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What’s The Best Food Slicer? Updated Review and Guide

What is the best meat slicer? If your knife skills are getting a little bit rusty, then you might be finding it hard to cook and slice meats perfectly. As you know, the taste isn’t the only important factor when preparing meat dishes, but also their presentation.

But how could we achieve that impressive result in our cooking if we couldn’t get that ideal cut each time—big here, thick there and oops a little too small here?

Oh my, it might be a kitchen disaster! That’s the same reason you should be shopping around for a meat slicer, of course without breaking your bank.

Worry not, though. Help is at hand, as I’m highlighting five of the best products that you can consider when looking for the right slicer for your needs.

Yes, I know that you’ve been here done this before when shopping around for the best pellet grill or latte machine in the recent past when you’re still building your kitchen after getting married.

Before we proceed and review the top five products on the market on 2020, let’s check some of the benefits that will help you decide on whether you need to buy a meat slicer or not. So come on in and let’s uncover the benefits of having a meat slicer for your kitchen.

    Little Known Benefits of a Food Slicer

    While a sharp knife is a great kitchen tool for cutting meat, you might not be able to get the most satisfying results with the deli cuts you get. In fact, you might even get uneven portions, which then lead to uneven cooking later. Thinly sliced meats may cook faster than thickly sliced ones do.

    What I was saying is that you wouldn’t be able to cut meat perfectly and uniformly for that matter. But you won’t have any issue on this if you would use a good meat slicer that offers you with the following advantages.

    • Timesaver
    • Uniform Results
    • Easy to Use
    • Thin Slices Made Perfect
    • Money Saver

    Do you want to save time in food preparation? Then, you should not miss on having a slicer at home. Did you know that such is a powerful appliance that can slice food faster than you would manually? Yes, that’s right! You don’t need to cut meat manually, especially if you’re just too tired to do it.

    Imagine how much time you’d save if you’d be able to use an appliance like it that can cut meats, breads, and cheeses for your family’s sandwiches and meals. So instead of your spending time on the task, you can enjoy spending quality moments with the most important people in your life. So, don’t wait, but turn to a food slicer that can do all the food cutting and slicing for you.

    But, What Meat Slicers Are On The Market?

    • MANUAL

    These are the electric models in the group, and they are often called automatic food slicers. While they are electronic, they are not expensive. In fact, just a couple of searches away will lead you to some affordable choices that could help you automate the slicing of meat, cheeses and other foods.

    Most of these include an electric motor to do the work, as well as a carriage. The motor will slice your meet based on your desired settings. In some models or brands, there are slicers that you can also set in the manual mode as desired if you want to take over the control on the way that you want to slice certain foods.

    How to Choose a Meat Slicer 2020

    • PRICE
    • SPEED
    • USES
    • DESIGN

    It ranges $100-$1000+ in most cases, but maybe even lower or higher. To narrow down your choices, set a budget on how much you are willing to spend for the investment.

    Top 5 Best Meat Slicer Reviews

    EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice

      The EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer is really high quality meat slicer you can rely on. It is able to tackle all the food types. It is very easy to assemble or and disassemble. It features 7” blade and 100-watt gear-driven motor. It comes with all safety features and offers a 1-year warranty. Its ease of use, great performance and safety features make it one of the best meat slicers on the market.

      Slicing Meats and Other Stuff – How Well Does The EdgeCraft 610 Do?

      Slicing Capabilities


      • Safety fuse: You don’t have to worry about it being damaged because it has a safety fuse that can keep up with the surges it might encounter. It is at its bottom that will automatically shut down the cutter in the event of a power surge.
      • Cantilever design: This feature makes it an efficient and quick machine to slice almost all types of meat. If you’re looking for a well-designed appliance that can virtually cut all food, then you may want to consider this model from Chef’s Choice for its great design. It also has a tilted carriage for added efficiency.
      • High performance: You can look forward to the smooth operation of this machine, not mentioning it is from a reputable brand that has introduced several meat slicers in the past and has been of help to most households. The model can cut thin and thick slices or 3/4-inch thickness.
      • Serrated, strong blade: The model comes with 7″ of stainless steel blade that can precisely cut or slice your meats, including hams and roasted chicken.
      • Robust motor: It makes slicing quicker and better with its high torque motor.


      • May be pricier than similar products in the category

      MaxiMatic EMT-503B

        For great safety, this meat slicer comes with removable and retractable 7.5″ stainless steel blade that features on and off button. The steel of this slicer is durable and sharp that it is suitable to use for cutting any kinds of meat and it offers great result that you will be satisfied with. On top of that, this meat slicer has got adjustable thickness from razor thin slices up to 1/2″ slices. The platform is large along with the rubber feet which together could offer great level of stability. The Die cast Aluminum and great design of this meat slicer makes it easy for you when you need to get the slicer cleaned after used.


        • Forged aluminum housing: This feature makes the product durable to last for many years and keep up with even the heaviest needs.
        • Versatile: Slice food any way you want it, even for party platters. You can slice almost everything, including roast beef, chicken, hams, and turkey and so on.
        • Perfect thickness: It can deliver you with your desired thinness or thickness each time. In fact, you can even use it for slicing ultra thin prosciutto smoked ham or super thick pastrami slices for your sandwiches. You can also cut sausages, cheese and vegetable with it. What makes nice slices is its adjustable thickness dial that lets you set it and go!
        • Non-slip feet: During the process of slicing, a cheap appliance might move as it slices, but not this model. It can stay secured in place when in use, no matter how heavy the demand it gets from you is.
        • Powerful motor: It is powered by an 180-watt motor that might be what you need if you are looking for a robust meat slicer for your family.
        • Sharp, stainless steel blades: This is one of its most useful features that make cutting perfect all the time. You might want to consider it if you are looking to slice in the fastest and most efficient manner as possible.


        • The blade’s low RPM may be a problem for some users who are expecting a bit more.
        • Can be noisy in operation

        Chef’s Choice 667

          Our research team found outstanding overall rating for Chef’s Choice 667 International Professional Electric Food Slicer, and reviewers were very impressed with how this slicer cuts through meat, cheese, and vegetables like they were nothing. The machine is easy to clean and the blade can be removed and replaced in just a few minutes. It has a simple yet robust design, easy to use, and it slices food items pretty well.

          The performance of Chef’s Choice 667 is excellent. It slices prosciutto, bresaola, beef carpaccio, tuna as thin as they’re supposed to be, yet without difficulty. Taking the parts of the unit apart shouldn’t be a problem. The little cart has two thumb cylinders underneath, and reviewers advised not to overtighten them every time they’re put back together.

          Just tighten them enough so they can be easily removed the next time. This slicer seems to be designed like a tank and it works wonderfully. It slices freshly roasted beef so cleanly and perfectly, just like how it looks at the Deli.[wpmfc_cab_ss]The Chef’s Choice 667 is truly a value for your money. It may be expensive, but you are sure of its quality. And the most important thing is, it doesn’t look at all too dangerous for a meat slicer. Safety should always come first.[/wpmfc_cab_ss]


          • Large carriage: It is one of those models that have the largest and deepest carriage to accommodate most of your needs. With this feature, you can expect that it can cut large roast meats and hams without any hassles.
          • Optional serrated blade: This might be helpful if you don’t want to suffer from stress when cutting tough foods, such as cheeses.
          • Powerful motor: If you’re someone looking for a slicer that cuts better and with more precision, then this 200-watt model may be for you. Did you know that it could also cut frozen food? Yes, that’s right! Based on my test, I found it really efficient and it allowed me to do it with so much ease that other models did not provide me with.
          • Easy to clean: If you need to clean your appliance, you should be able to find one that won’t require you to take every part apart. That’s exactly what this model can do for you.
          • Convenient design: It is practical to have in the kitchen, even if you don’t have a large space.


          • Definitely, not affordable
          • You may need some time to learn how to operate it to attend to what you need
          • The product is only built for the US electrical standards

          Final Conclusion

          Just like the majority of the reviewers, our research team was very impressed with the built and quality of this product. The unit has plenty of hand guards and safety features to keep users from slicing their fingers off too. The blade is extremely sharp though, and should be handled with extreme care. We also appreciate the interlock switch that prevents the unit from starting up if the on/off switch is left on while plugging it in. It’s such a nice safety feature. The Chef’s Choice 667 is truly a value for your money. It may be expensive, but you are sure of its quality. And the most important thing is, it doesn’t look at all too dangerous for a meat slicer. Safety should always come first.


            Waring Nesco is designed for professional-grade slicing at home and constructed nearly entirely from stainless steel. Slicing almost every food in the kitchen, it seamlessly works on meats, breads, cheeses, fruits and vegetables. Its premium stainless-steel and die-cast aluminum construction makes this slicer durable and dependable. It has smooth-edged, perfectly-balanced 7.25-inch stainless-steel blade which can be adjusted with a clearly-marked width-control dial to evenly slice food from 1/32 inch to ½ inch of thickness.

            The professional-grade Presto PS 12D is safe to use with its non-slip operation and an aluminum food guide for keeping hands and fingers away from the blade. It has comfortable, textured handles for ease of use, while its scratch-resistant finish and pivoting food guide make cleanup as simple as possible. With stands on suction cup feet, this slicer ensures stable operation.


            • Powerful belt drive transmission: It makes cutting meat so much a breeze! You won’t have to feel any bit of stress using it for it can slice food perfectly each time.
            • Solid aluminum built: This makes the product a bit more durable than most types on the market. You can look forward to using it for many years with its solid construction that might be the investment for you.
            • Space saver: It will not take up much countertop space with its compact design. So if you have a limited space, then choosing it might be a good decision.
            • Stainless steel, sharp blade: If you are looking to slice meat with precision, then you might want to consider this model.
            • Suction cup feet: It is what keeps the product in place; thus, you don’t need to worry about it moving when cutting food.
            • Quiet operation: It works smoothly and it does not make noise.


            • A bit pricier than other products in the same category

            Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slicer

              In terms of populairty, Continental is a mid-level player. Most of the user who bought a Electric Slicer from Continental found it to be a Very Good decision and felt they have spent their money well.

              Does the Continental PS 77711 cut it? It does what you need it to do as well as the more expensive ones. I really don’t think it’s worth spending more money for a device that won’t add much more value. Sure, the cleaning is a bit of a hassle and yes, the plastic build reveals it’s budget pedigree but this machine still does its job and does it well.


              • High quality: It is a professional grade meat slicer to depend on for a deli cut.
              • Powerful motor: It comes with 150 watts, so you can expect an even and great slice each time. You don’t have to spend too much time in cutting meat and food, as this slicer is powerful enough for your kitchen needs.
              • Heavy cast-iron construction: Without even saying, this model is durable to last for years with its solid built. Thus, you can look forward to long-term use with this Continental model.
              • Sharp blade: It can slice virtually all foods you need, so you won’t have to worry about anything for this might be a great addition to your kitchen. Plus, the blade is adjustable to slice based on your desired thickness.
              • Affordable: It is definitely one of the most affordable choices on the market now, yet its performance cannot be discounted.
              • Easy to clean: The machine is a breeze to maintain and clean.


              • Flimsy food carriage that might flex when put under extreme pressure
              • May be problematic when cutting bread if you don’t feed it in the slicer properly

              Food slicers: how to choose the right slicer among the best

              If the newest kitchen appliances scary you with the abundance of grates, attachments and buttons, then buy a food slicer. You will be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the device that you have only seen in deli or at the butcher’s.

              It will definitely change the way almost all meals prepared by you look. After all what dishes do not require slicing food? Very few, actually. In several years’ time food slicers will become irreplaceable in our kitchens and neatly sliced meats will become quite an ordinary phenomenon. And until then you still have a chance to produce a real wow-effect when you serve restaurant-like plates of foods to your guests. But you really need to hurry, so here is an efficient customer guide on choosing your best food slicer.

              There are several features of a food slicer which define its quality. Those are the material, safety features and user-friendliness.

              When material is concerned, experts recommend choosing stainless steel models – they have a host of advantages over the plastic ones. First, they are easier to clean; second, steel is more long-lasting and third, it slices the food more beautifully.

              As a rule, meat slicers don’t have that complicated a construction, so cleaning it won’t take you a lot of effort. And again, cleaning a stainless steel food slicer is less time-consuming that cleaning a plastic one. Also check whether the blade is easily removable for easier maintenance.

              User-friendliness first of all means safety. So when reading the product description find out whether the food slicer under consideration features a safety- button that ensure that the blade is hidden when the appliance is turned off. Also check whether the device has a safety feature which prevents the appliance from turning on automatically. The indicator showing when the device is in operation also adds up to the safety level.

              After all the main parameters are considered you need to look for the food slicer which answers to all your requirements. This means choosing the perfect size: in case you need this appliance only to slice ham and cheese before you serve a meal – then a compact device will suffice. Otherwise, buy a smaller item. And note that bigger devices will save you more money in the long run – you will be able to buy large portions of meat, than slice it nicely and quickly instead of buying expensive deli meats. Small slicers also do that but obviously they won’t be able to manage large items. Another feature is the number of settings for creating different types of thickness. And don’t forget to check out the power of the appliance – the stickier the food you are going to slice is – the more powerful your ideal meat slicer should be.

              Home food slicers are usually pretty compact models and they operate more slowly when compared with professional models. So in case you are going to slice large portions of food regularly, choose the models with the highest speed and power.

              Why do you need a meat slicer?

              There are plenty of various electronic devices on the market nowadays, and not all of them really seem to be useful for us. However, there are some items which are not as wide spread as microwave ovens, for instance, but still can be as useful as these you when cooking. One of such devices is a meat slicer. It can also be called a food slicer as usually with the help of this machine you can slice meat as well as cheeses and vegetables. What are the advantages provided by meat slicers? See the best meat slicer review here

              On the whole, meat slicers are most sufficient for those who consume meat regularly and are fond of barbeques. For these occasions you might buy a pre-sliced meat but actually it is rarely of the right size. To have a meat sliced by yourself and to get the slices of the thickness you prefer it is better to use a meat slicer. Some people prefer to buy meat and slice it by themselves with a knife. But the speed of slicing with a meat slicer is many times higher while the effort spent on the process will be reduced a lot. So if you want to save your time and energy for more important things than slicing meats you can use a meat slicer.

              As we have already mentioned, a meat slicer can be used for slicing cheeses and vegetables as well. Meat slicer reviews admit that only applying a meat slicer you can get paper-thin slices of the most delicate cheeses in actually no time.  The device is simple to operate and doesn’t need any maintaining: you just buy it and can use it almost at once. It consists of a blade – the most important component, the carriage for food, the clamp for it and a dial for adjusting thickness. The electric engine runs the blade in electric devices. If you use a manual slicer you run the blade by yourself with a handle.

              The operation itself is pretty easy – you just put a meat or some other product on a carriage, fix it with a clamp and choose the thickness with a dial. Then all you need to do is turn the device on and glide the meat smoothly closer to the blade. After the first slice you can adjust the thickness one more time.

              Meat slicer is rather safe device. If you carefully follow the simple rules of usage and operation you won’t have any problems with it. It doesn’t need much care – you will just need to sharpen the blade sometimes but it is pretty easy. Also, such devices can be rather small and so a slicer won’t take much place in your kitchen.

              All in all, having a meat slicer can make your life much easier and save your priceless time and effort. So if you would like to, it is possible to find a device which will be not too expensive, efficient and will serve you for a long time.

              What exactly are meat slicers?

              All people who like eating meat dishes buy meat at butcher’s and usually have it sliced at the same place. Sometimes when you begin to cook it becomes evident that the slices which are made at the shop may be of the wrong size. To have your meat sliced at any time and to your own preferences you can install a meat slicer at home. But what are meat slicers, actually, and why is it so convenient to use them? Here is the answer to all your questions.

              A meat slicer, or a food slicer, is a device with several blades which may help you to have your meat sliced quickly and without much effort. When it finished its work you will have ideal meat slices for barbeque or other dishes, and will have the size you wanted them to have. Also, besides meat, some of the devices of such kind can be used for slicing other products – cheeses, vegetables, fruit and any other you like. So, you won’t have to slice anything with a knife – the slicer will save your time and efforts.

              Meat slicers can be divided into several groups according to some characteristics. Usually manual and electric meat slicers are distinguished. The manual devices are run with the help of manual strength and the electric ones contain an electric engine for moving the blades. The manual slicers are considered to be the devices from the past as you need to cope with them by yourself and also it will be harder to work with them for women. Nevertheless, they are still popular as if you want to have a feeling of having meat gone through your hands right to the plate you may prefer this kind of meat slicer, as many chefs do. Of course, electric devices are considered to be more effective though not that reliable. The speed of an engine of an electric food slicer is usually adjustable, but the heat produced by the device when slicing may cause overheat which may damage the engine. For this reason when you are looking for a device you should know how often you will use it as buying a light duty device and using it every day will be just a waste of money.

              The devices of such kind are numerous. A lot of famous manufacturers from different countries provide various models for any kinds of kitchen. Slicers vary in price and performance ability – most pricy and efficient ones can perform slicing of various products and have convenient automatic system to be completely user-friendly. You have an opportunity to choose a device to suit you kitchen design if you want it to be stored in the kitchen and to suit all your preferences as well.

              All in all, meat slicer is a device which may be very useful for any cook in the kitchen. It may help you save time and efforts and will make your meat dishes prepared quickly, easily and with care.

              Tips on the usage of a meat slicer: how and why we should use it

              Buying meat which was previously sliced at the shop is really more expensive than having meat sliced at home, but slicing it with a knife, especially some delicate kind of meat, can take much of your time and effort. Also, there are such foods which need slicing like tomatoes, onions, potatoes, cheeses and so on. You usually slide them by yourself but why not save time and do it with a meat slicer? This device is a perfect solution for those who eat meat a lot and want to have slices of the right thickness as well as always be able to slice the meat for a barbeque.

              Using a meat slicer you may come across several specific features which need attention and which are useful to know. In this article we will cover some of them.

              As an example, you should obviously know the difference between manual and electric devices which are available for sale today. Using a manual device you will need to apply some strength to run the blade so you’d better be aware of it especially if you pick a device for woman.

              Next, you should know that it is important to use a device as often as it can be used. There are several models of meat slicers mentioned in meat slicer reviews which are generally called heavy duty, medium duty and light duty devices. They differ in measures and in durability. Thus, heavy duty devices are the largest and they can provide high quality performance ever day. So if you are really a meat lover you can be sure to use this type of meat slicer. Medium duty slicers are for those who apply the device approximately several times a week. And light duty slicers are the smallest and obviously shouldn’t be run every day as it may cause overheat of the engine.

              When operating a meat slicer you should be rather attentive as there is a moving blade in its construction which can be dangerous for you. Be sure you don’t need to adjust a thickness or set a meat after turning on the device. Actually, you shouldn’t have many problems when using a meat slicer, especially if you use an electric one. You don’t need to do anything but just glide the joint of meat or a vegetable to the blade. When you are slicing cheese you can often note some slices of food which have stuck to the blade. In this case, turn the device off and remove these slices as they will hamper further slicing.

              All in all, meat slicer can be rather efficient in any kitchen. Whether you are having guests or want to cook something for you personally, you can use this device to slice food quickly and without effort. Taking into account the tips above, you can easily choose and use the right meat slicer for your needs.


              The clear winner for our roundup is obviously the EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice because it has a practical and ideal design, versatile uses, powerful motor and high-quality performance. While it may not be the most affordable around, it is from a trusted slicer brand, which should give us peace of mind, not mentioning that this model is easy to clean, comes with a safety fuse and delivers high speed and performance.

              Did you find today’s review useful? Tell us what you think in the comment section. Finally, share this review with friends who are also shopping around for a meat slicer today!

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