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Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Convection Microwave

What is the best convection microwave? When it comes to choosing, you can easily be overwhelmed with the vast selection on the market. This guide will help make it easier for you, as we review convection microwaves and features to look for including,

  • Footprint
  • Cooking style
  • Temperature and timer settings
  • Maintenance
  • Automatic settings
  • Technology
  • Ease of use


When shopping around, measure the space where to put the oven, and look for one that can fit allotted countertop space.

  • Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish: This is a space saving appliance only measuring 1.1 cubic feet, 11-11/16 in height by 20-3/8 in width by 15-13/16 inches in diameter. It has a small footprint that can fit even small countertops and kitchen spaces in dormitories and apartments.​
  • Breville BOV800XL: The unit isn’t too large or too small. It is smaller than the Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish, so it can be yours if you’re looking for a small appliance. It has a solid and compact design, even if it is larger than conventional ovens. It can fit six bread slices and a piece of 13-inch pizza, or even a chicken. It only measures 18.5” by16.25” by11.25” so it might be for you if you don’t have a big kitchen space, yet you’re looking for a compact appliance to do the most cooking for you.
  • Panasonic NN SN651B: This unit is designed with modern spaces in mind. In fact, it is the smallest between Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish and Breville BOV800XL. It can fit perfectly even in a small countertop. It has a compact and small design, measuring only 15 13/16 inches by 20 11/16 inches by 12 ¼ inches (DWH). While small, the product is energy efficient, saving you in utilities. Plus, it only weighs 25.3 pounds.



The oven must be able to give you the flexibility to select the type of cooking you prefer, so you should be able to look for one that can let you roast meat or chicken, bake and poach, among other options.

  • Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish: This product gives users the cooking flexibility they are looking for without the guesswork involved. Because the product can combine a ceramic plate and grilling element found in a microwave’s heating technology, it can let you make bacon and sandwiches or grill fish and other foods you intend to come out crispy.​
  • Panasonic NN SN651B: The convection microwave can let you steam, braise and poach perfect meals all the time with it inverter technology, letting you make delicate foods without overcooking or dying them. It also has preprogrammed settings for oatmeal, pasta, soup, pizza and more. It also includes a turbo defrost setting as well as a one-touch sensor that lets you automatically set cooking. Its inverter technology proves better than the Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish traditional microwave ceramic plate and grilling element.
  • Breville BOV800XL: It comes with pre-programmed cooking options for roasting, baking, broiling and making bagels, pizzas and so on. It also comes with a warm setting for reheating most foods without burning them. It works better than the Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish grilling element and ceramic plate or the Panasonic NN SN651B inverter tech with its Smart technology for accurate cooking options.

Our Top Choice for COOKING OPTIONS: Breville BOV800XL


This feature lets you adjust and set the timer for accurate and even cooking, baking and grilling if your oven will have these functions. It also lets you program your oven to cook at your preset time (delayed timer).​

  • Panasonic NN SN651B: The appliance has a delay start and timer for your cooking convenience. Just set, leave and check later. To make it more effective, this product also comes with a sensor for calculating cooking and reheating time, ensuring cooking is made easier than before.
  • Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish: It comes with automatic settings – auto cook, auto reheat and auto defrost settings, letting you cook without any hassles by just pre-setting and programming the oven to cook, reheat or defrost during your preselected time that works better than that of the Panasonic NN SN651B.
  • Breville BOV800XL: It is a smart oven helps you in calculating the temperature and time needed to cook a particular type of food. With that said, you don’t have to worry about overcooking or undercooking anything, not mentioning it has the convection technology that evenly distributes heat inside, cooking faster than conventional ovens. Its temperature control works better than the Panasonic NN SN651B or its delay start setting or than Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish’ automatic settings.

Our Top Choice for TIMER Technology: Breville BOV800XL


This is one of the most important considerations when looking for a convection oven, just like when buying roaster oven or a rotisserie oven. Cleaning must not take so much time and hassle. That’s why we’ve also looked into these features in our featured convection microwaves below.​

  • Panasonic NN SN651B: It is also easy to clean product that won’t take much of your time in cleaning after cooking your favorite foods. All you need is to wipe dry the interior with clean cloth gently to restore its sleek look.
  • Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish: The oven is easier to clean than the Panasonic NN SN651B and it is scratch resistant with its ceramic enamel interior and stainless steel exterior, which are proven to be stain and scratch resistant than most models.
  • Breville BOV800XL: The oven is easy to clean, as it has stainless steel housing. It also comes with a non-stick interior for easier cleaning. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, it appears that this model works best than Panasonic NN SN651B or Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish. However, see to it that you clean it after each use to maintain its good appearance without fingerprints.

Our Top Choice for MAINTENANCE: Breville BOV800XL


This feature can give you an easier time in cooking because it lets you automatically select the setting for precise cooking.​

  • Breville BOV800XL: It includes the magnetic auto-eject rack, a time dial with auto shut-off, temperature setting and sound alert. It can also adjust the power wattage for better cooking.
  • Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish: It can heat food correctly with its auto cook programmed settings using its integrated control. It also lets you choose from 10 power levels for fast cooking each time, something better than what Breville BOV800XL can offer.
  • Panasonic NN SN651B: It includes 12 preprogrammed settings for cooking soup, frozen vegetables and entrees, oatmeal, pasta, and pizza and it has a one-touch control and sensor reheat for more modern convenience. When it comes to automatic functions, it appears that this product is best than Breville BOV800XL and Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish.

Our Top Choice for Automatic Functions: Panasonic NN SN651B


Check for the technology used in the oven to find out if such can really give you a pleasant experience using it.​

  • Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish: It combines heating found in microwave ovens – with its ceramic plate and grilling element, giving you evenly cooked food, including fish, bacon, and sandwiches that should come out crispy. It also has auto cook presetting for accurate defrosting and heating.
  • Panasonic NN SN651B: It has the inverter technology, ensuring linear cooking that can prevent overcooking of the edges while its surface is allowing for tender and juicy cooking all the time that works better than the traditional microwave tech of Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish. It can generate a steady power stream in each temperature setting, resulting in evenly cooked food.
  • Breville BOV800XL: The oven comes with the IQ cooking technology, adjusting its power to five settings of quartz heating, cooking food quickly and evenly. It also distributes heat in the entire oven to where and when it is required for accurate cooking results. And with a simple turn of a knob, it works by decreasing or increasing power for precise cooking, making it best among Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish and Panasonic NN SN651B for technology.

Our Top Choice for TECHNOLOGY: Breville BOV800XL


When shopping around, look for ovens with easy controls and display instructions. It should also come with an interior lighting and a transparent window view to see what’s happening to food during cooking.​

  • Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish: With its auto cooking settings, cooking is made easier – thanks to the integrate controls, letting you select from 10 power levels or use auto cook settings. It also has a LED display.
  • Breville BOV800XL: This is another easy to use convection oven with a removable pull-out tray and integrated controls. It also comes with an easy to control panel for precise cooking. When it comes to ease of use, this model has better features than the Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish.
  • Panasonic NN SN651B: It includes an easy to use keypad panel for quick control and it also has a push button release. It provides the best ease of use function than Samsung Counter Microwave Mirror Finish and Breville BOV800XL.

Our Top Choice for EASE OF USE: Panasonic NN SN651B

Final Thoughts

There is no clear winner in this round of what is the best convection microwave, but it the final decision is yours based on your answer to the following questions. How big or small is your kitchen space? What is your cooking style? How easy is it to control the temperature and timer? How easy is it to maintain? How automatic is the microwave? What technology is used? How easy is it to use?

When it comes to compact features and solid functions, it appears that Breville BOV800XL is the best among them all based on what we consider to be a great investment in convection microwaves. It is easy to use, it has a top technology and stable footprint, among others. I hope this guide on the best convection microwave has shed light and helped you pick the right one based on the factors we’ve reviewed above today!​

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