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Blender Noise Reduction: 7 Suggestions For Making A Blender Quieter

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Most blender owners investigate noise reduction at some point. Blenders are an essential kitchen appliance. They can help you whip up drinks, sauces, soups, and purees quickly and efficiently. However, if your blender is noisy, it can be highly annoying. 

Blenders can be problematic if they are utilized daily or multiple times daily. The noise can disturb neighbors and family members who are sleeping and your own eardrums! 

If your blender is excessively loud and makes a great deal of noise, there are a few things you can do to reduce its volume. This article will discuss seven tips for making your blender quieter. 

Why do blenders produce so much noise? 

Most individuals consider the blender’s motor to be its noisiest component. While the blender’s motor produces noise, several other factors contribute to its volume. 

Metal blender components such as gears, bearings, and blades can also contribute to blender noise. These components are not designed to be quiet but help make your blender loud. 

Due to how they are constructed, blenders produce a loud noise when in use. The jars of blenders can be made of either glass or plastic, and both materials vibrate significantly when the blender operates. Noise is amplified due to the design of blenders, which boosts the noise caused by vibrations. 

Additionally, dirty blender jars can produce a great deal of noise. Over time, blender jars accumulate food particles, dust, dirt, grime, and rust. The noise will increase when you blend or puree food in a jar with a significant amount of dust. 

Why Should Blender Noise Be Reduced? 

There are multiple reasons why it’s a good idea to reduce the volume of your blender. The most important reason is that it will no longer annoy you, your family, and your neighbors. 

The second reason is that reducing the noise of your blender will increase its longevity. Since blenders are designed to be robust and powerful, they produce great noise when in operation. 

Reducing some of the vibrations will increase the lifespan of your blades and jar, as less stress will be placed on them during the blending process. 

Tips on Reducing Blender Noise 

There are numerous ways to lessen the noise produced by a blender. Although these tips will not eliminate the blender’s noise, they will significantly reduce it. 

Here are a few suggestions for making your blender less noisy. 

Keep the Blender Away from Walls. 

If your blender is close to a wall or a door, the noise can bounce off the wall and make your blender even louder. To reduce noise, move your blender away from walls, creating more space between it and any hard surfaces. 

Move the blender to the countertop’s or kitchen island’s edge. After use, you can always return it to its original position. 

Place a Mat Under Your Blender When in Use 

When blending or pureeing food ingredients, placing a silicone or rubber mat underneath the blender will help absorb some of the vibrations. Most major retailers sell anti-vibration pads designed explicitly for blenders. 

By placing these pads beneath your jar during blending, you can significantly reduce the amount of noise produced by the appliance. If you do not wish to purchase a new mat, you can place a folded kitchen towel underneath the blender. 

Make a DIY Blender Sound Enclosure 

By constructing a do-it-yourself sound enclosure for your blender, you can significantly reduce the noise it makes. You can build a cardboard enclosure to enclose the jar while in use, or you can purchase an inexpensive plastic storage box and cut an opening for your blender. 

If you prefer something more durable, you can purchase wooden cabinets online or at home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. 

Buy a Specially Made Sound Enclosure 

This option will cost more, but it will be worth the additional expense. A sound enclosure for a blender is a specially constructed box with an opening in front of where the blender jar is placed. 

These enclosures are designed to reduce the noise generated by blenders while in use, and many have doors that can be closed when not in use to ensure no noise escapes. 

Soundproof the Wall Next to the Blender 

This method may seem extreme, but it will significantly reduce the noise of your blender. The wall next to where you place your blender can be soundproofed with egg cartons, foam panels, or fiberglass insulation. 

These materials are elementary to install and will be of great assistance if the noise from your blender disturbs people in the adjacent room. You can soundproof the entire space and use loud appliances if you have a pantry or utility room. 

Cover Your Blender with a Towel. 

This is a simple and inexpensive way to reduce your blender’s noise. Wrap an old dish towel around the blender while it is in use. The towel will act as an insulator, absorbing some of the vibrations produced when food ingredients are blended. 

If you employ this method, avoid blocking the air vents on the blender. This could cause the blender to overheat, a much more severe issue than blender noise. 

Invest in a Silent Blender 

This is the last resort because if you already own a blender, the last thing you want to do is purchase another one. However, you should consider this option if you can no longer tolerate the noise. 

A silent blender is a high-end kitchen appliance designed to blend food ingredients as quietly as possible. These blenders are unquestionably more expensive than other types, but they are practical and may be well worth the cost. 

Blender Noise Reduction – Final Thoughts 

If your blender is excessively loud and makes a great deal of noise, there are a few things you can do to reduce its volume. 

In this article, we discussed seven tips for reducing the noise of your blender by employing various techniques. These techniques are worth attempting because they do not require much time or money but could significantly impact on your machine’s noise level. 

You should consider purchasing a quieter model if you can no longer tolerate your blender’s noise. These blenders are expensive, but they will significantly reduce household noise. 

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