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COSTWAY Stand Mixer 7.5 QT 6-Speed


  • Tilt-head design via an easy-to-control knob ideal for easy access to the bowl
  • 3 different useful attachments perfect for all types of food mixing
  • Complete control of your mixing for any recipe with 6 speed settings
  • A splash guard ideal for keeping your kitchen tidy and clean
  • 7.5 quart large stainless steel bowl with a handle
  • A handle design easy and convenient to move the bowl
MaterialStainless Steel
Wattage660 watts
Item Dimensions LxWxH15.5 x 9.5 x 13 inches
Number of Speeds6
Item Weight12 Pounds
Is Dishwasher SafeYes


  • Easy to Use
  • Large Capacity
  • Versatile
  • Easy to Clean
  • Extremely Safe
  • Affordable
  • Quietly Efficient


  • Not for the Dishwasher
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The stainless steel bowl on the COSTWAY Stand Mixer holds 7.5 quarts. This is a substantial capacity, far exceeding the capacities of the majority of comparable stand mixers on the market.

When used in the home, these devices typically reach a capacity of about six quarts or less. This one allows you to easily combine more significant recipes or make multiple batches, making it ideal for the holidays or large families.

Additionally, you receive three distinct mixing attachments, ensuring that you’re never forced to create a recipe by hand.

This includes a dough hook for kneading and mixing bread dough; a beater paddle for cookie dough, cake batter, and most other recipes; and a whisk for whipping cream, meringue, or certain types of cakes.

This stand mixer features suction cups at the base to ensure that it stays precisely where you place it. Stand mixers tend to ” walk ” across the countertop when working with a complicated mixture, such as bread dough or extremely chunky cookie dough. Stand mixers tend to “walk” across the countertop.

Due to the anti-slip feet on this mixer, you won’t have to worry about it moving and falling off your countertop.

COSTWAY’s tilt-head design makes it simple to add or reach ingredients within the bowl. When assessing your batter, you won’t have to struggle to remove the bowl or maneuver around the attachments.

Simply disengage the lock with the side lever, tilt back the mixer head, and get to work. As a result, you’re given easy access when installing a different attachment or adding another ingredient.


The COSTWAY Stand Mixer is incredibly simple to operate. It’s as simple as plugging it in, inserting the bowl, selecting the attachment, and connecting it to the hub.

Next, unlock the tilt-head lever, tilt it down, and add your ingredients to the bowl. Adjust the speed dial to the desired setting and let it run until everything is thoroughly mixed.

Switch off the speed dial, raise the mixing head, and you’re good to go! It’s intuitive and straightforward to use. You don’t have to be a master baker to operate this stand mixer; whether you’re a novice or an expert, this machine will require a slight learning curve.

Due to the machine’s intuitive design, you’ll spend less time fumbling with it and more time creating some delectable recipes.

Speaking of capacity, this is just one feature that contributes to the stand mixer’s versatility. The sky is the limit because the COSTWAY Stand Mixer comes with three distinct mixing attachments and six distinct speeds. This ensures that your recipe is mixed at the precise rate specified in the recipe.

Not only does this mixer eliminate the need to divide recipes into smaller batches, but it also eliminates the need to knead bread by hand or guesstimate the mixing speed.

If you’re whipping up cake batter after adding a large amount of flour, start slowly to avoid a white explosion in your kitchen. If you’re whipping cream or making meringues, you can increase the speed to its maximum setting to achieve a soft finish. Additionally, if you need to mix something quickly, there is a pulse function.

The adaptable design covers a lot of ground. Therefore, whether you’re baking cookies, pies, cakes, bread, or something entirely different, this stand mixer enables you to prepare your creations for the oven or the table.

The mixer’s speed dial on the side allows you to adjust the speed. When the mixer is plugged in, it illuminates blue, making it easy to identify.


While cleaning up is probably the most intimidating aspect of assembling a recipe, this does not mean the mixer or its attachments must be challenging to clean. You won’t have to worry about anything with the COSTWAY Stand Mixer.

Simply immerse the stainless steel bowl and attachments in soapy water, gently scrub, and dry on your countertop. There is no risk of sticky residue or the need for excessive scrubbing to remove dried-on dough.

While some kitchen appliances require you to slave over the sink, COSTWAY enables you to get on with your day (or more recipes) without committing to an extended cleaning process.

For the exterior, all that is required is a quick wipe down with a cloth. Simple peasy!

Should you buy COSTWAY Stand Mixer 7.5 QT 6-Speed?

After weighing the benefits and drawbacks, we strongly recommend the COSTWAY Stand Mixer. With its large capacity, multiple speeds and attachments, and low price, you can’t do much better than this.

Comparable stand mixers may offer identical features but will cost more than twice as much and have smaller capacity.

With the COSTWAY, you can enjoy a larger bowl without breaking the bank. What could you possibly require in addition to this?

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