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Is Your Ninja Blender Loud? 7 Tips for Making It Quieter

Is your Ninja blender loud? I love Ninja blenders. They are sleek, potent, and ideal for consistently preparing nutritious smoothies. However, Ninja blenders can be extremely loud. 

This post is for you if you, like me, desire a quieter Ninja blender for your ears or sleeping children in the next room. Does the noise of your Ninja blender drive you insane? When preparing a delicious dish, I have some suggestions on how to make it quieter to avoid disturbing your family or neighbors. I will demonstrate how to fix this problem, fortunately quite simply. 

Are Ninja Blenders Loud? 

Ninja blenders are renowned for their performance and design, not for their quiet operation. If you’re searching for a quiet blender, consider one of these options. 

Despite their potentially loud nature, there are a few simple ways to make Ninja blenders quieter. 

How loud is a Ninja blender about other home appliances? 

Although Ninja blenders are relatively noisy but not as loud as other brands, they range in decibel levels from 69 to 88. Comparatively, the decibel range of other blenders is between 90 and 100. That is quite audible! 

The average noise level of a dishwasher is between 80 and 90 decibels (dB), whereas a vacuum cleaner is between 70 and 80 decibels (dB). A hairdryer has a decibel level of 75, whereas an alarm clock can reach 100. 

It’s essential to consider the noise level of your blender about other kitchen appliances, so you don’t cause damage to your hearing or disturb family members if it’s close by. 

How do I make my Ninja blender quieter? 

The good news is that there are simple tricks and tips for making a Ninja blender quieter without sacrificing its effectiveness. Here’s what I suggest: 


      • Substitute frozen fruits for ice cubes. Instead of ice, use frozen fruit, which makes less noise when blended than ice. 
      • Disable Turbo mode. If you don’t need all that extra power, press a button to turn it off. 
      • Cover the top of the blender container with a towel. If you are utilizing a standard-sized Ninja model, place a small hand towel over the blade assembly while it is in operation. This can assist in reducing some of that noise. Avoid covering any air vents, as doing so could cause the motor to overheat. 
      • Move your blender to a new location. The sound will travel further into other rooms if your Ninja blender is close to a wall or a door. If you have a large island or countertop in the kitchen, place the blender there instead. 
      • Put a mat or dishtowel beneath the blender. This can reduce sound output by up to 20% by absorbing some noise. 
      • Create a blender enclosure yourself. This is a popular do-it-yourself project, and some great instructions are available online if you’re willing to put in a little effort. 
      • Numerous sound enclosures are available for purchase that are a perfect fit for a Ninja blender but are typically expensive. 

    How Many Decibels is a Ninja Blender? 

    Ninja blenders have a decibel range between 69 and 88. A decibel is a unit of measurement for sound intensity. It is measured on a logarithmic scale, so a 10-decibel increase corresponds to a 10-fold increase in energy and pressure. 

    The softest audible sound is approximately 10 decibels, while the loudest audible sounds can exceed 120 dB. Some animals, such as elephants, can hear up to 150 dB, while the pain threshold for the average human is 130 dB. 

    Sound travels through air molecules by causing them to vibrate back and forth; when we speak or listen to music, it’s because these vibrations cause our eardrums to move within our ears (and are also responsible for your voice rising and falling). The greater the volume, the more air molecules vibrate back and forth. 

    How quiet is the Ninja blender? 

    The Ninja Professional Blender with Auto-IQ is the quietest. The noise level is between 69 and 75 decibels. Even in Turbo mode, the Ninja Professional Blender with Auto-iQ is the quietest blender model, making it ideal for use during mealtimes or late at night if you don’t want to disturb others who are sleeping. 

    Depending on the model you choose and your household size, the noise produced by Ninja blenders may be fine for you. Many owners find that their decision to purchase a noisy appliance like this one was based on its performance; they don’t mind the noise because it does its job so well! If there aren’t too many loud appliances nearby, most people will not notice or care about the Ninja blender’s noise level. 

    Is Your Ninja Blender Loud? Final Reflections 

    It can be highly distracting when attempting to watch television in the same room as a noisy blender. Having your ears and sleeping children close to the kitchen while you cook is also detrimental. 

    Fortunately, a few simple fixes will make your Ninja blender quieter, one of which may work better than the others depending on the type of noise that is most bothersome. Try the suggestions above and see if you notice a difference. 

    I hope this article has provided some suggestions for making your Ninja blender quieter. If it does not bother you, no further action is required; continue to enjoy the benefits of having one! If, however, noise is always an issue for you or when using certain functions of the blender (such as high-speed blending), try some of these suggestions. 

    If it’s still too loud, you should consider purchasing a quieter one! 

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