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These Are Top Ways How To Reheat Cooked Shrimp

Do you want to know how to reheat cooked shrimp? Shrimp is probably one of the most versatile and nutritious foods on the planet. We can prepare it in more than one hundred ways than one.

Because of its usefulness and versatility, we often cook with it. But then if you got leftovers, the next thing you are probably worrying about is how to reheat it properly.

That is the same problem I had before. I never knew how to reheat it in the way that I could keep its full flavor and texture. So, I made a research and compiled every single thing I have gathered about it, in the same manner that I did when looking for information on how I can cook eel or oysters.

In today’s guide, I will teach you how to reheat cooked or cold shrimp so that we can serve it warm.

Reheating in a Microwave

Things You Will Need

  • Cooked shrimp
  • Microwave oven
  • Copper cookware like a pan


1. Get your leftover shrimp in a heat-resistant bowl or microwave-safe serving dish

Take out the leftover cooked shrimp out the fridge. Check if it is still good to eat by smelling it. If it smells unpleasant, you might have to discard it. Now if you think that it is still good to serve, then you can transfer it in a microwaveable dish or bowl. Do not use plastic container that will melt easily and quickly in the microwave or roaster oven.​

2. Cover with a lid​

Once done transferring the cooked and cold shrimp in the bowl, you can cover its top with a lid that won’t melt in the microwave. Do not use plastic because it will melt with the microwave’s hot temperature.​

3. Microwave for up to two minutes

Turn the microwave on for two minutes, and then put the bowl of cold shrimp covered with a lid inside the microwave. Keep warming it until the dish is hot through its center. Take note, cooking times in the microwave varies, so you may have to check on that in the user manual where you could probably find specific cooking or warming time for shrimp.​

4. Take it out the microwave

Once the shrimp is hot, wear your gloves and take it out the microwave. Let it cool for a few minutes before serving it.

Reviewing, transfer your leftover shrimp in a microwave-safe bowl. Do not use a plastic bowl, or else it will melt with the hotness of the temperature. Cover your shrimp in the bowl using a heat-resistant lid. Again, don’t use a plastic wrap that will melt in the microwave and drip in your food. Start warming it for up to two minutes, or until the leftover shrimp is warm through its center. Once done, take the bowl out the microwave, and let it cool down for a couple of minutes before serving.​

Tips for the best results

  • For a quick and healthy meal, you can combine leftover rice before re-heating shrimp in the microwave.
  • You can also make a shrimp omelet. So instead of traditional way of cooking your omelet with meat, you can replace it with shrimp. Top your omelet with cheddar cheese for a better taste.
  • You can also make leftover shrimp salad by topping cooked shrimp on romaine lettuce and finish it off with some parmesan cheese and croutons.

Tutorial Grilling pre-cooked Shrimp

Reheating in the Steamer


  1. Put the leftover steamed shrimp on a food steamer or into a steamer before putting it over a pot of boiling water.
  2. Remember not to double stack the shrimp, but only in a single layer.
  3. You should consider proper and enough spacing when reheating, just about any seafood. Following this important step, you can be sure that the heat will penetrate the shrimp quickly and evenly, and preventing them from sogginess.
  4. Take the steamed shrimp out the food steamer when they are heated through.
  5. Start transferring them to a plate and let it cool for about one minute.

So again, you should transfer the cooked shrimp from the bowl to a food steamer. Space each of them enough, and do not overcrowd to prevent them from becoming soggy. Take it out the steamer once heated through in the center, and then let it cool down for a minute before serving with a splash of lemon and dipping in melted butter.

Tips for the best results

You can enjoy reheated steamed shrimp better if you would dip it in melted butter or if you would squeeze a slice of lemon on it before serving.

You can also sauté leftover steamed shrimp in olive oil or butter for that extra flavor and dimension to the aroma of the shrimp. Sautéing also creates a crispy exterior. All you need is to heat your oil and then put the steamed shrimp on the pan when it starts sizzling. Stir for up to one minute. Serve it over white rice, pasta or fried rice.
Reheating in the Oven


  1. Preheat your oven to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Get your cooked shrimp ready for reheating by taking it out the fridge, and then transferring it to a baking pan lined with aluminum foil.
  3. Spray your aluminum foil with some olive oil or coat it with some butter to prevent your cooked shrimp from sticking to the bottom.
  4. Line your shrimp in a single layer, with enough spacing for each, in the baking pan.
  5. Coat your shrimp with some butter or olive oil so that you can seal in the flavor coming out it.
  6. Cover your baking pan with foil so that your shrimp will not dry out and your shrimp will stay moist. Do not forget to cover your baking pan with foil, or else your shrimp will dry out due to the hot temperature of the oven.
  7. Put the baking pan in the preheated oven.
  8. Keep heating your cooked shrimp for about three minutes, or until they are thoroughly heated in the center.
  9. Turn off your oven and take out the steamed leftover shrimp.
  10. Let it cool down for about two minutes.
  11. Take the baking pan out the oven. Use two potholders for gripping the sides of the pan.

Reviewing, heating the leftover shrimp in the pan is easy. All you need to do is to preheat your oven to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Line your baking pan with aluminum foil and then spray it with butter or oil. Arrange the shrimp in one layer, with proper spacing for each.

Coat each shrimp with butter or oil to seal in the flavor and add richness to the taste. Cover the pan with foil before putting in the oven to keep your shrimp from drying. Start reheating for about two minutes, let it cool down and then take the pan out the oven by using potholders. Let it cool down before serving.

Reheating Cooked Shrimp


  1. Defrost cold shrimp. Do not reheat it until it is fully defrosted or it will be soggy. Transfer it into a bowl and then cover it with a lid. Keep it in the fridge overnight. Wrap it with plastic wrap and leave it covered with cold water for faster defrosting. A pound of shrimp can be defrosted for one hour.
  2. Add your cooked shrimp in the last two minutes of cooking, if you will be adding the cooked and leftover shrimp with sautéed vegetables.
  3. Put the remaining shrimp in boiling water, and then take it out using a slotted spoon and put in the serving bowl after one minute.
  4. Put some cooking oil in your frying pan, and then put your shrimp when the oil is simmering over medium to high heat.
  5. Keep stirring your shrimp until thoroughly reheated for about one minute. Get a slotted spoon to take each of the shrimp out from the pan.
  6. Serve on a serving plate or bowl.​

So again, put the shrimp in a plastic and then cover them in cold water, or defrost overnight in the fridge. Put the shrimp in the boiling water and then remove them after one minute. Fry them in the pan for one minute. Serve in a bowl or plate.

Final Thoughts

Reheating shrimp should be easy and fast. You can do it in many ways, including using a steamer, an oven or a microwave. You can also reheat cooked or steamed leftover shrimp, as well as add it to your salads or dishes, including stir-fryed vegetables or seafood pasta.

There are more ways than one to cook and reheat shrimp, so it is often favorite seafood for many apart from oysters. It has a rich and full flavor that adds more life to any recipe, no matter it is baked, stewed or slow cooked or a pasta dish.

I hope that you find today’s tutorial on how to reheat cooked shrimp useful and shareable with friends.

If you want to say something, or perhaps, share a recipe with leftover shrimp or discuss another method of reheating it, tell us in the comment section below.​

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