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Best bamboo steamer for every purpose

When it comes to cooking, there is nothing quite like using a bamboo steamer. These steamers are great for cooking rice and other grains and can also be used to cook meats, vegetables, and even fish. The best part about using a bamboo steamer is that they are relatively inexpensive and can be found in most Asian markets. 

If you are in the market for a bamboo steamer, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. First, you will want to ensure that you find a steamer that is the right size for your needs. Some steamers range in size from small to large, so you will want to ensure that you find one that will fit your cooking needs. 

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for a bamboo steamer is to make sure that you find one with a good warranty. If anything happens to your steamer, you will be covered. Finally, you will want to ensure that you find a steamer that is easy to clean. Some steamers come with removable baskets, which make cleaning them a breeze. 

Now that you know what to look for in a bamboo steamer, it is time to start shopping around. Here are a few of the best bamboo steamers on the market, so you can choose the one that is right for you. 

Our Top Picks 


What is bamboo steamer? 

A bamboo steamer is a kitchen utensil used to cook food. It is made of bamboo and has a lid that fits snugly over the top of the steamer. The steamer is placed on top of a pot of boiling water, and the food is cooked inside the steamer. 

Bamboo steamers are often used for cooking dim sum, a type of Chinese cuisine. Dim sum is a variety of small dishes typically served with tea. Bamboo steamers are also used for cooking other types of food, such as rice and vegetables. 

Bamboo steamers are an essential tool in Chinese cooking. They are perfect for cooking delicate foods like dumplings and steamed buns. Bamboo steamers are also very affordable and can be found in most Asian markets. 

There are two main types of bamboo steamers: round and rectangular. Round bamboo steamers are typically used for cooking dim sum, while rectangular bamboo steamers are better suited for cooking rice and vegetables. 

Bamboo steamers are a great way to cook healthy, delicious meals. They are easy to use and can be found in most Asian markets. If you are looking for a new kitchen gadget, consider a bamboo steamer! 

How To Use Bamboo Steamer 

Bamboo steamers are one of the most popular and versatile cooking tools in Asian cuisine. They are often used for cooking dim sum, steamed buns, dumplings, and other delicacies. Bamboo steamers can be used on their own or placed inside a wok for added versatility. 

When using a bamboo steamer, it is essential to line it with parchment paper or a clean dish towel to prevent the food from sticking. It is also important to add enough water to the pot or wok to come up at least an inch below the steamer basket. 

To use a bamboo steamer, place your food in the basket, cover it with the lid, and put it over boiling water. The steam from the boiling water will cook the food in the basket. Bamboo steamers can be used to cook a variety of foods, including fish, vegetables, dumplings, and buns. 

Whether you are cooking dim sum, steamed buns, or dumplings, bamboo steamers are a versatile and convenient tool that can help you create delicious meals. 

Tips On Using Bamboo Steamer 

Bamboo steamers are commonly used in Asian cuisine to cook food quickly and evenly. If you’re new to using a bamboo steamer, here are some tips to help you get the most out of it. 

  1. Soak the steamer in water for at least 30 minutes before use. This will help prevent the bamboo from burning.
  2. Line the steamer with parchment paper or a damp cloth to prevent sticking and help absorb moisture.
  3. Put your food in the steamer, ensuring it’s not touching the water.
  4. Cover the steamer and bring the water to a boil.
  5. Reduce the heat to medium and steam for the desired time.
  6. Remove the steamer from the heat and let it cool before removing the lid.
  7. Enjoy your delicious, healthy meal!

Benefits Of Using Bamboo Steamer 

When it comes to cooking, many different methods can be used. One popular way is using a bamboo steamer. Bamboo steamers have been used for centuries in Asia and are slowly becoming more popular in the Western world. There are many benefits of using a bamboo steamer, which is why they are becoming more popular amongst home cooks. 

One of the main benefits of using a bamboo steamer is that it is a very healthy cooking method. When food is cooked in a bamboo steamer, it retains more nutrients and vitamins than other cooking methods. This is because the steam generated by the bamboo steamer penetrates the food and cooks it evenly without drying it out. This means that the food is not only cooked more quickly but is also healthier. 

Another benefit of using a bamboo steamer is its very versatile cooking tool. It can be used to cook various foods, including meat, fish, vegetables, and even desserts. Bamboo steamers are also very easy to use and clean, making them ideal for busy home cooks. 

If you are looking for a healthy and versatile cooking method, a bamboo steamer is a great option. With so many benefits, it is no wonder that they are becoming more popular amongst home cooks. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Bamboo Steamer 

When it comes to steaming food, a bamboo steamer is one of the best options that you have. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also cooks food evenly and quickly. However, with so many different bamboo steamers on the market, it can be tricky to know which one is right for you. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best bamboo steamer for your needs. 


The size is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a bamboo steamer. You need to ensure that the steamer is large enough to fit all the food you want to cook. However, you also don’t want it to be too large, as this can make it difficult to store. 


Another factor to consider when choosing a bamboo steamer is the material. Many steamers are made of bamboo, but some are made of metal or plastic. Bamboo is the best material for a steamer because it is environmentally friendly and cooks’ food evenly. 


The shape of the bamboo steamer is also something to consider. Some steamers are round, while others are rectangular. Round steamers are better for cooking smaller items, such as dumplings, while rectangular steamers are better for more oversized items, such as meats. 


Of course, you must also consider the price when choosing a bamboo steamer. There are many different steamers on the market, and they all vary in price. You need to find one that is within your budget. 

These are just a few factors you need to consider when choosing a bamboo steamer. By taking the time to think about your needs, you can be sure to find the best steamer for your kitchen. 

12 Best bamboo steamers for every purpose

It can be challenging to determine which steamer to purchase due to the similar appearance of most models. However, there are nuances to consider when selecting a kitchen sink. 

This article has whittled down the viable options by factoring in durability, safety, and dependability. Here are our top choices for the best bamboo steamers available: 

1. Best Overall: Prime Home Direct Bamboo Steamer Basket 10 inch

Prime Home Direct Bamboo Steamer Basket 10 inch, Dumpling Maker, Vegetable Steamer, 2 Tier Food Steamer Includes 2 Sets of Chopsticks, 1 Sauce Dish & 50 Liners – Multi-use Steamer Basket


User reviews

Steaming Up a Storm with This Bamboo Beauty. I’m usually a one-pan kind of cook, but lately, I’ve been on a dim sum kick, and let me tell you, this bamboo steamer has become my new kitchen bestie. It’s the perfect size for my wok, and the two tiers let me steam up a feast of dumplings, veggies, and even fluffy little bao buns all at once. No more waiting around for batches to finish!Speaking of feasts, this steamer saved the day when my in-laws came over for a surprise visit. I whipped up a spread of steamed shrimp and har gow, and let me tell you, they were gone in a flash. Everyone raved about how perfectly cooked and juicy everything was. Bonus points for the included liners and chopsticks – it felt like a complete dim sum kit!Now, I’m not a Michelin-starred chef, but this steamer makes me feel like one. It’s easy to use, cleans up in a breeze, and adds a touch of Zen to my kitchen counter. If you’re looking for a healthy and fun way to cook up some deliciousness, I highly recommend giving this bamboo steamer a try. You won’t be disappointed!
I love my steamer. I’ve had this steamer for a couple of months now and can’t even count the amount of times I’ve used it already. I use it for my homemade steamed dumplings and boy is it extremely easy to use! I love the fact that it comes with a set of liners so I don’t have to purchase those right away. Also, the basket is very easy to clean. I use hot water and a soft cloth to wipe it down. This basket came with a set of chopsticks as well which made this a wonderful deal overall!
works great. Made the dumpling perfect!! NO sticky mess
Don’t use the liners. The steamer works well as expected (the lid came with defects and I fixed it). However, Do Not use the liners it came with! My steamed buns got stuck on the liner so bad and all the bottoms got ripped off. The same batch of buns padded with liners that I bought elsewhere were perfect.
Love it. When I can’t get to my favorite soup dumpling place this steamer plus Mila soup dumplings makes me “souper” happy. It is exactly what is pictured and after 10 uses is holding up well and steams perfectly.Steams evenly and throughly. Highly recommend!
Love it. Great for wontons. Easy to steam more in these layers rather than in one layer with a regular pan. Then perfect to bring right to the table.
Bamboo Steam Basket: A Steaming Delight. The bamboo steam basket has transformed my cooking experience in the best way possible. With its ability to retain moisture and evenly distribute heat, it consistently produces perfectly steamed dishes that are bursting with flavor. Its simplicity, easy cleaning, and eco-friendly nature make it a must-have in any kitchen. From its charming appearance to its sustainable materials, this bamboo steam basket is a delightful addition that elevates both the taste and presentation of my meals. Highly recommended for those looking to enhance their steaming skills!
A well-made product. I have a few different steaming options at home. One is an insert into a pressure cooker, which is ok. The other is a spreadable metal insert for a pot. It does the job but it’s small. That’s why I ordered this one (10 in). I wanted more options while also being easier to clean than the metal one. I love that it’s two layers so I really have 20 in of space, and even better it came with 50 liners. Of course you can always order them but it’s nice when the initial order comes as a set. It just arrived yesterday so I haven’t used it yet but the build quality tells me it should last for a long time.
Lovely product, I use it very often for dumplings.
This product makes my love for Asian cuisine so much greater and allows me properly cook my food
Easy to use and comes with all the accessories you need. Thanks
This works but too much money who cant get their own chopsticks or tiny sauce dish
Comes with all you need to steam which is handy especially the papers.

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This 10-inch bamboo steamer is one of the best steamer cookware currently available. It is made from 100% pure organic bamboo and has water-resistant walls that protect food from condensation. This product ensures effective steaming as its well-constructed interior evenly distributes heat throughout the basket, cooking the food. Not to mention, the 3-inch depth provides ample cooking space for buns or vegetables. 

This size is the optimal fit for most domestic pots, pans, and woks while requiring less storage space than most. The uniform and wide slats allow maximum steam and make cleaning relatively simple. However, we also recommend the 12-inch-wide variety for those who intend to prepare larger meals. 

This set is an excellent value because it includes additional steaming accessories. You’re prepared for various occasions and used with 50 parchment liners, two sets of chopsticks, and a sauce dish. It is the perfect present for those who wish to explore the world of steamed foods! 

Key Features 
  • 10-Inch 
  • Multi-use 2-tier Design 
  • Effective Steaming Mechanism 
  • A Healthier Cooking Method 
  • Great for beginners
  • Well-built sturdy material
  • Construction ensures effective steaming
  • Bonus items like chopsticks and steam liners are included
  • Depth is only 1.5 inches without the lid

2. Best Kit: Annie’s Kitchen Premium 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer

Annie’s Kitchen Premium 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer Baskets Lid Dumpling Maker with Spoon-4 Reusable Cotton Liners-2 sets Chopsticks- For Rice, Vegetables, Fish, Meat & Desserts (10 Inch- 2 Tiers)


User reviews

Fantastic! I would buy this again. Fantastic kit!!! A 10 out of 10, I would buy this again. I had been craving homemade dumplings for a while, but didn’t have any of the tools necessary to make them myself. I did not want to spend an arm and leg for individual pieces so I was looking for a reasonably priced kit. I clicked on this product, and WOW. The bamboo steamer basket is not only handmade, it’s made from ethically sourced bamboo (a big win in my book). I didn’t know what wheat straw was, so I looked it up. The dumpling maker is made from wheat stalks, which I read breaks down in 3 to 6 months! Having the cotton liners included was a big must have for me as well. When I made dumplings for the first time using these products I couldn’t have been happier. I originally wanted to use my wok because it would be more authentic, but ultimately chose to use my 6qt stockpot because it held so much more water. And it fit PERFECTLY! Everything is easy to use and clean as well. Dumplings came out delicious 🙂
Easy to use. I’ve never used one of these before and was surprised how easy it was to use. I’ve mostly just steamed fresh or frozen vegetables, but it worked like a charm. Just filled a pot to 60%-70% full (per instructions) and set the steamer on top. Within a short period of time the vegetables were ready. Going to try making some dumplings next with the supplied dumpling press…
2 tier bamboo steamers. This is a nice set. Not sure if I will ever make my own dumplings or won tons – (comes with a plastic press and stuffing spreader) – but – the set also comes with cotton steamer liners – washable – reusable – I was excited about that. They seem pretty sturdy – time will tell. The 2 tier steamer baskets I received didn’t really fit together – the marry was just a little off – they note they are handmade – but wish they fit together nicely. They say they are constructed of bamboo and appear to be. I did order another set that is made out of spruce. It will be nice to compare quality and use. We’ll see if the fit improves with use – maybe? or could be worse with the swelling in water. Just not sure. Having said that, I never hesitate to update my reviews should new info seem useful.
Are you kidding me. Excellent steam basket. Ran 75 Manapua through it the day I got it. Very sturdy. The Manapua stuck to the cotton layers making cleaning difficult. Highly recommend.
Works perfectly. This is a nice size steamer than works exactly as it should. I used a pot that was the exact same size rather than a wok and it worked very well. I am finding that the provided cloths, which are great to use, are a little hard to clean, so I recommend washing them in the laundry.
So happy. I’ve been dying to have one of these but thought they were overpriced. This one was a great value and when I say they food I steamed in it came out tasting 100% better than it did before, I’m not joking. The items we get from Costco, normally are just for the microwave. However we put them frozen straight into the steamer and they come out beautifully. Definitely a purchase I don’t regret.
I absolutely love this thing. Works very well, well made. Sent goes away as you use it. I recommend getting disposable or silicone liners over the ones it comes with
Love the way it looks. The quality of this steamer is very good. I love the way it was made. The steamer feel and looks sturdy even though kind of pretty
Não gostei da qualidade de acabamento.A união dos aros em cada nível, é feita por um fio de cobre (aço?) e não por bamboo.
Bella e molto molto capiente.
Fatto abbastanza bene. Il bambù presentava delle irregolarità di composizione. È stato un regalo quindi non posso recensire l’utilizzo.

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This bamboo steamer kit includes two pairs of bamboo chopsticks and four reusable and unbleached cotton liners. If you want to make your dim sum, it also consists of a dumpling press and a spoon for the fillings. Including these useful accessories with your steamer will allow you to steam without worrying about the extras. 

Did we mention the bamboo steamer is also woven by hand? This cookware is made from organic bamboo sourced ethically and is held together without glue or other chemicals. It is a biodegradable set free of BPA and other harmful substances, ensuring food safety and eco-friendly disposal. 

If you’re searching for bamboo steamer sets, this eco-friendly set from Annie’s Kitchen offers excellent value. In addition to being inexpensive, it comes with everything you need for steaming (and more!). 

Key Features 
  • Health Steam Cooking Method 
  • Handwoven 2-Tier Design Baskets With Domed Lid 
  • Steaming Made Easy 
  • 4 reusable and washable cotton liners 
  • Reusable and earth-conscious accessories
  • BPA-free, no glue or other chemicals
  • Not very durable

3. Best Mini: Joyce Chen Steamer, Bamboo, Tan

Joyce Chen Steamer, Bamboo, Tan


User reviews

Beautifully made and excellent performance. I made some dumplings and they sure cooked fast. So easy to use and the dumplings tasted amazing. Steaming is the way to go!!
Joyce Chen Bamboo Steamer. This is my third steamer over 20 years. This steamer is made well and works fantastic to cook foods quickly while keeping them moist, great for cutting back dietary fats.
Why didn’t I order these sooner. I originally bought this steamer to make steamed dumplings. Then I started using it to steam vegetables–what a difference and so easy to use and clean up. The vegetables cooked quickly and were a beautiful green color–quicker and easier than roasting them in the oven. Highly recommend getting the silicone mesh liners to make cleanup even easier.
Worked very well untill it fell apart. Purchased this to try and make bao and it worked very nicely. We actually very much enjoyed the process and bao we made so we make it pretty often now. Unfortunatly this fell apart after using it a handful of times.I got this with the intention to try bao and maybe buy somthing better if we like it and we very much did. I was intending to upgrade to somthing nicer but it falled apart forced my hand faster than i would of liked.I wouldn’t call it easy to clean. its not very sturdy for scrubbing and you cant get the parts too wet or it will warp. But unless you use metal or plastic steamer youll probably have simialr issues
Great simple bamboo steamer. Bought this to get into steaming foods and it’s very simple and easy to use. I ended up buying to large of one since it didn’t fit on my pots but I still love using it for steaming vegetables and making pot stickers.
Worked great. No complaints — a little splintery when you wash them after unpacking, so be careful. But they work great/as expected! The little papers that come with the baskets are super helpful.
I can find no flaws. I’m just delving into Chinese cuisine but the pork steamed dumplings were insanely good and my red bean buns were SO FLUFFY.I made everything from scratch. The restaurant down the street charges 12 bucks for 8 steamed pork dumplings and I made the older Asian lady at the Chinese buffet apoplectic when I kept eating all the buns she would bring out in the bamboo steamer trays. (They were just SO good and paid my money, ok?)Anyway, I’m not expert but these seem to work as well as can be expected. I’ve had no warping and I’ve literally made several batches of good crap in it a couple times a day for the past week. My kids literally eat it as fast as I can make it.My only complaint is that I need more layers. I actually just got on to order this again and thought I’d let yall know!!! 💋
functional bamboo steamer. needed a new bamboo lid to replace old one from an old steamer set. solitary lids not available and does not interchange with old one that i had for 30 years. this is as sturdy as a bamboo steamer gets and should last me many years
Exactly as described. My old one was 20 years old before it came apart. This one is very durable so I expect I should have it for quite some time.
O cozimento é super rápido. Produto bem vedado, aproveitando todo o vapor sem desperdício. Uso para pãozinho chinês (mantou).. fica pronto em poucos minutos (em torno de 15 a 20min).
Solid design, holding up well to steaming. No bad odor other than that nice bamboo smell. They are small so not great for mass steaming, but nice for serving, check the dimensions before hand.
The tiers fit together perfectly without juggling which is the problem i had with my previous bamboo steamer.
もち米を炊くのに大きいのを買おうと思ったのですが難しそうだったのでまずは、副菜からせめようと思いこのサイズにしました。ちょうどいいです。そのまま出せば美味しそうに見えるし^ – ^

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This 6-inch bamboo steamer may be your best option for dim sum cart-sized steamers. It is a good option for those who live alone or prefer to cook in smaller quantities. It has smooth and flat bamboo slats that ensure uniform cooking. This is fantastic because you don’t want your food to go anywhere but your stomach. 

This bamboo steamer from Joyce Chen is praised for its durability, and although it comes in a larger size, the smaller one is preferred. This is because their constructions differ. The 6-inch variety is double-woven, making the binding more compact and sturdier. In contrast, the more significant type is held together with glue, making it less attractive. 

Key Features 
  • Time-tested method for creating restaurant-style dishes at home, including dumplings, veggies, and fish 
  • Two tiers to cook several dishes or servings at a time 
  • So simple to use: place in a pan of water and heat 
  • Made with traditional bamboo, which is also a renewable resource 
  • Dimensions: 10.00 in L x 10.00 in W x 6.00 in H 
  • Ideal for individuals living alone
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Better made than its bigger counterpart
  • Poor bottom design with smaller slats
  • Less room for steam to expand

4. Best 8-inch: Reishunger Bamboo Steamer Handmade Basket

Reishunger Bamboo Steamer Handmade Basket, Traditional 2-Tier Design – 8 Inch – for Dumplings, Rice, Dim Sum, Vegetables, Fish and Meat – Incl. 2 Cotton Cloths


User reviews

Sturdy. This sturdy steamer came with a recipe book and little extras. Great product, washes easily.
Steam Away. Christmas gift for my son, he loved it and uses it very much. Please do not walk away while using this Bamboo steamer, it can cause a fire if you are not careful.
Good tool for steam meals. Very good steam tool for someone who needs to steam vegetable, buns or baby food. Very easy to use and clean. Convenience.
Steaming rice. I use this product to steam sweet rice and it works fine. I also have a 12’’ type. You should get a set of silicone liners instead the natural ones that come with it. Cleaning is fine, it’s not hard or easy it’s as it should be. It has held up nicely after continued use.
Quality product. Very sturdy and inexpensive
Product delamination on steamer- no response back. The manufacturer needs to respond to my many attempts to take care of my defective product.
Perfect addition to my Ninja Foodi. I wanted this for steaming in my Ninja Foodi, and it works great.
Excellent. I’m sure most bamboo steamers are similar to this one, so just let me say, this was the one I bought. Heh. We’ve used it for rice, blue crab (just to reheat from steaming in a larger pot), lobster and shrimp. It has worked perfectly with no complaints. At least 10 uses thus far.
Satisfait de mon achat. Produit de qualité et de belle contenance. Semble très robuste.
Cuisson à la vapeur, of course!
Ho comprato questo affare per cuocermi come si deve i dumpling che compravo al negozietto cinese sotto casa. Oltre a cucinare i dumpling divinamente, ho finito per cucinarci anche gran parte della verdura che compro, in quanto la verdura si cuoce senza dover fare niente (niente rimestolamenti etc etc) ed ha un sapore molto più buono anche delle stessa fatta in padella. Infine basta mettere della carta forno bucherellata sul fondo dei contenitori per non dover nemmeno lavare la vaporiera, che dovrà solamente asciugare per qualche decina di minuti.
der bambusdämpfer ist sehr stabil und gut verarbeitet.dass ein paar splitter in den spalten sind, finde ich nicht so schlimm, ich habe sie einfach mit einem messer herausgekratzt.allerdings hätte ich mir einen deutlicheren hinweis zu benutzung gewünscht, denn so musste ich mich richtig anstrengen, um die richtige handhabung herauszufinden und lange nachdenken, was mein fehler war.gestern habe ich reis und gemüse gedämpft. nach über 1,5 stunden war der reis immer noch hart und trocken, trotz 4 std. einweichzeit, und das gemüse teilweise auch noch hart. der fehler war, wie ich heute weiss, dass ich den dämpfer auf einen topfrand gestellt habe und wohl zuviel abstand zum kochenden wasser und auch zu wenig wasser im topf hatte.heute habe ich den zweiten versuch gestartet und bin total zufrieden.ich habe vollkornreis 12 stunden eingeweicht. den dämpfer habe ich in eine pfanne gestellt und soviel wasser in die pfanne gemacht, dass es bis unter den boden des dampfkorbes reichte.eine halbe stunde habe ich auf etwas mehr als halbe herdeinstellung gedämpft, also mit kochendem wasser, aber eben nicht volle kanne, und habe den wunderbarsten vollkornreis, den ich jemals produziert habe.von daher hätte ich mir gewünscht, dass das in der beschreibung auch richtig erwähnt wird, damit man den fehler nicht macht, den ich gestern gemacht habe. so kommen wohl auch die rezensionen zustande, die beschreiben, dass reis kochen in dem dämpfer nicht geht. aber es geht sehr gut, wenn man es richtig macht.auch gut war die schnelle lieferung und alles war super verpackt und kam heile hier an.also von mir auf jeden fall eine kaufempfehlung.
Materiale perfetto, cottura al vapore ok. È come deve essere, nessuna sorpresa

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When choosing a bamboo steamer for your home, it’s essential to consider the available sizes. The subtle difference in diameters is significant when packing food and calculating storage space. One size does not fit all. A 6-inch bamboo steamer may be ideal for individuals but too small for couples or those with more enormous appetites. In contrast, the typical 10-inch television is more popular as a family set. This 8-inch-diameter bamboo steamer from Reishunger is an excellent compromise for your steaming needs! 

This item is also constructed with bamboo twine, which lacks the corrosive properties of copper or metal bands. Two washable cotton liners are included for frequent use. With reusable liners, you can save money on purchasing additional bamboo steamer ingredients. 

Key Features 
  • 8 Inch 
  • Stackable 2-tier Design 
  • Easy Cleaning 
  • Perfect for two
  • Traditional, handmade design
  • Comes with reusable cotton liners
  • Not very durable

5. Best Bamboo Stainless Steel Steamer: Thodd&Go Bamboo Steamer

Thodd&Go Bamboo Steamer Basket-Stainless Steel Bamboo Steamer Set 10 Inch 2 Tier for Cooking Bao Buns Dim Sum Dumplings Vegetables and Fish. Included Steamer Adapter Ring and 4 Reusable Silicone Pads


User reviews

Absolutely love. I use this often great steam basket and easy to use just sit above a walk of steaming water!
Easy and Versatile. I’d never owned a bamboo steamer before, so I did a bit of research, and this one seemed the best fit for me.It’s beautifully made – again, never having owned a bamboo steamer, I was worried that the ‘woven’ texture might be flimsy, or begin to come apart with the application of *gasp* steam. No such thing; several months in, it’s still perfectly woven and solid.It’s very versatile – I used it on some store-bought dumplings, then it occurred to me that rather than paying $10.00 for steamed broccolini takeout from a restaurant, I could pay $2.00 for broccolini at the grocery store and steam it myself – and it took off from there. Now I go into grocery stores with a gleam in my eye, wondering what else I can find to steam!It’s easy to clean – since it contains silicon mats, I rarely have to clean the steamer itself (only if I steam with spices); I just either let it dry, or rinse it and let it dry, while the silicon mats clean up in a jiffy.I like the fact that it does NOT come with chopsticks – I own more than enough chopsticks, I don’t want to pay $2.00, or $5.00 more for a steamer for the inclusion of cheap chopsticks.All in all, I’m VERY glad that I bought this steamer. It’s helping me to eat more healthily, it’s fun to use, and it has opened my eyes to new possibilities – I just bought a beginners Chinese cookbook! It’s one of those kitchen ‘gadgets’ that definitely isn’t sitting on a shelf. Highly recommended.
Larger than expected. This is a fantastic product. You deffinatly tell the quality when you pull it out of the box, and the metal ads both sturdiness and a professional look. 10inches is very large – much larger than I thought it was! It rests well on smaller pots though.My 1 concern is on the lid, there are 2 places that warped ever so slightly along the edge. It is not a problem, just makes the fit a bit snuger.I would recommend this to anyone! I am learning how to make bao and thats why I ordered this.
Solid Product, Slightly Wonky. 4 stars only because one of the bases of one basket (of two) is wonky/wobbly/not flat. Everything works well and the problem hasn’t gotten worse, or better, after over a dozen uses. It’s possible that if you weren’t using the silicone mats with the wonky basket you may have a problem, but I use the mats every time.I thought about returning the product for one in “perfect”, as advertised condition but decided that shipping back the product and waiting to receive another one was far more inconvenient and economically and environmentally wasteful than using a slightly askew product.I’d order another set of baskets in the future because I like the metal banding on these compared to the completely bamboo models. Hope this helps in your decision to buy or pass on this product.Additionally:3 stars on easy to clean because it is made of bamboo and it can be stained if someone drips dumpling sauce on them – learned from experience. Normally I just re-steam them after eating to “clean/sanitize” them. Haven’t ever placed in the dishwasher for fear of more warping.
Well Made and Attractive. I’ve been ordering frozen meat filled dumplings and soup dumplings for delivery and love them. I was using a pot and collapsible steamer basket but decided I wanted the stackable steamer baskets for some flare. I picked these because the quality of construction looked high and they have the metal rings around the edges both for aesthetics and wanted to make sure they didn’t warp after getting steamed several times making them difficult to stack together. I’ve used them about 10 times so far and no issues.I did coat mine with a generous bath of mineral oil/beeswax to prevent them from absorbing too much moisture that might inducing warping or mold growth. I recommend you do the same. I use the silicone liners they come with and then also put a disposable paper liner down on top of that as well. Makes cleanup quick and easy.
Great Bamboo Steamers. These are excellent bamboo steamers that come with everything you need to start steaming! The metal bands around each steamer help retain their shape. The included metal adapter ring sits on your pot of boiling water and protects the bamboo from burning—an issue I had with my last set of steamers. Also included are a set of perforated silicone circles you place in each steamer to prevent food from sticking; they also make clean-up easier. The steamers and the accessories are all high quality. I recommend this product.
Amazing. Really high quality! We had gone through so many bamboo steamers before this one. The others are flimsy and not sturdy at all. These ones have the metal which make it extra durable and it comes with reusable silicone mats which is amazing!!! We spent so much money before in the paper ones. It’s a great idea and awesome for the environment!
Love this steamer. This steamer basket is just what I wanted. The metal plate allows me to cook using the steamer on using any of my pots and pans. The steamer basket itself is well made and should last a long time. Others complained about the metal bands being hot to handle, but to me this added to its longevity and sturdiness. I won’t be attempting to pick up the hot steamer basket without hand protection.
This product absolutely performs. It is simple to use and easy to clean up after. It is sturdy and has not cracked like others we have purchased in the past, we use it almost everyday 🙂
The adaptor ring makes it so easy to cook all types of dim sum very quickly! Super easy to clean, especially with the included silicone pads. We absolutely love this product and we would recommend to everyone!
The stainless trim and quality of product are great. The silicone inserts means never having to make my own again. (Like to buy more of just the silicone separators) great item. Very happy with purchase
I’ve been steaming a lot and the bamboo merges it’s flavour with whatever I steam. This product is exceptional, practical and easy to use; easy to clean. The stainless steel rims around the bamboo makes it last long an sturdy.
Love it easy to clean. Dumplings don’t get stucked on the liner.

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The lid of the Thodd&Go Bamboo Steamer Basket – Stainless Steel is surrounded by stainless steel rings. These rings are non-hazardous, lightweight, and aid in steam preservation. 

The highlight of this item is the adjustable stainless-steel ring included with it. If your bamboo steamer is too large for the water pan, you can adjust this ring to prevent the bamboo steamer from falling. For instance, it can be changed from 7 to 11 inches, allowing you to quickly place this 10-inch bamboo steamer basket on top. 

However, note that the stainless-steel ring will cost more if ordered separately. Therefore, it is best to purchase it alongside the bamboo steamer. 

We advise you to purchase this product due to its sturdiness and another stainless-steel ring. In addition to the features above, it includes four reusable silicone steamer liners. In addition, these steamer papers have perforations for even cooking. 

There are a few complaints regarding the product’s lingering odor, even though the product is flawless. 

Key Features 
  • 10 Inch 
  • 2 Tier Steam Basket Bamboo 
  • Steamer Adapter Ring 
  • Bamboo Steamer Liner 
  • 4 Reusable Silicone Pads 
  • Adjustable Ring
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Powerful odor
  • Expensive ring

6. Helen's Asian Kitchen Natural Bamboo Food Steamer with Lid

Helen's Asian Kitchen 97010 Food Steamer with Lid, 12-Inch, Natural Bamboo


User reviews

Great product. Easy to use, good size, attractive design.
A classic Bamboo steamer, need I say more. Simple design, works great and functions just as you would expect from a bamboo steamer basket.
Not very durable, but still usable. I bought this bamboo steamer because bamboo steams food better than Metal. The bamboo cover kind of absorbs the steam so there is very little water condensation, which can make the steamed food soggy. I also like the bigger size (12”), which is more versatile. I have used it to steam veggies, meat, and Chinese dim sums and the food all turned out great.However, one of the baskets is starting to fall apart, after about 10 times of usage. A layer of the bamboo is coming out. It is still good to use since I used a staple gun to staple it back. Time will tell how durable this steamer will be. I give it a 4 star for now, since it met my needs and is still working ok, with a little repair.
Very Satisfied with the quality. We’re very satisfied with the quality and performance of this steamer.
Solid Steamer. Exactly what I would expect from a bamboo steamer. Good price, good quality, quick shipping. Highly recommend.
Works great. I have used this to make hundreds of bao, and I am considering ordering another one to make more bao at once. I’ve had the basket a couple years and it has stood up well to use. I line with cabbage leaves to avoid sticking.
The wooden lining of my bamboo steamer is coming apart. The wooden lining of my bamboo steamer is coming apart. Is there any way to fix it? I am very fastidious about the care of this product. I don’t believe I can glue it? Please advise.
A fast, easy, healthful way to cook vegetables. I had a pair of these baskets and wanted more to be able to have on hand. Not actually just having on hand but actually using the additional pair frequently. Most veggies require different cooking times, even if just a minute or two, and having enough trays on hand makes the choir easier. One can stack them about five high and still cook food on the top completely. Eating vegetables raw is the most healthful way to consume them but if one wants his/her greens cooked steaming seems to be the most healthful way to cook veggies. Some veggies just seem to need to be cooked. Most cook quickly with steam and will retain their flavor well if not overcooked. Also they tend to not be soggy and unflavorable like those cooked in boiling water.With some protection under the trays they can be carried directly to the table from the stove. I always use either a plate or serving dish under the trays and this way the furniture is protected and the person carrying the trays is also safer. Though not as attractive as fine crystal or china the bamboo is not unattractive. To retain the heat the lid can be kept on. The veggies seem to stay warm for 15-20 minutes this way. Do use caution; they do tend to retain some of the steam and it can be easy to see how someone could get a serious burn.One other thing to remember with bamboo is not to use soap. It tends to retain flavors and Dawn is not very tasteful. The next time you cook with them the taste of soap will transfer to the food.I have found that with proper care the trays will have a useful service life of a few years and the investment is well worth the money.
Me fue entregada antes de la fecha de estipulada, excelente
Ótimo utensílio. As câmaras e tampa, fecham bem segurando boa parte do vapor. O bambu não tolera sabão ou detergente, mas não ficou com cheiro (estou lavando apenas com água e uma bucha).
Un bonito diseño, solo que pensé que no fuera tan pequeño (culpa de mía, no de la especificación del producto en la publicación del mismo) útil para su cometido, no caben muchas cosas.Un envió muy rápido, sin problemas llego en el tiempo estipulado y sin daños, con buena protección.
Bamboo steamers are one of the most useful items in ANY kitchen, not just those with an Asian bent. Apart from the stock standard dim sum and steamed veg, think about everything from fresh clams to figgy pudding that needs a good steam. Cooking is of course main intent but consider a steamer for reheating things that really don’t suffer the microwave well. Moist warm heat is a very good thing (especially for breads and the like) and just as fast if you have a quality steamer at the ready. Mine stays parked on my cooktop at a back burner nearly dedicated to the task. I even use mine as a frequent plate warmer and often turn the lid over as a basket to hold everything from tortillas to pitas for serving. Your kitchen will thank you for having a nice, large bamboo steamer on hand.I’ve used a bazillion bamboo steamers in my time sourced from all over the globe and this one from Helen Chen is of a much more solid construction than many. The temptation is to head to Chinatown and get a discount model but for the price (~$20), I think you’re better off with this version that seems much more rigid to my hands. The thickness of materials used here tells me this one will hold up much longer than examples I’ve come across in other Asian shops. The fit (lid to rim) is also sometimes suspect on cheaper versions that are too tight or loose but this one has proportions that make the stacking a snap, even after the bamboo swells with use over hot steam which can be troublesome with ill-fitted models. Finally, the size here (12″) is generous and easily fits both woks and stockpots already on my shelves without any further “kitchen engineering”. The smaller diameters might be great for presentation on a dim sum cart but in my kitchen, I appreciate the extra steaming real estate. Afterall, the steam doesn’t really care how much diameter it fills and in several decades of dim sum making, I’ve never said “I wish I had a smaller steamer.” While a trip to Hong Kong might be more fun, you won’t do better than this steamer for under $20. Thanks to Amazon and their free shipping, I’ll have to find another excuse to head to China.A product request to the manufacturer: I’d love to see a bamboo “height extension ring” to fit this unit. Basically a bottomless ring (or two) of the same diameter to (occasionally) accomdate taller bowls and dishes or larger items for longer duration steam cooking. I’ve only seen such a thing once before in Hong Kong and used it often for a decade before it finally died from old age. As I recall, the extension ring had one or two support slats *at the edges* of the circle for rigidity but otherwise left unfettered access for tall items. Thanks for a quality version of a classic otherwise.EDIT: 01/2015I just came back to this page to buy a gift steamer. The product is still just as durable and solid as I reviewed back in 2012 but I was shocked at the new price tag for the 12″ model when they offered it to me for $52!! Turns out there are other suppliers that hopped in queue before Amazon somehow and that’s just ridiculous. Make sure you check the other buying options and get a reasonable price. I see that even Amazon itself has almost doubled the price to around $35 (I confirmed my old price was $19) which is disappointing but it is a quality product and if they’re offering you free shipping, I suppose that’s fair. $19 was better, $30 is reasonable, $50+ is just silly. Happy steaming out there!

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This bamboo steamer from Helen’s Asian Kitchen immediately changes the game for all your fans of steamed food. Its 12-inch diameter and tiers provide ample space for a large quantity of dim sum or other steamed foods. It’s the ideal choice for those with large families or those who enjoy hosting lavish feasts! 

Additionally, it is made from 100 percent natural, BPA-free, eco-friendly bamboo. It is resistant to heat and stains, making cleanup a breeze. This can be used for cooking large quantities of food or even reheating as it retains steam well. 

Key Features 
  • Made of strong and durable natural bamboo 
  • Available in four sizes: 4″, 6″, 10″, 12″ 
  • Ideal for vegetables, seafood, meats and dumplings 
  • Perfect for cooking, reheating and serving your favorite dim sum 
  • Bamboo absorbs condensation so no water will drip back onto the food 
  • Tightly constructed and woven to trap steam for quick and efficient cooking 
  • Healthy, low-fat cooking method 
  • Great value for its size
  • Eco-friendly and lightweight
  • Heat and stain-resistant
  • Can cook plenty of food
  • Not that durable
  • Poor lid weaving

7. Best Steamer with Metal Ring: HAPPi STUDIO Bamboo Steamer 10 inch

HAPPi STUDIO Bamboo Steamer 10 inch – 2-Tier Large Bamboo Steamer Basket with Stainless Steel Steamer Ring Set – Premium Dumpling Steamer Basket – Food Steamer for Cooking Bao Buns – Steam Basket


User reviews

good steamer option. I did extensive research about steaming veggies and dumplings after our electric steamer broke and I actually prefer the taste and texture using this bamboo steamer. The only thing you need to remember is to clean thoroughly and allow to dry to avoid mold to possibly start. I read and followed the directions and have been using this for over 6 months now and it still looks great and is sturdy.
Very satisfying item quality and services. I am very satisfied with the quality of this steamer, it is tall enough so the buns were not soddened by condensed water vapour on top. Customer service responded quickly and friendly, and gave me a great shopping experience. I would definitely recommend to my friends.
Great buy. We bought this for steaming bao buns and XLB. We buy Mila dumplings and this has worked perfectly for us. 3 uses so far, and it’s holding up. We are careful to follow the cleaning instruction and I like the pot adapter ring. So far, so good! 🙂
Great product. I really loved this set. The whole house smells amazing when ever we steam with the basket. The metal ring made it so easy to use with almost all of the pots and pans I have at home. However I am a lil diasappointed that this happened after just 4 months of use. I’ve followed the product instructions when using and washing. I am not sure if this is just a fluke and if it’ll affect my steamings later. If it does, it’ll be a pricey replacement for only 4 months of use.
Perfectly cooked gyoza and shumai. Works really well. Followed the directions that came with it, and frozen gyoza and shumai come out perfectly steamed.
Wonderul. These steamer baskets are sturdy, easy to clean and beautiful! I use them for steaming vegetables 3-4 times a week. I will never be without them!
Good. The media could not be loaded.  I like the size of the product, the material are really good.It keeps the steam well, which allows it to cook quickly.
HAPPI about my new steamer. I needed a steamer to make sticky rice. I decided to try the Happi Studio steamer because I loved the look and feel of the company. The steamer arrived in perfect condition as described and you can tell it is well made. The stainless steel ring included makes it easy to use the steamer with a 10″ pot. And the little cloth liners included are so easy to clean.I look forward to trying out new recipes with my new steamer – a very Happi customer!
I took great care of this steamer set but the inner ring on one of the levels detached and it’s been getting worse ever since. It still works fine but I was disappointed that one of the layers (inner) was becoming problematic despite my care in use and cleaning.

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This convenient bamboo steamer set includes a stainless steel steamer ring that allows the basket to fit onto almost any 8- to 10-inch-wide pot, pan, or wok. Moreover, this metal ring prevents the bamboo basket’s exterior from scorching. It also comes with two reusable and machine-washable cotton cloth liners. 

Not only will you appreciate its steamer ring but its sturdy construction. This item, made from natural and resilient bamboo, can withstand frequent use and soaking. In addition, the improved 2.3-inch depth of the steamer baskets makes for dependable cookware capable of preparing any dish. 

The added depth is especially beneficial for steamed buns because it gives the dough ample room to expand. This is your best option if you enjoy a fluffy char siu bao. 

Key Features 
  • 10 inch 
  • Premium quality 
  • 2-tier stackable bamboo steamer 
  • 2 pieces of reusable cotton linens 
  • Stainless-Steel Steamer Ring 
  • Extra Depth to Enhance Cooking Efficiency 
  • Sturdy material
  • Comes with a stainless steel steamer ring
  • Extra-depth of 2.3 inches
  • Blue protective film on the ring can be difficult to remove

8. Mister Kitchenware 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer

Mister Kitchenware 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer, 2 Tier Baskets, Healthy Cooking for Vegetables, Dim Sum Dumplings, Buns, Chicken Fish & Meat Included Chopsticks, 10 Liners & Sauce Dish


User reviews

Quality product. Glad to help the little guy or gal weaving these baskets. They work great, make my Dim Sum perfectly. Would have liked a 4 or 5 inch size better, but these work great for larger families or hungry folks
Does exactly what a steamer should do. This steamer does exactly what I expected from it. It arrived clean, well fitted, and ready to go! I have only used it a couple of times since I received it about a week or two ago, so I can not attest to its durability. That being said, it appears to be well crafted and sturdy so I expect it to last for the normal duration. I prefer bamboo steamers over any other kind for the natural flavor and for the way it keeps droplets of steam from accumulating onto my steamed food inside.This particular seller contacted me via email to inquire of my satisfaction with the steamer and also gave “steaming tips”…was not necessary for me since I have been steaming for decades, but was a nice experience on the business end.This steamer also came with a little ‘sauce bowl’ to use in the steamer, a pair of smooth wood chopsticks, as well as some steamer liners for putting food directly on in the steamer basket. I have not used the liners, but they appear to be quite nice in their construction. The steamer baskets all fit nicely together. I have hanger clips on the outside of my kitchen cupboard doors to hang each of the baskets on. This contributes to the baskets drying out and staying free of moisture during their ‘down time’.My experience with this steamer has been pleasantly positive and I would recommend this. I will update this review if I feel a part of it has changed.
Would give this 5 star, but knocking one for invalid promo. PRODUCT REVIEW:I think this steamer is great, bought frozen dim sum in bulk and was able to enjoy it two days in a row using these steamers (used them stacked). The pads that these come with was definitely a very nice touch and made steaming har gow really easy (and not stick). Would definitely recommend!I have to knock a star because the package came with a promotional card; the card tells you to visit their website to enter a giveaway, but their website does not work and throws `DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN` when I try to visit it on google chrome.
Ease of cleaning. After heart surgery, my son gifted me with the purchase of this item for Mother’s Day last year. I’m on a restrictive diet. After using it for a time, I wanted to gift one to myself to continue healthy eating. I can now cook veggies and my fish separately. I have a stainless steel steamer as well but prefer the bamboo steamer. No particular reason – I just do.The cotton liners are a plus and allow me the ease of cleaning after a meal. I set a timer and my steamed veggies turn out perfect every time.
Initial impressions are great. I’ve only really given the product a single test since buying it, but the test went well. The seller sent a friendly note requesting feedback, so while this review has yet to stand the test of time, here are my initial impressions:I obtained this steamer basket to help make steamed dumplings; prior to this point I was using a metal steamer insert to my pot which tended to stick to the pot stickers.The kit comes with two cooking trays and one lid, so for the first test, I tried a double-decker arrangement. The baskets fit nicely over my standard-sized pot, and the product came with a set of small cloth liners to lay atop each bamboo cooker. It was necessary to rotate the positions of the steamer baskets once to get an even cooking (upon which I discovered that over mittens, or at least a towel, would be preferable, especially where the copper fasteners are exposed, but otherwise the dumplings came out great and didn’t stick to the cloth.The kit came with several additional cloth liners as well as a small saucer for dumpling sauce, which I have yet to use.So far, I’m happy with the purchase, and eager to try out more things.
Great Purchase. This works exactly as intended. Love making steamed pork buns with it. Relatively easy to clean and consistently cooks food well. One thing to note is that you may have to turn the layers until they perfectly line up to get a perfect seal.
Bamboo Steamers. Love my bamboo steamer.I can do my frozen peas and carrots…and steam cook dry food to almost new
Could not stop the green bleed. Maybe I didn’t give the bamboo steamer enough time. I washed them three times. Then I did two practice steams. without food. There was a greenish / yellow bleed into the water. I am not sure if this was a natural plant color, or a die color, or worse. Who knows. There were no instructions. I decided not to take a risk. The unit look made very well. I ended up buying a stainless set from the big blue/yellow swedish home store. They sell similar ones on amazon. But I had to steam some fresh spotted trout and red snapper, so I couldn’t wait for an order to arrive. I prefer the stainless now that I have one as it will be much easier to clean (by hand or in dishwasher). The bamboo, upon reflection, will get food parts stuck everywhere.

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The handcrafted quality of this bamboo steamer basket makes it a compelling piece of cookware. This product’s durability is ensured by using sturdy materials and time-honored methods. Bamboo thread secures slats wide enough for full steam and tied by hand. Its lid is tightly woven with cross-dome reinforcement seals that trap heat efficiently and evenly cook food. 

Since it is made entirely of bamboo, it can be used in the microwave if desired. In addition, its depth of 2.5 inches allows for expansion and improved steam circulation. The set includes additional accessories such as two sets of chopsticks, a sauce dish, and ten round mesh liners. 

Key Features 
  • 10 Inch 
  • 2 Teir Construction 
  • Create Easy & Low Fat Meals 
  • Effective And Time-saving 
  • Helps Preserve Vitamins & Minerals 
  • All Inclusive For A Cooking Afficionado! 
  • Wide slats fastened with bamboo thread
  • Reinforced lid construction
  • Parts fit together nicely
  • Food can get stuck easily
  • Can be tough to clean

9. i-PLAYLOFT Premium 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer

Premium 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer – Two Tier Baskets – Dim Sum Dumpling & Bao Bun Chinese Food Steamers – Steam Baskets For Rice, Vegetables, Meat & Fish Included 2 Sets Chopsticks, 20 Liners & Sauce Dish


User reviews

Use it and clean it to the package directions. I bought the steamer for bao, mostly, and steamed dumplings. I also bought a spacer ring so I could use various pots to hold the water.I’ve steamed food in it a couple of times now, and it works great. The outside DOES get hot, but it doesn’t leak steam as bad as trying to use something that isn’t intended for steaming.The parchment paper inserts are nice, and the leaf shaped dish is cute though I don’t know if I’ll need it. The chopsticks are nice quality, better than restaurant handouts.Tips:1. Don’t let the food touch the side of the steamers unless you’ve got parchment around the sides too.2. Don’t put the food directly on the steamer, use a parchment paper insert for easy removal.3. Get one of the metal adapters so you can use any sort of pot to boil the water.4. After the food is removed, wash the steamer right away, especially if some of the food managed to stick to the steamer. Use a scrub brush, not a cloth, to get the stuck food off.5. Leave the steamer out on the counter overnight after it’s cleaned so it can dry thoroughly. Don’t put it all back together until it’s completely dry.My buns and dumplings came out great from this steamer, and I had no trouble getting stuck bread off the steamer because I cleaned it right away with a scrub brush.Also, for folks who complain about splinters, understand that these hand made items are not sanded. They use knives to gut the pieces of bamboo. So if you find a splinter, that’s just part of how the pieces are cut. Just trim it off and keep going. You can use a green scrubby pad in the first washing (before you cook with it the first time) to make sure there aren’t any little splinters waiting to grab you.And the pieces I got are not perfectly round–so sometimes I have to turn one piece relative to another piece to get them to fit together well for cooking and storing. Again, just the nature of being a handmade item.If splinters and natural variability bug you and you want manufactured perfection, go get a metal steamer. If you aren’t willing to hand wash and air dry before you put it in the cabinet, go get a stainless steel steamer. You’ll just be happier that way.I wasn’t sure if this standard size of steamer was going to be big enough for the batches of buns we cook for my family, but it did fine. We buy frozen buns from the Asian market nearby, in various shapes, sizes, and flavors, and they all did great.
Excellent product. This great bamboo steamer arrived in very good time and in perfect condition. I regret that it took me so long to write review. We were too busy cooking up a storm with this product. I also appreciate that it came with two pairs of high quality chopsticks and liners for the bottom of the basket.
A+ rating from a first time bamboo steamer user. I have previously used a metal steamer (I currently have a huge one) as well as a plastic microwave steamer basket. These both work great, but being unable to travel during the current pandemic, I found myself drawn to trying some new dishes with new preparation methods.Now obviously I could have used my big metal steamer set up, but it seemed to me that a good chunk of making certain dishes is in the preparation. Now I can’t always get the right ingredients. Prior to COVID19 this wasn’t an issue as my little town has some wonderful markets where you can purchase ingredients from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and other countries. But they don’t deliver right now, so I have to be a little creative here.So while some ingredients may have to be substituted, the basket seems like a key feature to me in the preparation. And it’s SO easy to use! Be sure to follow the directions which come with it and clean the basket before first using it. (Download the directions from the link which they provide.) Then it’s the fun part!So far I’ve only tried making steamed bok choy and steamed snow peas. I found recipes online which included some delicious sauces for the finished dishes. You can use the paper liners which come with the baskets to keep them clean while you’re steaming the food. Then you throw the liners away and let the baskets air dry. It’s that simple, and for me that’s way easier than my larger metal steamer which has to be washed and dried.Anyway, still early days, but I really like it. If you like to play with your food before you eat it, I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t like it just as well. 🙂
Good Product, Nice Gifts. The bamboo steamer is strong, nice and deep, with no glue or pain smell. Even though it doesn’t seem to seal very well, it doesn’t affect use. I didn’t have a 10″ pot, so I put the steamer in a big wok and a wet towel around the bottom of the steamer. My buns turn out to be very good.We like all the gifts we got, especially the chopsticks.
Perfect. Well made steamer, works perfectly.
This one is perfect. After all the many hours of research, I finally got what I wanted, and even better than expected! I love ❤️ this beautiful piece of craftsmanship (5 layers thick and constructed with real bamboo pegs)! It looks so solid and sturdy and comes really well packaged with extra goodies: Liners; two sets of very lovely, rustic, earthy chopsticks; a ceramic sauce dish; a link to tips and recipes AND the deeper version is terrific! I feel lucky to have scored this one! (The first choice had to be returned as it was unacceptable). Pay the few extra bucks! Still a great value!!!
Makes the perfect buns. I have had a few of these in the past and i use them more than a few times in a week. This steamer is amazing and is nice and deep for steaming veggies! My bao came out perfectly, the chop sticks that come with it are sturdy and there were 2 sets. My kids were excited and I was excited that they didnt have to argue over who got the new ones. It also arrived a week early (in the middle of a pandemic, its very impressive).
Has copper wiring. I haven’t tested the product because I was specifically looking for a basket of all bamboo construction, and when I opened the box I saw that this basket has copper wires on the side. I read that copper wiring has a risk of corrosion, so I will return this item.I also looked for bamboo steamers in local stores, but all of them had numerous splinters in the lid and in the bottom of the steamer. This steamer in comparison has much, much fewer splinters (only a few). Also the grid of the bamboo at the bottom is superior and would let in more steamIf not for the copper wires, I would have kept this steamer
Let me first start off by saying there are SO many different options to choose from. I’ve read countless articles, threads, and reviews and I still felt so unsure what bamboo steamer to buy. Eventually, I landed on this one and I couldn’t be happier! I purchased it as a gift and the person loved it. It came with two sets of chopsticks (not just throw-away wood ones) and a cute dipping sauce bowl shaped like a leaf. It also came with papers to lay inside the steamer that was pre-cut with holes.We’ve used the product a few times now and it’s a great size! Perfect to cook a full meal of a variety of items for 2-3 people. We cooked dumplings, rice in leaves, and steam buns and they all turned out great!One thing to note is that when you cook with a bamboo steamer you will smell, well, steamed bamboo. That said it does not affect the food you are cooking so don’t be alarmed!It was super simple to clean and we keep it in the box for safekeeping. All in all, highly recommend it!
I honestly thought these would be knock off baskets, but they’re the real deal. Very well made, and thick.
Exactly as expected!

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This bamboo steamer has excellent depth, making it ideal for steaming all types of foods, including rice. This product is designed to last a long time because it is made from a durable, stress-resistant material. It is a dependable option for those who wish to expand their cooking repertoire with reliable equipment! 

You’ll find that the steamer’s depth significantly reduces cooking times, as it improves heat distribution. This cookware is ideal for dishes like steamed wild striped bass because it cooks evenly and quickly. 

This comes with two sets of chopsticks, a sauce dish shaped like a leaf, and 20 wax paper liners. It is undeniably a versatile bamboo basket that allows for culinary experimentation. 

Key Features 
  • 10 Inch 
  • High Quality Design And Material 
  • Two Tier Baskets 
  • 2 Sets Chopsticks, 20 Liners 
  • Extra Depth
  • Durable and made to last
  • Wax liners aren’t good quality

10. Best Wood Steamer: Hcooker 2-Tier Wood Steamer with Double Stainless Steel Banding

Hcooker 2 Tier Kitchen Wood Steamer Basket for Asian Cooking Buns Dumplings Vegetables Fish Rice


User reviews

Wonderful. I love making steamed dumplings in this!!
Well made, but I purchased a size too big. I should have gone with a slightly smaller diameter for home cooking, but it does exactly what you’d expect and was solidly built.
Fits my 11” pan 👍. This is just the perfect size to sit in the top of my Staub everyday pan – I like it and have used it for dumplings and steamed fish.
Falls apart, cheaply made. I have had many bamboo steamers in my life, for some reason its really difficult to find quality made ones now. I tried this brand TWICE!. (My mistake there) I bought two different sizes and they have both fallen apart in only a couple of uses and both get mildew and mold after the first few uses. I know how to care for them, clean and dry. In addition to the poor craftsmanship, I don’t know why they are so susceptible to mold. (Of course its in the cracks etc, but there is alot of it and it comes out when heating it up) For something that is disposable, it’s better to just buy the cheapest you can find.
They do what they are made to do. Despite a minor issue with quality control during the manufacturing process which required a little bit of reassembly before use, they work great and are very easy to use.
Get what you pay for. Good steamer, does the job well. I was able to make home made dumplings, just need a steamer liner so it doesn’t stick. Would recommend!
Handmade. Homemade. Beautiful. It is worth it to me to pay a little for something handmade. This buy was exactly what I had hoped for. There aren’t any shortcuts, this is an authentic cultural masterpiece, that will elevate your dumpling experience.
Nice steamer & good service. Very little steam escape..good steamer..one of the tier crack after 1st use..I think the wood of that tier is too dry..cracked when it exposed to wet…it has nothing to do with workmanship…I think it is just the way it is when the steamer been in the warehouse for too long without any humidity control…service is great..a replacement is on the way with no extra costs.
Es justo igual a al foto, excelente tamaño el que he elegido, si no estás acostumbrado al principio la comida absorbe un poco del olor del bambú. La entrega fue muy tardía, pero valió la pena la espera, llego en buenas condiciones.
Ich habe das bestellt weil meinen alten Dampfer die ich von einem asiatischen Supermarkt gekauft habe nach 5 Jahren auseinander gegangen sind. Ich habe 3 Stufen plus Decke bestellt und die Lieferung kam in 2 separaten Paketen. Zwar wurden die nicht so toll wie Amazon Prime verpackt, das Produkt an sich ist perfekt. Es riecht auch schön nach Bambus, ich fühle mich gleich wie bei meinem Heimatstadt. Kann man nur weiterempfehlen.
Beau cuiseur-vapeur traditionnel en cèdre et bambou, fait-main à l’ancienne. Travail soigné, et ça se voit. J’avais acheté le modèle 30 cm, et sa qualité m’a fait acheter celui-ci. HCOOKER, c’est manifestement du sérieux. Et ils sont aimables !!
lovely steamer but I had to send it back for a smaller size. the 11 inch was very well made. I didn’t have a pot big enough to put it in. I would have been a great size for family or when making batches of steamed buns.
El artículo es hermoso y llegó en buenas condiciones.

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This sturdy product from Hcooker results from combining traditional and contemporary craftsmanship. The spruce wood finish gives the design a smoother and more refined appearance from a distance. Add to that the double-deck bamboo protected by an abrasion-resistant stainless-steel band. The band keeps the steamer in place and prevents them from catching fire or cracking. 

Others may prefer bamboo steamer baskets because metal steamer baskets may impart a metallic flavor to food. However, some restaurants use this wooden bamboo steamer for cooking and serving, so it may not be a significant concern. This prolongs its life and maintains the shape of your steamer. In addition, this set includes carbonized bamboo chopsticks and two washable cotton liners. 

Key Features 
  • Steaming envelopes foods in a hot, moist environment so it won’t dry out. Unlike boiling, natural juices, minerals and vitamins as well as color in foods are retained and not drained out in the sink. 
  • Steaming is also a very low-fat way to cook because you need very little or no oils. 
  • Food should not be placed directly in the wood steamer without a plate or parchment liner and allow at least 1- inch space between the sides of the plate and the sides of the steamer. 
  • Steel reinforcements protect fragile points
  • Doesn’t warp or split over time
  • Tight-fitting lids
  • Might be too small
  • More susceptible to mold
  • Added weight from steel bands

11. Best Style: Noble Nest Deluxe Bamboo Steamer Basket

Noble Nest Deluxe Bamboo Steamer Basket – Steamer for Cooking – Use as Dumpling Maker, Vegetable Steamer or Japanese Rice Cooker – Two Tiered 10" Steamer Basket


User reviews

Great steamer. I decided to go with noble nest because it seemed sturdy and great quality! And it didn’t disappoint! Very happy with my purchase! Highly recommended!
Functional & Beautiful. I was really excited when I found this steamer because I’ve been wanting one for some time. The steamer is sturdy, a great price, steams well, and looks beautiful. I’ve used it to steam frozen dumplings and they turned out great! I can’t wait to use it on some frozen baos next.I love that it’s made from bamboo and came with two reusable lines, making this a great sustainable piece. Since I have a small kitchen with not much storage space, I’m glad that it looks beautiful enough to display on my counter.Note: one of my sauce cups came broken, but it’s fine because the steamer works great!
Easy steaming. This bamboo steamer set was everything I never knew I needed! I love buying frozen XLBs and while it’s great to be able to microwave them in 2 minutes, steaming them for 8-10 minutes in these bamboo baskets made a world of difference. The dumplings are evenly cooked and the skin is a great texture every time. My only minor critique I have is that the baskets are pretty wiggly when stacked together, but it didn’t seem to affect the steaming of anything so it’s not a big deal. The extra goodies are a nice addition, as well. I highly recommend this set to anyone who loves dumplings! (Note: I received this complimentary product in exchange for a review, but these are my honest, unbiased thoughts.)
Good price and value. Good price, Works well and easy to use but no instructions and has a weird smell.
Steam in Style. I’ve used bamboo steamers before but decided to get this one from Noble Nest because I like the fact it had a stainless steel trim. The trim gave it a beautiful look and added an extra sturdy factor. Very easy to use and easy to clean. It also came with a washable liner which is a bonus!! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a healthy way to cook in style.
Perfect for one pot meals. Very nice quality. I make a one “pot” meal in this with precooked rice at the bottom, any veggies you like, and/or a protein if your choice, season and steam! I precut my veggies so prep is 5min and cook time is 20-25min depending on hardness of veggies. I add soy sauce or Japanese bbq sauce at the end. And serve with miso soup. 10inch is large enough for 2 people!
So happy with my purchase. This is more than I expected. Not only is the quality absolutely amazing. The price is the deal. You get two sets of chopsticks and two dishes with your set as well as an opportunity to get two more chopsticks and some holders. This is the most I’ve ever gotten for my money in the last I don’t know how long.
Great value and nice looking product. The product came quickly and was as advertised. I have previously bought a bamboo steam basket before, but this one is larger and came with a lot of accessories (2 pairs of chopsticks, 2 sauce bowls, 2 mats). I especially love the mats because they make cleaning so much easier. Usually when I steam dumplings, pieces would get stuck to the bottom of the basket, but with the mat, they came off perfectly.Overall, I am very happy with this and am glad it makes steaming so much easier! The stainless steel helps the baskets sit on top of each other more easily. The only negative I can think of is that the bamboo splintered slightly during the initial wash.
Worth the money! Great product, easy clean and did a wonderful job when I used it to cook edamame and dumplings. Definitely recommend! They also send complimentary chopsticks and rest when you email confirming your order! 🙂
I bought the bamboo steamer with the stainless steel rings. But it warped the bamboo and cracked it. I did not use it not the dishwasher only hand wash it. It did not last very. Lasted only 1 month. I would only use it after it dried off. Now they want more money for the same product and they will not cover the 90 day protection warranty. They would only give the refund if I send the product back to them.

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This deluxe steamer’s sleek design and quality craftsmanship are immediately apparent. It is made from a combination of bamboo and Japanese cedarwood; this cookware is elegant and durable. The addition of steel bandings also increases its durability. Cedarwood imparts a more subtle aroma to the food than bamboo, enhancing its flavor. 

With two levels and a standard 10-inch diameter, this dumpling steamer basket also includes reusable chopsticks, silicone liners, ceramic sauce dishes, and wooden tongs. It could be an excellent idea for a gift for your family and friends! 

Key Features 
  • Handmade and Sustainable 
  • 2 Tier Spacious Design 
  • Efficient And Time Saving 
  • All-inclusive Kit 
  • Elegant And Durable 
  • Healthy And Easy To Use 
  • Stainless steel rim protection
  • Elegant design
  • Free liners have no holes for ventilation (need to be poked)
  • Banding can be too hot for transportation
  • Manufacturing error in certain products' lids (some do not fit)

12. Best Budget-friendly: Yuho Asian Kitchen 6-Inch Bamboo Steamer Basket

Yuho Asian Kitchen 6 Inch Bamboo Steamer Basket, Individually Box, 2 Tiers & Lid, 10 Parchment Liners, Perfect For Steaming Dumplings, Vegetables, Meat, Fish, Rice (Holiday Gifts)


User reviews

New Favorite Kitchen Tool. I was skeptical buying this product because I have been doing a LOT of quarantine shopping and I has never used a steamer before. I had originally ordered a 12″ steamer, but it was too large for any of my pots, so I returned that one and got this one. It was really small, like smaller then that I had expected. See picture. It’s not a full 6 inches more like 5 1/2 inches. But, I still tried it out. It was easy to use. I used a sauce pan with 1 1/2 inches of water. I really enjoyed making dumplings and it really is my new favorite thing… I also just bought a pie pan so we’ll see how long this will last. Overall, this is a really good product and I enjoyed using the streamer. ONLY PROBLEM – there was ALOT of splinters in the wood on the sides but mainly in the lid but it was easy to pull off with my fingers.
Outstanding little steamer. I live alone and this steamer is perfect for me to make meals for myself. It is easy to clean and dries quickly. I am a happy customer.
Well made, sturdy steamer. Met my expectations.
Small but works very well. This little steamer is very cute and works very well – it is small, so just keep that in mind if you want to order. We made homemade dumplings and steamed them in this – it worked great, though I can’t say our dumplings turned out that great! Frozen dough next time.
Works great. I have not used yet, but all the pieces are there and it seems like good quality. Will update once I have used.:: update; used steamer and it worked like a dream. Love the precut parchment liners that come with it. Super convenient. However I did burn the bottom, I didn’t put enough water in and walked away. (Terrible idea) came back to the bottom was charred, but it’s still useable. Was able to fit 5-6 homemade pork buns in, depending on size.
Good and Bad. The media could not be loaded.  Easy to clean but after 10 uses it starts to worp or warp..not sure how to spell it, but it is bamboo so it chips. After quite a few uses the bamboo will completely unravel and break apart. Good product for dumpings and edamame! I’ll never go back to a microwave.
Mini Bamboo steamer. arrived on time – works really well , doesn’t hold much , fits in small pot good only for one person .
Good material. We use these in our restaurants. We have had them for three years. Just bought a few more because three years of abuse start showing.
Like the flexibility of using one or two steamers.
Very handy and makes dumplings well
Unfortunately what arrived is not what is pictured. The listing, and even the box, says it’s a three piece steamer, but only 1 steamer piece and lid arrived.
It makes me feel like 8% more important and interesting to steam things with bamboo.Highly recommend.
Great for cooking buns and other Chinese dishes

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The most affordable kit in this guide is this bamboo steamer set. It’s perfect for bamboo steamer beginners! The 6-inch variety is the least expensive but comes in various other sizes. 

Though inexpensive, it is made entirely of bamboo without any plastic, material, or wire components. It is an eco-friendly option that composts effectively. In addition, it comes with ten perforated steamer liners, so you don’t have to purchase additional items to steam buns or eggs! 

Key Features 
  • 6 Inch 
  • High Quality Bamboo 
  • 3 piece bamboo steamer set complete. 
  • Recyclable Eco gift box. 
  • Premium perforated parchment steaming papers. 
  • Easy To Use 
  • Ease of use
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Dries quickly
  • Made of natural materials
  • Not fit for heavy foods

How To Clean And Maintain Bamboo Steamer Properly

To clean and maintain a bamboo steamer properly, it is essential to: 

  • Rinse the steamer with warm water after each use.
  • Never immerse the steamer in water.
  • Store the steamer in a dry place when not in use.
  • Periodically wipe down the steamer with a damp cloth.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning products on the steamer. 

If you follow these simple tips, your bamboo steamer will last many years! Best bamboo steamer for every purpose 

Best bamboo steamer for every purpose - FAQs

A bamboo steamer is a type of cooking utensil typically used in Chinese cuisine. It consists of a round, cylindrical container made of bamboo and a lid with holes in it. The steamer is placed over a wok or pot of simmering water, and the food to be cooked is placed in the steamer. The steam from the boiling water below cooks the food in the bamboo steamer. 

Bamboo steamers have several advantages over other types of cooking utensils. First, bamboo is a very porous material, which allows steam to circulate evenly and cook the food more evenly. Second, bamboo steamers are typically much cheaper than other types of steamers. Finally, bamboo steamers can be used multiple times and are easy to clean. 

Using a bamboo steamer is relatively simple. First, fill a wok or pot with water and bring it to a boil. Then, place the bamboo steamer on top of the wok or pot. Place the food to be cooked in the steamer, making sure that the holes in the lid are not covered. Cover the steamer with the lid and allow the steam to cook the food for the desired amount of time. When the food is cooked, remove the steamer from the heat and allow it to cool before removing the food. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when using a bamboo steamer. First, make sure that the wok or pot of water is large enough so that the steamer can fit on top without touching the water. Second, be careful not to overcook the food in the steamer, as it can become dried out and tough. Finally, when removing the steamer from the heat, be sure to use caution as the steam can be very hot. 


A bamboo steamer is a great way to cook food. It is simple to use and can be used to cook various foods. If you are looking for a way to cook healthier, then a bamboo steamer is a good option. 

There’s no doubt that bamboo steamers are a great way to cook healthy, delicious meals. But with so many different options on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. 

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best bamboo steamers for every budget. Whether you’re looking for a simple steamer to get started with or a more advanced model for advanced cooking, we’ve got you covered. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get steaming! 

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