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Can You Put Frozen Fruits In A Blender

Numerous customers were concerned and inquired, “Can You Put Frozen Fruits In A Blender?” In this post, we hope to provide you with the necessary information to comprehend this question. 

For those who genuinely appreciate nutrient-rich smoothies and juices, fruits are indispensable. However, fruits are often seasonal and costly. 

Frozen fruits are necessary for your freezer storage and grocery shopping. Additionally, they contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Today, try making a healthy frozen fruit smoothie; you will not be disappointed. 

How Healthy Is Frozen Fruit? 

Those skeptical about frozen fruit should be aware that fruit is frozen immediately after being harvested. They are perfectly ripe and comprise minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Freezing fruits is not equivalent to removing their nutrients; instead, it is a means of releasing them. Make a smoothie with frozen fruit today; you won’t be disappointed! 

Can You Put Frozen Fruits In A Blender? 

Certainly, frozen fruits can be blended in a blender. However, the blender’s power will determine how well it blends. It indicates that the more potent the blender, the simpler it is to combine frozen ingredients and ice cubes in seconds. The less powerful your blender is, the more liquid you must add to blend your ingredients, and the thinner they will be. 

Most people frequently place unsliced frozen fruits or ice cubes in blenders. Before blending frozen ingredients, you must first slice or thaw them. Therefore, the blending process will be complicated if they are not already cut. The blender’s blade can easily break and will not function as desired. 

Guidelines for blending frozen ingredients 

Since your blender is having trouble with the blending process, please review the following suggestions. 

  • Allow the frozen fruits to thaw for 5 to 10 minutes, which will not affect the texture of the smoothies but will make blending much easier and smoother.
  • Pour a little liquid into your blender. Plant-based milk such as soy, almond, or walnut milk will maintain the texture’s flavor and creaminess, resulting in more consistency.
  • Before blending, cut or thaw the whole ingredients into small pieces. 

What Types of Frozen Fruit Can You Blend? 

Now comes the fun part. What types of frozen fruit can you blend? Anything you want. 

  • If a bag of frozen fruit is available in the supermarket, you can use it. I prefer to use frozen fruit mixtures. Consequently, frozen fruit mixed berries are a favorite of mine. It is an excellent value and also simple and convenient. 
  • You can use a bag of triple-mixed berries to make your frozen fruit smoothies.
  • You can also use frozen pineapples. Or Mango slices are frozen.
  • There are even products specifically designed for making smoothies. These will have greens and fruits. A popular one is a berry and kale mix.
  • Even conventional fruit can be frozen and then blended. For instance, supermarkets typically do not sell frozen bananas. But perhaps you’ve purchased too many bananas and want to save some by freezing them. You can certainly do so and then use the frozen bananas to create a delicious fruit smoothie.
  • Numerous studies have been conducted to determine whether frozen fruits and vegetables are healthy.
  • Without providing a great deal of technical information and data, the conjecture is that frozen fruit is just as healthy as fresh fruit. The premise relates to the flash freezing process. If the fruit is frozen using a flash-freezing method, which is how most fruit is frozen nowadays, then nutrients are not destroyed.
  • It has been repeatedly demonstrated that organic fruit is superior to conventional fruit grown with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Not only are organic fruits safer and healthier, but they often taste better as well.
  • It’s a very straightforward equation. Organic fruits are healthier, and in many cases, they are not even more expensive than conventionally grown fruits. So, why wouldn’t you use organic frozen fruits for your blender, given the opportunity? 

Here is my preferred list of frozen fruits: 

  • Cherries 
  • Berries 
  • Mangos 
  • Pineapples 
  • Peaches 
  • Berries and Kale Mixtures 

Do You Have To Add More Liquid When Blending Frozen Fruit? 

The following question asks if you must add more liquid when blending frozen fruit. As alluded to briefly in the preceding section, it depends on the type of smoothie you desire. If you are comfortable with a slushier consistency, you do not need to add additional liquid. 

Or, if you are willing to let the frozen fruit thaw in the refrigerator before blending your smoothie, you do not need to add extra liquid. It depends on how the frozen fruit is processed in the blender. Consider it this way. The frozen fruit has solidified. When the liquid in the fruit is frozen, it becomes solid, like ice. Therefore, blending is comparable to blending ice. If you over-mix it, it will begin to melt, but I do not recommend doing so. 

I recommend letting the fruit thaw slightly or adding a touch of additional liquid when blending the smoothie. If your smoothie contains only frozen fruit, I recommend adding more liquid than you usually would. 

Therefore, if you usually make a smoothie with coconut water or almond milk and berries, you should add more liquid when blending frozen berries. 

However, if you add yogurt or even microgreens that are not frozen (such as baby spinach or baby kale), you will not need to add as much additional liquid. It is a matter of feeling, and you will become accustomed to it after a few batches. 

How Long Should You Blend Frozen Fruit? 

When it comes time to blend frozen fruit, it is essential to consider both the desired texture of the smoothie and the heat generated by the blender. If you over-blend frozen fruit, you risk producing excessive heat. Therefore, I recommend adding additional liquid. It expedites the mixing process. Additionally, this reduces the amount of heat produced by the blender. 

Keep in mind that excessive heat can destroy nutrients. Therefore, add more liquid, let the frozen fruit partially thaw, or settle for a slushier consistency. And consult the manual that always comes with your blender. It will indicate how long the blender should be used continuously. It is essential not to operate the blender continuously for longer than the manual specifies. That could end up damaging both the fruit and the blender’s engine. 

Do You Defrost Frozen Fruit Before Making Smoothies? 

Technically, frozen fruit does not need to be defrosted for smoothies. You can directly place frozen fruit in the blender, especially if you have a high-end blender like a Vitamix or a powerful blender like a Ninja or Nutribullet. 

As previously mentioned, you can compensate by placing the frozen fruit in a bowl in your refrigerator and letting it thaw (or melt on your table at room temperature). 

If you decide to allow your frozen fruit to thaw before blending it, make sure you do so in a bowl. You should collect the juice from the frozen fruit and add it to the blender. 

When fruit is flash-frozen, the cells break down; this does not affect the nutritional value, but it does cause a liquid to leak out of the fruit as it thaws. And that liquid is a nutritious fruit juice that you should incorporate into your smoothie, so be sure to catch it in a bowl. 

Trusted Blender Brands for Frozen Fruits 

For those seeking a healthy lifestyle and diet in 2022, we have several best-selling blender brands that are highly regarded. These models are portable, long-lasting, and, most importantly, affordable. A premium blender for blending frozen fruits will have a high-performance blending rate. 


Without a doubt, a Vitamix blender will be a dependable addition to your kitchen. The Vitamix product line features a high-performance motor with razor-sharp stainless-steel blades that can shatter frozen fruits or ice cubes into small pieces in a matter of minutes. 

Ninja Countertop 

Like Vitamix, the Ninja Countertop comes to mind when selecting the best blender for blending frozen fruits. 

With a 1100-watt motor, ice can be easily pulverized into snow, and any other ingredients can be liquefied in mere seconds. In addition, thanks to its six blades, the Ninja product line is ideal for easily grinding whole fruits and vegetables. 


Nutribullet has been regarded as an ideal option for making smoothies. With its large pitcher (64 ounces), this blender product line is suitable for crushing ice and nuts in a matter of seconds without any guesswork. 


As previously stated, a high-performance blender will determine the blending time and the final product. Blending will take between 5 and 10 minutes if you have a strong blender. 

If you blend frozen ingredients without liquid, you may end up with a slushy substance rather than a smoothie. But to make a traditional smoothie, you must add juice. 

Regardless of the quality of your blender, please allow frozen fruits to defrost in the refrigerator or place them in a small Ziploc bag and submerge them in a bowl of water before blending. 

In contrast, if the frozen ingredients are not thawed within a few minutes, they can cause the blades to break and crack. 

Many people use fresh ingredients in their smoothies, but if they use frozen fruits instead, the texture will be icy and thick without question. On sweltering summer days, frozen fruit smoothies are an ideal beverage. 

Even though people can add fresh fruit to their smoothie, adding frozen fruit would give it a thick and icy consistency. Frozen fruit smoothies are trendy on sizzling summer days because they help the body adjust to the heat. 

Even when unsliced, most individuals place whole fruits in the blender. It is best to either thaw or slice frozen fruits before blending them. Not cutting them would make it difficult for a blender to combine them. The blender’s blade may break or not function as desired. 

Unless you have a specialty blender that specifies that it can handle large chunks of ice, the blade will either break or dull as it attempts to blend up the contents you added. Frozen ingredients can also cause the blender itself to malfunction, leading the glass or plastic to break apart.

Overall, drinking smoothies will increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. This increase in consumption provides a diverse array of essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. so it’s a big Yes, homemade frozen smoothies are healthy – go on, get blending!

This can be milk, or a dairy-free alternative such as soya or almond milk, natural or flavoured yogurt, fruit juice, or for a tropical flavoured smoothie, low-fat coconut milk or coconut water. It’s important to add the liquid to your blender before adding the fruit, as this will prevent the blade from getting damaged.

Frozen fruits and veggies can be juiced. Just let them thaw first then juice just like you would with fresh produce. If you do decide on smoothies, check out our Beverage & Smoothie Recipes.


We hope you will learn everything you need about blenders, especially when blending frozen fruits. Incorporating additional and diverse nutrients into healthy meals and diets is a fantastic idea. 

Please leave a message in the comment box below this post if you have any questions, and our customer service team will respond as soon as possible. Merci, for reading! 

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