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Using an Immersion Blender to Froth Milk: 3 Simple Steps

You are in luck if you want to froth milk with an immersion blender. I have been frothing milk with an immersion blender for a few years now, and I love it because it’s so easy to do. The foam is also much denser, so I can add less milk to get the same foam as if frothing using a whisk. 

You can froth milk with an immersion blender, not just the expensive ones in specialty coffee shops. If you have a small kitchen or limited space, it’s also an excellent option for frothing milk at home. 

While immersion blenders are not explicitly designed to froth milk, they can be used as an alternate frothing method. This post will show three simple steps to froth milk with an immersion blender. Using an Immersion Blender to Froth Milk: Three Simple Steps 

Can Milk Be Frothed Using an Immersion Blender? 

Yes, frothing milk with an immersion blender is possible. The process of frothing milk involves incorporating air into the milk, which is accomplished by blending the milk with an immersion blender. 

Handheld stick blenders are ideal for frothing because their two fast-spinning blades efficiently incorporate air into the milk without overheating it. 

Three Easy Steps for Frothing Milk with an Immersion Blender 

It is simple to whip milk with an immersion blender. There are three steps to using an immersion blender to froth milk. It is truly a simple procedure! 

Step 1: Heat the Milk 

You can either microwave or heat the milk on the stove. A conventional milk frother will heat and froth the milk, whereas an immersion blender will not, so you need to heat the milk first. The milk should be warm and steamed but not boiling. When handling hot milk, exercise caution. 

Step 2: Pour the Heated Milk into a Container 

It is permissible to use any container, but a tall and narrow container is optimal. This is because the additional air will cause the milk to expand, and you don’t want to waste froth by having it overflow. 

I typically use a glass jar just wide enough to accommodate the immersion blender, and I fill it with milk no more than halfway. 

Step 3: Blend and Froth 

Blend the milk for approximately 30 to 60 seconds before removing the immersion blender. The mixture should resemble the foam on top of a latte or cappuccino in texture and appearance. 

Use a spoon to hold back the foam while pouring the milk into your coffee, and then spoon the foam on top to create a deliciously creamy beverage. 

Which Milk Type Should I Use for Frothing? 

Using full-fat milk or milk with a fat content of at least 2% is optimal for frothing. The foam will be more stable and denser the higher the fat content. If possible, avoid using skim milk because it is more challenging to froth with an immersion blender. 

Also, avoid using low-fat milk such as almond or coconut milk for this procedure, as they are not very stable when heated and may separate during the frothing process. It is challenging to create foam with these milk alternatives. 

What is the shelf life of frothed milk? 

If kept at room temperature in an airtight container, frothed milk should last for about 30 minutes before becoming flat. There is a 24-hour shelf life for frothed milk if refrigerated. Preparing frothed milk only when necessary is preferable, and using it immediately is preferable. 

Guidelines for Frothing Milk Using an Immersion Blender 

There are several ways to simplify the process of frothing milk with an immersion blender. 

      • Utilize a long-handled blender. The longer the stick of the blender, the simpler it will be to blend and froth. 
      • Use full-fat milk. Plant-based alternatives to milk that lack a high-fat content will not froth properly. 
      • Utilize a tall, narrow-mouthed container. A too-wide container has the potential to overflow and spill its contents. 
      • Initially, heat the milk. If you’re frothing cold or cooled milk, heat it in the microwave before blending until steaming hot. The added air will be destroyed by heating milk that has already been frothed. 
      • Avoid filling your container to the brim. Leave a couple of inches of space at the top for expansion during heating and frothing. If there is sufficient space for expanding air bubbles during blending, it is best to fill the container at the halfway mark. 

    Is an Immersion Blender and a Milk Frother the Same? 

    A milk frother and an immersion blender, also known as a stick or wand blender, are different. A traditional handheld milk frother heats and aerates the milk to produce microfoam. This has a thick and creamy texture. 

    Immersion blenders are incapable of producing heat. This will result in foam, but it will be less creamy and dense. Nonetheless, it can be used to create delicious foam for your coffee. 

    Immersion Blender of Milk Frother – Which is Better? 

    A milk frother is a device that transforms ordinary cold or cooled milk into a fresh and creamy foam for coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, and other beverages. A milk frother also saves time because it eliminates the need to microwave the milk before frothing it. 

    The immersion blender does not heat the milk, so it must be heated before frothing. A milk frother is a superior option when it comes to frothing milk. This makes sense, as frothing milk is precisely its intended purpose. 

    Alternatively, milk can be frothed using an immersion blender. In addition, an immersion blender can perform numerous other tasks in the kitchen. 

    I do not own a milk frother because I cannot justify having a single-purpose kitchen appliance. I like my kitchen appliances to work for me, and an immersion blender does just that. 

    Immersion Blender Frothing Attachment 

    Remember what I said about the immersion blender serving multiple purposes? This can be accomplished by purchasing separate attachments. 

    Most immersion blenders come with various attachments, such as a milk frother. This attachment will produce a better foam but will not heat the milk for you. 

    Other immersion blender attachments include a whisk, chopper, and grinder. This immersion blender from Mueller has received more than 40,000 positive reviews on Amazon and includes a variety of attachments. 

    Are you able to Froth Cold Milk? 

    Yes, cold milk can be frothed with an immersion blender. Prior heating of the milk is unnecessary. Using an immersion blender, you can froth cold or cool milk by following the above steps. 

    However, you may find that cold milk creates an extra froth or texture. You can still use it to prepare cold beverages such as iced lattes. Once cold milk has been frothed, it can no longer be heated. Heating cold-frothed milk will result in the removal of air bubbles, leaving you with hot milk. 

    How is Steamed Milk Different from Frothed Milk? 

    Milk that has been heated or frothed but not foamed. It can be utilized to prepare beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and mochas. 

    A milk frother or immersion blender is used to froth milk. Air bubbles are necessary to form microfoam during the heating time required to produce foamy cream on top of your beverage. 

    Final Thoughts on Frothing Milk Using an Immersion Blender 

    An immersion blender is not intended for frothing milk but can be used as a substitute. Frothing with an immersion blender requires a little practice and patience, but once the technique is mastered, anyone in your kitchen can do it. 

    This post has demonstrated three easy steps for frothing milk with an immersion blender; give it a shot, and I guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results. 

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