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These Are Ways on How to Cook Canned Oysters

If you love oysters cooked in a copper cookware but fresh ones aren’t available in the place where you are, then the only one option for you might be canned varieties. So if you want to know how to cook canned oysters, then this tutorial is for you.

Cooking canned oyster shouldn’t be a problem, as we can prepare it in the same way that we would cook fresh oysters. The most important thing to remember though is to follow the right instructions so that we can prevent them from being undercooked or overcooked. I will share some secrets on how to cook it in today’s tutorial.

Stew oysters, in particular, are delectable dishes that we all love, even if we have to rely on the canned ones to prepare it. Canned oysters can be either smoked or fresh and they are cooked straight out the can. And to prepare it, here’s for you.

    These Are Ways on How to Cook Canned Oysters

    Oyster Stew

    Things You Will Need

        • Cookware
        • Stove
        • And the ingredients in the following section


          • Canned oysters
          • Two tablespoons of butter
          • One-fourth teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
          • Finely chopped celery, about one-half cup
          • Two cups of hot milk
          • Salt and pepper
          • Paprika for garnishing


        #1. Simmer the celery

        Get your copper cookware and then simmer the celery in the butter until it is tender. Check from time to time to avoid overcooking your celery, or else, they will lose their crunchy texture and strong flavor.

        #2. Add the ingredients- the canned oyster and Worcestershire sauce.

        Then, add your Worcestershire sauce and the canned oysters. Include its juice. For this step, it is important to include the juice of your canned oysters so that you can get its full flavor in your stew.

        #3. Heat your oysters until they are curled

        Check your oysters to ensure that they are not overcooked in the process. If you notice that their edges started curling, then that is a sign that they are cooked.

        #4. Pour the hot milk and let it boil

        Do not over-boil the milk to avoid losing its texture and prevent it from curdling. In this case, you may want to turn the heat to a lower degree.

        #5. Season the stew with salt and pepper to taste

        Put some salt and pepper into your stew, but then try to limit on the salt, as too much of it is simply bad for your health.

        #6. Serve the stew in bowls and garnish each of them with paprika

        That’s it! You can start serving the stew in separate bowls, and then garnish each bowl with some paprika. You can eat the stew in itself, with rice or with bread, whichever you prefer. You can prepare and serve it for any occasions and weather, especially in the winter when the surroundings are really cold.

        That’s how easy the steps are in making our favorite oyster stew. So again, simmer your celery, add your oysters and other ingredients, and boil it until the edges of the oysters are curled before serving in separate bowls, each garnished with paprika.

        Other Delectable Canned Oyster Recipes

        Oyster Soup


            • Two cans of oyster
            • One quart of milk
            • Three teaspoons of butter
            • Four drops of Worcestershire sauce
            • One tablespoon of chopped celery
            • One tablespoon of chopped onions
            • Optional: asparagus
            • Salt and pepper to taste


              1. Get your butter and put it in the saucepan you’re using for making gravy.
              2. Then, add your oysters and heat them until their edges curl.
              3. Put the rest of the ingredients and then put the soup into a boil.
              4. Put some asparagus spears to add in some more nutrients into this already nutritious recipe.
              5. Turn to low heat and then simmer the soup for up to 10 minutes.

            So again, for this recipe, put your butter in a saucepan and melt it before adding the canned oysters and heating them up until their edges curl. Add the remaining ingredients and then make your soup boil. Add your vegetable of choice to make it more nutritious. Lastly, simmer your soup for about 10 minutes.

            Tutorial Smoking Canned Oysters

            Scalloped Oysters


                • Two cans of milk
                • Two cans of oysters
                • Two cups of cracker crumbs
                • ¾ cup of butter
                • A dash of Tabasco sauce
                • One-fourth teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce


                  1. Get a baking dish and butter it.
                  2. Put some crackers and oysters in your baking dish.
                  3. Arrange them in a layer, but remember to begin and end with cracker crumbs.
                  4. Then, heat your oysters, milk, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce and liquid and put them to a boil.
                  5. Pour your oysters and the crumbs.
                  6. After, put them in the oven and bake it for up to 45 minutes at a 350-degree F temperature until they are lightly brown.

                So again, just butter a baking dish, layer your crackers and oysters on it and remember to start and end the recipe with crumbs. Heat the canned oysters, the sauces, milk and boil them until the oysters edges’ are curled. Bake it for up to 45 minutes or until it is slightly browned.

                Fried Canned Oysters


                    • One-half cup of all-purpose flour
                    • One-half cup of corn flour
                    • One-half teaspoon of kosher salt
                    • One teaspoon of pepper
                    • Fresh lemon wedges
                    • Butter or canola oil
                    • A can of oysters, drained, about a dozen


                      1. Gather your dry ingredients and then combine them in a shallow cooking pan.
                      2. Put the oysters and coat them completely.
                      3. Put two tablespoons of butter and two tablespoons of oil in your skillet and turn the heat to medium fire.
                      4. Put enough oysters that will cover the pan’s bottom. Remember not to crowd them in the pan, or else, they will produce steam.
                      5. You should cook each side of the oysters for about two minutes. Do not overcook them.
                      6. Take the oysters out the heat and then drain them on a paper towel.For serving, get a plate and then garnish the fried oysters with lemon wedges as well as tartar sauce.

                    Reviewing, combine the dry ingredients in a cooking pan, and then put the oysters and cover them completely. Turn on the heat to medium fire and then add your butter and canola oil. Start frying each side of the oysters. Do not overcrowd your pan or else there will be steam.

                    Cook each side for about two minutes, but do not overcook them. Drain them on a paper towel once cooked. Finally, garnish your plate on which to serve the fried oysters with lemon wedges and a serving of tartar sauce if desired. You can make this easy to prepare recipe if you want something different other than fried eel for lunch or dinner.

                    Artichoke and Canned Oyster Soup


                        • Three cans of chopped artichoke hearts
                        • Two cans of celery soup, cream
                        • Two dozens of raw oysters cut into pieces
                        • One-half stick of butter
                        • Two cans of mushroom soup, cream
                        • Four pieces of chopped green onions
                        • Chopped parsley


                          1. Strain the chopped artichoke hearts, but do not throw its water. Set it aside.
                          2. Get your butter and melt it.
                          3. Start sautéing the parsley and the onions until slightly transparent.
                          4. Add the juice from your canned oysters and artichoke. Add the artichoke.
                          5. Stir the mixture, and then put some salt and pepper to taste.
                          6. Cook it for another five minutes before adding the oysters.
                          7. Boil and cook the oyster until their edges are curled. Keep it boiling until your soup is creamy.

                        Again, strain the artichoke hearts, and set aside its juice. Start melting your butter and then sauté your onions and parsley. Pour the juice from your oysters and artichoke before adding the artichoke hearts. Stir your soup before adding salt and pepper. Add the oyster after five minutes, and cook up to five minutes until the edges of the oysters are curled. Keep cooking until your soup is creamy.

                        Cooking canned oysters is easy! There is a wide range of ways to cooking tasty oysters, whether canned or fresh varieties. The secret in all of these recipes is that you need to make sure that they are fully cooked by checking that their edges are curled.

                        Final Thoughts

                        I hope that you learn something from today’s tutorial on how to cook canned oysters that you bought in the stores. You can cook it in many ways without having to spend a lot of time. In fact, many of the ingredients we have used in these recipes are almost readily available in our kitchens. No matter you choose of stewing, frying or baking canned oysters, you won’t have a problem at all provided that you follow the instructions above.

                        Did you find this tutorial useful? If so, go and share it on social media so that others will also learn of the many ways on how we can cook canned oysters. Finally, feel free sharing a canned oyster recipe that you know with our community by writing it in the comment section below.

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