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Best bread lame for delicate sculptures

During trying times, it is simple to find pleasure in eating bread. Best gastronomic foreplay is inhaling the aroma of freshly baked bread while fantasizing about melting delicious butter into all the bubbles and cracks. But baking bread is even more earthy, wholesome, inexplicably comforting, and gratifying. Simply combining flour, water, salt, and occasionally yeast can produce a variety of delicious bread, from chewy flatbreads to complex sourdoughs. Best bread lame for delicate sculptures. 

Any sharp object can score the dough, but the razor-sharp edge of lame is ideal for creating a prized “ear” or a raised piece of dough that bakes to a crunchy edge with the inner loaf peeking out underneath. The lame cuts through the crust on top of the loaf without encountering resistance, and the dough does not push back. In addition, using a lame and handle combination is safer than leaving razor blades lying around the kitchen. 

How can you determine the best lame for you, given the available abundance of options? We analyzed countless models, ranging from the most straightforward designs to the most sophisticated offerings, and consulted with baking experts to determine which models work best. This is our shortlist of the best bread lames, explaining why each should be considered. 

Our Top Picks 


What is a bread lame? 

A bread lame is a tool used for scoring dough. It consists of a handle with a sharp blade attached. The blade is usually made of stainless steel or carbon steel. 

Bread lames are used to score the top of the dough before baking. This helps the bread rise evenly and prevents it from cracking during baking. Scoring the dough also allows the baker to create patterns on the top of the bread. 

Bread lames are available in different sizes and with various blade shapes. The most common blade shape is curved, but straight and serrated blades are also available. 

When using a bread lame, it is essential to use a light touch. Too much pressure can damage the dough and make it difficult to rise. 

Bread lames are essential for any baker who wants to create beautiful and delicious bread. With a bread lame, you can score the dough to perfection! 

Why should you use bread lame for your bread? 

Bread lame is a sharp knife used to score bread dough before baking. Scoring the dough allows the bread to expand evenly as it bakes and prevents it from developing an unsightly crust. Bread lame is also helpful in shaping bread dough into interesting shapes or designs. 

There are many different types of bread lame available on the market, but they all serve the same purpose. Bread lame is a necessary tool for any baker who wants to produce high-quality bread. 

There are several reasons why you should use bread lame for your bread: 

  1. It helps the bread to expand evenly as it bakes.
  2. It prevents the bread from developing an unsightly crust.
  3. It is necessary for any baker who wants to produce high-quality bread.
  4. It allows you to shape bread dough into interesting shapes or designs.
  5. It is a sharp knife that can score bread dough before baking.
  6. It is available in many different types, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
  7. It is an essential tool for any baker who wants to produce perfect bread every time.

Bread lame is essential for any baker who wants to produce perfect bread every time. If you’re looking for a sharp knife to score bread dough before baking, look no further than bread lame. It’s also great for shaping bread dough into interesting shapes or designs. With so many different types available, you’re sure to find the perfect bread lame for your needs. 

How to use a bread lame 

To make beautiful, artisan bread at home, a bread lame is an essential tool. A bread lame is a sharp, narrow blade used to score the dough before baking. This allows the heat to penetrate the dough more evenly, resulting in a better rise and a more attractive crust. 

Here’s how to use a bread lame: 

  1. First, choose the proper bread lame for the job. There are many different sizes and shapes available, so make sure you select one that will fit your needs.
  2. Next, sterilize the blade by wiping it down with a clean cloth soaked in alcohol. This will help to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  3. When ready to score the dough, lightly dust it with flour to prevent the blade from sticking.
  4. Hold the bread lame at a 45-degree angle and make shallow cuts into the dough. Be sure not to cut too deeply, or your bread will be ruined.
  5. Bake the bread as usual and enjoy the beautiful, evenly baked results.

With a bread lame, you can easily create stunning artisan bread at home. Just sterilize the blade and gently handle the dough to avoid ruining it. With a bit of practice, you’ll be scoring like a pro in no time. 

Tips on using a bread lame 

If you’re looking for a way to get perfect, evenly sliced bread at home, a bread lame is the answer. Here are some tips on how to use one: 

  1. First, choose a sharp bread knife. A dull blade will tear the bread, making it harder to get even slices.
  2. Second, make sure the bread is firm but not hard. If it’s too soft, it will squish when you slice it; if it’s too hard, it will be challenging to cut through.
  3. Third, use a sawing motion with the bread knife, moving the blade back and forth as you slice. This will help you get even slices without crushing the bread.
  4. Finally, don’t press down too hard on the bread as you slice. Just let the weight of the knife do the work.

With these tips in mind, using a bread lame is easy and will help you get perfect, evenly sliced bread every time! 

Factors to consider when choosing the best bread lame delicate sculptures 

When baking bread, having the proper equipment can make all the difference. A bread lame is one of those indispensable tools that allows you to create beautiful, delicate dough sculptures. But with so many bread-lame options on the market, how do you select the best one for your requirements? Here are a few considerations: 


The best bread lame is the one that is most comfortable for you. This could refer to a handle of any size, so long as it feels secure and agile in your hand. Some lames feature a permanently fixed blade, rendering the entire instrument disposable once the edge becomes dull. It is best to choose a lame with a replaceable blade for prolonged use. 

Shape and Size 

A quality bread lame will have a handle to hold the blade, and it will be about the same size and weight as a butter knife. Some bakers believe that a lame that holds the edge in an arched position provides more excellent lift and control when scoring, mainly when aiming for a nicely rolled crust ear.  

Other bakers prefer the simplicity of a straight razor edge; with practice, they can manipulate the straight lame to create a raised border or a deep crosshatch. There is an argument for trying each style, and basic lames aren’t expensive, so experimenting with or carrying multiple lames won’t break the bank. 

Material and Handling 

Accept only a stainless-steel blade to confidently (and precisely!) cut through the dough. The handle of the lame may be made of stainless steel, plastic, or wood; choose the material that feels most comfortable in your hand.  

Think of it as a pen or a favorite old cooking spoon: Do you prefer a light and thin handle, or do you like something with a heavier feel? Then choose an appropriate bread lame. Bread lames should be washed by hand, and the handle and blades should never be placed in the dishwasher. Additionally, use extreme caution when handling or disposing of used blades to avoid injury. 

10 Best bread lames for delicate sculptures 

Typically, bread lames have blades made of stainless steel, which are incredibly sharp and durable. The razors on the best lames are generally easy to replace because they are compatible with standard razor blades. The handles can be made from stainless steel, plastic, or wood, among other materials. Although wooden handles provide a secure grip, they are rarely dishwasher safe. 

The lame blade is available in both straight and curved varieties. Because they make the deep cuts required for a uniform rise, curved lames are ideal for novices. For more decorative designs, straight razors are utilized to make shallow cuts. Regardless of the type of lame you select, the blade will be extremely sharp, so it is essential to purchasing one with a case or cover for safe storage. 

Check out our list of the top bread lames if you’re ready to achieve the highest possible bread score. 

1. Best Overall: Baker of Seville Bread Lame

Baker of Seville Bread Lame – Change from Straight or Curved Blade Lame in seconds with the Patented Design. Built for professional and serious bakers.


User reviews

Superb. I recently acquired the Baker of Seville Bread Lame, which comes with six included blades and the versatility of both straight and curved options. This bread lame has truly elevated my bread-baking experience.The precision and ease of use with the included blades have made scoring dough a breeze. It provides the fine control needed to achieve beautiful designs on the crust of my bread, ensuring not only a professional appearance but also excellent oven spring.The quality and craftsmanship of this bread lame are evident, making it a valuable addition to my baking tools. It’s not just a practical tool; it’s a mark of dedication to the art of bread-making.If you’re serious about your bread-baking endeavors and aim for consistency and artistry in your loaves, the Baker of Seville Bread Lame is a worthy investment. It has become an essential companion in my kitchen, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow bakers who seek precision and excellence.
Useful tool for bread baking. this lame works perfectly for me- easy to handle, material is good quality, easy to clean and it is adjustable- weather you need a curved or straight blade, it works.
Not for deep cuts. The wide screw on the side will get in the way.The quality is nice, the weight and construction is reasonable.
Invaluable tool for bread making. I had been using sharp knives to score my bread, but I struggled to get clean cuts. I decided to move on when I started making so much more bread while working from home. I looked at the various lames on offer and selected this one due to the positive reviews. I’m really glad I did. This is a solid piece. It fits the hand nicely, and You immediately get the sense that it was well made and will last. It’s clever in how it easily switches from a straight blade to a curved one. And the fact that you can replace with any retail razor blade is great. (It comes with three total, do you shouldn’t need a new one for a while.). It feels good in the hand,n though it is a little heavy and cold. Nice storage box too, which holds the extra blades and protects your hands from accidentally touching the razor. And it works so well, makes it so easy to score bread. Beautiful.
Great Results. I’ve just started getting into sourdough baking and was overwhelmed by all the scoring tools out there and did my research and found that this one was the top one to buy. I’ve had really great results with scoring my bread with this scorer– able to easily cut into the dough and make sharp shapes. Highly recommend!
My favorite lame. This is my fourth and favorite lame. Initially I used inexpensive plastic ones, but didn’t care for the fact that they were disposable. My 3rd was the highly rated UFO by Wire Monkey. While a nifty and compact little device that made good cuts in the dough, it was poorly suited to my hand tremors and it was a challenge not to end up with at least one bloody cut. This one makes great cuts, with the option of having the blade straight or curved. And the nicely weighted long handle makes it a much safer tool whether your hands are steady or not. I’m having fun making different patterns of cuts in the dough, allowing for good “oven spring”. My bread looks more professional and is not bursting open in the oven. Replacement blades can be purchased easily and inexpensively, so not much is being added to the waste stream.
Cut was just too shallow. I reluctantly had to return this. As many others have said, I just wasn’t able to get a deep enough score with this, given how the blade is seated. I was really bummed, because the build quality is fantastic and it is a beautiful object.
It’s a lame. I decided upon this lame because it had a case to protect my fingers when reaching into the kitchen drawer. The stainless handle is not ergonomic but not difficult to hold either. I find myself holding it closer to the blade and feel there’s no need for such a long handle. This lame should last forever since there’s no wood or plastic to loosen from the blade. Extra blades are nice to have handy too. All stored in a safe case, thanks!
Feels very good in my hand, love the possibility to change from straight to curve blade, well made.
Su Per recomendó
Comoda da utilizzare,perché con manico affusolato e piccolo come diametro e in un blocco unico.Si ha la possibilità (agendo sulla rotellina di fissaggio lama)di usare la lametta curva o dritta.Diciamo che dritta si usa per decorare i vari pani,senza problema di usare la lametta libera,per maggiore sicurezza.Nella foto allegata,i tagli sono stati fatti con lama curva.Ottimo prodotto e consiglio l’acquisto.
Va genial
Bonne prise en main, bonne tenue de la lame, possibilité de la positionner soit droite ou incurvée , solidité de l’ensemble

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This results from a bread baker attempting to create their equipment. The Baker of Seville bread lame is adaptable, durable, and streamlined. 

The most significant benefit of this lame is its ability to switch between a straight-edge and a curved-blade lame, allowing you to make various cuts without buying two separate tools. In addition, the blade is secured with a sturdy screw and two stabilizing knobs to prevent slippage under pressure. 

Unlike most bread lames on the market, which are made of wood or plastic, this lame is made entirely of stainless steel, making it durable and easy to clean. The stainless-steel construction results in a slightly heavier lame, which most reviewers find advantageous because it permits greater control when scoring. After removing the blade and securing the screw can be cleaned in the dishwasher’s cutlery section. 

The lame comes with a hard plastic case for storage in kitchen drawers. 

Key Features 
  • Innovative non-slip blade design for confident & precise cuts 
  • Safely and easily change blades, dishwasher safe. 
  • Seconds to change blade – straight or curved edge 
  • Premium-quality stainless steel never rusts, lasts a lifetime 

2. Runner-Up: Breadtopia Bread Lame with 5 Blades

Breadtopia Bread Lame with 5 Blades & Storage Box | Premium Lame Bread Tool | Bread Lame Dough Scoring Tool | Perfect as a Sourdough Scoring Blade | Ideal Gifts for Bakers |


User reviews

Very nice device – much better results than the lame I had previously used. This works very well and comes in a nice little box. Basically it’s a handle and extender to which you can attach double edged razor blades. 5 blades are included.
Slick Slash. The lame arrived and was used within an hour… Perfect, just enough handle for my old fingers to grip. The blade can be easily replaced. I’m very happy with my choice. I only wish it had some sort of protective cover. The box is a bit cumbersome in a kitchen drawer… I’m thinking something like a tooth brush holder… or open ended tic tac container… I will come up with something…
Ugly handle, but works great. Like most people, I think the handle is pretty ugly. Having said that, it works beautifully for scoring loaves before baking. It is a perfect combination of lightness and small size, making for great maneuverability. The razor blade it came with was nice and sharp, but plan on replacing it regularly with a quality brand of razor blade, since obviously that’s going to be the biggest factor in it slashing bread well over time!
Slices well. Sharp and easy to control
Should Have Gotten a Lame Long Ago. My latest efforts in the kitchen have revolved largely around trying to bake the best loaf of bread possible. I did not realize what a difference using the right tool to score proofed dough would make! After having attempted this with a knife that wasn’t sharp enough, resulting in deflated dough, and also using a single-edged razor blade (no handle) with only slightly better results, I decided to indulge myself with this purchase. Not only is the blade truly “razor sharp,” having a handle allows for much better precision during the scoring process. The replacement blades are very economical, and I liked that one box of 5 came with the lame itself. That means I have 4 spare blades on hand when the one in use gets a little dull. The instructions on the back of the package on how to attach the razor blade to the lame are very clear. It took very little time to get the fresh blade on, and no blood was shed in the process! I also took advantage of the “special promotion” for the replacement blades and purchased 5 extra boxes to get the additional 15% discount. Even at the rate I’m baking bread these days, I have enough blades to last me for years!I have my latest kitchen “gadget” safely stored in its own container on a top shelf in my kitchen. Given the extremely sharp nature of this tool, storing it loose in a drawer or even in a tool caddy invites injury. Plus, I’m sure the males in my house could find all sorts of uses for my lame that I wouldn’t appreciate at all – if I left it somewhere they could see it.
Could be better. The cutting blade jumped off the handle while I was using the Lame.It would be better if the blade were held straight. The way the blade is held by the handle bends the blade sharply, which makes it more difficult to make long straight cuts.What looks like a wooden handle in the picture is a cheap-looking molded resin handle.
Very nice simple tool for Bread design. Easy to use & works much better than 3 knifes I tried
Probably would do well on conventionally risen dough. I’ve only used this once, on a loaf of “no-knead” bread. Ad such, the surface of the loaf is very damp when made in accordance with the recipe. Any blade, including this one, drags through the dough and doesn’t make a clean slash. The blade might make a decent cut on a loaf with a dry surface.
I’ve used DE blades by hand for years along with an old straight razor to slash my breads. Both get the job done, but I wanted something in the kitchen draw to reach for quickly. This is lightweight, sturdy and takes any standard DE blade. I like that it comes with a box and blades and can be put to work right away. The box protects everything while stored. I had to change my technique a bit, but it’s quick safe and easy to use.
Could never score the bread properly before, now it is looking professionalJust wish the box was more sturdy
Nice and sharp, easy to use. I only wish it came with a sleeve but for now I just keep it in the box it came in.
I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to score my bread for 6 months. I’ve tried putty scrapers (essentially, straight edge blades) and knives. I had taken to using a sharp paring knife and essentially ‘sawing’ the bread. I saw no reason why a lame would work any differently (thinking it might be my dough) but on the very first try I was able to score. Not sure if its the handle/angle or what, but I’m happy.
Very quick delivery, scores bread easily and with precision.

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The Breadtopia lame is an easy-to-use, easy-to-change, and easy-to-maintain tool for bakers seeking a dependable, albeit adorable, lame for scoring homemade bread. The stainless steel razor strip is flexible enough to conform to a more pronounced curve if desired. 

The long, textured resin handle is non-slip and permits a looser, gentler pressure when working with soft doughs. For thicker doughs, there is ample room to grip the handle without directly contacting the blade. It includes five replacement blades and a padded case for safe storage. 

Key Features 
  • 5 double edge lame blades and a storage box 
  • Create Beautiful And Intricate Patterns 
  • Perfect as a Sourdough Scoring Blade 
  • Ideal Gifts for Bakers 

3. The Budget Pick: Premium Hand-Crafted Bread Lame Included 5 Blades

Premium Hand Crafted Bread Lame Included 5 Blades and Leather Protective Cover – Best Dough Scoring Tool by YMHB


User reviews

bread lame. SHARP! I accidentally knocked it off the counter and it apparently hit my leg twice before landing on my foot. My foot hurt, then i saw blood like 2 little vampire bites on my leg! This thing is no joke. Worked wonders on slicing my bread open for venting. thank goodness I was done baking when i dropped it. Good time for a blade change. It will be stored in it’s nice plastic case. ALWAYS LOL
Works perfectly, but is it really needed. This is really just a very thin razor blade holder. It works perfectly to slice open the top of a boule, but I found that a sharp knife will perform just as well. If you want to spend the money, then get one and you will like it. Or just use a sharp knife.
Does the job. It’s super easy to use and gets the job done. My only complaint is that it’s really hard getting the blade onto the handle and I was terrified I was going to slice open my finger
Easy to use. This tool is so easy to use, just a fast swipe and you’re done. I have to think that those who reviewed it low in this area, may have tried to slowly drag it through the dough which would be problematic for any Lame.No instructions were given for installing the blade, but the process isn’t difficult to figure out. Just be mindful that this is a razor blade!The leather cover and plastic storage case are just the thing. I think that this is a very handy tool, especially for the price.
Great value. It’s so reasonable and works great, just be a little patient. It didn’t work very well a couple first times, but it works really well now.
A scalpel is easier. As far as I can tell, there is nothing “wrong” with this product, but I’ve decided the entire concept is just lame – pun intended. The point of it is a sharp blade that will slice through, not catch upon, dough. If you’re really good about sharpening your paring knife, that will work fine. If you’re not, just by a cheap scalpel handle with some disposable curved blades (e.g. a No10). It’s the same idea (a handle on a disposable blade), but actually designed to cut without catching, whereas razor blade are designed to scrape, not cut.
It works. Nothing bad to say about this product I feel like it’s pretty straightforward! Brings extra razors and a case which I like! Scores really nice and easy
Works great and at a nice price. I’m fairly new to tartine sourdough bread baking and had been using a knife to score the top. My bread looks so much better (and raises better) when cutting it properly with this lame (razor blade). This one worked great for me.
The media could not be loaded.  Quality solid and smooth wood handle. Best of all, this one came with a storage case that actually locks closed unlike others we’ve tried. Being able to safely store sharp razors in my house is a must.Others we’ve tried either didn’t include a storage container or I needed an elastic to hold it closed.Best one I’ve purchased on Amazon and definitely recommend.

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This inexpensive but efficient bread lame is an excellent option for bakers on a budget. It has an ergonomically designed wood handle and a stainless-steel tip for durability. This lame includes five stainless steel replacement blades and is compatible with any standard double-edged razor blade.  

It also comes with a simple leather cover, so you won’t have to worry about slicing yourself while searching for it in the kitchen drawer. 

Key Features 
  • Premium hand-crafted wood handle with best quality stainless steel stick to attach replaceable blades, Built to last. 
  • Replaceable blades: Blades are easily replaceable with standard razor blades (5 included). 
  • Safe Storage: Includes hand-made, authentic protective leather cover to safely store away when done using. 
  • Anyone beginner bread baker and professional bread baker makes for beautiful scoring on sour dough breads. 
  • We guarantee the bread lame will perform exceedingly well and enable you to bake beautiful breads. If you feel it fell short of your expectation, please contact us immediately 

4. Also Great: XoYo Bread Lame

Bread Lame – Premium Hand Crafted Bread Knives, Best Dough Scoring Tool For professional and serious Bakers, with 5 Blades Included and Authentic Leather Protective Cover (Bread Lame)


User reviews

Great set. Everything included in this set is of great quality. I was really only looking to purchase a lame, but for the price of this whole set thought, why not? I am so glad I did. I use everything! The lame works great and I like that it has a leather cover for storage and a comfortable wood handle. But the Dutch whisk (I think that’s what it’s called) and plastic cutter…wow. I use the whisk all the time. The construction is very sturdy and has helped so much with some very heavy and stiff dough. Plus, it really does whisk well. The cutter is plenty sharp enough for a clean cut in dough and a really nice size for a firm hold. Love this set and will probably never have to replace anything in it, but if I did, I would purchase thus set again.
Great for a beginner. I got into baking sourdough bread during the pandemic. I brought this kit to make it easier to score my breads. It turned out to be a great little kit. The dough whisk is sturdy and just what i needed to mix bread. The dough scraper is simple plastic but does the job well. I especially loved that the Lame came with extra blades and a protective leather cover for safe and easy storage.
super sharp. worked perfectly!
Exactly as it should be. Beautiful looking. Works perfectly, Comes with extra blades. Great price. What more can one ask for?
Nice bread tool. Great buy, and I love that it comes with blades.
Great Quality for the Price. These are really nice quality tools, much better than expected for the price.
Came without the razors. Completely useless
Exactly what I needed.. and it isn’t cheaply made. Really good quality. Exactly what I needed for sourdough.

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The XoYo Bread Lame is a safe, reusable, and cost-effective option for those who are just starting or unsure of their commitment to breadmaking. Instead of purchasing a single-use plastic lame for the same price, XoYo offers an identical lame design for half the price. It is constructed with a more extended wooden handle measuring 6.3 inches and a stainless-steel razor stick to hold a double-sided safety razor. 

The lame receives high marks from reviewers for its durability, comfortable weight, and usability, making it a bargain. The XoYo Bread Lame does not include a protective box, but it does come with a leather blade cover to protect you and the blade when not in use. 

Key Features 
  • Ergonomic Premium hand-crafted wood handle 
  • Solid stainless steel – precision and designed to last forever 
  • Blade be secure and not slip off during use 
  • Easily changeable blade 
  • Easily cleaned and sanitized 
  • Protective leather cover for safety 
  • 100% money back guarantee 

5. UPKOCH Bread Lame with Wooden Handle

UPKOCH Bread Lame with Wooden Handle, Bread Bakers Lame Slashing Tool, Bread Slicer Cake Cutter, Dough Making Slasher Tools, Sourdough Bread Lame Knife with Plastic Protective Cover 5 Blades


User reviews

Yep. Great lame. Works well and is comfortable to use.
Do I really need a Lame? Give it a try and you will wonder how you did without it. I have one of those ‘flat ice pick’ style lames, and was never impressed. I resorted to using a bare blade – but maybe overused it. Yes, my problems.BUT, with this lame, it is easy to control, and it’s new, sharp blade did great things to my breads last night. The screws allow for adjustment of the blade – no problem.I ordered more blades because I know I will use this much more regularly than my old bare blade. And, for the price – can’t beat it.
Don’t count on using the blades. I am afraid I have to agree with a previous reviewer. The blades are basically worthless. They really feel like plastic and easily bend almost completely to the side. The Lame is nice but the blades are worthless. I will give them a try next time I bake or until I can get to the pharmacy to get some more. The Lame feels nice in my hand and for the price it is still a good deal. I would purchase again because of the good price knowing that I need to purchase blades elsewhere.
Best I’ve used yet. This lame is the best I’ve used yet. The handle is very comfortable for my huge hands, and the price was very reasonable.
Be sure to keep track of the blade-guard. These are great because they fit standard safety razors; be sure to keep track of the included blade-guard because without it these become very dangerous in a knife/utensil drawer. My wife said that cutting bread dough with this was “stupidly easy” compared to trying the same thing with a standard knife, and I have to say: after eating the bread and seeing the scores this really makes a difference.
Game changer. While it won’t make your art any better on the bread, it will surely make it easier to score. I was using a makeshift lame before and it was pretty bad. This is nice and safe and has a safety cover that protects the blade while it is being stored.
Blades are too flimsy. The included blades are flimsy and unable to cut or score even the most basic bread dough. Disappointing- AND it can’t be returned. Don’t waste your money
It’s okay. It’s okay. It just seems that I have little control over the scoring. Kind of awkward to hold. Just not happy with it. Still looking.

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Numerous bakers prefer to score their sourdoughs and yeasted doughs with a perpendicular cut, either in the traditional X or square pattern. A lame with a straight blade enables a clean, direct cut, as well as many of the popular decorative cuts typically found on larger artisan bread. 

The bread lame from UPKOCH features an artisanal wooden handle that is exceptionally safe and secure. The blade is held in place by two screws, and the back of the double-sided blade is recessed into the lame’s handle to prevent accidental cuts. Using a minor key in the set, the screws may be removed to rotate or replace the blade. 

Five blades, a plastic blade cover for safe storage, and a key to tighten the screws are included. Unlike other models, the UPKOCH bread lame’s handle features a small hole for hanging. 

Key Features 
  • PREMIUM DOUGH SCORING TOOL: Beautifully designed lame bread slashing tool, scoring lame will help you become a baking artist with great experience 
  • METICULOUS CRAFTSMANSHIP: Beautifully designed to hold the lame firmly in place with a comfortable handle to achieve outstanding scoring results 
  • REPLACEABLE BLADES: Blades are easily replaceable with standard razor blades (10 included) 
  • SAFE STORAGE: Comes with a safe storage box to safely store away when done using 
  • WOODEN HANDLE: The wide handle surface gives you a better grip experience. 
  • GREAT KITCHEN GADGET: If you want to create a fantastic baking masterpiece, this bread blade tool can provide a precisely cutting and carving. 

6. Best for Baguettes: Saint Germain Premium Bread Lame

SAINT GERMAIN Premium Hand Crafted Bread Lame for Dough Scoring Knife, Lame Bread Tool for Sourdough Bread Slashing with 10 Blades Included with Replacement with Authentic Leather Protector Cover


User reviews

Now that’s sharp. Makes great designs in bread dough!Love it, sharp, made well and easy to use!Keep out of reach of children !
Cuts beautifully. Oh my gosh! Love this bread lamé knife! I have wanted one for the longest time to score my Sourdough loaves with. What I was using before (a sharp knife) can not hold a candle to this blade! It cuts so clean and smoothly and I can score it in any number of ways. I typically do a snowflake pattern but today I tried doing a flower (3rd picture) and I think it turned out wonderfully! Sooo excited to own a good blade/knife for scoring my sourdough with! Totally worth the purchase… just sorry I didn’t bite the bullet sooner! And to think I thought my “sharp knife” was doing an okay job. Ha! This blade is awesome! Plus I love the small little leather pocket thing to put it in when not in use. It is so cute and keeps the blade from being out. It is very sharp afterall! (And I hold the extra blades you get in something else.) If you are a Sourdough baker don’t short change yourself! This and a good Dutch oven are *everything*!
Unsafe in a busy kitchen. This is a nice unit. It’s well made and easy to hold. I didn’t use it, so I have no idea how well/poorly it might function, and I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt on this.When I received it, I realized that it wasn’t safe in my busy kitchen. I decided to replace it with a retractable lame.
Great for scoring. Works as expected and comes with lots of replacement blades.
Well made Packaging and handle. Does the job, very happy with it.Bought for sourdough bread.Makes a perfect cut
Good product. Exactly as described. Extra blades are awesome. Fast delivery, great purchase for price.
Missing Blades. This tool works well, however… I only received 3 blades in the box. Not sure what I can do to get what I paid for. Other than that, seems to work well.
A fine piece of workmanship. I use this to score my sourdough. It is so comfortable in my hand and I love the handle and little leather blade protector. Such a pleasure to use!
Panadería y Panificación. Excelente producto, es más bien un lujo pero vale la pena completamente
nice product, but the blade keeps falling off when I use it
A well-made, beautifully-crafted product that should last a lifetime of normal use and abuse. Thanks for the exemplary customer service and fast courier delivery!
Great product ! Took a little longer than expected too arrive However turned up in the end . thankyou
My daughter loves using it. We get to eat the wonderful bread. Everyone is happy.

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The curved blade of the Saint Germain lame makes it easy to score baguettes for that beautiful arched expansion and thin crisp flap (known as the “ear”). The lame is constructed with a wooden handle and a stainless-steel shaft to hold the blade, like other models. 

This lame’s shorter handle is preferred by bakers who prefer to hold the tool closer to the blade for greater control, as well as those with smaller hands. Since baguette dough is typically somewhat denser than high-hydration sourdough, the additional scoring control is functional. 

The entire set consists of five replaceable blades with multiple applications, a blade cover, and a cardboard box for storage. 

Key Features 
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Premium hand crafted wood handle with stainless steel stick to attach replaceable blades. Built to last. 
  • METICULOUS CRAFTSMANSHIP: Beautifully designed to hold the lame firmly in place with a comfortable handle to achieve outstanding scoring results. 
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY REPLACEABLE BLADES: Blades are easily replaceable with standard razor blades (10 included). Replacement Blades are Covered under Warranty for Life. 
  • SAFE STORAGE: Includes hand-made, authentic protective leather cover to safely store away when done using. 

7. Best with Case: Bread Bosses Bread Bakers Lame Slashing Tool

Bread Bakers Lame Slashing Tool -Dough Making Slasher Tools Baking Sourdough Bread Starter Jar Scoring Knife Razor Cutter Slashing Tool Accessories for Cutting Bread Bosses Supplies -Great As A Gift


User reviews

Beautiful. The media could not be loaded.  I bake a ton of sourdough bread each week, and this tool gets used A LOT! I love that the blade comes with a protective sheath & wood box to keep it stored in. It’s easy to clean & the blades last a long time (I’m almost one year with the original blade) I clean it after each use, and it’s holding up perfectly! I also appreciate that it comes with extra replacement blades. Great product I recommend this to all my fellow bread bakers out there!
Amazing value and extremely functional lame. This lame had many of the things I was looking for. I love that it has a wooden handle, but yet has two open sides of the blade. Most higher quality wooden lames are one-sided, which can also inhibit how deep you can score a loaf. This also allows me to switch the blades less frequently. The weight and length of the handle worked great for me, and didn’t feel clumsy like some skinnier handles can. I sometimes bake in multiple locations, so having the box is a huge plus for me. It has a beautiful case and the leather cover for the blade. It seems to help make it safer and protects the case. My previously lame had a notch that held in the blade at the top of the handle, but it protruded too far and would cause double scoring lines sometimes, which was my biggest problem with that lame. This handle allows you to adjust where the blade is, and doesn’t cause the double lines.With the extra blades and the box that this lame came with, I immediately felt like I had gotten my money’s worth. This is obviously a tool made by bakers. I would recommend it to anyone getting into bread, or experienced bakers alike!
Well Made and Works Well for All Dough. This is a great product and comes in its own little wooden box for safe keeping when not in use. Even the bottom of the box is lined. It also has extra blades and and has its own leather pouch to cover the blade. Easy to hold and easy to use to cut delicate or wide slashes in bread dough. I really enjoy using this as I bake bread at least twice on a weekly basis. Makes beautiful cuts on pies also. The only thing I would suggest is that it come with a small paper showing different cuts as a suggestion of what this tool can make. You can find different examples on Utube of many bakers making these cuts, but it would be nice if it came with its own. This is a must for bread and pie makers to have on hand in the kitchen. No digging in a drawer for a sharp tool that can cut fingers. When needed, just reach for the wooden box. Love this tool.
Easy to use. Works as expected. Wish they included directions on how to install the razor to the handle but once I looked at a photo it was self explanitory.
Easy to store. This kitchen tool is lovely, easy to use, and easy to store, a great value.
Bread Design cutter. I love being able to do cool designs on my bread. It’s super sharp and easy to use
Quality I can use again and again. Nice solid product. Won’t ever need another one.
Attention to safety concerns and value, both a plus. This is a very good product for several reasons.1. I love that the Bread Bosses lame comes in a wooden box and has a leather blade cover. This is very important for the safety of anyone who happens to put their hand in my utensil drawer.2. The woodgrain handle of the lame is beautiful!3. At $15 and change this product is a great value. I have seen and purchased lesser lames for twice that price.4. It is lightweight and the size fits near perfectly in my small hands.Cons:1. The lame may be a little too light weight for my liking. The lightness of the lame made it a bit difficult to manipulate with confidence. Although, I confess that could be more me being a little rusty with my skills, than the lame weight, so I did not mark off for it.2. I have noticed, since my first use, that the razor blade on the Bread Bosses lame is quite curved. A lot more curved than the razor blade on my Breadtopia lame. This may also cause a learning curve for some users, it did for me. However, I also did not mark off for this, because it is an individual preference issue not a design defect.All in all, I am extremely pleased with my purchase and will continue to use the lame.
it is as advertised
Die Brotklinge macht einen sehr guten Eindruck und liegt beim Zeichnen zudem noch gut in der Hand.Kann ich weiter empfehlen!
Have been using a sharp blade for sometime, then used this the first time, amazing it slices the dough with ease and simplicity. Absolutely love it!
Looks great! And love that it’s protected in a nice neat box!
This is super sharp and easy to use, love the box it comes in for storage

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Bread Bosses has created tools for bread bakers who take their craft seriously. The Bread Bosses lame includes: 

  • A sturdy wooden handle. 
  • Ten replacement blades. 
  • A blade covers. 
  • A sturdy wooden storage box. 

There are no carvings on the handle to prevent the accumulation of flour or dough, which could be difficult to remove over time. In addition, Bread Bosses offers a 365-day return policy if your lame fails to withstand regular use within the first year. 

Key Features 
  • Sturdy Quality Wood 
  • Works Well & Easy To Use 
  • Beautifully Crafted & Well Made 
  • Splinter free or get a replacement 
  • Mold free 
  • Odor free 
  • Includes: Wooden Box, 10 Razor Blades, and Blade cover 

8. Best Value: Riccle Bread Lame Slashing Tool

Riccle Bread Lame Slashing Tool, Dough Scoring Knife with 15 Razor Blades and Storage Cover


User reviews

Great for beginners. I’m new to bread making and have been using this for about 4 months now. Seems well made. Easy to clean. Blades are nice and sharp. I bake anywhere from 4-8 loaves each week. Some with add-ins like chocolate chips that would dull the blade. I’m still one my 1st blade and it’s still nice and sharp. Leather sheath is a great addition!
Great product. Excellent value. This works like a dream and comes with plenty of extra blades.
Perfect Tool. This does the job of scoring bread with ease. Well made and easy to use.
Works well. Maybe I am not putting blade on right. Blade seems to fall off a lot which can be a little dangerous since it is a razor blade. Just need to be careful.
Very nice. Just started making my own sourdough and have been using this tool and it’s perfect. Love it
Love. Great quality for price! Easy to use and the razors are super sharp to score my sourdough perfectly every time!
This bread lame is NOT lame. If you love making sourdough bread, or if you’re dreaming of learning how, you need this tool. It’s super sharp and comes with multiple replacement two-edged blades. The high quality wooden handle helps keep your hand steady when scoring your loaf just before baking. Highly recommended!
Works great. This is my first bread lame and it works wonderfully! I was able to easily cut designs into loaves of bread
being a bread maker I love this lame and during my recent move I searched every box until I found it ; won’t bake sourdough bread without it to make beautiful intricate designs on loaves
I looked at many selected this one and I picked a good one. Good and sturdy handle. Instructions, so easy to apply the blade. Has a leather sheaf that is good I keep it in the box.
I have used this product before and was very happy with it. I would not use anything else. It is a must have in my kitchen. Easy to use and durable.
Works as it should.
Outil essentiel pour faire du pain baguette

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The artisan wooden handle is designed to be easier to grip and enhance your ability to score any pattern, making it the ideal bread cutter that permits unintimidating, safe, and simple rotation. The handle protects your fingers from blades and facilitates the creation of intricate designs. 

The razor-sharp and thin blades are ideal for deeper cuts and slash through sourdough effortlessly, making them the perfect choice for both novice and expert bakers. In addition, the double-edged edges allow for excellent decoration. 

This bread scoring knife comes with a leather storage case and 15 easy-to-install replacement blades, so you won’t need to worry about blade replacements. The leather guard protects your fingers and shields the steel blades from moisture and airborne particles. 

Key Features 
  • Secure, effortless dough scoring with ergonomic handcrafted premium wood handle and non-slip stainless steel stick 
  • Designed for confident precision cuts for novices to experts alike. Store securely in leather cover when not in use 
  • Unintimidating, safe and quick lame bread refill every time with our built-to-last lame bread tool 
  • Allows quick and easy flipping of standard double-edged blades for complete utilization of bread razor blade 
  • If it ever fails to meet your expectations, please notify us and we’ll try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We value our customers’ satisfaction more than else 

9. Mure & Peyrot Bread Lame Combo

Mure & Peyrot Professional Bread Lame Dough Scoring Tool Made in France, Model Landaise, Straight-Edge Dough Blade Includes One Protective Cover and One Blade


User reviews

Perfect! Makes scoring loaves a snap. Nice handle (had a small round scoring blade holder which was dangerous!)Easy to install blade. Able to make all types of cuts. Includes nice cover to safely guard blade when stored.Recommended!
Very controlling. Great control. Works great.
Sturdy, takes regular razor blades, and the cover is meant to last. This is one of the few bread lames that has a functional cover, and doesn’t require a clunky storage box. It works great. The only drawback (hence 4 stars instead of 5) is that the blade isn’t more-exposed. However, everything else about it is just right. I’ve been doing a second pass if the slash isn’t deep enough (or if it fills in as the dough expands).
My favorite Lame to date. I have tried several styles of Lame and think I have one to settle on. I like how easy it is to change the blade, but I love the most how the tool handles in my hand. I feel like I have more control over my cuts and I like how easy it is to flip over to use the other side if I need the sharper edge when the first side gets a little doughy buildup from a wet sourdough.
I feel like a pro. I shave with DE blades so this tool is perfect. Never have to worry about running low on blades. Makes my sourdough loaves easy to score
The Best One Yet. I started with a kitchen knife. Nope. Next was an x-acto. Pretty good, but not ideal. Bought a fixed-blade lame. Curved, thick, not sharp, blade. Used it once. Fail. Then this. It is exactly the right tool for me right now. I slash the loaf right after dropping it into a 450deg Dutch Oven, so the cuts are simple. This lame is the tool I have been looking for.
Works Great. Works well and has a nice protective cover for the blade when not in use. You won’t cut your finger reaching for it in the drawer. Does a good job of scoring as well. Worth the money.
Easy to use. The straight blade is much easier to score with than the curved blade

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This handle and assembly are straightforward, with a single click locking the blade in an arched position. This eliminates the need to position the edge at the proper arch, as with a simple-stick lame. The set includes replacement blades and a protective cover. 

Not merely a blade on a stick, each Mure & Peyrot model is equipped with a secure locking mechanism to prevent accidental blade release while scoring and a matching storage cover. Mure & Peyrot, founded in 1904, is France’s market leader for industrial knives and blades.  

Mure & Peyrot bread lames are made of food-safe materials, are certified for use in commercial bakeries in the European Union, and are relied upon by professional bakers worldwide, designed and manufactured by professionals for professionals, with no gimmicks or over-the-top marketing. 

Key Features 
  • Made in France by Mure & Peyrot. Not just a blade on a stick, each Mure & Peyrot model is designed with a secure locking mechanism to prevent accidental discharge of the blade while scoring and comes with a matching cover for safe storage. 
  • Made of food safe components, certified in EU for commercial bakery use. 
  • Comes with a removable, protective cover, one blade and handle, and pack of 10 genuine Mure & Peyrot brand replacement blades. 
  • Easy blade change (pinch and release) and all its four corners can be used. Blade is seated curved. 
  • Established in 1904, Mure & Peyrot is the leader for industrial knives and blades in France. 

10. Best Design: Bread Lame Dough Scoring Tool – Ufo Bread Lame

Bread Lame Dough Scoring Tool – Ufo Bread Lame Cutter for Homemade Sourdough Bread Bakers, Sourdough Bread Scorer Slashing Tool Cutting Bread Scoring Knife Razor Cutter Wooden Bakers Lame


User reviews

Great product. Easy to score bread. Nice and compact
Pretty and easy to handle, but a little scary. I like the compact size and the fact that the razor is not curved when scoring bread. I don’t care for the way the blade is held, however, since you have to twist the very thin base to tighten and loosen it. If it isn’t tight enough, the blade slips when scoring, and in screwing to tighten it would be very easy to slip and slice a finger.
A little small. The seller shipped the product in a timely manner. The Lame comes with a suede sack for storage, very nice. Product does well but the wooden “handle” is quite small and hard to manage. The size also makes it difficult to separate the two sides to replace the blades. I would like to see the product a little larger for handling and it would also allow for the engraving to be more visible.
Love it. I use this when I make sourdough. Works great and doesn’t take up much space at all! Easy to use, easy to clean.
Making bread in my old age. This is the first time I have tried to make bread in over 40 years a lot has changed but I feel like this is giving me the right equipment to do it right
Cheap; low quality wood, pattern & disk alignment. I was so excited to order these cutting wheels… and so very disappointed when they arrived. The listing pics make them appear to be a very rich looking piece, however the wood is cheap and light weight… possibly pine?The pattern was barely visible and two out of the three disks I ordered, the center hole was off center from the second half of the disks so the two halves were always slightly off center when tightened and loaded with the blade.From the pictures, I expected once the blade was in place, one spin would rotate the blade outward. Not so. You have to keep unscrewing the disks and manually position the blade back in place every time, then screw the disks back together. This means I’m having to handle a double edged blade every time I bake a loaf, verses when using my straight handled cutter only once when a new blade is loaded.I’m also concerned since I need to unscrew every time I use it, then rescrew to tighten, the small center fastener with work its way out from the wood or become stripped in a relatively short time frame, rendering the wheel useless.The case is ‘okay’. Not a nice felt but no big deal since I didn’t buy this for the case. I was purchasing these as gifts but I would really be embarrassed to do so. Perhaps I received (three) bad disks but I will be returning them all and looking for others from a company with better quality control.
excellent…yet dangerous. I love the UFO lame for scoring bread. You have so much more control of the score and I can make more intricate patterns. The product is beautiful and functional. It doesn’t get a 5-star from me because it is hard to type with bandages on my thumb and finger. the beautiful finish proved a perfectly shiny and slippery finish that makes changing the blade a risk of hospital visits. I thought I was doing well and taking precautions by wrapping it in a towel when trying to unscrew it and yet the blade somehow slipped out of the towel and into my thumb with great force…I guess I don’t know my own strength. I think a lame designer would be best to create a grip able surface making blade changing less of a challenge and risk 😉
Great tool for making sourdough bread. Great tool for scoring Sourdough Bread.
D not like this product! Too small to use!

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The intense heat accelerates the fermentation process when we place dough in the oven, causing the dough to rise rapidly. Most bread bakers score the dough with a lame to create a weak point and control the dough’s rapid expansion. Without this step, the dough may develop unexpected openings. 

Scoring bread dough is yet another step-in baking where we can add a personal touch to the final product. Some bakers prefer a single, long slash, while others favor numerous small slashes that form a beautiful, artistic pattern. Regardless of the scoring option, the objective is to guide the dough to rise predictably, consistently, and optimally, and Emmer Bread ware Bread Lame can help you accomplish this. 

This lame is simple to manipulate once you become accustomed to its disk-shaped design and charming solid-wood construction. The central locking screw allows the blade to be placed either straight or flat at whatever angle the user prefers, and the feel of the wood and appearance of the design conjures up images of baking in an old-fashioned European kitchen. 

Key Features 
  • Ultimate Control over Scoring 
  • Compact Design Bread Scoring Lame 
  • Comes With Ebook 
  • Bread Lame Cutter 

How to clean and maintain your bread lame properly

If you’ve ever baked bread at home, you know that a bread lame is an essential tool for getting evenly sliced bread. But you may not know that a bread lame needs to be adequately cared for to stay sharp and effective. With just a little care, your bread lame can last for many years. 

Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your bread lame: 

  • Always clean your bread lame after each use. A bread lame can quickly become dull if it is not cleaned after use.
  • Be sure to dry your bread lame entirely after washing it. Moisture can cause rusting and damage the blade.
  • Store your bread lame in a dry place. Again, water can cause rusting and damage the blade.
  • Occasionally sharpen your bread lame. A sharp knife is essential for getting clean, evenly sliced bread. 

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your bread lame will last for many years.

Best bread lame for delicate sculptures – FAQs

Unless an error has occurred, the bread will rise. And when it does, the baker desires to control the expansion points. The bread lame enables this by scoring the escape routes. You could use a sharp knife, but even the most robust knife cannot accomplish what a dull one can. According to Belisle, “with a knife, you’re just cutting straight down, but with a razor blade, you can control the amount of lift it gives the score in the loaf.” If you want to improve your bread game, a lame is required. 

A bread lame is a sharp, thin blade used to cut dough. It is the best tool for making delicate sculptures because it can create precise cuts. 

Here are some tips for using a bread lame: 

  • Hold the bread lame in your dominant hand and the dough in your other hand. 
  • Start with minor, shallow cuts and increase the depth of the cut as you go.
  • Be careful not to cut yourself – the bread lame is very sharp!
  • Clean the bread lame after each use to prevent the blade from getting dull.
  • If you are not confident in your ability to use the bread lame, consider asking a friend or family member for help. 

Some common mistakes people make when using a bread lame include: 

  • Not holding the bread lame correctly. The bread lame should be kept in your dominant hand and the dough in your other hand. 
  • Not starting with minor, shallow cuts. Start with small, external amounts and increase the depth of the cut as you go. 
  • Cutting yourself. Be careful not to cut yourself – the bread lame is very sharp! 
  • Not cleaning the bread lame after each use. Clean the bread lame after each use to prevent the blade from getting dull. 
  • Not being confident in their ability to use the bread lame. If you are not satisfied with using the bread lame, consider asking a friend or family member for help. 

Some safety tips for using a bread lame include: 

  • Be careful not to cut yourself – the bread lame is very sharp! 
  • Wear gloves, if possible, to protect your hands. 
  • Clean the bread lame after each use to prevent the blade from getting dull. 
  • If you are not confident in your ability to use the bread lame, consider asking a friend or family member for help. 

All the best bread lames feature a razor blade made of stainless steel that can be easily replaced when both sides become dull. Before discarding used blades, it is necessary to cover the blade edges. Belisle keeps a coffee can with a slit in the lid, like a sharp’s container, and then discards the entire can.  


The bread lame reveals the baker’s latent creativity or artistic ability, allowing them to create beautiful bread with decorative patterns.
Replace the blades of your bread lame whenever they lose their edge. To get the most out of your dough, use the proper instrument and cut to the required depth.

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