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The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Blender With Glass Jar

A blender is a kitchen must-have. Whether you are whipping up a smoothie for breakfast or blending ingredients for a soup or sauce, a blender comes in handy.  

If you are in the market for a new blender, it is important to choose one that is durable and reliable. In this guide, we will discuss the best blenders with glass jars.  

We will help you figure out which blenders are worth your money and explain why a glass jar is the better option. Let us get started! 

Our Top Picks 

Advantages of having a top-quality blender with a glass jar 

Top-quality blenders are wonderful for making all sorts of tasty foods. They can completely break down ingredients into a smooth, drinkable form, that is much better than most other appliances can manage. There are many reasons to consider investing in one of these excellent kitchen tools.  

The following are just some of the advantages of owning a blender with a glass jar. 

  1. Easy to clean. Blenders with plastic jars can be difficult to wash properly since plastic is prone to holding onto staining and smells over time. Cleaning a glass jar is as easy as popping it in the dishwasher or rinsing it under running water. Plus, glass is a material that does not retain smells or stains.
  2. More durable than most other blender types. It may come as a surprise, but blenders with glass jars do not have to be replaced near as frequently as those with plastic jars do. Plastic can warp and crack over time, especially if exposed to heat or if the blender is accidentally dropped. Glass does not warp and can handle a lot of abuse.
  3. They let you see inside while you blend. While this may not be that important to some people, others like being able to see what is going on inside their blender while it is running. If nothing else, blenders with glass jars are great for making multi-colored drinks, since you can see the contents change color until it is completely blended into that beautiful smooth texture.
  4. More versatile than other blender types. Blenders with glass jars come equipped with tall and narrow containers, which allow them to handle a lot of different foods. You can make soup, sauces, juices, smoothies and even nut butter with a quality blender that has a glass jar. 

The above is just some of the advantages of owning a top-quality blender. The choice is up to you! 

Factors To Consider When Buying A Blender With Glass Jar 

When it comes to finding the best blender with a glass jar, there are a lot of factors to consider. What are your needs? What is your budget? How much time do you have to spend on upkeep?  

This guide will help you find the perfect blender for your needs, whether you are looking for something simple and easy to use or something that can handle more challenging tasks.  

So read on for all the information you need to find the best blender with a glass jar for your home. 


When you turn on the blender with the glass pitcher, what you want to hear is the ‘whir’ of food being chopped up, not the motor becoming stuck. If your preferred smoothie contains fibrous vegetables such as carrots, your blender with a glass jar must be up to the task.  

This requires a powerful motor (along with high-quality blades), which is why Oster models with 1000W motors and higher are highly regarded as the best for green smoothies. 

Jar capacity 

Consider who you will be making food or smoothies for in the future. This makes it simple to feed an entire family in one sitting or prepare smoothies for the week. Naturally, this is also an excellent option if you require one in a commercial setting, such as a restaurant. 

On the other hand, if this is for single servings and you prefer the taste of freshly made smoothies, a smaller unit is more convenient. Additionally, you can quickly bring it with you on vacation if you wish to maintain your health regimen. As previously stated, only pay for what you are sure you will use. 

Noise Level  

This is a function of both decibels and pitch. Most blenders on the market today range from about 80 dB to 100 dB. Some premium models come in at about 90 dB, but anything below 85 dB is quiet.  

High pitch noises can be more irritating than low pitch noises, but you may not notice a 10dB difference when comparing brands.  

Since noise level refers to decibels and pitch which are measured from the human ear’s perspective, blenders with glass jars tend to have better insulation which reduces noise even further. 


Some people are looking for something that is heavy because it can withstand constant use better than something lighter. Most blenders come in at about 6 lbs so I would not let weight be an issue unless you plan to use your blender 4+ times per day every day of the year. If this is the case, get yourself a Vitamix or Blendtec and thank me later ;). 

Controls/Speed Settings  

This does not apply to everyone, but it does matter if you are planning to make smoothies daily which require different speeds for crushing ice versus making fruit puree.  

It is not a big deal if you do not plan to use your blender multiple times per day, but if it is something you will be using several times per week, look for more than one speed setting at a minimum. 


This depends on how fancy (or clean freak) you are. If you like to spend 15 minutes cleaning fruit pulp out of the nooks and crannies of your blender, obviously go with a glass jar instead of plastic because their dishwasher is safe. 


If you find a well-known brand that has been around for a long time at an affordable price, chances are it will work as expected. In fact, most blenders in department stores will resemble generic models which manufacturers simply rebrand to make their products look better or different.  

There is nothing wrong with this as I mentioned above – Oster and Braun have long been staples in many homes across America. But if you can afford it without much consideration, go ahead and get a premium model since they will outlast the cheaper ones by a wide margin.  

There is one exception however: They might not come with a glass jar. If you want a premium blender but do not care too much about noise level, warranty length or customer service because you have the money to get one every couple of years anyway, go ahead and buy it even if it has a plastic jar. 


In case your blender fails or malfunctions during its warranty period, you want to know that it will be replaced or fixed free of charge by the manufacturer without too much inconvenience to you.  

Most manufacturers offer 1-year warranties on their products against defects in material and workmanship. This means that if something goes wrong after about a year owning your blender, they will fix or replace it without charging you for labor or parts.  

If you have a family member who likes to run blenders on high speed for 5+ minutes continuously, take this into consideration. 

10 Best Blenders With Glass Jar

You must choose the features ideal for you and your blending requirements to find the best blender with a glass jar. We advise you to search for a sturdy blender with a motor equivalent to a commercial blender, high-quality steel blades, and a glass pitcher.  

If you need to make large batches, pay special attention to the pitcher’s capacity and material quality. The best BPA-free blender for you might be one with a heating element or blades that spin quickly enough to heat by friction if you’re looking for a device that can handle hot liquids. The available accessories may also influence your decision.  

Some countertop blenders include practical features like a food processor, a set of single-serve cups with lids, or even a replacement blender glass jar. They are among the best blender varieties. 

1. Best Overall Blender with glass jar: Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender

Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender, 64 oz, Black


User reviews

Best blender ever. I bought one of these a few years ago and recently accidentally broke it. I’ve replaced it with a new one because I love it so much. It has a heat/Sauté function meaning you can cook soups from start to finish in the blender. It’s also amazing for smoothies and frozen breakfast fruit bowls. It also cleans itself, which is insanely amazing. One of the best kitchen products ever.
I make cat food from scratch and this fits the ticket. I like to make raw food from my cats (Note: I haven’t done bones in the blender and don’t plan to! Can’t buy replacement blades, you have to purchase a brand new carafe since it’s all attached so don’t dull them!) and it has taken an arduous 2 hour process with my old oster blender and me mostly cutting manually to about 30 minutes. Processes chicken thighs like a charm! Just make sure there’s ample water. Also have made soups in it and I really enjoy having the hot blender! I also love that it can wash itself and by using boiling water sterilize itself – extra important given the raw meat usage.CONS: Pretty heavy since it’s glass but nothing I can’t handle (145 lb lass who can only do 10 pushups lol).Can’t throw in the dishwasher and can’t submerge because of the heating element- be cautious.The rubber lip can get smelly if you do a lot of curry etc in there, I soak mine in vinegar frequently and it seems fine.CANT BUY REPLACEMENT BLADES, this sucker is all one piece so you break blades/glass/handle/heating element you have to buy a whole new carafe.Kinda loud? But it’s a blender what do you expect lolPROS: Glass carafe! Wont crack easily like the plastic ones.Self cleaning/sterilizing as long as you don’t mind getting any leftovers up top.Strong/powerful this thing gets the job done just as well as a vitamin in my opinionSet and forget! If you wanna do something you can leave itWarning jingle before it starts blending so it doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you when it’s on a program/self cleaning (If you’re making something hot it’ll rest and boil it before it blends and if it didn’t have this I fully think I would crap myself)Overall if you’re looking for a new blender, especially one with a glass carafe as that was important to me, I highly recommend! I love mine so far it’s a workhorse.
Love this. Great blender. It chews through anything in no time. I love the cleaning stale on it as well.
Awesome! This does everything it claims. I love this blender! I received a vitamix blender as a gift years ago. I loved the features it offered; however, I couldn’t justify paying $500+ for a blender. Sadly, I hated it; smoothies had ice chunks, regardless of what setting I used or how many times I ran the cycle, sauces weren’t as silky smooth as they should have been, and I just never thought heating something in the plastic jar was a good idea as I was trying to eat clean and didn’t like the idea of heating plastic so chemicals could possibly leech into my food. That blender sits in my storage unit collecting dust.Recently I was staying with a friend and had the opportunity to use her Ninja blender (I am not sure which model, but it was the kind with about 10 blades spaced up the center blending bar); it was great! As soon as I got home I opened the Amazon app in search of that blender and I found this beauty. I love that it had a glass jar and that it offered the heat setting; the only thing I was worried about was that it had the traditional blender set-up with the few blades at the very bottom of the jar, was this really going to be able to get things smooth? But, at a quarter of the price of the vitamix and free returns, I decided to give it a go as I had nothing to lose.This is a substantial appliance. It’s very solidly built (and a little heavy), so I cleared a spot on my counter for it so I wouldn’t have to schlep it around the kitchen from the cupboard to the counter. Having it out has also encouraged me to make healthier choices and use it more.Everything I have made so far, from smoothies, to soups and sauces have turned out perfectly. I was a little hesitant to invest over $100 on another blender, especially after the Vitamix experience, but after giving this a try, I have no regrets about my decision; it actually inspired me to order the ninja foodi air crisp pressure cooker, hopefully that will be as amazing as this blender.
Power. I was hesitant to buy this because I wanted it only for smoothies but I bought it for the power with ice and I am glad that I did. This is loud but if you’re crushing ice anything that’s going to do the job is going to be a bit louder than a food processor. It blends to a smoothie or frozen drink in under a minute and sometimes I even stop it short of the full time as it’s not needed. I have been making strawberry lemonade as well and blending the strawberries is simple and they’re completely smooth in under 30 seconds. I have been washing it by hand and have had no problems despite that it’s a single piece and heavy with the glass, but I wanted glass because I don’t need chemicals leeching into my food and I don’t trust plastic. The infuse option has worked fine as well. I haven’t cooked soup though, sorry. The only possible complaint is that the handle seems to move a little but I haven’t had any issues to date. I would recommend this if you are tired of buying cheap products and are always disappointed with their performance. This is hefty, beware, I would recommend leaving it on the counter because if it.

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This powerful blender’s internal heating element and 64-ounce glass pitcher make it equally adept at blending hot and cold mixtures. 

This chic glass jar blender is an excellent kitchen tool for home mixologists and gourmets. It has 1400 watts of power and an integrated 800-Watt heating element for hot soup and infused drinks. With Auto-IQ technology, it has 12 programmable settings to ensure smooth blending and chopping. Additionally, it has manual speed settings accessible from its attractive but somewhat complicated control panel. 

It includes a 64-ounce glass blender jar and a specially designed tamper to prevent jams and guarantee smooth blending. The lid prevents spilling and leaking, and there is sufficient blending power for simple ice-crushing and blended frozen fruit. 

Key Features 
  • Ninja Foodi Blender with Heat-iQ 
  • 64 oz. glass pitcher (56 oz. max cold liquid capacity) 
  • 1400-peak-watt motor and high speed blade for ice crushing 
  • 800-watt heating element for infused drinks and soups 
  • 12 Auto-iQ Programs 
  • Included Components: 25-recipe inspiration guide 
  • 12 Auto-iQ settings
  • 800W heating element for soups
  • High-quality 64-ounce jar
  • Not as many accessories as some blenders
  • Controls can be confusing

2. Instant Pot Ace Nova Cooking Blender

Instant Pot Ace Nova Cooking Blender, Hot and Cold, 9 One Touch Programs, 56 oz, 1000W


User reviews

Sturdy Blender. The media could not be loaded.  I really like this blender. It’s powerful enough for my needs, easy to use, not too loud (which is great because I live in an apartment), and simple to clean. I’ve used it to make all kinds of smoothies with seeds, greens, fresh fruit and frozen fruit and it does a perfect job of blending whatever I throw in it. No more chewing up seeds or unblended bits of kale. With my old blender I had to throw the leafy greens in with water or oat milk and blend that separately to ensure it was well blended and then throw in the other ingredients. While not a big deal it was an added step that I no longer have to do with this blender. Now I just toss everything in lightest to heaviest. Leafy greens, powders, and liquids first then the fresh or frozen fruit last andVoilà! Perfectly blended smoothie.I’ve also used it to make soup (a feature I never thought I’d use or need) and ended up falling even more in love with this thing. It was so easy and a little fun. I was short on time one night and threw in chicken stock, seasonings and herbs, and some roughly chopped left over veggies I had in the fridge like onion, carrot, and celery and then set it to the chunky soup preset and it was mixed, hot, and ready within 20 minutes! The “keep warm” function is awesome also because my sons always end up wanting seconds of everything so I just set it to keep warm and then when they’re done with their first bowl the rest of it is still hot and ready.Other cool details:-The base of the blender has a rubber bottom that keeps it from moving around too much while it’s blending.-The 3-in-1 tamper, measuring cup, and cleaning brush is a genius idea and extremely useful. Although, I wish the tamper was a bit longer.-The self clean function is so easy and fast.-The pitcher is thick glass which makes it feel very sturdy. Something to note though is that the pitcher itself is a little over 5 pounds so keep that in mind if you’re not wanting to lift something that heavy.After searching around and comparing the Ace Nova to the Ace Plus I went with the Nova as I didn’t think the differences between the two justified the higher price of the Ace Plus (especially with the Nova being on such a great sale around Black Friday). However, it took some serious searching to find a side by side comparison so to save you some time and hassle, here’s what I found:ACE NOVAWatts1000W blending 800W heatingSize56oz / 1.6 Litre PitcherWeight7.7 lbs / 3.5 kgsDimensionsin: 9.2L x 9.2W x 17HWarranty12 MonthsACE PLUSWatts1300W blending 800W heatingSize56oz / 1.6 LitresWeight11.7 lbs / 5.3 kgsDimensionsin: 9.2L x 9.2W x 17HWarranty12 Months**Both blenders come with the same accessories**- 3-in-1 tamper, measuring cup, and cleaning brush- Food safe strainer bag for filtering soy, nuts, rice, oats, or seeds for a smooth tasting beverage. The strainer bag is made with lint-free nylon material and is machine washable.Hope this helped!
Instant Pot Blender is a go. I use the Instant Pot Blender for soups – both chunky and creamy, milkshakes, smoothies, ice cream, iced tea, crushed ice — and that’s just the beginning. The more I use it, the more I discover. It’s sturdy and powerful, super easy to clean and affordable. If all you had was a stove and wanted one additional appliance — this would be it. I really like the Instant Pot brand appliances. In addition to this one, I also have an Instant Pot and the Vortex Air Fryer Oven and they do not disappoint – although I find the Instant Pot to have the biggest learning curve.UPDATED ADDITIONS: I have read some remarks about melting elements, overflow, cleaning issues, etc. I have had none of those issues come up yet. I do a fair amount of “hot” cooking in it. Granted, I‘be not made any but milks, so I can’t speak to that specifically. As for the overflow, I‘be had none of that either. If you make soups or the like, you may have to take more care when cleaning it and us e the brush or another brush that works for you, but I’ve yet to see any mold or anything like that. If you are having repeated types of issues, call Amazon. They may either be able to help with the issue or send a new replacement. Hopes this helps.
Yes, you do need this. Quite possibly the best present I’ve ever given myself. I need strict control over ingredients in my food. This blender lets me make nut milks, soups, and more from scratch. It’s easy to use & clean. I watched a few YouTube videos before I purchased that helped me see how it works & little quirks. For example, it doesn’t blend constantly in soup mode. And in clean mode you only need a small drop of soap. Also, if you don’t put the lid on, it won’t power up (great safety feature). & it’s a tad heavy if you have joint issues or RA. My favorite part is that I can put raw ingredients in it & cook them & puree them perfectly with just 1 appliance.
Powerhouse with an affordable price tag. After my Ninja’s engine burned up, I was looking for a new blender to make my breakfast smoothies. I particularly wanted a glass blender with self cleaning mode to make cleaning easier. (Plus I was over getting nicked by the Ninja blade while cleaning). I came across this, and was intrigued that it also made soup. It reminded me of a Vitamix without the hefty price.Overall I was pleasantly surprised with smoothie experience. The engine is strong but relatively quieter than my old blender. The presets make it convenient: 1 min 14 seconds on the smoothie setting and 48 seconds on cleaning mode. My smoothie comes out perfect each time. I haven’t tried making soup yet – will wait until the cooler season.I did read the reviews about the glass container being heavy. Knowing that going in, it didn’t bother me as much.I do appreciate that the blade doesn’t have to taken out of the container to clean. However, the container is a bit cumbersome to wash – hence one less star. The bottom portion cannot get wet. Also – my chia and flax seeds can get wedged into the nooks and crannies (those damn things stick to everything to begin with). The parts to pay special attention when cleaning is the gasket on the cap and the inside bottom portion of the glass. I can usually see at least 1 seed lodged in there… the brush doesn’t help much so I end up using my nail to dislodge it. Despite this inconvenience, I don’t regret the purchase.
Muy buena para hacer smoothies y frappés, el único “problema” 😵‍💫 es que hay que tener extremo cuidado al lavarla, para que no se moje de abajo por viene el motor junto con el vaso y se leva todo así,no como las licuadoras convencionales…
It is very strong and powerful.
Hace un excelente trabajo. La opción de sopa es súper práctica, le ponesa verdura que quieres y la hace sola. Las navajas tienen buen filo y la potencia es suficiente para dejar la comida hecha puré si así lo necesitas. Me falta usar las opciones para hacer leche de almendras. Un punto a considerar es que el vaso es bastante pesado pues no se desprende de la base. Tiene una opción de limpiado (básicamente licúa el agua con jabón) pero no siento que queda suficientemente limpia y de todas formas le debo dar una pasada a mano con cuidado porque la base NO se debe mojar. En fin, la recomiendo por el excelente trabajo que hace, pero no es la licuadora más práctica para personas mayores o con problemas de artritis.
This Instant Pot Blender is amazing. It does everything including cleaning itself! It is a marvel to watch it work. Very well built. Sturdy and especially love the glass pitcher/blender. Makes just about anything and you can choose between hot or cold.
Sin duda un producto sobresaliente. Hace sopas, licuados, smoothies, etc… rápida y sencilla de usar. La sopa queda deliciosa para caliente. Cocina al mismo tiempo que bate y licua.Es súper sencilla de lavar, le pones agua una gota de lavatrastes y con el botón de lavado esta lista en 40 seg. No es cierto que no puedes mojar el vaso de afuera, la única precaución es no sumergir la parte de abajo del vaso de licuado.Excelente producto . Mi familia la ama, se usa varias veces al día.

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This Instant Pot blender should be your top choice if you’re looking for the best blender with a glass jar and perhaps the best blender under $200. It is essentially the ideal blender for both professionals and novices. All the pre-configured one-touch cold blending programs justify the price. 

The Instant Ace Blender is not only great for cold blending and making smoothies but also for making hot soups and other dishes. Instant Pot manufactures exceptional blenders for professionals, and the Instant Pot Ace Blender is no exception. 

The blender base of the Instant Pot Ace features a 1300-watt motor. All the 1.74 horsepower’s are available for blending. It has slightly less power than the Ninja Foodi blender but is vastly superior in all other respects. 

This blender has a maximum speed of 26,500 RPM. In addition to a variety of cold blending programs, this Instant Pot blender offers several cold blending options. They include Soy Milk, Nut Milk (Nut Oat Milk), Rice Milk (for milking rice), Crushed Ice (ideal for making ice cream), Puree, Nut Butter, Hot Soup, Clean, and a smoothie mode. 

Overall, the durability of this Instant Pot Ace Blender is outstanding. And the included accessories are not inferior either. The only issue with the Instant Pot is its heating element. Contrary to popular belief, the heating element is far superior to blade friction when it comes to producing hot soup. However, it is poorly designed, and excessive use can cause the surrounding shaft to melt. That is undesirable. For a model that can really take a beating, the Kitchen Aide Blender with Glass Jar is a better option. 

Overall, the Instant Pot Ace Blender is suitable for both experts and amateurs. If you have $200 to spend on kitchenware, you can choose without consideration. 

Key Features 
  • Easily and quickly make smoothies, icy treats, nut butters, nut milk, oat milk, soy milk and rice milk. Or customize the cooking temperature for full control when cooking soups, purees, sauces, dips and even baby food. 
  • Automatically keeps food warm for up to 2 hours after hot blending 
  • Treat yourself: Easily make frozen treats, milkshakes, puddings, Frappuccinos, cake and brownie batter, pie dough and more 
  • Tasty Smoothies: Zip through ingredients with this powerhouse 25,000RPM 10-speed customizable countertop blender making smoothies nutritious and tasty 
  • The Smart Program for cleaning removes most food and residue from the pitcher and blades in under 60 seconds. Any leftover mess is easily scrubbed away with the included cleaning brush. 
  • Patio drinks to your home: Make marvelous margaritas and other frozen cocktails with the Crushed Ice program 
  • Hot Tasty Soups: Instant Pot Blenders give you thorough and even cooking with a hot heating element, unlike blade friction heating blenders 
  • Accessories included: Patented 3-in-1 food tamper, measuring cup & cleaning brush, and a food-safe, machine washable strainer bag for making soy, rice, oat, and nut milks. 120 volt 60 hertz power supply please check your voltage if not in North America 
  • Get inspired. Free Instant Pot app on iOS and Android devices is, loaded with hundreds of recipes for any cuisine to get you started. Millions of users provide support and guidance in the many Instant Pot online communities 
  • Powerful and smooth blending
  • Versatile functions
  • Nice Auto-Clean Cycle
  • Count-down timer
  • Can make hot soups too
  • Large on countertop
  • Need to take care to not fully submerge pitcher when cleaning
  • Blades not removable

3. Best for Green Smoothies: Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender, with 6-Cup Glass Jar, 7-Speed Settings and Brushed Stainless Steel/Black Finish – BVCB07-Z00-NP0


This convenient and smooth-running personal blender for smoothies and other frozen beverages is distinguished by a dishwasher-safe glass pitcher and reversible blades. 

The Duralast all-metal drive and stainless steel six-point blades on this relatively small blender promise durability and convenience in cleaning. Seven speeds, from low to high pulse, are available, and there is also the choice of custom programming settings for one-touch blending. This is convenient if you prefer to make smoothies and frozen drinks using your own recipes. 

Its 1000-watt motor provides sufficient power to crush ice. A reverse feature helps prevent jams when blending frozen fruit and preparing smoothies, margaritas, and other frozen drink recipes with ice cubes, nut butter, powders, and other ingredients. The glass jar is entirely dishwasher safe and holds 6 cups. 

Key Features 
  • 1000 power watts/ 600 blending watts. Cord length: 16 inches 
  • Pre-Programmed Smart Settings Technology takes the guesswork out of blending with easy, one-touch controls for expert results 
  • Dual Direction Blade Technology automatically moves stainless steel, 6-point blade in reverse to free jar of jam-ups. BPA-Free 
  • Crush Pro 6 Blade uses stainless steel, 6-point design to pulverize and chop with precision 
  • Oster 10 Year DURALAST All-Metal Drive Limited Warranty for lasting durability 
  • 7 Speeds from LOW to HIGH PULSE 
  • 6-Cup Boroclass Glass Jar is dishwasher safe for easy clean up 
  • 2-ounce filler cap has built in markings to measure and pour ingredients while blending 
  • Dual-directional rotation helps avoid jams
  • 6-cup glass pitcher
  • Pre-programmed smart settings allow for one-touch blending
  • Power cord shorter than most at only 16 inches
  • Not the quietest blender

4. Best for Hard Foods: JOYOUNG P552U Blender

JOYOUNG Blender 28,000RPM Blenders for Kitchen with LED Touchscreen Glass Blender 1200W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies 60 oz Smoothie Blender with 8 Presets


User reviews

Great so far. I have had this one day, so understandably I cannot review the reliability yet. However, there are some things I want to mentioned that others have had criticism about.First, the blender is very nice, 1,000x better than the nutribullet I was using. My smoothies taste amazing (using speed 1-3) and dont spoil at all it seems like with the nutribullet; was amazing really to see that. If I blend with the nutribullet, if it sits out for like 30 minutes or longer, it starts to taste terrible. With this, I had it out for about an hour, and tasted as smooth as when I first made it.One or more reviewers have complained about mold or junk between the seal and glass. Well, the bottom unscrews, and quite easily (for me at least). I turned it upside, unscrewed the bottom plate, kept it upside down, and slowly, with constant pressure, unscrewed the bottom. The seal and blade come right out and can be cleaned. I would caution you to not use a lot of force and keep the force you are applying as tangential as possible. It would be a good idea to not do this in the kitchen over tile or the sink where if it slips, it might break. If you lack the strength or dexterity, ask someone. In any case, this is not an issue for me, and once I was done inspecting, I tightened it back up and used it with no leaking. I will also check periodically that it has remained tight.The lid is okay, no complaints yet. I like I can unlock with just the thumb while holding it in the same hand. The time to cleanup is about the same as with the nutribullet; with the latter, I removed the gasket every time and clean it, the blade/plastic housing, and cup. With the Joyoung, I give it a good prewash, then use the clean cycle and place upside down in the dishwasher to air dry. No more pulling gaskets every time, yay. Cycling through the different modes using a single button is unfortunate, they had to keep costs down, but it’s not a deal breaker, and after a few days you hardly notice the difference.Also, someone had a video with it smoking. Maybe a defective unit, but possibly user error; with these types of videos, you never know. In any case, this can happen when you press the pulse button rapidly off/on/off/on. The controls aren’t meant for rapid switching; not many are, blender, food processor, they can all burn out across many different brands. If you’re running it a long time, you can pull the pitcher off and touch the metal drive shaft on the base (be careful though). If it is hot to the touch, give it a break. If a 30-second blend has it scorching hot, there is a problem. I have run it once so far for 30 seconds, was not hot at all, just warm, so it doesn’t seem to be poorly designed (thus far). I will update after 6 months. I will be using this daily, so will have some good data by then.
BUY IT. This blender is the BEST! It’s super powerful, fast, large, and glass! I love the stir stick it comes with and that it’s long enough to scrap and move stuff around if you need but not too long that it doesn’t touch the blades so you can use the stick while it’s running. The buttons look all touch screen but they aren’t, you keep tapping “menu” to move across the screen then hit “start” to select a setting. It’s nice that there’s no buttons so it’s easy to clean, just wipe it right off.. and it looks fancy haha. I have been making tons of smoothies since purchasing this (I used to never make them at home, always bought them because our blender sucked!) I just love using this thing! Such great quality for the price! 10/10 would recommend!
Incredible. Very powerful and very easy to use. The larger size is perfect. Difficult to find good GLASS blenders but this one is perfect. It’s one large piece (does not come apart) yet it’s easy to clean. Highly recommend this blender.
Powerful Blender. I was skeptical of this brand because I wasn’t familiar with it, but I love this blender. It’s heavy, but it stays very secure on my countertop and is super powerful. I like the cleaning function, especially since I don’t have a dishwasher so I have to hand wash this mostly every day. It’s very loud, but that doesn’t matter to me since I live alone.I would buy this again without hesitation
Not that great of a blender get the multi blade Ninja. It makes a lot of noise with all those beeps to get through the menu. It’s not very beefy at all as far as ice crushing power which is why I bought it just saying. It would be great if it had the 6 blade insert like the Ninja. It takes a second to get the menu down after serval beeps you get to you desired selection. Then it beeps three times again to let you know it’s done. Hello! Like I couldn’t tell as it stopped because it wasn’t so god awful loud? lol. Honestly it’s loud, has a crazy menu, the pitcher is very heavy (especially for someone like me with bad hands) other than that it works pretty good not great. 6 outta 10
Very pleased with purchase. I chose this blender specifically because it has a glass jar. I use a blender every day and have concerns about the endocrine disruption caused by use of plastic, especially when heated, even the Triton plastic in my Blendtec jars. Now I just use the smaller Blendtec twister jar for nut butter, and the Joyoung blender for everything else. It has enough power for nut butter, but I don’t want to add any oil, and at the thick paste stage, it sticks to the bottom of the jar, and there isn’t any mechanism to move it back into the blades like there is in the Blendtec twister jar, which is also smaller. A smaller size helps with nut butters. Aside from that, the Joyoung blends everything else very well. One of the keys to it’s success is the blending stick which keeps the contents moving when necessary. But it can’t reach far enough down to move the nut paste. Nevertheless, I am very pleased with this blender and recommend it highly.

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The JOYOUNG P552U Blender has an LED touch feature for ease of use. The blender will still give you the best performance even if you only lightly touch it. This blender has a 12000-watt motor that spins at about 28,000 RPMs, sufficient to provide a smooth end product even when the ingredients are harsh. It also has six blades made of 301 stainless steel, which enables it to produce anything from simple smoothies to delectable soups. It also has a 60-ounce capacity to serve up to four people. 

This expert blender has a glass jar, which makes it sturdy. Compared to plastic, this material is also more scratch-resistant, making the equipment suitable for blending your baby’s food. In addition, glass is dishwasher safe and much simpler to clean.  

A specially made tamper is included with the blender to assist you in bringing ingredients closer to the blades as you blend them for a smooth and evenly blended result. As a result, you don’t need to stop the machine whenever you want to remove ingredients that have stuck to the blender jug’s walls.  

Finally, there are eight pre-programs included with the Joyoung P552U blender. These programs are made to assist you in making various foods, such as butter and smoothies, to your preferences. 

Key Features 
  • Enjoy Being Healthy with Joyoung smoothy blender machine 
  • Unique extra thin base with Powerful motor, 28,000RPM 
  • 8 preprograms for Ice Crush, Ice Cream, Smoothie, Extract, Soup, Sauce, Nut Butter, Self-Cleaning 
  • HBG glass pitcher is BPA free and long-lasting 
  • Glass jar and tamper are dishwasher safe totally 
  • It can crush hard foods
  • Easy to clean
  • Quite affordable
  • Powerful motor
  • Good-looking
  • It comes with a short cord, and you may need an extension
  • The blender produces a loud beep for everything
  • Quite heavy

5. Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender with Glass Jar

Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender with Glass Jar, Black


This retro-styled Oster blender is practical and long-lasting, with simple, easy-to-use controls and a small, counter-friendly form. 

Suppose you’re looking for the best glass jar blender 2020 offers. In that case, this Oster countertop blender with glass jars has a retro-inspired “beehive” shape, straightforward, easy-to-use controls, and proven durability. It has stainless steel blades for reliable blending and a heavy-duty metal drive gear coupling. 

This appliance is suitable for most kitchen counters at under 16 inches tall with its 6-cup glass pitcher. It effortlessly blends frozen fruit, ice cream, shakes, peanut butter, dates, dry powders, and other complex food ingredients for delectable smoothies and shakes. It is rated for a lifetime of 10,000 smoothies. 

Key Features 
  • 700 power watts/450 blending watts 
  • Crush Pro 4 Blade uses stainless steel, 4 point design to pulverize and chop with precision 
  • Oster 10 Year DURALAST All Metal Drive Limited Warranty for lasting durability 
  • 16 Speeds from PULSE to PUREE. BPA Free 
  • 5 Cup Boroclass Glass Jar is dishwasher safe for easy clean up 
  • 2 ounce filler cap has built in markings to measure and pour ingredients while blending 
  • Faceplate design may vary 
  • Durable drive system with metal gears
  • Thermal shock-tested glass pitcher
  • Variable speed control for perfect smoothie textures
  • Lacks programmed options
  • At 600 Watts, not the most high powered blender on the market

6. KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender with Glass Blender Jar

KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender RKSB1570MC, 56-Ounce, Metalic Chrome (Renewed)


This handy countertop blender is powerful enough to mix nut butter, bulletproof coffee, and other blended hot drinks, even though it may not be the most powerful blender available. It has a die-cast metal motor base that gives it a substantial, high-end feel, a 48-ounce dishwasher-safe glass jar, coated high-strength steel blades, and a steel-reinforced coupler with extra quiet bearings. 

This push-button 5-speed blender is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive blenders for milkshakes, protein shakes, and ice-blended coffee drinks, thanks to its selection of one-touch blend settings and straightforward controls. 

This model is unique in that it is also very straightforward. One-touch blending is possible thanks to an intuitive and attractive push-button interface. It also has pre-programmed settings for shakes, smoothies, and ice-crushing. 

Key Features 
  • 48-ounce Blend and Serve Pitcher 
  • 5 Speeds 
  • Exceptional Blending System 
  • Patented stainless steel blade is positioned on four different planes for fast, thorough blending. 
  • Stay-Put Lid w/Ingredient Cup 
  • Velocity feature automatically adjusts
  • Steel-reinforced coupler adds durability and quietness
  • Clean touch control panel wipes down easily
  • Less powerful motor than with some professional blenders
  • Pitcher only holds 48 oz

7. Best Value: Hamilton Beach 54221 Wave Crusher Blender

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender with 40 Oz Glass Jar and 14 Functions for Puree, Ice Crush, Shakes and Smoothies, Stainless Steel (54221)


User reviews

Great blender. Easy to use and works pretty well. It does struggle a bit with very frozen items (starts to smell electric if I leave it blending for +10 sec) but it does the job. Noise is quite loud. Very easy to take apart and clean.
Even my husband is in love with my blender. The media could not be loaded.  I am very in love with this blender. Even my husband and my 10 and 13-year-old boys are too. Its easy to clean: it have a clean setting, its very affordable, easy to use, multiple functions such as smoothie, salsa, ice drink etc., nice heavy glass jar, easy to pull apart and assemble. So far I’m very happy with no complaints. It’s working for me!
Totally decent, not quite amazing. After reading some of the reviews here, I figured this was the best blender without making a significant investment–and it turned out pretty true. While not an absolutely incredible blender, it gets the job done and at the right price. After owning and using it regularly for about a month now, I feel familiar enough with it to give it a review.The jar is glass, and seems sturdy–the blade assembly at the bottom comes apart for easy cleaning. The ‘wave’ refers to indentations in the glass on each side so the shape is less like a cylinder, making ingredients mix together a little better–and it seems to work, powdery/ground-up ingredients get evenly dispersed throughout.The cap is made of a reasonably flexible plastic. Other complaints that it’s hard to remove are well-founded, but if you know what to expect, it’s really not bad at all (for example, from the reviews, I assumed it to be a massive pain, when, in fact, it’s only a minor inconvenience). The pour spout is very convenient and works well if you’re afraid of spilling anything while fighting to get the cap off–and it does stick on there pretty good–and I’ve yet to have any leakage, even when blending large amounts (a hot tomato bisque filled nearly to the brim didn’t leak at all–phew). I’ve also found that holding the handle and using that thumb to lever up the tab usually gets the lid off without much fuss.The blender itself is pretty loud, I think, movies/music/etc. have to be paused if it’s nearby. There are 8 buttons implying 8 different speeds, but on my unit (maybe it’s broken?) there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the first 4 and last 4 buttons–that is, it seems to be 2 speeds, with the first 4 buttons all being low-speed, and the last 4 buttons being high speed. It still works more than fine, but I could see it causing problems if blending thicker items that need more incremental speed increases. The furthest left and furthest right buttons are pulse buttons–nice to have that in 2 different speeds on a blender at in this price range. Minimal ‘hot electric’ smell after running at a higher speed for about 30-40 seconds, but chews up ice and frozen fruits (from strawberries to broken-in-half bananas), so really what more can you ask for at this cost?
Sturdy unit that seems to work well. At first, I disliked how the lid fits on the blending jar. The lid goes on the outside of the jar, requiring special effort to apply and remove. I thought that the screw-on base could have been sturdier. The unit turned on when I plugged it in, a potential safety issue. The buttons could all be replaced with a single switch and a speed dial.Now, for the good news – the unit overall is sturdy and seems to work well. It’s a blender, not magic. The cleanup is simple and easy, unlike some others. The price was right, and I’m pretty happy with it. Sturdy thick jar.
Wonderful. This blender does everything it should…blending, chopping, grinding ice cubes, frozen blue berries, ect…I love it and it has a beautiful sturdy glass jar.
Love it. I love my blender. Works great for smoothies and anything else you need to use it for. Crush his ice easily and doesn’t sound like I’m down here. Grind and bones like my other product did. It works great. It’s dirty, very durable. A highly recommended packed. Really well thank you amazon love you.
Nice Blender with Plenty of Power – Easy to Clean. I recently decided to try a vegetarian diet so it was a given I would need a blender to mix up some protein based drinks. I am not sure I will be staying a vegetarian so I did not want to spend $50 or more for a blender since I never needed one before now. Seems like the big factor is whether or not a blender can chop ice. Well this is not a factor for me since I have issues with brain freeze when just taking even a small sip of any slushy type drinks. That made it easier in my mind to go with a less expensive model. Based on the power it seems to have, I suspect it would chop ice just fine, but have not tried it and probably never will.That said, it has real good power and mixes up pretty much anything I put in it with no problem. So far that has been fresh fruit, veggies, soy based milks and various powders – nothing very challenging I suppose. I wanted a blender with a glass jar and this one has a very heavy thick glass jar with a very snug fitting top. I really like the flip open spout on the top too – it’s very convenient. I usually mix a blender full of whatever, pour a glass…then put the jar in the fridge to store what is left. The 40 oz size is perfect for my needs and I like that it’s shorter and more compact looking.I hand wash my dishes so to clean it I fill it with soapy water, put the top on and shake it to loosen up what is stuck to the sides. I finish the job with a long handled cleaning brush I have and I’m good to go. Doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to get it real clean – which is one reason I wanted a model with a glass jar. I have had plastic blenders in the past and the are just not as easy to clean and eventually get scratched and opaque looking, especially if you put them in a dishwasher. It’s not super quiet I guess. I imagine higher end models might be quieter, but that is not a factor for me…hey it’s a blender and they make noise. End of story.The only negative I would point out are the buttons on the front are a little cheap feeling so not sure how well they will hold up over time. I suppose that is expected for a blender at this price point. But IMO the heavy glass jar and super tight fitting top are more important features. Plus I could buy two or three of these blenders for the price of one of the higher end models. I only use it once or twice a week so it will probably last me a long time.Overall I am very pleased with this purchase and can recommend this blender for anyone who has similar needs and usage requirements.
Worth every penny. It works well, easy to clean and blends in well with my kitchen.
Le falta potencia aunque el vaso es de muy buena calidad
I needed a blender for smoothies as my Magic Bullet wasn’t big enough for some of my recipes. I didn’t want to spend more than $100 and definitely not $600 on a VitaMix and was beginning to despair when I stumbled across this product. It was exactly what I wanted at a very good price – $50. It does exactly what it says it does. Makes great smoothies. I love the wave action and the ice crushing capabilities. Definitely recommended.
Amazing wave crusher, from each and every angle it is a great machine, enjoying the smoothies milkshake etc
The jar is of pure glass and too heavy. Nowhere its clear from the description and details of the product.I opted to return the same.
Es súper funcional y práctica, además de que es muy bonita y licua a la perfección, el hielo lo tritura muy bien

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The Hamilton Beach 54221 blender with glass jars is a good option if you want one but don’t want to spend a lot of money. You can get a 700-watt blender with a 40-ounce pot that can handle ice, smoothies, or milkshakes.  

Does it occasionally need assistance in blending if you overfill it with ice or frozen fruit? Yes, but considering how little you paid for it, you probably won’t mind taking a little longer with this blender.  

The lid can be difficult to remove for some users, but this almost seems like a problem you’d want in your blender since you can be sure your smoothie won’t end up on the ceiling. For the price, this appliance is a good blender. 

Key Features 
  • Powerful ice crushing with patented Ice Sabre blades 
  • All the power you need to: mix, puree, dice, crush ice, and more 
  • Patented Wave~Action system for smooth results without stirring 
  • 14 blending functions 
  • Durable motor – life-tested to blend 8,000 frozen drinks 
  • Super-affordable
  • 700-watt motor does a fair job blending
  • Struggles a bit with large frozen fruit
  • Lid can be hard to get off

8. BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade Blender with 6-Cup Glass Jar

BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush Digital Blender with Quiet Technology, Stainless Steel, BL1300DG-T


User reviews

Fantastic Blender. I tried a few different blenders before I decided on this one. the first was the Ninja BN751 Professional Plus DUO Bender, 1400. Don’t get me wrong, it does a great job at blending, actually better than this one. The issue I had with that was the build quality so I returned.The Black and decker Blender on the other hand was a close second. Its 3/4 the cost, excellent build, solid glass jab yet not heavy. It’s very easy to clean. You can easily remove the blade buy you really don’t have to it’s that easy. Even with peanuts butter it’s fast. One nice thing, it does a wonderful job crushing pistachios, other nuts and ice. Actually, ice you can turn into a fine powder if you do maybe a cup at a time. I guess you can do more, but not sure. Smoothies come out great too. The noise level, being honest, for the people that reviewed this and said it was noisy, one of two things….they are not realistic, or never owned a blender; no blender is going to be silent. However, for a blender it’s very quietMy only complaint is if making a smoothie frozen bananas for some reason don’t wanna break up fully there’s a little chunkiness, but very minor. Regular ones not frozen are perfect, The other issue is the 3 end buttons. The manual does not say what is what. I’m thinking the one to the far right is for a smoothie and left is a juice. The lid is a tad tight but minor.I say get this. It’s not worth $180 but if this was $90 I would definitely say worth it. The best news is it’s under $70 so if you get it you will be happy. Jove it and use it 2-3x a day.
Best blender I have ever bought. This is a super sturdy, reasonably quiet blender. We tried a variety of other kinds, including a pricy blender with a fancy sound cover. This is the quietest one we have had. It is well made and blends everything we use it for easily.
Great Blender. The Black and Decker Power Crush Blender is an absolute kitchen powerhouse, and I can’t say enough good things about it. This blender has become an essential part of my daily routine, and here’s why:First, the Power Crush Blender lives up to its name with its impressive motor power. It effortlessly crushes ice, blends smoothies, and purees soups to perfection. No task seems too daunting for this machine, making it versatile for a wide range of culinary needs.The blending jar is not only durable but also generously sized, allowing me to make large batches of my favorite recipes. The innovative design of the lid with a pour spout is a thoughtful touch that eliminates messes while serving.What truly sets this blender apart is the 4-tip QuadPro Blade Technology. It ensures even blending, making my smoothies, sauces, and soups consistently smooth and lump-free. The variable speed settings and pulse feature provide precise control, which is essential for achieving the desired texture.Cleaning is a breeze, thanks to the removable parts that are dishwasher-safe. The sleek and modern design also adds a touch of sophistication to my kitchen.In summary, the Black and Decker Power Crush Blender is a top-notch kitchen appliance that delivers both power and convenience. It has made my cooking and meal prep more efficient and enjoyable. I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a reliable and high-performance blender.
Fantastic blender. So many newer blenders in this price range do not liquefy kale and greens. This one does.Great speeds to manage all blending needs. This is a fantastic, smart blender with an automatic pulse function that aids in liquefaction.Love it!
Worked like a charm, at first. I purchased this in part because I hate the loud noise of so many blenders and didn’t want to break the bank. First use or two, it was great. Solid glass jar, quieter than most. However, next time I used it, it started to vibrate and was quite loud. Now, at any setting but the lowest, it is ear shattering. If I hold the carafe firmly down, I can deaden the sound somewhat. On top of that, additions, such as garlic for a sauce, don’t even get chopped up. I had to strain them out and cut them up. On the hunt for another blender, that blends with a reasonable level of noise.
much quieter than my old one. I have only used it once but huge difference in the noise compared to my old Hamilton. Plus i like the single serve option because i was always throwing away half of my smoothies. smooth and blended in 20-30 seconds.
5-Stars! Great noise level. I suspect there’s a lot at play in the top 100 rankings of blenders on Amazon. Ninja, Vitamix, those all market themselves well and have influencers shill the heck out of them. But this one collects dust on the shelves when in reality it’s likely the answer to everyone’s needs.Oh, and it doesn’t smell like burning plastic like another $20 top-5 blender on the market.As far as noise goes, it is the ONLY — I repeat, ONLY — blender to date that we’ve had over 1.5 decades that doesn’t raise the ears of our cats (or make us shutter in pain when on level 2.) Obviously the more solid, frozen items you include in your drink, the louder the noise will be; however, with sufficient liquid and a handful of frozen strawberries, this thing more than capably blended on level one.I couldn’t be happier.
Blade attachment broken. The blade attachment where it syncs with the blender was messed up right out of the box. Contacted customer support and they sent a new one out right away. When using this blender, it is loud – like an out of balance vibration plastic rattle. Not too bad though.Otherwise this is a really nice unit. The preprogrammed settings are nice and varies the speed and timing of the blade. Crushes ice with ease.
Perfect blender for me as all I wanted was less noise and to do my protein shakes every am! Does the job well and is quieter (not a lot) than the shake only blender I was using before. Not sure how it would perform on heavier jobs like making peanut butter etc
Tiene un muy bien tamaño, se siente una fabricación sólida, los botones son fáciles de presionar, las aspas también se quitan muy fácil para permitir un lavado correcto, una vez colocadas en el vaso son muy firmes. He triturado hielo sin problemas, no hay botones que se traben, lo mejor es que es considerablemente silenciosa comparada con otros modelos.
Me encantó esta compra, se ve muy elegante, funciona bastante bien y después de casi un año de la compra sigue en muy buen estado
Way quieter than the ninja pro we had, and possibly the best priced quiet blender on the market.
Nice, but not very quiet.

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Although it lacks high-end features like programmable modes and an LCD screen, this high-quality blender is excellent at blending chia seeds, chopped frozen fruit, protein powders, nut butter, and other smoothie ingredients. It also does a great job of crushing ice. The glass pitcher is heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, and it can hold 6 cups or 48 ounces of liquid. 

This straightforward blender, with push-button controls and a manual pulse mode, creates incredibly smooth frozen drinks without stirring. A 1-oz measuring cup is also included and integrated into the lid. 

This blender features a pulse mode and 12-speed settings with straightforward manual controls. If you’re looking for the best blender for smoothies and milkshakes, the pitcher’s design, which helps channel ingredients toward the blades for smooth and even textures, makes it a solid choice among this type of glass jar blender. 

Key Features 
  • 12 Speeds + Pulse – Find the perfect blending power for everything from sauces to smoothies with 12 speed settings. The pulse function lets you create the perfect consistency 
  • 6-cup Glass Jar – The durable 6-cup (48oz.) glass jar is designed to increase blending efficiency. Its thick walls allow for safe blending of hot soups and more 
  • 550W Power – Tough blending is no match for the powerful motor inside this blender 
  • FusionBlade – The stainless steel FusionBlade is designed to quickly crush ice and evenly blend soups and smoothies. The shape of the jar helps to create a constant flow straight to the blade so food is blended as quickly as possible 
  • Dishwasher-Safe Parts – All removable parts are dishwasher-safe for fast and easy cleanup 
  • Slip-Resistant Rubber Feet – The powerful blender stays in place thanks to the strong rubber grips 
  • Cord Storage – The convenient cord wrap within the unit makes for easy storage 
  • 1-oz. Lid Insert – The clear lid insert lets you drizzle in oil or other liquids during blending, and it doubles as a 1-oz. measuring cup for making blended mixed drinks 
  • Unique pitcher shape improves consistency
  • Dishwasher-safe jar
  • 12 speeds for different recipe types
  • Less powerful motor than some professional blenders
  • No programmable options

9. Best Value: Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender with Glass Jars

Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender to Puree – Crush Ice – and Make Shakes and Smoothies – 40 Oz Glass Jar – 12 Functions – Black and Stainless,8.66 x 6.5 x 14.69 inches


User reviews

Great value. This blender works so much better than I was anticipating. Great for smoothies, milkshakes and really anything that needs to be blended to a purée consistency. The food processing features are not great, so don’t get it for that.
I’m stunned. We are all familiar with the visual of the crotchety, old man shouting at cars driving 3 mph over the speed limit in his neighborhood. When we see him we may think to ourselves, “Geeze guy, settle down, you’re going to pull something…” before it dawns on us that before long, WE will be that crotchety old man or woman. For me anyway, there is this realization that given how jaded I already am at 35 about all of life’s little annoyances that full-on crochetyness is an inevitability…and that it isn’t all that far off.What makes me particularly salty are all the CRAP products out there that CRAP OUT on you before they should. When did it become a bleeping foregone conclusion that 80% of consumer products will turn to worthless CRAP in mere months? $200 for this? CRAP in a heartbeat. $120 for that? Yep, turned to CRAP in lightning speed. Sure, the more you spend the lesser the probability the product will be CRAP but there is no hard and fast rule where “you spend X and you’re guaranteed to avoid CRAP.” It’s a poor commentary on the whole human race in my opinion…but I digress.Every so often however, in the midst of thousands upon thousands of CRAP products here and CRAP products there, you come across a gem. THIS BLENDER, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, IS THAT GEM. I think I paid $29 for this thing when I bought it a few months ago. I figured meh…I can either spend $29 and get a CRAP blender or $100 and get CRAP blender like I’ve historically done in the past…so I decided to go the cheap CRAP option. You can imagine my surprise and utter delight when this beast turned out to NOT be CRAP…but a ray of light and hope in a dark, dark CRAP consumer-product world.I use this blender virtually every night and I’m not easy on it. I jam a lot of frozen fruit down it’s gullet before slamming the puree button without remorse and it gobbles the frozen fruit like Joey Chestnut gobbles hotdogs on the Fourth of July. It’s incredible. I love this blender. I LOVE IT. And to have paid $29 bucks for this thing?! You kiddin me?! Unreal!Despite relying upon reviews, I seldom write them because I’m a busy guy…and that is something I feel badly about. But this freaking blender… I couldn’t NOT write a review. So I hope it helps you make the decision to buy this thing…and I hope when you buy it and start loving it like I do…that it helps you to become just a little less jaded too.March 2022 Update – Oh yes, she’s still goin’ strong! So if you came here looking for CRAP, best keep a walkin’!
Great blender, so far – and a recipe for a delicious smoothie. I picked this up after being unable to find a blender under $30 in any local stores that had decent reviews (I always check Amazon.com for pricing and reviews before purchasing anything). I had purchased a VERY similar model (same brand, and similar features) on impulse at a local store for right at $30, but decided not to even take it out of the box after reading the reviews on Amazon (my phone was dead when I purchased it, or I would have checked the reviews before pulling the trigger). After a bit of research I came across this unit which was a few dollars less, and is the same brand with almost identical features – so I was surprised that it had so much better reviews, but I figured it was worth the gamble and I needed a new blender for my morning smoothies ASAP (my old one was not working at-all). I never took the other one out of the box, so I can’t compare this one to that one – but I can say that I’m very happy with this blender – it works perfectly for what I need it for, and although I have only had it for a few weeks, I haven’t had any problems yet and it seems sturdy enough to last for a while. The problem with my last blender was that the gears the connected the motor in the base to the blades in the pitcher were made of rubber or soft plastic, so over the years they eventually got stripped until they were unable to catch each other enough to make the blades spin. During my search, I came across several models that had metal pieces connecting the blades to the motor which seems like it would be ideal. This model uses plastic, however it seems thick and sturdy enough to last a while. The pitcher is also very wide all the way to the bottom. Many blenders have a ‘funnel’ shaped pitcher that is smaller at the bottom (by the blades), sometimes causing ice or frozen chunks to get caught in the blades which can cause problems with the motor and/or the gears that connect the blades to the motor. Because the bottom of this is so wide, it seems like this happens less frequently because the blades will simply push the frozen chunks aside rather than getting them stuck between the blades and the glass. I rarely used the lid on my old blender, as I don’t usually have issues with the ingredients splashing out – however, the lid of this blender has a couple of features that I really like. One is the spout that allows you to more easily pour your smoothies into your cups with less mess/dripping, and the other is a little ‘flap’ that allows you to easily pour in ingredients while blending without worrying about splashing.I’ve only had this for a few weeks, but so-far it is working very well and I feel confident that it will hold up for a good while. I definitely recommended this for anyone looking for a sturdy, powerful blender in this price range. I’m only withholding the 5th star because I would really like to see metal pieces connecting the blades to the motor instead of plastic – but hopefully this won’t be an issue.BONUS: DELICIOUS SMOOTHIE RECIPE!1. Optionally put 1/2 or 1 full avocado (removed from the skin and separated from the seed/pit) in the blender (depending on how much you are making and/or how creamy and how much avocado flavor you want.2. Optionally add a banana to help thicken it up a bit and add some more nutrients3. Add 2-3 cups (or your desired amount) of any type of fresh or frozen fruit you like. I especially like peaches, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, mango, and cherries.4. Optionally add a scoop of protein powder to add some more nutrients. I use vanilla flavored powder to add a bit of flavor as well. You can also add powdered vitamins such as Airborne, vitamin C, or fiber.5. Mix in about a cup or so (depending on how thick you want your smoothie) of juice. I personally prefer fresh squeezed orange or apple juice, but use whatever you like or have available.6. Optionally add a half cup or so of GoodBelly, or any other type of probiotic or nutrient rich juice. You can also use wheat grass, or something similar to get some extra nutrients.7. Optionally add a half cup or so of kefir or a few spoonfuls of yogurt. I prefer either vanilla or berry flavored kefir which adds some probiotics to your drink, and a bit of sweetness and flavor. Obviously you can leave this out if you prefer a dairy-free smoothie.8 Start blending the ingredients on low, then turn it up to medium once the big chunks start to break down.9. Optionally add a couple tablespoons of agave nectar, or honey as a natural sweetener. You shouldn’t need much, especially if you used sweet juice or flavored yogurt. I prefer raw light agave nectar, and just a couple of squirts is enough.10. Optionally, add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract, or other natural oil or extract for additional nutrients.11. Blend on medium until it begins to ‘fold’ (you should basically have a smoothie funnel/tornado) – if this doesn’t happen within a minute or so, it may be too thick and you may need to add some more juice (or use a thicker straw). Then you are ready to drink. Taste a bit with a spoon or straw first, and add more ingredients as desired to get the perfect texture and taste before pouring.12. Rinse the pitcher and lid with hot water right away to ensure you have a clean blender to use the next morning.This may seem like a lot of steps, but once you do it a few times it takes less than 5 minutes to have a healthy and delicious breakfast that you can drink on your way to work. I always make enough to share with my kids, so I know everyone gets a nice dose of fruit, protein and vitamins each morning. Give it a try, and you will probably be hooked! Enjoy…
Good Quality, Low-Maintenance Blender. We’ve used this blender almost every day for two months for smoothies. It’s a much better option than the two blenders we had before. It doesn’t take long to blend all the ingredients to the ideal consistency without all the obnoxious noise that usually comes with the process. The lid is easy to remove and clean. It’s a good, expensive option for simple blending jobs. It doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s just right the price, size, and quality.
Great, great, great. This was a smart purchase to me. Great quality, right weight to stand blending without moving around and it’s glass vase is strong. Great price. GO for it!
Product appears exactly as listed
The product reached totally damaged as in broken in pieces. Have returned the same and asked for a refund.
thank you very much
I’ve used this blender more or less on a daily basis with frozen fruits and vegetables for about two months. I knew that I would be getting a lot of use out of it, and have had experience with both low end blenders (always disappointing) and high end blenders (from working at a smoothie making business), and was a little bit hesitant to purchase one at this price point, rather than investing in a higher end, more powerful one.However, I was happily surprised by both the quality and easy of use of this blender. It has a very solid glass jar (I’ve had bad experiences with cracks in the jars of cheaper plastic blenders). It also comes apart for easy cleaning and can go in the dishwasher. It’s so easy to clean and used so frequently in my household that I rarely need to put it in the dishwasher unless I’m in a rush. The motor may not be as powerful as some more high end blenders, but as long as you make sure to start with a liquid base, it has no trouble blending frozen foods.The only caveat that I have is that, about a month into use, my unit started leaking. At first, I thought it was because I was putting it back together incorrectly, but then I noticed a small crack in the plastic/rubber ring in the cutter assembly. After wondering how difficult it would be to get the part replaced, I continued using it for a few weeks, but finally made the call to the Hamilton Beach office in Canada today.The real reason that I had to post this review was the pleasant and quick service that I got while making that call. All I had to do was give them the product model/series and describe the part that was affected. There was no fuss about proof or purchase or anything else. The new part is free because of the 3 year warranty and they charged me $5 for shipping (which I knew I would be paying anyway because of the clear warranty policy). It should arrive within 7-10 days. When you purchase a product that is not so high end, you sometimes worry about the service that you’ll receive if any problems come up. I will not hesitate to purchase similar products from Hamilton Beach in the future if they have such an easy to access warranty service.
While it’s not supposed to make perfect hummus or baba ghanoush, it actually does! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a food processor and it’s not claiming to be. But it can do a lot more than it says! The blender is very powerful. I have run it for an extended period and the motor didn’t burn out or something. The glass jar went through subsequent hot and cold water and nothing has happened to it so far. So far very pleased with its performance and build quality.I would recommend 100%. Definitely value for money!!

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This countertop glass jar blender is simple to use thanks to practical pre-programmed modes, a dishwasher-safe glass jar, and a specially created lid that helps prevent spills. 

Although it lacks a heating element and does not have the most powerful motor, this countertop blender is still handy for blending hot drinks, soups, sauces, and other things. Four buttons make up a straightforward and efficient control panel that controls 12 different preset combining functions, including two pulses presets and a preset program for dicing and chopping. The wave action system is intended to direct ingredients toward the blades and assist in producing textures that are uniform. 

This blender is excellent for people who want to enjoy keto coffee, ice-blended coffee drinks, or homemade soups while keeping the kitchen exceptionally clean. The jar and lid are dishwasher safe and safe for hot liquids, and they have a unique spout with an anti-spill feature. 

Key Features 
  • 700 watts: Peak blending power for powerful ice crushing. 
  • Wave action system: 700 watt power blender continuously pulls mixture down into the blades for consistently smooth results. 
  • 12 blending functions: Multi-function blender with only 5 simple buttons on the easy to read control panel. Power blender creates smoothies, icy drinks, shakes, and more. 
  • Easy to clean: Blades remove for easy cleaning. Jar, blades, and lid are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. 
  • Clean, easy pour: Multi-function blender with unique, no mess pouring spout. 
  • Unique pour spout avoids spillage
  • 12 pre-set blending modes
  • Wave action blades help ensure smoothness
  • Less powerful than some models
  • Lacks specialized modes for hot soup and hot liquids

10. BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush Multi-Function Blender

BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush Multi-Function Blender with 6-Cup Glass Jar, 4 Speed Settings, Silver


User reviews

Powerful. I bought this to make smoothies for my bearded dragon as the smoothie maker I had didn’t work. It was leaving clumps and was too thick. The first time I tried this, I couldn’t get over how very well blended and smooth the vegetables I put in it came out. It’s so powerful that it takes maybe a minute to make a smoothie. Where as it took my other machine almost five minutes. What a difference. The quality is unbelievable. The time it takes now is so little. It’s diversity is hard to find. It’s a great machine that I love. It’s also a unbeatable value for the money. I highly recommend it.
Perfect size and quality. Very nice, compact, heavy glass cylinder for smoothies, etc. washes well, and sturdy. it is nice
Great for a good price. A good standard blender! I didn’t need anything fancy, just something to start making green smoothies. (Trying to get on my health kick after having a baby). And this gets the job done! the silver makes it look very up to date and modern and it has different blending options! However, not too many options so it’s easy to use!! Easy to detach and wash for everyday use! I’d recommend!
Very High quality feeling product. This is a wonderful blender that definitely feels much much higher quality than you would expect from its price. It is not too strong, so definitely suggested for high torque requiring mixes like potatoes and whatnot, but great for easier tasks such as smoothies. Easy to clean, and good-looking. There are also red colored ones which I think look far cooler.
Makes great smoothies. I like that it is a glass pitcher and not plastic. Makes great smoothies with no trouble.
Leaks very bad. I received this January 3rd and didn’t use it until today Jan 15. I took it out the box, poured in some Sonic ice to make a slushy and as I poured in the orange syrup it literally came right out the bottom all over my counter. Just a big mess. Glad I decided to use it before the 30 day to return it…Also I tried to use it anyway with the little bit that was in it and noticed it didn’t power crush as it should. I had the small dots of ice like the hospital ice so it should have been easy to crush but it only crushed a little. I had to take it off and adjust the ice for it to crush and it still didn’t do much. I think ill just buy one at a store instead of online because now I have to go out to find a Amazon fresh just to return it this sucks!
Lid is very convenient. It’s easy to use, powerful enough, easy to clean, lid has easy to pour features
Does the job. What can I say about a blender. It’s good quality, and it’s a blender.
Makes great smoothies with fresh or frozen fruit.
Me gusta como trabaja,buen triturado y quedan muy bien los licuados, salsas,solo la base creo que es un poco frágil,pero hasta ahora todo funciona genial.
This blender is good for the price. It was my first blender and I didn’t want to spend too much money so this one worked perfectly for me.
We bought this blender to make smoothies for our children. Overall, the blender is sturdy and performs adequately. It is not great for smoothies as it leaves quite a few chunks of frozen berries and get stuck easily. It also heats up too much when you are using it for other things, so it did not fulfill all the purposes we had for it. I still recommend it though, as it was a cheaper blender I did not expect it to be fantastic.
Ma mère était très contente et il fonctionne très bienMême um petit livre de recettes 😀

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This high-quality blender includes a glass container with a 48-ounce capacity to draw ingredients toward the blades for efficient blending. Additionally, it has straightforward push-button controls that are easy to understand right away, unlike those on some professional blenders. Four-speed settings, including low and high pulse speeds, let you adjust the texture and aid in breaking up challenging ingredients like frozen fruit. 

This model delivers ultra-smooth textures in the frozen drink of your choice, thanks to quad-tip stainless steel blades and a well-designed glass pitcher. Its motor, which peaks at 700 watts of power, offers better performance than the specifications suggest. 

The four-tipped stainless steel blades on this countertop blender also produce a smooth, even texture for milkshakes and smoothies. The glass blender jar has a well-sealed lid with an easy-pour feature that simplifies cleaning up after use and helps prevent spills. 

Key Features 
  • 4-Tip QuadPro Blade Technology – The 4-tip stainless steel blending blade works with the shape of the jar to create a constant flow and vortex that leads ingredients directly to the blades for fast blending performance. 
  • 4 Speeds – From smooth blending to powerful ice crushing, the four speed functions (low, hi, low pulse, hi pulse) can handle any job with ease from creamy smoothies to icy drinks and more 
  • 6-Cup PerfectPour Glass Jar – The thick, sturdy glass jar has a classic feel with advanced performance, and the spout is molded for easy pouring 
  • Dishwasher-Safe Removable Parts – Cleanup is a breeze with the dishwasher-safe jar, blade, and lid. 
  • 700W Motor – The energetic motor delivers 700W at peak performance* to easily crush and blend an array of ingredients. For continuous use, the blender uses 350W of power. 
  • Stainless steel blades for tough ingredients
  • 6-cup glass pitcher with easy pour spout
  • 4 speed options for versatility
  • Not as powerful as a professional countertop blender
  • Lacks preset program options

FAQs About Blender With A Glass Jar

No, because the sudden change of temperature would crack your blender’s jar. Heat expands and cold contracts, so if you start blending at room temperature and then pour boiling water into the jar, it will crack as soon as you turn on the machine. You can safely blend a hot liquid after you have cooled it to room temperature. 

If you fill an empty jar with solid chunks of ice and turn on your machine, the result will likely be a loud crashing noise as the jar shatters. The metal blade hits an immovable object (ice), and it will make the jar shiver until it shatters. This is very bad for your blender, especially if the blade hits the motor. 

Yes! You can add some ice cubes to a smoothie with frozen fruit (e.g., strawberries, blueberries) or vegetables (e.g., broccoli). Even though the ice will add to the total volume of your smoothie and make it colder, you can still blend successfully. 

No! The jar is made from tempered glass that’s designed to break into tiny pieces. If you manage to cut yourself on the sharp edges of a cracked jar, you’ll need stitches. The broken glass can also damage your blender’s motor if it becomes tangled in the blades. 

If you really want to blend some hot spices (e.g., cayenne pepper, curry, etc.) with other ingredients in a blender with a glass jar, you might end up burning the motor when it’s turned on. It’s okay to blend spices right before they are served or stored in an airtight container for later use. 


The goal of this guide is to help you find the best blender for your needs. Whether it is a personal blender or one that can be shared with friends and family, we hope our list has provided some valuable insight into what features are most important in each category of blenders.  

Now all that remains is for you to decide which type fits into your budget and lifestyle the best! If you still have any unanswered questions or want help narrowing down which model could be perfect for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can help you decide! 

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