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Best bamboo steamer for every purpose

When it comes to cooking, there is nothing quite like using a bamboo steamer. These steamers are great for cooking rice and other grains and can also be used to cook meats, vegetables, and even fish. The best part about using a bamboo steamer is that they are relatively inexpensive and can be found in most Asian markets. 

If you are in the market for a bamboo steamer, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. First, you will want to ensure that you find a steamer that is the right size for your needs. Some steamers range in size from small to large, so you will want to ensure that you find one that will fit your cooking needs. 

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for a bamboo steamer is to make sure that you find one with a good warranty. If anything happens to your steamer, you will be covered. Finally, you will want to ensure that you find a steamer that is easy to clean. Some steamers come with removable baskets, which make cleaning them a breeze. 

Now that you know what to look for in a bamboo steamer, it is time to start shopping around. Here are a few of the best bamboo steamers on the market, so you can choose the one that is right for you. 

Our Top Picks 

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What is bamboo steamer? 

A bamboo steamer is a kitchen utensil used to cook food. It is made of bamboo and has a lid that fits snugly over the top of the steamer. The steamer is placed on top of a pot of boiling water, and the food is cooked inside the steamer. 

Bamboo steamers are often used for cooking dim sum, a type of Chinese cuisine. Dim sum is a variety of small dishes typically served with tea. Bamboo steamers are also used for cooking other types of food, such as rice and vegetables. 

Bamboo steamers are an essential tool in Chinese cooking. They are perfect for cooking delicate foods like dumplings and steamed buns. Bamboo steamers are also very affordable and can be found in most Asian markets. 

There are two main types of bamboo steamers: round and rectangular. Round bamboo steamers are typically used for cooking dim sum, while rectangular bamboo steamers are better suited for cooking rice and vegetables. 

Bamboo steamers are a great way to cook healthy, delicious meals. They are easy to use and can be found in most Asian markets. If you are looking for a new kitchen gadget, consider a bamboo steamer! 

How To Use Bamboo Steamer 

Bamboo steamers are one of the most popular and versatile cooking tools in Asian cuisine. They are often used for cooking dim sum, steamed buns, dumplings, and other delicacies. Bamboo steamers can be used on their own or placed inside a wok for added versatility. 

When using a bamboo steamer, it is essential to line it with parchment paper or a clean dish towel to prevent the food from sticking. It is also important to add enough water to the pot or wok to come up at least an inch below the steamer basket. 

To use a bamboo steamer, place your food in the basket, cover it with the lid, and put it over boiling water. The steam from the boiling water will cook the food in the basket. Bamboo steamers can be used to cook a variety of foods, including fish, vegetables, dumplings, and buns. 

Whether you are cooking dim sum, steamed buns, or dumplings, bamboo steamers are a versatile and convenient tool that can help you create delicious meals. 

Tips On Using Bamboo Steamer 

Bamboo steamers are commonly used in Asian cuisine to cook food quickly and evenly. If you’re new to using a bamboo steamer, here are some tips to help you get the most out of it. 

  1. Soak the steamer in water for at least 30 minutes before use. This will help prevent the bamboo from burning.
  2. Line the steamer with parchment paper or a damp cloth to prevent sticking and help absorb moisture.
  3. Put your food in the steamer, ensuring it’s not touching the water.
  4. Cover the steamer and bring the water to a boil.
  5. Reduce the heat to medium and steam for the desired time.
  6. Remove the steamer from the heat and let it cool before removing the lid.
  7. Enjoy your delicious, healthy meal!

Benefits Of Using Bamboo Steamer 

When it comes to cooking, many different methods can be used. One popular way is using a bamboo steamer. Bamboo steamers have been used for centuries in Asia and are slowly becoming more popular in the Western world. There are many benefits of using a bamboo steamer, which is why they are becoming more popular amongst home cooks. 

One of the main benefits of using a bamboo steamer is that it is a very healthy cooking method. When food is cooked in a bamboo steamer, it retains more nutrients and vitamins than other cooking methods. This is because the steam generated by the bamboo steamer penetrates the food and cooks it evenly without drying it out. This means that the food is not only cooked more quickly but is also healthier. 

Another benefit of using a bamboo steamer is its very versatile cooking tool. It can be used to cook various foods, including meat, fish, vegetables, and even desserts. Bamboo steamers are also very easy to use and clean, making them ideal for busy home cooks. 

If you are looking for a healthy and versatile cooking method, a bamboo steamer is a great option. With so many benefits, it is no wonder that they are becoming more popular amongst home cooks. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Bamboo Steamer 

When it comes to steaming food, a bamboo steamer is one of the best options that you have. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also cooks food evenly and quickly. However, with so many different bamboo steamers on the market, it can be tricky to know which one is right for you. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best bamboo steamer for your needs. 


The size is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a bamboo steamer. You need to ensure that the steamer is large enough to fit all the food you want to cook. However, you also don’t want it to be too large, as this can make it difficult to store. 


Another factor to consider when choosing a bamboo steamer is the material. Many steamers are made of bamboo, but some are made of metal or plastic. Bamboo is the best material for a steamer because it is environmentally friendly and cooks’ food evenly. 


The shape of the bamboo steamer is also something to consider. Some steamers are round, while others are rectangular. Round steamers are better for cooking smaller items, such as dumplings, while rectangular steamers are better for more oversized items, such as meats. 


Of course, you must also consider the price when choosing a bamboo steamer. There are many different steamers on the market, and they all vary in price. You need to find one that is within your budget. 

These are just a few factors you need to consider when choosing a bamboo steamer. By taking the time to think about your needs, you can be sure to find the best steamer for your kitchen. 

12 Best bamboo steamers for every purpose

It can be challenging to determine which steamer to purchase due to the similar appearance of most models. However, there are nuances to consider when selecting a kitchen sink. 

This article has whittled down the viable options by factoring in durability, safety, and dependability. Here are our top choices for the best bamboo steamers available: 

1. Best Overall: Prime Home Direct Bamboo Steamer Basket 10 inch

Prime Home Direct Bamboo Steamer Basket 10 inch, Dumpling Maker, Vegetable Steamer, 2 Tier Food Steamer Includes 2 Sets of Chopsticks, 1 Sauce Dish & 50 Liners – Multi-use Steamer Basket

as of January 31, 2023 1:17 pm

This 10-inch bamboo steamer is one of the best steamer cookware currently available. It is made from 100% pure organic bamboo and has water-resistant walls that protect food from condensation. This product ensures effective steaming as its well-constructed interior evenly distributes heat throughout the basket, cooking the food. Not to mention, the 3-inch depth provides ample cooking space for buns or vegetables. 

This size is the optimal fit for most domestic pots, pans, and woks while requiring less storage space than most. The uniform and wide slats allow maximum steam and make cleaning relatively simple. However, we also recommend the 12-inch-wide variety for those who intend to prepare larger meals. 

This set is an excellent value because it includes additional steaming accessories. You’re prepared for various occasions and used with 50 parchment liners, two sets of chopsticks, and a sauce dish. It is the perfect present for those who wish to explore the world of steamed foods! 

Key Features 
  • 10-Inch 
  • Multi-use 2-tier Design 
  • Effective Steaming Mechanism 
  • A Healthier Cooking Method 
  • Great for beginners
  • Well-built sturdy material
  • Construction ensures effective steaming
  • Bonus items like chopsticks and steam liners are included
  • Depth is only 1.5 inches without the lid

2. Best Kit: Annie’s Kitchen Premium 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer

Annie’s Kitchen Premium 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer Baskets Lid Dumpling Maker with Spoon-4 Reusable Cotton Liners-2 sets Chopsticks- For Rice, Vegetables, Fish, Meat & Desserts (10 Inch- 2 Tiers)

as of January 31, 2023 1:17 pm

This bamboo steamer kit includes two pairs of bamboo chopsticks and four reusable and unbleached cotton liners. If you want to make your dim sum, it also consists of a dumpling press and a spoon for the fillings. Including these useful accessories with your steamer will allow you to steam without worrying about the extras. 

Did we mention the bamboo steamer is also woven by hand? This cookware is made from organic bamboo sourced ethically and is held together without glue or other chemicals. It is a biodegradable set free of BPA and other harmful substances, ensuring food safety and eco-friendly disposal. 

If you’re searching for bamboo steamer sets, this eco-friendly set from Annie’s Kitchen offers excellent value. In addition to being inexpensive, it comes with everything you need for steaming (and more!). 

Key Features 
  • Health Steam Cooking Method 
  • Handwoven 2-Tier Design Baskets With Domed Lid 
  • Steaming Made Easy 
  • 4 reusable and washable cotton liners 
  • Reusable and earth-conscious accessories
  • BPA-free, no glue or other chemicals
  • Not very durable

3. Best Mini: Joyce Chen Steamer, Bamboo, Tan

Joyce Chen Steamer, Bamboo, Tan

as of January 31, 2023 1:17 pm

This 6-inch bamboo steamer may be your best option for dim sum cart-sized steamers. It is a good option for those who live alone or prefer to cook in smaller quantities. It has smooth and flat bamboo slats that ensure uniform cooking. This is fantastic because you don’t want your food to go anywhere but your stomach. 

This bamboo steamer from Joyce Chen is praised for its durability, and although it comes in a larger size, the smaller one is preferred. This is because their constructions differ. The 6-inch variety is double-woven, making the binding more compact and sturdier. In contrast, the more significant type is held together with glue, making it less attractive. 

Key Features 
  • Time-tested method for creating restaurant-style dishes at home, including dumplings, veggies, and fish 
  • Two tiers to cook several dishes or servings at a time 
  • So simple to use: place in a pan of water and heat 
  • Made with traditional bamboo, which is also a renewable resource 
  • Dimensions: 10.00 in L x 10.00 in W x 6.00 in H 
  • Ideal for individuals living alone
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Better made than its bigger counterpart
  • Poor bottom design with smaller slats
  • Less room for steam to expand

4. Best 8-inch: Reishunger Bamboo Steamer Handmade Basket

Reishunger Bamboo Steamer Handmade Basket, Traditional 2-Tier Design – 8 Inch – for Dumplings, Rice, Dim Sum, Vegetables, Fish and Meat – Incl. 2 Cotton Cloths

as of January 31, 2023 1:17 pm

When choosing a bamboo steamer for your home, it’s essential to consider the available sizes. The subtle difference in diameters is significant when packing food and calculating storage space. One size does not fit all. A 6-inch bamboo steamer may be ideal for individuals but too small for couples or those with more enormous appetites. In contrast, the typical 10-inch television is more popular as a family set. This 8-inch-diameter bamboo steamer from Reishunger is an excellent compromise for your steaming needs! 

This item is also constructed with bamboo twine, which lacks the corrosive properties of copper or metal bands. Two washable cotton liners are included for frequent use. With reusable liners, you can save money on purchasing additional bamboo steamer ingredients. 

Key Features 
  • 8 Inch 
  • Stackable 2-tier Design 
  • Easy Cleaning 
  • Perfect for two
  • Traditional, handmade design
  • Comes with reusable cotton liners
  • Not very durable

5. Best Bamboo Stainless Steel Steamer: Thodd&Go Bamboo Steamer

Thodd&Go Bamboo Steamer Basket-Stainless Steel Bamboo Steamer Set 10 Inch 2 Tier for Cooking Bao Buns Dim Sum Dumplings Vegetables and Fish. Included Steamer Adapter Ring and 4 Reusable Silicone Pads

as of January 31, 2023 1:17 pm

The lid of the Thodd&Go Bamboo Steamer Basket – Stainless Steel is surrounded by stainless steel rings. These rings are non-hazardous, lightweight, and aid in steam preservation. 

The highlight of this item is the adjustable stainless-steel ring included with it. If your bamboo steamer is too large for the water pan, you can adjust this ring to prevent the bamboo steamer from falling. For instance, it can be changed from 7 to 11 inches, allowing you to quickly place this 10-inch bamboo steamer basket on top. 

However, note that the stainless-steel ring will cost more if ordered separately. Therefore, it is best to purchase it alongside the bamboo steamer. 

We advise you to purchase this product due to its sturdiness and another stainless-steel ring. In addition to the features above, it includes four reusable silicone steamer liners. In addition, these steamer papers have perforations for even cooking. 

There are a few complaints regarding the product’s lingering odor, even though the product is flawless. 

Key Features 
  • 10 Inch 
  • 2 Tier Steam Basket Bamboo 
  • Steamer Adapter Ring 
  • Bamboo Steamer Liner 
  • 4 Reusable Silicone Pads 
  • Adjustable Ring
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Powerful odor
  • Expensive ring

6. Helen's Asian Kitchen Natural Bamboo Food Steamer with Lid

Helen's Asian Kitchen 97010 Food Steamer with Lid, 12-Inch, Natural Bamboo

as of January 31, 2023 1:17 pm

This bamboo steamer from Helen’s Asian Kitchen immediately changes the game for all your fans of steamed food. Its 12-inch diameter and tiers provide ample space for a large quantity of dim sum or other steamed foods. It’s the ideal choice for those with large families or those who enjoy hosting lavish feasts! 

Additionally, it is made from 100 percent natural, BPA-free, eco-friendly bamboo. It is resistant to heat and stains, making cleanup a breeze. This can be used for cooking large quantities of food or even reheating as it retains steam well. 

Key Features 
  • Made of strong and durable natural bamboo 
  • Available in four sizes: 4″, 6″, 10″, 12″ 
  • Ideal for vegetables, seafood, meats and dumplings 
  • Perfect for cooking, reheating and serving your favorite dim sum 
  • Bamboo absorbs condensation so no water will drip back onto the food 
  • Tightly constructed and woven to trap steam for quick and efficient cooking 
  • Healthy, low-fat cooking method 
  • Great value for its size
  • Eco-friendly and lightweight
  • Heat and stain-resistant
  • Can cook plenty of food
  • Not that durable
  • Poor lid weaving

7. Best Steamer with Metal Ring: HAPPi STUDIO Bamboo Steamer 10 inch

HAPPi STUDIO Bamboo Steamer 10 inch – 2-Tier Large Bamboo Steamer Basket with Stainless Steel Steamer Ring Set – Premium Dumpling Steamer Basket – Food Steamer for Cooking Bao Buns – Steam Basket

as of January 31, 2023 1:17 pm

This convenient bamboo steamer set includes a stainless steel steamer ring that allows the basket to fit onto almost any 8- to 10-inch-wide pot, pan, or wok. Moreover, this metal ring prevents the bamboo basket’s exterior from scorching. It also comes with two reusable and machine-washable cotton cloth liners. 

Not only will you appreciate its steamer ring but its sturdy construction. This item, made from natural and resilient bamboo, can withstand frequent use and soaking. In addition, the improved 2.3-inch depth of the steamer baskets makes for dependable cookware capable of preparing any dish. 

The added depth is especially beneficial for steamed buns because it gives the dough ample room to expand. This is your best option if you enjoy a fluffy char siu bao. 

Key Features 
  • 10 inch 
  • Premium quality 
  • 2-tier stackable bamboo steamer 
  • 2 pieces of reusable cotton linens 
  • Stainless-Steel Steamer Ring 
  • Extra Depth to Enhance Cooking Efficiency 
  • Sturdy material
  • Comes with a stainless steel steamer ring
  • Extra-depth of 2.3 inches
  • Blue protective film on the ring can be difficult to remove

8. Mister Kitchenware 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer

Mister Kitchenware 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer, 2 Tier Baskets, Healthy Cooking for Vegetables, Dim Sum Dumplings, Buns, Chicken Fish & Meat Included Chopsticks, 10 Liners & Sauce Dish

as of January 31, 2023 1:17 pm

The handcrafted quality of this bamboo steamer basket makes it a compelling piece of cookware. This product’s durability is ensured by using sturdy materials and time-honored methods. Bamboo thread secures slats wide enough for full steam and tied by hand. Its lid is tightly woven with cross-dome reinforcement seals that trap heat efficiently and evenly cook food. 

Since it is made entirely of bamboo, it can be used in the microwave if desired. In addition, its depth of 2.5 inches allows for expansion and improved steam circulation. The set includes additional accessories such as two sets of chopsticks, a sauce dish, and ten round mesh liners. 

Key Features 
  • 10 Inch 
  • 2 Teir Construction 
  • Create Easy & Low Fat Meals 
  • Effective And Time-saving 
  • Helps Preserve Vitamins & Minerals 
  • All Inclusive For A Cooking Afficionado! 
  • Wide slats fastened with bamboo thread
  • Reinforced lid construction
  • Parts fit together nicely
  • Food can get stuck easily
  • Can be tough to clean

9. i-PLAYLOFT Premium 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer

Premium 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer – Two Tier Baskets – Dim Sum Dumpling & Bao Bun Chinese Food Steamers – Steam Baskets For Rice, Vegetables, Meat & Fish Included 2 Sets Chopsticks, 20 Liners & Sauce Dish

as of January 31, 2023 1:17 pm

This bamboo steamer has excellent depth, making it ideal for steaming all types of foods, including rice. This product is designed to last a long time because it is made from a durable, stress-resistant material. It is a dependable option for those who wish to expand their cooking repertoire with reliable equipment! 

You’ll find that the steamer’s depth significantly reduces cooking times, as it improves heat distribution. This cookware is ideal for dishes like steamed wild striped bass because it cooks evenly and quickly. 

This comes with two sets of chopsticks, a sauce dish shaped like a leaf, and 20 wax paper liners. It is undeniably a versatile bamboo basket that allows for culinary experimentation. 

Key Features 
  • 10 Inch 
  • High Quality Design And Material 
  • Two Tier Baskets 
  • 2 Sets Chopsticks, 20 Liners 
  • Extra Depth
  • Durable and made to last
  • Wax liners aren’t good quality

10. Best Wood Steamer: Hcooker 2-Tier Wood Steamer with Double Stainless Steel Banding

Hcooker 2 Tier Kitchen Wood Steamer Basket for Asian Cooking Buns Dumplings Vegetables Fish Rice

as of January 31, 2023 1:17 pm

This sturdy product from Hcooker results from combining traditional and contemporary craftsmanship. The spruce wood finish gives the design a smoother and more refined appearance from a distance. Add to that the double-deck bamboo protected by an abrasion-resistant stainless-steel band. The band keeps the steamer in place and prevents them from catching fire or cracking. 

Others may prefer bamboo steamer baskets because metal steamer baskets may impart a metallic flavor to food. However, some restaurants use this wooden bamboo steamer for cooking and serving, so it may not be a significant concern. This prolongs its life and maintains the shape of your steamer. In addition, this set includes carbonized bamboo chopsticks and two washable cotton liners. 

Key Features 
  • Steaming envelopes foods in a hot, moist environment so it won’t dry out. Unlike boiling, natural juices, minerals and vitamins as well as color in foods are retained and not drained out in the sink. 
  • Steaming is also a very low-fat way to cook because you need very little or no oils. 
  • Food should not be placed directly in the wood steamer without a plate or parchment liner and allow at least 1- inch space between the sides of the plate and the sides of the steamer. 
  • Steel reinforcements protect fragile points
  • Doesn’t warp or split over time
  • Tight-fitting lids
  • Might be too small
  • More susceptible to mold
  • Added weight from steel bands

11. Best Style: Noble Nest Deluxe Bamboo Steamer Basket

Noble Nest Deluxe Bamboo Steamer Basket – Steamer for Cooking – Use as Dumpling Maker, Vegetable Steamer or Japanese Rice Cooker – Two Tiered 10" Steamer Basket

as of January 31, 2023 1:17 pm

This deluxe steamer’s sleek design and quality craftsmanship are immediately apparent. It is made from a combination of bamboo and Japanese cedarwood; this cookware is elegant and durable. The addition of steel bandings also increases its durability. Cedarwood imparts a more subtle aroma to the food than bamboo, enhancing its flavor. 

With two levels and a standard 10-inch diameter, this dumpling steamer basket also includes reusable chopsticks, silicone liners, ceramic sauce dishes, and wooden tongs. It could be an excellent idea for a gift for your family and friends! 

Key Features 
  • Handmade and Sustainable 
  • 2 Tier Spacious Design 
  • Efficient And Time Saving 
  • All-inclusive Kit 
  • Elegant And Durable 
  • Healthy And Easy To Use 
  • Stainless steel rim protection
  • Elegant design
  • Free liners have no holes for ventilation (need to be poked)
  • Banding can be too hot for transportation
  • Manufacturing error in certain products' lids (some do not fit)

12. Best Budget-friendly: Yuho Asian Kitchen 6-Inch Bamboo Steamer Basket

Yuho Asian Kitchen 6 Inch Bamboo Steamer Basket, Individually Box, 2 Tiers & Lid, 10 Parchment Liners, Perfect For Steaming Dumplings, Vegetables, Meat, Fish, Rice (Holiday Gifts)

as of January 31, 2023 1:17 pm

The most affordable kit in this guide is this bamboo steamer set. It’s perfect for bamboo steamer beginners! The 6-inch variety is the least expensive but comes in various other sizes. 

Though inexpensive, it is made entirely of bamboo without any plastic, material, or wire components. It is an eco-friendly option that composts effectively. In addition, it comes with ten perforated steamer liners, so you don’t have to purchase additional items to steam buns or eggs! 

Key Features 
  • 6 Inch 
  • High Quality Bamboo 
  • 3 piece bamboo steamer set complete. 
  • Recyclable Eco gift box. 
  • Premium perforated parchment steaming papers. 
  • Easy To Use 
  • Ease of use
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Dries quickly
  • Made of natural materials
  • Not fit for heavy foods

How To Clean And Maintain Bamboo Steamer Properly

To clean and maintain a bamboo steamer properly, it is essential to: 

  • Rinse the steamer with warm water after each use.
  • Never immerse the steamer in water.
  • Store the steamer in a dry place when not in use.
  • Periodically wipe down the steamer with a damp cloth.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning products on the steamer. 

If you follow these simple tips, your bamboo steamer will last many years! Best bamboo steamer for every purpose 

Best bamboo steamer for every purpose - FAQs

A bamboo steamer is a type of cooking utensil typically used in Chinese cuisine. It consists of a round, cylindrical container made of bamboo and a lid with holes in it. The steamer is placed over a wok or pot of simmering water, and the food to be cooked is placed in the steamer. The steam from the boiling water below cooks the food in the bamboo steamer. 

Bamboo steamers have several advantages over other types of cooking utensils. First, bamboo is a very porous material, which allows steam to circulate evenly and cook the food more evenly. Second, bamboo steamers are typically much cheaper than other types of steamers. Finally, bamboo steamers can be used multiple times and are easy to clean. 

Using a bamboo steamer is relatively simple. First, fill a wok or pot with water and bring it to a boil. Then, place the bamboo steamer on top of the wok or pot. Place the food to be cooked in the steamer, making sure that the holes in the lid are not covered. Cover the steamer with the lid and allow the steam to cook the food for the desired amount of time. When the food is cooked, remove the steamer from the heat and allow it to cool before removing the food. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when using a bamboo steamer. First, make sure that the wok or pot of water is large enough so that the steamer can fit on top without touching the water. Second, be careful not to overcook the food in the steamer, as it can become dried out and tough. Finally, when removing the steamer from the heat, be sure to use caution as the steam can be very hot. 


A bamboo steamer is a great way to cook food. It is simple to use and can be used to cook various foods. If you are looking for a way to cook healthier, then a bamboo steamer is a good option. 

There’s no doubt that bamboo steamers are a great way to cook healthy, delicious meals. But with so many different options on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. 

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best bamboo steamers for every budget. Whether you’re looking for a simple steamer to get started with or a more advanced model for advanced cooking, we’ve got you covered. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get steaming! 

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