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Best Amazon Prime Day Back-to-School Deals 2022

Now that your class schedule and dorm room checklist are finalized, it’s time to peruse the incredible (and final) prime day back-to-school deals for all the essentials that will help make this year your best. 

Keeping productive and organized can be difficult, but simple products (such as notebooks and planners) can help you stay on track. During the school year, it’s essential to decompress during your free time, which is where headphones and AirPods come in handy (and if you’re looking for ‘fits to start the school year, these Amazon Prime clothing deals can help). 

Whether you want to watch your favorite television shows without disturbing your roommate, ace your required readings, or stay on top of your assignments, these are the best prime day college deals in 2022. To assist you in navigating Amazon’s vast selection of products, we combed through the site’s technology, school supply, and accessory options. 

From phone cases to backpacks, these 28 best Prime Day deals will prepare you for every challenge this semester, including the 8 AM trek to campus. 

Best Backpacks 

Regarding 8 AM hikes, these backpacks will make yours way simpler. Not only will they hold all the essentials (laptop, phone charger, snacks, etc.) and prevent you from losing your lucky test-taking pen in the bus-to-bus shuffle, but they will also save your back. 


Best Laptops 

Laptops are essential for returning to school, especially if it’s your first-time attending college. This semester, a new laptop with a faster internet connection, excellent features, and improved performance will help you stay on top of your game. The most thrilling portion? These two laptops are heavily discounted before Prime Day. 


Best Notebooks 

Whether you use them to take notes or doodle during dull classes, there is no reason not to have a (or two!) adorable notebook. 


Best iPhone Cases 

Invest in a sturdy iPhone case with a cute pattern if you’re constantly shattering your device (like I do!). You’ll have a protective case for your phone and a stylish accessory for all those OOTD selfies. You’ll save money because these gorgeous cases are on sale before Prime Day! 


Best Staplers 

Let’s be honest: nothing is worse than spending an entire night typing a paper only to have your professor refuse to accept it unless it is stapled. Keep these convenient staplers in your dorm room or desk to avoid this situation entirely. You’ll be grateful later. 


Best Headphones and Wireless Earbuds 

A quality pair of headphones is essential, whether studying, commuting to school, or putting away the laundry while listening to music. Acquire these discounted items before Prime Day. 


Best Paper Sheets 

If you intend to use a printer in your dorm room, remember to bring paper so you can print things, such as stickers for your laptop! 


Best Reusable Bottles 

Invest in a stylish reusable water bottle to conserve the environment and stay hydrated. You can refill it throughout the day, thereby reducing plastic waste and saving money on purchasing water bottles from the cafeteria or vending machines. Overall, it’s a victory. 


Best Pencils 

Unfortunately for stationery enthusiasts, Scantron exams require No. 3 pencils. Ensure you always have a solution on hand with these numerous options. Place them in your pencil case, proceed to class, and ace that test. 


Best Pens 

If you prefer to take notes by hand, purchase the best available pens. There are options for colorful note-takers, including bright gel pens! 


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