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Best Pressure Canner For Glass Top Stove

I realized I needed to address the issue of canning on a glass-top stove because I get so many questions about it! Is it then safe? Yes…and no, it is intricate. 

Is canning on a glass-topped stove safe? Will I damage the cooktop? Most people know that a stove with a glass top presents the risk of shattered glass. But did you know that if your equipment is incompatible with your stove, you may not adequately prepare your food? 

Numerous reader comments indicate they successfully attempted canning on a glass-top stove. Occasionally, someone will report that theirs is broken or that it overheated and lost pressure. It will depend on the manufacturer, the stove you’re using, and the canner you’re utilizing (and for how long). So many variables exist when canning on a glass-top stove! 

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Can I use Pressure Canner On A Glass Top Stove? 

Yes, you can use a pressure canner on a glass top stove. However, you will need to take some special precautions to prevent the canner from cracking the stovetop. Place a layer of heavy-duty aluminum foil over the surface of the stovetop before setting the canner on it.  

Be sure to use a canning rack to prevent the canner from directly contacting the stovetop. When pressure is reached, please turn off the heat and allow the canner to cool down on its own. Never attempt to open a pressure canner while it is still under pressure. Wait until the pressure has been released and the canner is completely cooled before removing the lid. 

Benefits of using Pressure Canner For Glass Top Stove 

Many people don’t realize the benefits of using pressure canners, especially on glass top stoves. Pressure canning is a great way to preserve food, and it’s straightforward. 

There are many benefits to using a pressure canner on a glass top stove. 

  • First, it’s a great way to save money. Canning your food can save you a lot of money, especially if you grow your vegetables.
  • Second, pressure canning is a great way to preserve food. Pressure canning helps maintain the flavor and nutrients in food, so it’s a great way to keep your food tasting fresh.
  • Third, pressure canning is a great way to get rid of toxins in food. Pressure canning helps kill bacteria and toxins, so it’s a great way to ensure your food is safe to eat.
  • Fourth, pressure canning is a great way to store food. Pressure canning helps keep food fresh for extended periods so that you can store it for later use.
  • Fifth, pressure canning is a great way to cook food. Pressure canning helps cook food evenly, so it’s a great way to get the most out of your food.
  • Sixth, pressure canning is a great way to sterilize food. Pressure canning helps kill bacteria and toxins, so it’s a great way to ensure your food is safe to eat.
  • Seventh, pressure canning is a great way to can food. Canning your food can save you a lot of money, and it’s a great way to get the most out of your food. 

Pressure canning is a great way to preserve food and has many benefits. Pressure canning is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to save money, keep food, or get the most out of your food. 

What is the best pressure canner for Glass Top Stove? 

When I’m trying to prepare meals with limited time and resources, pressure canners are always useful. Pressure canning is vastly distinct from traditional pot canning and is primarily used for low-acid foods like meat. 

I’ve always wanted to try pressure-canning fruits, vegetables, and meat, but I never believed it was possible on a glass stove top. After conducting extensive research, I gathered some facts. 

You can always use your pressure canner on a glass stove top, but you must ensure the quality of your stove range. 

We suggested checking with the manufacturer once, and if he says you can proceed, we advise you to immediately begin the canning process. 

Using a pressure canner has resulted in the fracturing of numerous glass tops. It predominantly occurs with low-quality glass ranges. 

A second issue I encountered with the glass range is that certain glass stoves have an automatic shutoff feature if the temperature gets too high. 

It will be impossible to can your jars if the temperature fluctuates constantly. The best pressure canner is always determined by its quality and capacity to reach the maximum pressure required for canning foods and destroying all microorganisms safely. 

I, too, have often wondered what the best pressure canner for a glass top stove is. To aid you in the process, I recommend my all-time favorite pressure canner, which works flawlessly on my gas stovetop and has never caused me any problems. 

6 Best Pressure Canner For Glass Top Stove

If you are looking for the best pressure canner for a glass top stove, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will look at six of the best options on the market so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. 

1. Best Overall: Presto 23qt. Pressure Canner / Cooker

Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker


User reviews

Does the Trick. I bought this pressure cooker because I live in an area where I can grow tons of food and my freezer was overfull and can only can high acid foods with my water-bath canner. I know, terrible problem! I have used the pressure canner to can stock, apple juice and homemade pumpkin curry soup so far. Unfortunately I didn’t decide to get it until after my garden was finished for the year.. I found the instructions very easy to follow, and am confident that so long as I follow the (simple) directions I will enjoy years of canning safely for my family. While the cost seemed high, the quality was as described (great) and I will likely pass this down to my granddaughter one day.
no need to check gauge or buy another regulator. I just received my unit and although I have not used the unit, I have read the book completely and called presto and they say there’s no need to have the gauge checked. If it’s new, it’s ready go to, just follow the cleaning instructions on page 6 and 7 of the book. They also state there’s no reason to buy another 15lb rocker because it comes with one. I ordered the extra rocker for $12 but the unit came last night and has a 15lb rocker in it. Pressure regulator would be the better more proper term, not rocker. I also work in the air pressure industry for a living and we rarely test our gauges unless something obvious is happening and we have variable testing at our facility that goes from 10psi to 300 psi, which that kind of pressure can be dangerous. So I’m not sure why people think they need to get their gauge tested. Even if the gauge is faulty, the rocker is going to rock at 15lbs and never let the pot get higher than this. Additionally, the books states there is a vent pipe (page4) is the “primary pressure relief valve and will release pressure in excess of 15 pounds. The pressure regulator sits loosely on the vent pipe.” That’s a quote. So this unit is designed to be at 15 lbs or below which the pot can handle. I’m not sure why anyone would blow the lid off unless they rolled their rubber ring, their ring was old or not seated properly or the top was not locked. Again, I haven’t used the unit yet, and will follow up soon with a review on that, but from my perspective, I’m going to can tomatoes over the next couple of days and that is 11 lbs of pressure which means I will need my gauge and my rocker should never rock. I have to play with the heat to find where my stove dial holds the pot at 11 lbs and make sure I never see the pressure regulator move or that means the pot has reached 15 lbs. ?? Some of these reviews were confusing and also caused me to buy a 15 lb regulator that came with the unit. It seems unnecessary. ?? Sure seems it’s ready to go out of the box, no need to check or buy another item.Okay, I went home and used it last night. I have updates. First, this is a great unit. I can’t imagine anyone blowing the lid off if you align it and lock it down. I filled it with water, put it on and ran it up to 15 lbs of pressure. On my stove it took 19 minutes to get there but that’s going to vary. I think I understand why people suggest getting the variable weight. In my case, I can a lot of tomatoes. I need this at 10-11 pounds for 15 minutes. I either have to play with the heat setting on my stove to get it to stay at 10-11 pounds, while keeping an eye on it, OR if you buy the rocker weight that is 5-10-15 lbs, you can take it apart, make it a 10 lb rocker and just set it and forget it. I see the logic but don’t think that makes buyin the other part necessary, it just saves a little time. Plus, for tomatoes, they suggest 11 lbs. If you are anal and want 11, the variable weight can’t do that. if you don’t mind 10-11 pounds, no big deal. Either way, I didn’t take my cooker to have the gauge tested, This is ready to go out of the box. Just make sure and put a little oil on the ring to keep it in good shape and you might just want to have a back up ring on hand as the unit ages so that on that weekend you want to can, if the ring splits, you slide the new one in and keep going. Great unit and it’s HUGE! I love it.Another update…this baby is getting a good workout. Canned a bunch of sauce last night, working on more as I type. We bought the additional weight/rocker that you can make 5-10-15 pounds. Put it at 10 pounds and let it pressure for 16 minutes. Gets the tomato sauce in the jars up to 240 degrees killing all that might be present. Great pressure canner. Highly recommend. Again, still don’t understand how anyone could blow the lid off if you align this properly. No blown lids here. Just gotta read the book and use it properly I think.Another update – well, we’ve done 7 gallons of roma tomato sauce, 5 quarts a session and this pressure canner is great. It’s so easy to lock the lid. I’ve also realized it has a special lock that when pressure starts to build, but even before it can be read on the gauge, the lock pops up and there’s no way you can open this canner with pressure so no danger. I will say that when my 16 minutes at 11 lbs for tomato sauce are up, I take a kitchen knife and lean the pressure rocker over to let the steam out quickly. Within 4-5 minutes, all the pressure has bleed out, the lock goes back down and I take the lid off. This is not in the book, but I was just dying to see how the jars looks. As I took them out, they were still boiling and we put a laser temp gauge on them and they were reading 210-215. Given the heat was turned off over 4-5 minutes ago, it’s reasonable to assume it was indeed up to 240 which is what is needed to kill all the stuff for tomato sauce. Keep in mind, this is different for every food, for every size and for every elevation. So read the book for your food and it will tell you what to do. I recommend citric acid as well as the adjustable pressure regulator (rocker) and a canning kit, particularly to get the jars out. Taking them out at 215 degrees is careful business. But it’s cool to see them boiling inside the jars. And within 10 minutes, they are down to 160 which is when the ‘tinning’ or vacuming starts. As you know, the cooling is what causes the air tight seal, not the pressure canning. Pressure canning is to raise the temp up high enough to kill all the germs, when you take them out, they do the tinning sounds and you can hear all the tops going ting, ting…..ting…then you know you are getting a great seal!
Great buy. This is very sturdy and works perfectly!
Love my canner, but… Updated. Does a wonderful job. It’s larger than I had expected. I read that the smaller one was not suitable for hot water bathing. That is true for quarts, but not for pints. I think, for the space savings in my cupboard, I would prefer the smaller one. Also, I feel the smaller one might reach pressure faster, saving a little bit of time. I don’t generally do large batches. I have canned fruit, pie filling, broth, chicken, soups, stews, hamburger, stew meat, and veggies.We currently live at a high altitude and I only can at 15lbs. So the weight that comes with the canner is fine for now. When we move to a lower elevation I will invest in a 5-10-15lb weight because I prefer the jiggler to the pressure gauge.Update: We moved, I got the 5-10-15 weight. Works great!Overall, our family is expanding and this will do everything the smaller one will do and more, so I am satisfied with it and may appreciate the larger size later.Update: I decided to purchase the 16 quart. It fits in my cupboard. I know its a bit crazy to buy another one if the old one worked just fine, but I was annoyed and finally got the one I wanted. They both work perfectly and I have since purchased the 6 quart pressure cooker and absolutely love it for cooking. I used the 16 quart canner to reheat a rotisserie chicken and it turned out amazing and did it faster and better than the microwave and more moist than the oven.To sum up the capacity:The 23 Qt will hot water bath 7 quarts or 10 pints (stacking is not recommended for water bathing) and pressure can 7 quarts or 20 pints(double staked)the 16 Qt will hot water bath 10 pints (water bathing quarts is not recommended) and pressure can 7 quarts or 10 pintsThe 6 Qt is not recommended for canning, but makes dinners or sides very quick and easy. Also makes chicken stock in 20 min instead of hours of simmering. Then straight to my canner.
Pressure canner. Great works very good only thing 15# jiggled need 10# for my area should not have to order another juggler for my area
Love the product. Easy to use. Instructions guide is well written. Works better than the brand I had before. I recommend this product to people who are starting their canning journey.
Muy buen producto , la calidad es buena, trabaja muy bien. (Solo que el indicador de presión es de plástico)
Ainda não usei.. Quando usar, deixo uma nota sobre o produto.Usei, e é perfeita!Um enlatador de pressão mais que completo !Cozinha com perfeição, e faz o vácuo direitinho.Aprovei o resultado.Recomendo a compra.É uma cultura que deveria ser mais praticada aqui no Brasil, mais falada inclusive.
Perfect … nice and big for sterilising 1 litre jars. The trivet is nice and stable. Works great on my electric stove top
Esta olla de presión yo la uso cada dos días para cocinar frijoles, es la segunda que adquiero en 15 años, además de buena tiene un precio que nunca pensé encontrar. La recomiendo al 100%

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Perhaps the 01781 23- Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker is the most well-known model in the Presto product line. This model is not only efficient and functional but also very adaptable. This makes this model a popular option among numerous individuals. Despite that, this model is surprisingly affordable. As a result, this model is a popular choice among many, as it can be purchased on a limited budget when necessary. 

Ultimately, this model is prevalent and one of the best-sellers on the canner market. Therefore, the primary characteristics of this model must be studied to comprehend what people adore.  

A pressure canner is no more dangerous than any other kitchen tool if you follow the instructions, do not attempt to open it while it is still under pressure, and maintain it properly. I began pressure canning chicken after purchasing several eBooks on canning chicken, beef, ground beef, and beans from a canning author.  

Canning is another step toward self-sufficiency and knowing precisely what is in your food, in my opinion. The instructions specify that it can only be heated with a burner producing no more than 12,000 BTU.  

If your stovetop is flat (e.g., glass), the bottom of your pot must be extremely flat. If you overheat this canner, it will no longer function properly (if at all) on any electric stove. It is far too hot to use this canner on the propane burner of a deep turkey fryer. 

Presto’s aluminum pressure cooker with a 23-quart capacity is a kitchen warrior. It cooks food quickly while preserving a substantial amount of flavor lost when using alternative methods, such as a microwave.  

The Presto 1781 Aluminum Pressure cooker contains all the necessary components for pressure cooking and canning. It is spacious, secure, and affordable! In addition, this pressure cooker is cost-effective, given that despite its substantial durability, it comes at a very reasonable price.  

The Presto pressure canner is an excellent option for those seeking a quick-heating appliance and those who wish to preserve fruits, jams, jellies, and other low-acid foods. 

Key Features 
  • Pressure gauge dial 
  • Turn-and-seal gasket lid 
  • Suitable for use on glass top ranges 
  • Includes a jar rack, manual and recipe guide, as well as a limited warranty 
  • Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum, ideal for speedy cooking
  • Doubles as a boiling water canner and food preserver
  • Large capacity pressure cooker
  • Considered by some to be bulky and not ideal for those needing a far less capacity canner

2. Zavor EZLock 10 Quart Stove-top Pressure Cooker & Canner

Zavor EZLock 10 Quart Stove-top Pressure Cooker & Canner – Multi Pressure Settings, Universal Locking Mechanism, Recipe Book & Steamer Basket – 3 1Qt Jar Canning Capacity, Stainless Steel (ZCWEZ05)


User reviews

Very nice indeed. I am actually surprised at the quality of the unit. I took it all apart and gave it a good cleaning. Great locking technique used wanted something to pressure seal 4 quarts of soup at a time. The 10 quart allows me to do this. The size is great compared to those of us who were first exposed to pressure cooking in the 1950s. Lots EASIER to use than that old beast. Lol
Just what I needed. I was worried about using a pressure cooker, but the instructions were easy to follow and dinner is a snap. I no longer have to worry about leaving the crockpot plugged in while at work.
Used for canning. I wanted a pressure/canner for small batches of soups etc. worked fine. takes a lot longer to can than I expected as it is not just a pressure canner. It was easy and I am pleased with the results. If you want to do large batches don’t expect this to be the answer. I live in a small house with limited space and needed something that would do the job but take up limited space in my storage area.
Very nice pressure cooker. Update: February 5, 2022:I received a new pressure cooker from Zavor after they tested the one I had and determined it was faulty. It came back quickly. I immediately noticed the lid on the new one operated much better and smoother than the old one. And it acted perfectly during the “water test” that I ran before really using it. The lid barely budged when I put it on cold and there was no way I could turn it once it got to high pressure. And it got to pressure quickly, the pressure indicator worked flawlessly, and the steam was venting properly this time.I made chili again, just to compare apples-to-apples, and it worked exactly as you would expect.I will say I was hesitant concerning the lid, especially after the first pot incident, but it is REALLY nice to be able to simply put the lid on any which way instead if having to line things up first.Overall, I am extremely pleased with this pressure cooker—and Zavor’s customer service (especially Jasmine!).———————————————————-Let me first say that I am very, very pleased with the customer support I received from Zavor. The first time I used the pressure cooker, it did not seem to work as it should. It took an incredibly long time to come up to pressure and I was able to turn the lid fairly easily once it finally got to pressure.I wanted to “test” the unit because this is the first time I ever used one with this sort of locking lid. I have to say I want to like this lid as it seems so much easier to use. To test the unit, I put about three or four cups of water into it and brought it to pressure. It really took a long time. And I sort of had to jiggle it to have the indicator show there was pressure. (I should state that there are both low and high pressures available on this pressure cooker and I chose “high” for my test.)I have an electric stove, so I had a different burner warmed up on a low setting for when it came to pressure and could be moved to an already warmed burner at a lower temperature. I did that, but I was unable to maintain a nice, steady flow of steam. But it seemed okay.I made a pot of chili the next day. The pot acted the same way. It took forever to come up to temperature and I wasn’t getting a steady stream of steam. The chili came out okay, but I called Zavor the next day.The customer support person was great and she actually had me perform the same “test” that I did, but using less water so it gets to pressure quickly. Everything watched the same way and she asked if I could turn the lid after it was at pressure and, YES! I could! That surprised me and she asked for me to send it back to their service department so it could be tested there.The pot got there and they tested it quickly. They determined that it was faulty and they have mailed me back a new one. I should be receiving it over the weekend, depending on how bad this current winter storm is and I plan on using it as soon as I receive it.I will update this review once I get the new pot. I like the concept of this product and I certainly appreciated the great customer support, but the jury is still out on how it actually works.
Easy cooking. This presser cooker is well made, great way to close and open the lid, and it doesn’t burn the food.
simple, safe, sturdy. I actually purchased an instant pot, but sent it back after I watched a video and saw how many moving parts this thing had. I thought to myself I would just end up losing all these little things, preventing the unit from running. And it really didn’t offer that many improvements. Sure, you could set times and schedules based on the type of food you were cooking. Still, way too complicated and unnecessary.I decided to go with this pressure cooker, as the ratings were high and the simplicity was great. It literally doesn’t have but a lid and pot. And who can’t figure out how to close a lid? This 1 is totally simple as well. The pot is absolutely sturdy and all you have to do is set it for 10 or 15 pounds and then watch for the red pressure gauge to pop up. If the unit gets too high of pressure, it gives you plenty of sound. You turn down the heat and that stops. Simple. Of course, if what you want is to put a bunch of food in the pot and have it cook for you at a specific time, then Instant pot should be your go to. A traditional pressure cooker like this is for people who are in the kitchen while it’s doing its job, or very nearby. Perhaps that’s you. Perhaps it’s not.
Pressure cooker. The media could not be loaded.  This thing is huge great for large families, parties, or making large meals to have left overs during the week. I know sounds like a commercial. LOL, Putting that aside this thing is AMAZING. Seriously did I just say AMAZING is there a word that means above AMAZING. What ever I love ❤️ this pot. Screw the crock pot. I have a new love!!!
A Reliable Pressure Cooker. This pressure cooker not only seals in flavors and nutrients effectively but also allows for a quick release of air pressure when needed.However, there is an essential piece of advice that I want to emphasize for potential users: please pay close attention to the maximum water level. You should not exceed filling the pressure cooker beyond 2/3 of its capacity. In my case, the 10 gal cooker can only fill 6.5 gal of water.
I didn’t want to take chances, so I drilled a hole in the top and added my own pressure gauge. If you rely on the release valve, the pressure is always less than expected and you have to really pay attention to the temperature setting to keep the pressure where you want it and ignore the release valve. Excellent material though, I love the stainless steel.
You get what you pay for. Excellent quality and it works great as a pressure cooker. It has a release valve on the top to help let the pressure go once the cooking is done. It says you can use it for canning but I am skeptical. I am sure it will last year’s to come. It works on my induction stove.

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The EZLock pressure cooker is designed with the most recent innovation – an automatic universal self-locking mechanism ensuring the most significant usability. The lid does not require alignment because it can be secured on the pressure cooker pot. Two pressure settings (High and Low) offer the versatility to cook even the most delicate foods. 

The universal locking system will not unlock under internal pressure. A safety vent allows excess pressure to escape. Add ingredients per the recipe, place the lid on the pot in any position, and set the pressure. Once it is reached, commence cooking. 

The EZLock cooks food three times faster than conventional methods, saving time and effort. Turn-to-Lock knob secures the lid in any position on the pot; no alignment is necessary! 

This model appeared more “modern” and user-friendly, so I purchased it. Nobody could be happier! It comes with its recipes, but my previous pressure cooker recipes have worked just as well in this one. The most remarkable feature is the locking system that clamps the pot, eliminating the need to struggle to close it. 

While cooking, the pot was quiet and did not make as much noise as pressure cookers. Its gasket is also made of silicone rather than rubber, so it will not need to be replaced frequently. 

When pressure is reached, the red pressure indicator will rise, and when pressure is released, it will fall. Therefore, I consider Zavor one of the best pressure cookers I’ve used that is also compatible with glass stove tops. 

Key Features 
  • Made of 18/10 stainless steel 
  • Universal locking lid 
  • Two pressure settings HIGH (15 psi) and LOW (10 psi) 
  • Works on all stoves 
  • No trouble of finding the proper positioning for closing the lid with its universal lid locking system.
  • Simple and safe to use.
  • Also works amazingly as a food canner.
  • Canning food might take extra time and effort.
  • Not wide enough for optimum searing.

3. All American 921 Canner Pressure Cooker, 21.5 qt

All American 921 Canner Pressure Cooker, 21.5 qt, Silver


User reviews

You’ll Only Have to Buy It Once. The recent passage of the Senate “Food Safety Bill” spurred me into action. I read – literally – hundreds of reviews on several different makes and models of pressure cookers, but I kept returning to the All American 921. The wife initially balked at the Amazon price until I showed her the range of prices from other distributors….this is, hands down, the best of the best.Shipping was fast, as usual, and I also purchased the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving and the Norpro 7-piece Home Canning Set so I could get right down to business. With a freezer full of garden veggies and a truckload of used canning jars bought locally, my only other expense was new sealing lids and rings for all those jars. Everything ordered from Amazon arrived in fine shape, complete and undamaged.After much anticipation, the wife and I ventured into our first canning project – seven quarts of “Spirited Pears” (page 155 in the Ball book). I sterilized the jars and lids while the wife cooked the pear concoction. The Norpro jar lifter tongs made handling the hot jars a snap, and the wide-mouth funnel made the job of filling those jars almost too easy. But this isn’t about the accessories – it’s about the All American 921 pressure canner.This appliance is big, it’s quite heavy when loaded, yet fit easily on our gas stove top. Our kitchen is quite small – smaller than most apartment-sized kitchens, actually – yet we managed just fine. Seven quarts of pears are already “put up”, with another batch being readied for tonight.I cannot add much to what others have written, but I will add a personal anecdote that might just help if you’ve been considering buying one of these pressure cookers. While our pears were cooking, we were also tending to a pot of corned beef and cabbage soup on another burner. Once our canning project was finished and the jars set aside to cool, we discovered the corned beef we’d hoped to have for dinner was woefully undercooked, still tough and a bit stringy. I suggested we give the All American 921 a chance to do what it does best. The wifey agreed, so I emptied the water from the cooker, leaving the trivet on the bottom to support the corned beef, then slowly scooped the rest of the soup on top. She added the freshly cut cabbage last, and we were off too the races.Before putting the top on, I lightly coated the beveled “metal to metal” seal with olive oil per the instructions. With the top clamped down, we cranked up the heat to bring the pressure cooker to 250 degrees / 15 psi, adjusting the heat to hold steady at that setting. Twenty minutes later, I turned the burner off and waited for the pressure gauge to return to zero…. maybe another ten minutes or so. The wife really liked the weighted pressure regulator that fits over the vent pipe – it’s simple to use and dances on top of the cooker to let you know it’s working as described. With settings of 5, 10, and 15 PSI etched right onto the surface, the regulator is pretty much dummy-proof. Combine that with the big pressure gauge on the top and you’ve got peace of mind knowing that the pressure indicated is indeed accurate. Oh, the results – perfectly cooked corned beef and cabbage soup.In one evening, we managed to put by seven quarts of yummy pears laced with rum and cooked a huge batch of corned beef and cabbage soup. I may even can some of that soup for later use, just because “I Can”.To say I’m satisfied with the All American brand would be an understatement. We like it so much we’re giving a couple of these as Christmas gifts this year ! Don’t balk at the price – you’re getting the highest quality, American made pressure cooker known to man and supporting American workers to boot. Get it now, and don’t look back. “Nuff said.
The Best..But Before You Buy. The AAPC is the best unit on the market for my money. I can about 2,000+ jars a year so I know my equipment. With shipping and tax Amazon does have the best price..my last AAPC was bought as a gift for me on another account which is why this is not a verified purchase review. The AAPC’s are made in the USA and its built like a tank. Boiling hot liquids, steam and glass under 15lbs of pressure make that a very good thing. There are no plastic seals or gaskets to mess with or replace, easy to clean and AAPC sells replacement parts reasonably and provides inspection services and their warranty is outstanding. All AAPC units are heavy for their size..again that is a good thing. Look at what they weigh before you buy…plan on unloading jars on the stove instead of moving them loaded…it’s no big deal. They can shatter or break flat cooktops. Make sure you have a burner large enough “around” for the unit base. This isn’t about BTUs…it’s how big the bottom of the pot is compared to the diameter of your burner..if the burner is too small, the canner and the heat sits on your cooktop…bad things can happen. If you have one of the small units you should not have any problems. Follow the first time use directions carefully or you can ruin the seat. Lube your seat well (yeah I know how that sounds)..DO not use “scented” Vaseline or the like, they can have abrasives in them and might pit your seat (I know that sounds bad too). These are safe and easy to use, don’t be intimidated. Occasionally they vapor lock at zero pressure. Loosen the two clamp screws with a paper towel wrapped flat head and let it sit for a few.. it should turn freely..if its good and stuck use a dish towel wrapped flat head duty screw driver to gently pop the lid under the arms. Always wrap your screw driver…this is aluminum it protects the metal. Always use with the label facing you do not remove the label…match the pot and lid arrows up. Tighten the knobs correctly, two at a time across from each other gently at first, this ensures even sealing, when all are done, go back and tighten two at a time harder the same way. If you don’t that, you will get uneven seals, uneven wear on the knobs and lots more vapor locks. Tighten the two clamp screws if need be. IF you process a great deal of low acid quarts spend the extra money and buy the double stack quart units like the 930 model. If all you do is pints make sure its sized for your needs..if you don’t need 18 pints at a time don’t buy the double stack. A little research goes a long way for sizes. I love my 921 for processing 18 pints but 3-4 hours of prep and process for 7-8 quarts of low acid like corn, didn’t work for me. I had to buy a second unit the 930 (14-16 quarts) to make it time efficient. You will get mild to heavy mineral buildup depending on your water supply. Do not use just anything to clean them. Aluminum and cleaning products are not always good friends.. chemical reactions and pitting can occur and use a soft sponge or such. You can also use filtered, distilled or preboiled water to fill..it’s only an inch or two of water you need and it saves you a lot of time cleaning the unit and the processed jars from scaling. I use this strictly as a pressure canner..yes people use them as a pressure cooker..I don’t..it can reduce the lifespan and its more work to clean plus, you may get pitting from acid erosion with certain foods. Pressure cookers are cheap comparatively..pressure canners like these…not so much. I have had my AAPC 921 for over 4 years and no noticeable wear …seriously I can 2,000+ jars a year that is more than most people do in 5 years. If you buy an AAPC and don’t use it, put it on craigslist and you can sell it in a day… canners in your area will beat your door down to buy it for less than new…that’s how good and how well known these are with canning enthusiast.
I love this canner, heavy-duty all around. Super happy with my purchase. Most likely be purchasing another as a gift in the near future. 😁
Este equipo casi industrial, es muy bueno para acelerar los procesos de enlatado o cocción, es de notar que es importante tener un enfriamiento paulatino del equipo y cuidar del manómetro incluido, excelente para aquellos amantes de la cocina.
to small will only hold e bottles
今迄は一般的なサイズの圧力鍋を使ってましたが、仕込む量が多いと一気に調理できなかった。日本製はめちゃくちゃ高いし。この商品は何しろデカい!取手まで金属で取手が火で溶ける事が無い!壊れる心配が無い!圧力が3段階選べる!カッコいい!等 いい事だらけです。場所をとるので置き場に困るのと、日本語の説明書が無いのが不満な所。しかし、普通に使う分には圧力鍋を使った事がある方なら 問題無く使えます。ちょっと違うのは、セットする時に蓋の接合部にバターや油を塗ってあげる事ぐらいかな。瓶詰めや缶詰を作る時の殺菌みたいなのを外国の方がレビューしてますが、説明書が英語オンリーなので良くわかりません。現在翻訳中です。翻訳出来たら載せようと思ってます。良い商品ですよ。追記アルミなので酢で煮込むものはアルミが腐食します要注意です やってしまいました
We purchased this canner so that we could prepare home cooked soups, and to store food in our basement after we had experience with losing a freezer full of meat due to an extended power outage.The benefit of the pressure canner over standard canning is that it can be used to can items which need a higher heat/pressure than simply canning food via boiling. With the pressure canner you can can virtually any kind of fruit, vegetable, and even meat. One thing to note is that if making homemade foods you should never can dairy or foods that are very high in starch (basically there’s no ‘recommended’ standards for dairy, and the high starch foods encapsulate the fat and keep it from reaching a high enough temperature…although there are people who claim to have done it successfully, we don’t risk it).The 921 model has a really big capacity. You can fit up to 19 pint size jars (500ml), or 7 quart (1L) jars at a time. It comes with a metal separator so you can stack the smaller jars on top of one another.The comes with a 5, 10 and 15lb pressure weight, which you put on the top to regulate the pressure, and the canner has a backup security feature which is a release vent which will allow the steam to come out if the pressure gets too high…but ours has never had that problem.The screws around the outside which hold on the lid are very large and sturdy. I don’t anticipate they will ever wear/break over time, and they hold the lid nice and securely in place. I feel safe using the unit because of this well built construction.There is no rubber or plastic seals on this unit so there is no replacement parts. You simply take some Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and rub it around the rim and the lid to ensure an air tight seal. This is really a statement to the strict tolerances that the pressure canner has when being made. It’s one of the few products you can buy these days that are still made in North America. Definitely not cheap garbage when it comes to this unit.The unit is a bit on the heavy side, and I would certainly not be able to move it when it is full of water, so after use I usually empty out the water with a big ladel/pan first. It’s also quite large, so if you’ve got a very small stove it may be hard to use, or if you have a very small kitchen it takes a bit of storage space. Also note it says not to use with glass top stoves (so double check your stove type first).I’ve read blogs about people using their grandparents american pressure canner, so these have been around for some time and seem like they are very reliable items. The price is high, but it is something that will last a lifetime.The following website is a great resource for pressure canning. The author gives instructions on how to can just about anything, including a variety of meats….and even wild game for the hunters out there. She walks through various different packing techniques and the proper processing times, along with a few tips and tricks about the process. http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles2/clay105.html There’s also links to pressure canner recipes as well.The unit also comes with an instructional DVD video in order to get you started which was a little dry, but still very informative and helpful.

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Do not be frightened by the intimidating appearance of this pot; trust me when I say that it is ideal for all your cooking and canning needs. 

All American is the brand renowned for its impeccable quality and flawlessness, as the best manufacturers produce it. It asserts that it is the best pressure cooker brand in the world, and we are here to test this claim and determine what all the fuss is about. 

This pot typically comes in large sizes because it is used for multiple purposes, such as large-scale canning, and it excels in all these areas. We purchased the pot, and I won’t lie I was terrified the first time I saw it. However, after reading the manual, I found the handling quite simple. 

Aluminum is used for the exterior, which I am aware is not the highest quality material, but with All American, even aluminum cookers are highly durable and sturdy. As the pot is also used for canning, it has adjustable pressure settings that aid in cooking.This pot is big, so I brought it out when I was asked to prepare beef chili for a large cookout in my new pot. 

Numerous recipes exist for the preparation of this crowd-favorite dish. My recipe is simple, and the All-American cooker makes it even simpler. With the aid of the pot’s heat-resistant handles, I could move the pot around while it was still on the stove. 

The pot seals very securely, preventing any pressure from escaping. My cooking time was reduced threefold, taking only thirty minutes. With the help of an All-American pressure cooker and canner, I can provide my family with a healthy and nutritious meal because the food was not exposed to high heat for an extended period.  

After the party, I didn’t know what to do with the leftover beef chili, so I brought quart-sized jars and attempted to can it. I ended up with beef chili that can be kept on the shelf for a long time due to the tightness of the lid’s screws and the fact that all bacterial spores were killed within one hour. 

Key Features 
  • Crafted of the finest hand cast aluminum 
  • Stay-cool Bakelite top handle 
  • Geared steam gauge 
  • Pressure regulator weight with settings of 5, 10 and 15 psi 
  • Smooth, easy to clean satin finish 
  • Exclusive metal-to-metal seal – no gaskets to crack, burn, replace or clean 
  • Double thickness edges for additional protection on points of heaviest wear 
  • Automatic overpressure release 
  • Includes canning racks and instructions 
  • Available in 6 sizes 
  • Made in the USA since 1930 
  • It is enormous, with a volume of 21.5 quarts, so you can make tons of food in this cooker.
  • It doesn’t have any gasket, so there is no need for constant repairs.
  • Will need a lot of strength from you to tightly screw the lid to the pot.

4. Granite Ware Pressure Canner

Granite Ware Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer, 20-Quart


User reviews

Very nice 20 qt pressure cooker. This is a very nicely made anodized aluminum pot / pressure cooker. All the edges are smoothed, the handles are very sturdy (needed for a 20 qt pot), the anodize finish is very well done and it’s UL approved. Some of the reviews here were not quite accurate so I was somewhat hesitant about pushing the buy button. As far as I know, this is the only pressure cooker made with anodized aluminum, which seals the raw aluminum from contact with food. I have several stainless steel pressure cookers which are great, but at this size they become too heavy and are very expensive. I stay clear of uncoated aluminum pots for health reasons and ease of cleaning.* The enclosed manual is updated (2015) and is written is good English. It gives basic usage instructions and simple canning rules. There are no recipes.* Perfect for glass cooktops. Why? While the pot is 12 inches wide, the base contacting the surface is only 9 inches which is in range of the large burner on cooktops. The rest of the base is lifted by about 1/4 inch. In addition, after reading quite a few contradictory rules about using large canning pressure cookers on glass cooktops, I’ve come to agree with the one that says the pot temperature stays below 250 deg. F and is within the designed temperature of cooktops. Frying or stir frying a large diameter pot on a glass cooktop is probably not a good idea.* Cannot use on induction stove: there is no steel in this pot bottom.* How many bottles can it hold? 7 quarts, 8 pints, 24 half-pints (by stacking 2 layers), or 4 half gallon. I tested it with Ball jars, wide mouth, with lids. The half gallon is a tight fit, but the cover will close with some room to spare.* Safety: there are 2 pressure release valves, a pressured lid lock, and the weighted pressure valve. The lid and pot flanges are pretty robust.* The pressure seal is silicone rubber and should last a long time even though the manual ‘suggests’ replacing it every year. The silicone rubber seals on my other pressure cookers are going on 10 years with no leaks. Of course, I only use them several times a month so your mileage may differ.All in all, a very good buy.
please don’t play salmonella roulette. There are lot of very rudimentary and therefore really scary questions in the “Questions” section for this product. So, I’d like to emphasize in this review that there is a right way to can food and lots of wrong ways that could send whoever consumes your canned goods to the hospital. Please do NOT rely on the questions section for this product to educate yourself on how to properly use the product without killing someone. The US Department of Agriculture has very informative guides on their website with everything you need to know about safely canning food. google “USDA canning guides” I’ll also put the link here: […]I’d give it 5 stars as a pressure CANNER and 3 stars as a pressure COOKER. Overall for the price, and for what I use it for, it earns a solid 5 stars from me.As for this particular model, it is anodized aluminum — this means that:1. It will NOT work on an induction cooktop; and2. It also means that the pot is safer to cook in than just a raw aluminum pot.The aluminum is nice for a pot this large because it’s easier to lift and handle.A couple of tips:When steam starts coming out of the center vent, you might also notice it coming out of a hole by the handle. This hole houses the lid lock and it prevents the lid from being inadvertently opened under pressure. Occasionally this will not pop up on it’s own. If it doesn’t try these things:1. rotate the lid slightly left and right using the handles to give the peg that pops up clear access to pop up. When it locks, you will see it pop up and steam will no longer come out there.2. If that doesn’t work, try putting weight on the center steam vent and let it build up a little pressure in order to pop the lid lock up. You can then also try wiggling the lid a little to help it. Once it pops up, if you are canning, you can take off the center steam vent weight and allow the pressure cooker to vent steam for the required 10 minutes to exhaust all the air out.For the price, this is a very economical canner. And as a pressure CANNER, it’s great and does the job. As a pressure COOKER, I would suggest you be very cautious about burning food to the bottom since it has a relatively thin, lightweight bottom. I use mine for cooking up big pots of chicken stock because there’s so much liquid, there’s just not a concern of burning anything to the bottom. But most other things I pressure cook, I do in a nicer pressure cooker with a thicker bottom disk for more even heat distribution. If you’re looking for a pressure cooker only, you might want to look at other options.Also, one more important point that you might not notice from the description or photos: while the pot is about 12 1/2″ – 13″ the actual base/bottom of the pot that contacts the stove top is only 9″ if that makes sense. In other words the bottom 9″ center of the pot extends down about a quarter inch and this is flat. Outside of that 9″ bottom flat surface, the bottom curves slightly out and up to the edges. I beleive this makes heating the pot more efficient. The average size of a large stove burner is closer to 8″ So having a larger burner than that is not necessary.
Affordable, well made canner. While searching for a pressure canner/cooker I came across this product. After reading the glowing reviews and shopping around for price I decided to make the purchase. This large pressure cooker fits 7 quart jars, 8 pint jars or 24 half-pint jars at a time and is made of anodized aluminum. Aluminum is a non ferrous metal so it will not work on an induction cooktop. I have no issues using it on my gas stove in my apartment and it heats up quickly.The canner comes with a rack to hold jars, a rack for steaming, and a 3 piece rocker pressure valve. The simple weighted pressure valve avoids the ever troublesome pressure gauge (which needs to be calibrated yearly) and means that this canner is actually affordable. The valve allows for the canner to operate at 5, 10, and 15 psi depending on how it is configured. The valve itself will achieve 5 psi and begin rocking back and forth when it reaches pressure. The pressure can be increased by adding one (10 psi) or two (15 psi) of the metal washers that are included.All in all I am very happy with this canner. Has been easy to use and clean and exceeded my expectations.If you found my review helpful, please do me a favor and take a second to click the “Helpful” button below. Thank you!
On my third year of canning with this canner ❤️. Update: Im beginning my third year canning with this canner! Still does an amazing job and has held up nicely. Im currently still using all the original parts including the seal! I do oil my seal after every use. Would recommend to anyone looking for a canner! Original post: I love this canner! No issues at all. I would like to say I see some are having issues with a stain around the top. Put a little crisco or oil on it before canning and it cleans up easily. Super easy to use would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to pressure can!
Used this for the first time today. Never used a pressure canner before, just followed the instructions and worked great.Processed 7 quarts of tomato sauce. Can’t wait to try canning some fish. Looking forward to processing a lot of produce from the garden this year.
We tried this out last night. A great canned so far.
Best product for the money and easy to use. All canners should be this easy to use . Mine gets a lot of use.
I use it for canning and it is perfect
This is exactly what it says it is, and works exactly how it’s supposed to work. We’ve used it to can a *lot* of food this year.

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The Granite Ware 20-quart Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer is a tool of professional quality, constructed of hard-anodized aluminum with stay-cool handles and a stainless-steel lid that locks. 

The steamer inserts fit into the stepped portion of the vessel about a third up from the bottom to keep foods out of the cooking liquid. It can accommodate all your large capacity steaming needs, including tamales, seafood, pulled pork, pot roast, and ribs. 

In addition to pressure canning, cooking, and steaming, the 20-Quart Granite Ware 0730-2 Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer can also be used as a water-bath canner and a steamer. It is stain-resistant and durable due to its anodized aluminum composition.  

The Granite Ware pressure canner is shorter than the Presto and All-American pressure canners, giving it a slightly smaller capacity for stacked pint jars. However, it’s a very functional unit, and because it lacks a dial gauge, you never have to worry about having it PSI-tested. 

Key Features 
  • USDA recommends pressure canning as the only method for canning meats, poultry and low-acid vegetables 
  • Granite Ware Pressure Canner features heavy gauge hard anodized aluminum for strength and will not rust or stain 
  • Adjustable 3- piece pressure regulator system calibrated at 5, 10 and 15 psi 
  • Comes in 2 different sizes
  • Great price that will work for almost any budget
  • Includes canning rack
  • Uses a juggler over-pressure gauge so you can ‘hear’ the pressure
  • Appears to still have gaskets

5. T-fal Pressure Canner 22 Quart

T-fal Pressure Cooker, Pressure Canner with Pressure Control, 3 PSI Settings, 22 Quart, Silver – 7114000511


User reviews

Finally, a New Years resolution that saves you time. So, as we start off this New Year, we made eating healthier one of the top priorities (as I’m sure many have). What always seemed to throw a wrench into the plan is the amount of TIME it takes to prepare everything! Well I’m happy to announce that, for once, there is a way to work towards such a goal and actually save time! Its called pressure cooking!For those who know all about pressure cookers and are just looking for the operating pressures, I have good news for you! Unlike the previous version (the one with a red handle), the high pressure is now 14.5 psi and the low pressure is 10 psi per the manual. Previously, the max pressure was only 12 psi (low was 7 psi) and I know of at least one popular website that calls T-Fal out by name for having a lower than ‘standard’ 15 psi. I’d say 14.5 psi is pretty darn close! Theoretically, you should cook for 3.33% longer due to the 0.5 psi difference. That would be 1 minute for every 30 minutes. In reality, there are many other variables that make this negligible. Items that you cook for 30 minutes or more will usually have a larger time range anyway because of variables such as size and weight of the item (like a roast) and anything shorter than 30 minutes (most items) is a difference of literally seconds. I would be more concerned with the higher than ‘standard’ low pressure (as discussed further in my ‘update’ at the bottom).For the rest of you who are new to pressure cooking, I found this model very easy to use. I did not encounter issues that others comment about on other cookers like difficulty of opening and closing or not being able to get up to full pressure. Everything is very well made and seemed to operate very straight forward and smooth. I will say that, being my first pressure cooker, it did take a little getting use to. I did not really know what to expect, but, now that I know a little more about it, I will point out a few things that come to mind to hopefully help demystify it a little:- The manual says that for the first use, you should fill to the max line with water and cook at max pressure for 20 minutes and then do a quick release. I would do this as I think it helps to set up the valve. I say that because when heating up, the valve all of the sudden evacuated steam like a locomotive as if I had done a quick release, but I still had it set on the high setting. I was not expecting that so I immediately took it off the stove and ran cold water over the lid to cool it down. Upon inspection, the valve appeared OK, so I tried again. This time it gradually let some steam off and then maintained a lower stream that I would have expected the first time. I used it 4 times since and its gradual and operates as expected each time, so I think this was to somehow set it up. Either that or the valve was just stuck and some overpressure got it unstuck. Its still a good idea to do this to get familiar with it before actually trying to cook something.- The pressure indication pin is located in the hole on the handle and will not allow the unit to pressurize unless you have the latch locked. When there is pressure, the pin will raise up to be flush with the top of the handle and its red so you can see it easier. Note that this does not mean that you are up to your pressure setting. You must visually/audibly have steam coming out of the top of the valve. All the pin tells you is that the unit is still under pressure and you should not open it.- When you look at cook times, keep in mind that this is not the total time that you will be preparing an item. There is the time to reach full pressure and then the time to let it naturally release (if that’s what the recipe calls for). So, for some black beans that I made, while the cook time was only 4-6 minutes, it took about 15 minutes to heat up and another 15 minutes to cool down. Granted, it would still take over 1 1/2 hours cooking them in an open pot, so I’ve still saved a ton of time and the beans turned out great!For a great list of cooking times for a variety of things, check out the Hip Pressure Cooking web page (google “hip pressure cooking times”) which will give you a great place to start for so many different items. Miss Vickie also has a great site with a lot of information.As part of our resolution, we plan to cook a lot of beans. One side benefit that I discovered is that pressure cooking helps to deactivate the lectins in beans. Google lectins to read more about why you don’t want to be consuming them, but it turns out that stove top cooking may not deactivate all of them and a slow cooker may not deactivate ANY of them! If you are a bean eater, pressure cooking is the way to go!To clarify what you will be getting, the pot and lid is as pictured except my valve knob is orange (the pic at the time of review shows grey). You will also receive a steaming basket and stand. As I learn more about this wonderful new kitchen gadget, I’ll come back to update this review. If anyone has any great knowledge or resources that you want to share about pressure cooking, please leave me a comment. Thanks for reading and happy cooking!UPDATE 1:After using it a bit longer now, I’ve had a chance to try out the low pressure setting. This is best for vegetables and hard boiling eggs. When looking at cooking times for vegetables on ‘low’, they typically refer to a pressure of around 7-8 psi. With this low pressure setting being 10 psi, you should cook for a slightly shorter time (~20% less) so that your vegetables don’t over cook since vegetables are particularly sensitive to cook times or they can become mushy. For doing eggs, I was concerned that 10 psi would be too high (on high setting of 15 psi, I’ve read the eggs could crack), but it turns out to work perfectly! I have never in my life pealed a boiled egg so easily! Just make sure there are no cracks already forming on any of the eggs. One of mine did, but I tried it anyway and it pushed the yolk out through the crack and it cooked to the outside of the shell! It was quite artistic, but not something I would eat…. haha! You should be able to fit a dozen eggs in the included basket, fill with water to below the basket (do not submerge), cook for 5 minutes and do a natural release. Back to more pressure cooking adventures!UPDATE 2:After 2 years of use (average once a week), its still going strong. Every now and then, I’ll have to readjust the lid to get it to start pressurizing, but the gasket hasn’t failed yet. In case you need to eventually replace the gasket, you can find it here:  T-fal X90101 Seal Secure 5 Gasket . If you have a few extra bucks to spend, I’d recommend picking one up in case they no longer offer the gasket in the future. If the gasket goes and you cannot find a replacement, the pressure cooker becomes useless..If you have a favorite pressure cooker dish, please share in the comments! […]
Love it. The T-fal Clipso Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker has transformed my cooking experience. The one-handed opening and closing system is not only convenient but also enhances safety. The stainless steel construction is not just durable but adds a touch of elegance to my kitchen. From quick weeknight dinners to slow-cooked stews, this pressure cooker delivers consistent, flavorful results. It’s a must-have for anyone looking to save time without compromising on quality. Five stars for its efficiency, safety features, and stylish design!
Works well. Works well. Easy to use
Very Well Made But Cumbersome. The fancy cover is heavy. I still don’t know how you are suppose to set the steam valve. I put it on the cooking symbol but it still makes that pssst… sound. The manual does not state what a “murmur” is as the proper sound. This is important because I thought I was following the manual but apparently if you let out too much steam the cooker goes DRY. Lucky no damage occurred. I still don’t know how to test the pressure valve according to the manual. I just make sure it’s springy.There is the confusion of the pressure valve and exactly how it works. Apparently, the dot is for when you want it removed. Don’t EVER do it while cooking. It’s there for removal purposes only. I did not know after awhile the steam symbol and the cooking symbol serve two distinct purposes. I eventually learned to put the pressure valve on the cook symbol and adjust the steam sound by the controls on your stove but don’t know the proper sound it is suppose to make.The fancy steam basket looks good but does not work the way you think. I set it on the holder and when the food was done I tried to grab the handle flopped at 45 angle only for the basket and food to fall into the HOT cooker. The holder is spaced too far apart and rather flimsy base. I learned you should put the SS handle upright and leave it there to pull it straight up. A poor design as the basket looks like it has a position for that but am not sure. The manual does not state whal all the cutouts are for.When you’re finished cooking is another problem. This is heavy and you can’t simply put water over it like the *resto brand and almost kill the pressure. So much more fun and quicker. This one you have to give it a bath – a bath of cold water in a tub and my kitchen sink usually has a lot of stuff in it and around it and did I mention this is heavy? The other method is to open the steam valve all the way (the other symbol) but it takes a long time and shoots out hot air a couple of feet up. A lot of work just to cool it down.OTOH I tried two recipes and they were good. You really need to watch a video on how to use this. It’s much more complicated to use than I expected. The other brand that begins with a P is much more simpler to use and I recommend it for people who don’t like to fuss too much. The only reason I bought this was I thought it would work a lot better but it is confusing to use but is very nice to look at.One thing not mentioned is that every 10 years you must return it to a T-Fal approved service center so they can look it over and re-certify it’s use plus the hard the rubber seal needs to be replaced quite frequently. Once every 1-2 years. I’ll see how long mine last and report back.
Amazing product. Easy to use and easy to clean. Perfect size.
T-fal pressure cooker. After much research we bought this pressure cooker and we are very pleased. Very easy to use, solid construction and built to last. My only concern is wondering if the plastic pressure release valve will last. Having said that they sell replacement parts an affordable price. Highly recommending this product.
Arrive on time. I have not had a chance to use it yet but it seems better than traditional pressure cookers. It came with a cookbook the has some good recipes
Does what it is supposed to. No complaints and good price compared to others.
Found it to be very easy to use unlike traditional cookers. Food cooks quite fast. The feeling of safety knowing the actual pressure through the indicator is commendable. Also even heating and automatic pressurizing on heat buildup ensures it’s long life. The level engraved inside is of great use as well. Would recommend this to all.
Sólo que esperaba que fuera de mayor capacidad
my mom loved it it’s very safe
Valió la pena la espera, pues el envío se retrasó 3 días más de lo programado.Es súper rápida y muy práctica.Sin duda alguna, la recomiendo.

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The heavy gauge aluminum construction of the stovetop canner provides rustproof performance for long-lasting use and quick heating. The selective pressure control of the cooker maintains a constant internal pressure, while the vent tube on the lid permits the proper release of steam. 

 The cooker’s backup steam release components include a reusable overpressure plug (the red pin in the center pushes out, releasing steam) and, if additional steam release is required, a gasket-release window that goes out from the lid opening.  

In addition, a spring safety device prevents the cooker from pressurizing before the lid is securely closed, and a sure-locking lid system prevents the lid from being opened while the cooker is under pressure. 

One of the most common things I hear is that people fear pressure canners. T-Fal has included many safety features that should satisfy even the most cautious user of a pressure canner. In addition to its vent tube, its five-point security system ensures safe cooking conditions with an overpressure plug. The gasket release window will push out if additional pressure release is required. A gasket locking lid and spring safety device prevent the canner from pressurizing if the lid is not secured correctly. 

With all these safety features, you’ll quickly realize that this is one of the most worry-free pressure canners you can purchase. In addition, the heavy aluminum does not stain and can be utilized as a pressure cooker. 

Key Features 
  • 22 quart polished aluminum stovetop canner and pressure cooker with a deluxe pressure gauge dial 
  • Selective pressure control with 3 cooking pressure options: 5, 10 or 15 PSI; overpressure steam release safety components 
  • Heavy gauge, rustproof aluminum construction; sure locking lid system; pressure monitoring device built into handle 
  • Includes 2 canning racks to hold 16 pint size jars or 26 half pint size jars when double stacked or 7 quart size jars 
  • Came up to pressure quickly
  • Quick to release pressure naturally
  • Excellent at pressure-cooking and slow-cooking beef stew
  • Manual is clear and thorough
  • Easy-to-read controls
  • Features timed cooking and setting for browning, steaming and delay start
  • Controls aren't intuitive and require experimentation
  • Cooking insert isn't dishwasher safe

6. Mirro Pressure Canner Cookware 22-Quart

Mirro – 7114000221 Mirro 92122A Polished Aluminum 5 / 10 / 15-PSI Pressure Cooker / Canner Cookware, 22-Quart, Silver


User reviews

Bruce perry. Cathy and i home can a lot. we love to can for bad weather. we use the caner all the time. if u r geting into canning start with this caner. easy to use. work good
This is a canner and I wish Amazon would list it as such. This is listed as a pressure cooker on the Amazon site, and I have seen several half wits tell other people not to buy it because “it’s not a canner, it’s a cooker” because of the way Amazon has chosen to list it.IT IS A CANNER. Read the description !It’s gaugeless, so you do not have to pay to have a pressure gauge checked it service YEARLY. Because it’s gaugeless, it’s so much easier to use. You can HEAR it working and know it’s up to pressure without babysitting and standing over that gauge.I loved it so much I ordered another!!!I’ve been using a Mirro canner for several years. It’s a 35 year old 12 quart one which worked fine but just wasn’t big enough to double stack jars. This 22 quart exceeded my expectations! I love it and recommend it to anyone! You have all heard the horror stories abouta friend of someone’s Aunt Fanny blowing up a canner, ( in my experience never a first hand account and always a story from decades ago before safety features.) This canner has none of those intimidating gauges to babysit and plenty of safety features. This is a great feature for anyone but especially new canning people. It’s going to save you $$$! It heats up faster than my 12 quart so it’s more energy efficient and I can do twice the jars in less time because it heats up faster! Another nice benefit is that it isn’t super heavy to lift. I’m 5’2″ and I’m able to lift this myself and able to remove jars while it’s on the stove too. Buy this canner if you are interested in learning to can! You can even use it to waterbath can ( just don’t fasten the lid) so it’s going to save even more money because it’s 2 canners in 1!!! It’s so easy to use, and no sterilizing necessary when pressure canning, so it’s even faster and safer because of the high temperatures reached under pressure. You will love it! Safe and healthy Mom made food for your family that will fill your pantry and you will be saving money too. Preserve your garden bounty, can meat when it’s on sale or after hunting, Mom made soups and stews, people even can home made dog food! Jams, jellies, pie fillings, fruit juice, can food with lower salt to benefit high blood pressure patients, or make diet specific things for people with special diets or allergies. You are limited only by your imagination and recipes. It’s so addicting and empowering to can your own food and fill your pantry with healthy home made food. This canner makes it easy and simple to do.THIS IS A CANNER!
Great for the novice canner. After two months of searching for the perfect canner and stewing over the decision of size and type, I finally settled on the 22 qt Mirro. There were a couple of reasons I chose this model. First, there seems to be a lot of debate over the perks of a pressure guage vs the weighted toggle. I found that most people considered the pressure gauge to be some what unreliable. More important, I live in a very rural area where I can’t take the guage to the county to have it tested every year as recommended. I wanted to can veggies and tuna, so I wanted something reliable from year to year. Second, Tuna has to be processed for 90 minutes and I didn’t want to have to stare at a pressure guage the entire time to monitor the pressure. I like being able to clean the kitchen, or run to the bathroom quickly with out the overwhelming fear that the canner will explode without my ever present eye. Third, I wanted a canner that had some back up pressure releases. I read a few accounts of pressure cookers blowing up in people’s faces, and I would rather not mess with explosions in my house.This pot does this and MORE!! I have canned a couple batches of peaches and apricots. The apricots I cold packed and didn’t like the results, the fruit floated to the top. The peaches I hot packed and they came out better than I could have dreamed. During the end of the Razor Clam season, we collected several pounds of clams and canned several. They came out GREAT! Since then, we have also canned tuna. I have to say, it is a bit loud to can the tuna, but our jars were pretty and the tuna was fantastic.One batch of tuna had a problem. My boyfriend was on his first solo canning experience after helping me several times. Once the canner was up to pressure and toggling, he did not turn down the stove. The burner was too hot and blew out all the water. We both noticed a different sound from the toggle. We turned the burner off and gently moved the canner to the center of the stove off the burner. None of the cans were broken because we were being vigilant.So here is what impresses me. There are not just two, but three safety mechanisms on the pot. Two on the top and a side valve that actually releases the gasket at the lid. I don’t consider this pot exceptionally heavy when full. After hearing stories of how heavy a full 22 qt pressure canner can be, I was very worried. I was able to move this pot without huge effort. I’m not saying that it is light as a feather, but I felt comfortable moving it. This canner has the weighted toggle and comes with 3 weights (5, 10, and 15). This allows me to use the same canner for fruits and vegetables while also allowing me to can meats. What more? When you move up in elevation, you have to pressure cook at a higher pressure. All three of these weights cover your base from sea level to 5000 feet.What I would like to see? I had to rely on the internet to describe how to process the foods I wanted to can. The instruction book is great on how to use the canner, but it does not describe processing times, and is skimpy on the info as to how much water to add to the canner. Also, I am canning tuna and clams (and can’t use a quart or even a pint all at once), and my loads are pretty small because you need to put a rack to seperate the cans. This package comes with 2 racks. I have found parts and can buy additional racks for 11-15 dollars. I bought mine from Crazydavestoolshed. It took far longer to arrive than I had hoped (2.5 weeks from the time I ordered it). It was due on July 3 and didn’t come until July 7. I am sure the holiday played into it a bit, but shipping for me was nearly 17 dollars and I expected it on time for the cost of shipping.Honestly, I can’t imagine using another type of canner. This one is great, particularly for a novice that is concerned with safety.
works great
Works well
I am very happy with this pressure cooker. At first I was a bit puzzled with the 3 pressure weights not knowing which one to use. I did find a recipe on the Net which explained that the heaviest one is always a good choice. So I have done my canning this year and it was easy work. Always use an outdoor gas burner for this big pressure cooker since its size needs a lot of heat to get going.
tres bien bien pour les cannage

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The Mirro Pressure Cooker allows you to prepare delicious meals up to 70 percent faster than conventional stovetop methods. You can compose short ribs, chili, soups, stews, steamed vegetables, and more in a short amount of time.  

Our stylish design and heavy gauge aluminum make for smart kitchen convenience. There are four pressure safety systems in place to prevent over-pressurization. The ergonomic handles with cool touch provide comfortable handling. With the Mirro pressure cooker, you can cook traditional favorites or whatever your imagination desires. 

When processing beans in a variety of batches and when preserving soup in jars, the pressure canner performed admirably. My gas stove’s steady regulator jiggle required practice. Setting the pot on a larger burner helped, but at my elevation of 3,000 feet, I still had to adjust the burner heat more frequently than with dial-gauge canners to maintain steady pressure. 

It was also challenging to secure the canner’s lid so that it could build pressure. It was simple to overtwist the lid, but steam continued to escape through the pressure indicator and handle rim even with perfect top-to-bottom alignment. Turning until the upper handle was just slightly ahead of the lower handle on both sides caused the pressure indicator to illuminate once the canner began to steam immediately. This may be a quirk of the Mirro canner I tested, not all of them. 

Even though Mirro sells this model as a pressure cooker, you should probably avoid using it for this purpose unless you’re feeding many people. The recipes in the enclosed booklet are all sized for small pressure cookers, so you need to triple the quantities to provide 24 to 36 people. 

Key Features 
  • The pressure canner is constructed from rustproof heavy gauge aluminum; 16 pint size jars or 26 half pint size jars when double stacked or 7 quart size jars 
  • Maintains steady pressure with 3 cooking pressure options 5, 10, and 15 PSI 
  • Reusable overpressure plug, sure locking lid system, and side gasket pressure release 
  • Cooking rack and user guide with recipes included.
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight when empty
  • No need for annual recalibration
  • Holds lots of jars
  • No fine-tuning at high elevations
  • Handles need precise alignment to lock lid
  • Only works on gas and electric coil ranges

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Best Pressure Canner For Glass Top Stove 

If you want to get the most out of your pressure canner, you need to choose the best one for your needs. There are many different models on the market, so how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few factors to consider when making your decision: 

  1. Capacity: How much food do you want to be able to cook at one time? If you have a large family or entertain often, you’ll need a larger canner. Smaller models are better for those who don’t need to cook as much food.
  2. Material: Pressure canners are made from either aluminum or stainless steel. Both materials have their benefits and drawbacks. Aluminum is lighter and heats up faster, but it’s also more prone to scratching and denting. Stainless steel is more durable, but it’s also heavier and takes longer to heat up.
  3. Size: Pressure canners come in a variety of sizes. Choose one that will fit comfortably on your stovetop.
  4. Pressure release valve: This is an important safety feature. Make sure the canner you choose has a pressure release valve that’s easy to use.
  5. Warranty: Some manufacturers offer warranties on their products. If you’re not sure which canner to choose, look for one that comes with a warranty.

With so many factors to consider, choosing the best pressure canner for your needs can be tough. But if you keep these factors in mind, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and find the perfect model for your kitchen. 

Pressure Canner For Glass Top Stove – FAQs

A pressure canner is a device that is used to preserve food by using airtight jars or cans. The canner seals in the natural juices and flavors of foods, as well as vitamins and minerals, making them last longer and taste better. 

A pressure canner is the best way to preserve food. It is safe and easy to use, and it keeps food fresh and tasting great. 

There are many different types of pressure canners available on the market. Choose one that is made of durable materials and is easy to use. 

Using a pressure canner is simple. Just follow the instructions that come with your canner. 

A pressure canner preserves food better than any other method. It keeps food fresh and tasting great. 

Yes, there are some safety concerns with using a pressure canner. Always read the instructions that come with your canner and follow them carefully. Never open the lid of the canner while it is under pressure. 

You can preserve almost any type of food with a pressure canner. fruits, vegetables, meats, and even some desserts. 

The food you preserve with a pressure canner will last for up to two years. 

The steps for preserving food with a pressure canner are simple. Just follow the instructions that come with your canner. 

Yes, you can use a pressure canner on a glass top stove. Just follow the instructions that come with your canner. 


If you’re looking for a reliable pressure canner that will work well on your glass top stove, we recommend the Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker. This canner is made from durable aluminum and has a non-stick interior coating that makes cleanup a breeze. It also has an instruction manual and recipe book to help you get started. 

The T-fal Pressure Canner and Cooker is an excellent option for those on a budget. This canner is made from heavy-duty aluminum and has a pressure regulator for safety. It also comes with an instruction manual and recipe book. 

If you’re looking for the best of the best, the All American 921 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner is the way to go. This canner is made from durable stainless steel and features a gasket release system for safety. It also comes with an instruction manual and recipe book. 

No matter which pressure canner you choose, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure safety and proper operation. 

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