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Air Fryer Electricity Consumption: Why This Matters?

The thing which matters after the price of the air fryer is the consumption of electricity. How it can be convenient for a product which is not expensive but drown the wholesome of income in running. No one would ever want to waste money this way. That’s why having a glimpse at the wattage needs your attention. These best air fryer reviews will lead you towards the best. After reading till the end you can choose the air fryer of your desire with low electricity consumption.

But before buying one it should be in your notice which air fryer is the best one. Furthermore why air fryers are important and worth your money.

What are Air Fryers?

Best air fryers are the guaranteed product for healthy cooking. Air fryers are the gadgets of the modern world that are in use for baking, roast, fry, grill, and cooking. Air fryers are best for making meals with less or no consumption of oil. And as an end product you get healthy food. If healthy food is prior to you then air fryers are the best choice.

Now you know why air fryers are important. The next question which will arise is the best air fryer today in the market. You can get the best suggestion here about the air fryer after reading this.

Now back to main focus and calculations of how much it consumes power to cook for two or more hours. Furthermore, how much it will cost for cooking basic food. At the end you can make the best decision which air fryer is best and consumes less power.

Are Air Fryers Economical and How Much Does It Cost Me To Use Per Hour?

This is the very childish question that either the air fryers are economical or not. First of all be clear in your thoughts. Air fryers are perfectly economical and that’s the top priority for designing the best air fryer. Along with being economical it is also time saving. It saves time up to 25% to 50%. This turns in less consumption of electricity than typical ovens. In today markets it is the top concern of the best air fryer manufacturers first to improve quality. Secondly to save your time along with the electricity bill.  

Above all are not only saying you can make calculations and can decide after your results.

First of all Philips Avance consumes 1.45W of electricity. Let not alone calculate the power written on packaging, let make, more precise calculations. If you are cooking a food which takes half an hour to make although it should take less up to 12 to 15 minutes.

Let it be for a while, for now an air fryer with the power of 1.45 if runs for half an hour: 1450 x 0.50 this becomes equal to 725.

Now the total expenditure of electricity to prepare a meal for half an hour per KWh is to be 10 cents. Now to know the cost of 1.45 W air fryer multiplies or cost per KWh by 725. That would result in $0.72.5.

If you think it’s quite cheap then according to our initial statement it should be less than that. The reason is because it shouldn’t take half an hour which can be cooked in 15 to 20 minutes. According to these statistics it will decrease your cost to 50%.

Now ambiguities are clear about the power consumption’s let’s moving towards the Air fryer suggestions with low wattage.


Now you are well aware of the importance of air fryers in your kitchen. It helps in the maintenance of health and saving of time. And you also know the usage of electricity and its impact on your budget and pocket. Moreover, you know about the best air fryer suggestions. Now if you want to save your electricity bill and medical bill don’t wait, rush and grab one.

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