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How to Melt Nutella? 4 Most Effective Ways to Melt Nutella

It’s 7 in the morning and you’re in a hurry grabbing something to eat for breakfast. Unfortunately, your Nutella spread wouldn’t budge out of the jar! What are you going to do? Well, instead of figuring out other things to eat, the only question that you should ask yourself is: “How to melt Nutella and make it spreadable?”

I am a certified Nutella lover. I am actually known in my circle as someone who will put Nutella on almost every type of dessert I eat. From filling my bread with bananas and Nutella to cakes and crepes, you name it, I have used this tasty and chocolatey hazelnut spread on it.

So in case your jar of delight has gone hard and too difficult to spread, or you will use it for sauces and fillings the best thing that you can do is to read on and learn how to properly melt your Nutella spread.

A Close Up on Nutella

When we hear Nutella, we immediately think of this really rich, deliciously creamy, emotionally uplifting, chocolate-hazelnut spread. It’s commonly made of chocolate, skimmed milk, hazelnuts and sugar, among many other ingredients. The list of ingredients alone has made Nutella a mainstay or a staple on every family’s table. And if you are like me, you will attempt to spread it on every waffle. You can also use slices of bread, cupcakes, cakes, crepes and your fingers!

This is usually spreadable. But if exposed to air or of the jar was left open, it will become too hard or too thick to use. So it is important for every fan to know how to melt Nutella.

4 Fool Proof Ways to Melt Nutella

We have 4 tried and tested ways to make your stubborn Nutella easier to manage and spread. These are really easy methods, which means that there is no reason for you not to try them and let your favorite spread go to waste.

Method 1. The Hot Butter Knife or Hot Spoon Method

I really like to spread my Nutella in toasted, plain tortillas and roll them with generous slices of fruits. But when it gets too hard to spread, you can follow the steps below to help melt and loosen up the Nutella:

What You Need:

      • A Jar of Nutella
      • Butter knife or spoon
      • 1 cup of very hot water or coffee
      • Paper Towel

    Let’s Get Melting!

        1. The first thing that you need to do is to dip your knife or spoon in hot water or coffee and let it sit for a few seconds or until heated through. Remove from the cup and quickly wipe it with a piece of paper towel.
        2. Take the knife and cut through the Nutella. The heat will surely make the spread easier to work with. Trust me it works!

      Method 2. Hot Water Bath

      Give your Nutella a quick hot bath and presto! Instant spreadable Nutella!

      What You Need:

          • A Jar of Nutella
          • A bowl or small pot of hot water
          • A spoon

        Let’s Get Melting!

            1. Place a jar of Nutella in a shallow pot or bowl of hot water. This will warm the Nutella up and make it softer and easier to spread.
            2. Stir the Nutella with a spoon and use as desired.

          Method 3: Stove Top/ Double Boiler

          This is one of two ways that you can use for melting larger batches of Nutella. If you will be using this for filling, cake batters or are cooking in bulk, using intense heat is the way to go.

          What You Need:

              • Your desired amount of Nutella
              • Heat proof, glass bowl
              • Pot of boiling water
              • Wooden spoon or Spatula

            Let’s Get Melting!

                1. Place a pot of water on the stove and bring it to a slow simmer over medium heat.
                2. Scoop out the amount of Nutella that you need in a heat proof bowl.
                3. Place the bowl on top of the pot and crank up the heat a bit.
                4. Gently start stirring the Nutella until it is completely melted or has reached the consistency that you want.

              Method 4: Microwave Your Nutella

              This method, while proven effective, is tricky to do. Using the microwave needs your patience and attention because it can easily burn or turn your Nutella into a grainy mess.

              What You Need:

                  • A Jar of Nutella
                  • A microwavable bowl
                  • Cling wrap (optional)
                  • Spoon or spatula
                  • Microwave

                Let’s Get Melting!

                    1. Start by scooping your needed amount of Nutella in a microwave-safe bowl. You can follow the measurements in your recipe.
                    2. Cover with plastic wrap and place the bowl in your microwave. Microwave the spread for 15 seconds. Take it out and check if melted. If the Nutella needs more heat, microwave it following a 10-second interval. You have need extra care when you microwave Nutella to avoid problems.

                  Bonus Method: Just Scoop It Out and Eat!

                  This is not a real melting method, but who doesn’t like to eat Nutella straight from the jar? I know I do! So get a spoon and start eating!

                  How to Melt Nutella? Bonus Tips and Tricks

                  To ensure success when melting Nutella, here are more professional and really helpful tips that we want to share with you.

                      • Do not mix your Nutella with water. Unless you are making a sauce or dip, water and Nutella do not go well together. If this happens, it will surely split and dry out.
                      • Never microwave an entire bottle of Nutella because it can explode and ruin your microwave, or worse cause fire. Remember, clean-up will be a total pain!
                      • Do not microwave the spread for a very long time because the mixture can separate. When that happens, it will get clumpy and grainy. I have done this before and I ended up throwing the Nutella out. A total waste of delicious spread!
                      • Stir the Nutella while melting it. Do not forget to stir to avoid it from sticking or becoming too grainy.

                    What Can You Do with Nutella?

                    This video created by Buzz Feed Video gives you a glimpse at the different amazing recipes that you can make using Nutella. But aside from using it as a delicious spread on your toasts, pancakes and flat breads, your Nutella is often used in foods such as:

                        • Cakes
                        • Fillings
                        • Brownies
                        • Sweet ravioli
                        • Ice cream
                        • Pies

                      If you want more detailed recipes, Food Network has a great list of dishes and treats you can do using Nutella.

                      Yummy Thoughts:

                      Nutella is truly heaven in a jar. It’s versatile, delicious and filling. At the same time, many of us have considered it as the best happy treat. In my opinion, Nutella has become my best friend through those mornings when I really didn’t want to get out of bed. I am pretty sure that it has also helped you in so many ways.

                      And now that you know how to melt Nutella properly, trying new and exciting dishes has never been so inspiring and easy. Whether you decide to use simple methods or the more complex ones, there is one thing that is true: no other spread can make you this motivated to open a new jar every single time.

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