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BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer

BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer is the optimal and healthiest method for preparing your favorite foods. This health-oriented cooking method eliminates unnecessary calories and cooking additives/oils, allowing you to live a healthier and cleaner lifestyle!

The BELLA Food Steamer prepares your preferred meats, vegetables, and grains with a simple turn of a knob. Add water, place food in the cooking basket, and set the cooking timer. Voila! In less than an hour, you’ll be able to enjoy your succulent and flavorful meal.


  • 7.4 quarts of cooking capacity
  • 2 separate steaming containers
  • Water reservoir view window
  • Quick start heating system
Item Dimensions LxWxH11.61 x 8.94 x 11.73 inches
Capacity7.4 Quarts


BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer allows for the simultaneous preparation of multiple types of food. The two baskets are see-through, allowing you to see what is being steamed.

The design highlights this steamer’s versatility. It has two levels that permit you to perform multiple cooking functions. The timer is a unique feature that allows you to set the appropriate cooking time for your food, preventing it from becoming overcooked or undercooked. A grain tray and two containers with lids are included in the design.

Water is indispensable to the steaming process. This steamer tank’s reservoir has a window that displays the water level. This feature eliminates the need to guess whether the water will soon evaporate.


How quickly or slowly something is steamed determines the cooking time. The heating system permits food to begin cooking within seconds. This heating system can be used to steam red meat, fish, vegetables, shellfish, and poultry.

By separating two distinct food types, you can prepare different dishes while preserving the ingredients and flavor of the foods by separating meat and vegetables, heating them in a basket, and preserving their original flavor and freshness.

This BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer performed just as well as the Hamilton Beach 5.5 Quart model when we cooked fish, chicken, potatoes, and rice. The 6 ounces of fish we cooked in 15 minutes had an excellent texture, flaked easily with a fork, and tasted delicious.

We found that chicken steamed in general was subpar, but this steamer produced the best chicken overall. The chicken that had been marinated was thoroughly cooked, juicier, and tastier than those that had not been marinated.

BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer produced tasty potatoes, but the garlic did not come through as strongly as other steamers. As a vegetable steamer, however, the BELLA made a quality product: tender potatoes but not mushy and thoroughly cooked.

However, the rice was the best rice we’ve ever tasted from a food steamer. The texture and level of moisture were ideal. Even more surprising was that the suggested cooking time was only 20 minutes.

When the predetermined time expires, features such as auto-shutoff assist with powering down. The steam basket and rice cup are both dishwasher-safe and straightforward to clean.


BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer didn’t require much time to clean; the pieces were simple to wash by hand. However, holes allow steam to pass through the tiers and cook the food as with all steamers. However, food can become trapped in these holes, making cleaning more challenging. Except for the base, all of the components are dishwasher-safe. If you have limited space on your countertops or in your cabinets, the rice bowl and the lower tier can fit inside the upper tier for more compact storage.

Should you buy BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer?

It is highly user-friendly and practical. I’ve always disliked using a stove because they’re hot, making cleanup difficult, and they always create a mess, but not with this device. The quality of meals I can prepare about the time and effort required for preparation and cleanup is astounding.

The only thing I dislike about this is the “fill tray” where new water is supposed to be added. Thankfully, that item is both useless and pointless.

You can easily remove the top pieces and have direct access to the water basin, and if it’s close to the sink like mine, you can extend the faucet hose and directly fill the water basin.

It’s quick and easy; if you couldn’t do this and had to use the fill tray to add water, I probably would have returned the product, such as the fill tray’s ineffectiveness. The water basin is large enough to steam root vegetables simultaneously. I typically prepare green vegetables once per day and replenish the water every day.


  • 7L capacity provides ample space to cook various items simultaneously
  • Removable base and stackable trays offer convenient storage
  • Easy-to-read water level indicator makes it convenient to operate


  • The tray is difficult to clean
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