are made of plastic. When the edges are packed and the couplers fail, excessive heat is generated, causing the couplers to melt and emit a foul odor like burning tires. This issue is much more challenging to resolve than simply installing new seals. 

You must open the blender and inspect the coupler on the blender’s top base. If it appears melted or deformed, remove it with a screwdriver and visit your local hardware store to find a replacement. If you can find the correct coupler, it is simple to reattach it. 

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