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Can You Whip Cream In A Blender

Most people who want to whip cream from scratch at home end up attempting to figure out how to do so. The traditional method for whipping cream involved using a hand whisk. But that is extremely tedious. Have faith in me on this. The electric hand mixer was invented so long ago for a purpose. Put down the hand whisk and continue reading to learn how to whip cream in a blender. 

Even before the invention of electric whisks, people sought to simplify the process of whipping egg whites and whipped cream. Here comes the hand-cranked blender into play. At the turn of the century, these machines became incredibly popular. There are still numerous homes that have them. And they perform exceptionally well. However, you do not need to purchase one if you already own a blender. 

Because the short answer is yes, the cream can be whipped in a blender. Let’s look at the question in more detail. 

Can You Use a Blender to Whip Cream? Might You? 

The answer to the first question is the simplest. Can cream be whipped in a blender? Unquestionably, you can. A blender will incorporate air into liquid cream, transforming it into whipped cream. That is all that is required to create whipped cream. You should pour the liquid into the blending container, press the blend button, and stop it before it becomes butter. 

Should a blender be used to create whipped cream? This is a more difficult question. It depends on the availability of other appliances. If you have an electric whisk and mixing bowl, I recommend using those instead of a blender. The issue with blenders is that there is insufficient control over the whipping. When using a mixer and a bowl to whisk the cream, you have more control. 

However, a blender will suffice if you do not possess an electric mixer and bowl. I’ve performed this action numerous times, and it has always been successful. 

Which Blender Types Are Ideal For Making Whipped Cream? 

Now that you’ve decided to use a blender to make whipped cream, you probably want to determine whether or not your blender is functional. People typically own three distinct types of blenders. There are traditional blenders such as the Vitamix and the Ninja. Then there is the bullet-shaped blender. Finally, there is the stick-style blender. 

Each option will work. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s examine them. The traditional blender will work well, but you must whip a substantial amount of cream. The blades are large, so if you do not add enough liquid cream, the mixture will not be thoroughly blended. If you are whipping cream for a chocolate cream pie or another dessert, that is acceptable. However, if you want to prepare a small portion for a single Irish coffee or a fancy coffee drink, you will likely need to prepare extra. 

The issue with freshly whipped cream is that it does not last long. You intend to use it within the next few hours. It can be refrigerated, but it will begin to leak and collapse. The bullet blender is superior for making a small portion of whipped cream. Because these blenders are more minor, to begin with, they can handle a smaller amount of whipped cream better. 

Lastly, there is the stick blender. These blenders are effective but require a container that complements their design. You can use a large bowl, but the creation of the stick blender is not ideal for use with a bowl. I’ve found that the blending cups that come with stick blenders work, or even a mason jar (as long as you are careful not to break the glass when you put the blender into the mason jar. 

Can You Whip Cream in a Ninja (or Vitamix) Blender? 

Yes, you can, and I’ve often made whipped cream in this manner. I had a small hand mixer, but I left it behind when I moved because I didn’t have enough space for all my kitchen appliances. Therefore, I have frequently used my Ninja blender to whip cream. 

Now, when I make whipped cream, I usually make a substantial amount. I typically whip cream for pies, such as pumpkin pie, key lime pie, or something similar. Therefore, I have no difficulty whipping up a large quantity of whipped cream. 

Check the whipped cream frequently during the blending process to ensure it doesn’t become overly fluffy. If you overwhip the cream, you will end up with something that resembles butter more than whipped cream. It is more likely to occur when using a blender without paying attention to the cream’s consistency. 

Utilize a blender, but monitor the cream, so it doesn’t become too thick! 

How Do You Whip Cream Using an Immersion Blender? 

Okay, I’ll reveal my technique for whipping cream with a stick blender. I believe it works slightly better than a jar blender if you have the time and the necessary materials. 

I use a large, extra-large mason jar—A ball-brand mason jar. I do not use a cheap, breakable mason jar from the dollar store or Stop and Shop. Obtain an actual Mason jar. 

Then, fill the container with the desired amount of cream and use the aerating attachment on your stick blender. With this, you can create whipped cream in the mason jar with the desired consistency. 

How about Plastic and Whipped Cream? Reason for Worry? 

When people inquire about making whipped cream in a blender, the question of whether plastic interferes frequently arises. People ask this because plastic is similar to fat (at least on the molecular level), and fat can prevent the cream from whipping correctly. When whipping cream, stainless steel is the preferred material. 

With my Ninja blender, which has a plastic blending jar, I’ve had no problems. It is possible that the metal blades in the blending jar and the speed at which they operate compensate for any issues that the plastic would otherwise cause. 

Should the blender jar be chilled before whipping cream? 

Yes, I always recommend chilling the container before preparing whipped cream. It is simply preferable to have a cold container. I don’t put the blender in the icebox, but if I’m using the mason jar method, I use a cold mason jar. 

The more complex the container, the better the whipped cream will turn out. However, do not place it in the freezer. This could accidentally cause the cream to freeze, ruining the whipped cream. 

What To Do With Your Blender’s Whipped Cream? 

Therefore, you should utilize the whipped cream as soon as possible. The longer cream is stored, the greater the likelihood it will bleed. Consequently, I recommend whipping the cream before you use it. 

However, not everyone will have this privilege. Therefore, I recommend storing the whipped cream in a glass container. Avoid using plastic containers. You can keep it in a Pyrex or anchor-brand glass container. Cover the whipped cream, so it does not become exposed to air in the refrigerator. This can hasten its decomposition and cause it to acquire undesirable flavors. 

Is A Blender Difficult To Clean After Whipping Cream? 

Yes, you are not going to lie. It is not as tricky as making nut butter, but because whipped cream contains fat, you cannot simply rinse it with water. It would help if you used Dawn or your preferred soap to clean the blender thoroughly. 

And you will want to clean it as soon as possible, as the cream can begin to stink and harden on the blades over time, making it difficult to remove. 

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