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Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer


  • 5.5 Quarts
  • 1750 watts
  • Max crisp technology
  • Ceramic coated nonstick basket
  • Hotter Temperatures
  • Enhanced Control Panel
  • Broiling Rack
  • Dishwasher-Safe


What Are the Opinions of Other Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer Reviewers? 

We love that it automatically pauses the cooking time when the air frying basket is removed. To achieve consistent results with the previous model, you must manually pause and restart the cooking time when you flip or shake your recipe. 

With a slight increase in investment, the Ninja 5.5-qt Air Fryer Max XL offers more value for money. Now, let’s dig deeper into the new updates, beginning with the advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Contemporary design 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Preheats in three minutes, significantly faster than conventional ovens. 
  • Capacity: 5.5 quarts 
  • The basket air fryer design is more user-friendly than the pressure cooker air fryer design. 
  • Temperature range of up to 450°F 
  • 7-in-1: Maximum Crispiness, Air Frying, Air Roasting, Air Broiling, Baking, Dehydrating, and Reheating 
  • It features a multi-tiered rack. 
  • Cooking functions that can be programmed 
  • Dishwasher-safe components 
  • BPA-free 
  • A warranty period of one year 


  • There is no automatic pause when removing the basket. 
  • A square basket would have been preferable. 
  • Generally, non-stick surfaces do not last long. 
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  • Due to its size and bulk, this will require some storage space. 
  • The enormous capacity drawer is ideal for households with multiple children. 
  • Controls that are easy to use 

The design front is nearly identical to the AF100, save for the size and an additional button, and features the same removable crisper plate and pan. Both are coated in ceramic, making them easy to clean by hand and dishwasher-safe. 

The large capacity of the Air Fryer Max would be irrelevant if it were difficult to use, but fortunately, it is. The control panel’s named presets, up and down buttons for time and temperature adjustment, and a large, clear digital display make setting and starting incredibly simple. 

Two additional functions – Bake and Dehydrate – expand its capabilities. The former is ideal for desserts. The latter operates at lower temperatures (60oC or 70oC), which are necessary for drying fruit slices over several hours or making jerky – which can then be pasteurized using the Roast function. 

Basket capacity 

The 5.2L basket is large enough to hold approximately 5-6 chicken wings or about two portions of potato wedges without them becoming overstuffed and overlapping. The bowl is quite tall and would certainly fit a lot more food inside, but you would have to flip the food more frequently to cook it evenly, which would require additional time. 

Our favorite peri-peri chicken wings cook in about 18-20 minutes at 180°C, or in about 10 minutes at 240°C if we want them a little darker and crispier. 


Ninja’s Air Fryer Max XL AF161 is a fantastic 1750-watt cooking appliance. It boasts a 5.5-quart capacity, making it ideal for large portions. Given that this is a revised version, it highlights a broader temperature range. As a result, the Ninja AF161 can reach up to 450oF, enabling it to cook frozen foods more quickly and evenly. 

  • Quickly and efficiently cooks 
  • The re-heat mode maximizes the use of leftovers. 
  • Sufficient space to prepare large quantities of food 

Most air fryer owners will extol the virtues of quick hot-air cooking with little or no oil – whether it’s catering for hungry children, grabbing a bite before heading out for the evening, or stretching dinner to an extra portion.  

The Air Fryer Max excels at resolving these situations quickly and easily, thanks to its combination of a Max Crisp setting of up to 240oC and a large-capacity basket (which can make up to 1kg of chips or even most of a full English breakfast). 

The Max Crisp preset provides a massive temperature boost and super-fast airflow to thaw quickly and then crisp frozen food. For instance, we could cook frozen chicken nuggets in nine minutes, while potato waffles began to roast in the same amount of time. 

Additionally, the standard Air Fry setting does not lag. My homemade fresh potato chips were lightly tossed in a tablespoon of oil and baked at 200oC for 25 minutes, emerging beautifully crispy and golden. Ninja estimates that this method uses up to 75% less fat than deep frying, and while the results were not identical to deep frying, they were still a good substitute. 

Another noteworthy feature is Reheat, which we used to reheat takeaway pizza slices. The preset time of 10 minutes was too long, as the topping began to burn, but the 170oC temperature resulted in a box-fresh crunchy crust free of sogginess. 

While the capacity of smaller air fryers is limited, the Air Fryer Max’s deep 5.2l basket easily accommodates large items. This includes a 1.2kg chicken, which the recipe booklet estimates can be roasted in approximately 30-35 minutes – making it an excellent choice for mid-week dinners. 

There is even a dedicated Roast function, which defaults to a 25-minute bake at 170oC. This was perfect for cooking three chicken legs that fit snugly inside. After the cooking time had passed, the meat remained slightly pink inside, so we added five minutes. As a result, the meat was moist and not overcooked, and the skin was incredibly crispy. 

What can the Ninja Air Fryer Max XL cook? 

NINJA AF161 MAX XL Air Fryer is more than a frying machine. Additionally, it can roast, broil, baking, reheat, and dehydrate. 

Here’s a closer examination of each of its seven functions. 

Max Crisp 

Max Crisp is one of Max XL’s new technologies. It’s essentially an air fryer with a higher temperature, ideal for frozen pizzas or chicken nuggets. 

Air Fry 

The Ninja Air Fryer Max XL comes equipped with an air fryer. While it is debatable whether this method is a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods, less oil leans toward the positive. 

In comparison to Max Crisp, Air Frying uses a lower temperature, which is ideal for fresh recipes such as chicken wings, pork chops, or sausages. 

Pro Tip: You can increase capacity by layering evenly on the broil rack. If there is any overlapped food, it is critical to shake it halfway through. 

Air Roast 

Additionally, the Ninja AF161 roasts your favorite vegetables and small portions of protein. It’s ideal for caramelizing carrots or Brussels sprouts as a side dish to accompany your main course. 

Air Broil 

If you want to finish your main course with a golden-brown crust, the Air Broil is the way to go. It’s the ideal setting for crisp-finishing steaks and fish. 

Pro Tip: Because the heat will come exclusively from the top, it is best to use the broil rack. 


NINJA AF161 MAX XL Air Fryer can prepare desserts in addition to main courses and sides. It is capable of holding a handful of cupcakes or brownies. 


While dehydrating is a convenient feature, it will be ineffective with the Ninja Max XL. It lacks the space to process a reasonable number of fruits, let alone beef jerky. Consider this a bonus feature. 


If you use the microwave to reheat crispy food, you risk creating a soggy outer layer that is unappealing. That is where the Ninja AF161’s reheat function comes in handy. Your day-old chicken or fries will remain crunchy and delicious using this setting. 

Is it Simple to Use the Ninja Max XL Air Fryer? 

Air frying is similar to cooking in a miniature version of a conventional oven. It operates in the same manner. You must choose a cooking method, such as roasting, baking, or broiling. Following that, you must set the time and temperature. 

Indeed, if you already own a convection oven, you are not required to purchase an air fryer. The only advantage of buying the Ninja Air Fryer Max XL is that it consumes less energy and heats up more quickly. Additionally, it is an excellent substitute for microwave ovens. 

To assist you in getting started, the brand included a quick start guide. It’s a handy reference guide for determining the proper temperature and cooking time for any food. 

We like the Ninja AF161, which its smaller sibling, the Ninja AF101, does not, in that it automatically pauses the cooking time when the basket is removed. This feature ensures that your cooking time remains accurate regardless of how many times you rotate or flip your recipe. 

Is it simple to clean? 

On a related note: 

The basket and crisper plate of the Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer are nonstick coated, which makes cleanup a little easier. Additionally, these components are dishwasher safe. 

Even if you don’t use the dishwasher, cleaning is simple. Scrub the ceramic-coated items with a soft sponge to avoid damaging them. 

All that is required is a quick wipe with a damp cloth regarding the main unit. 

Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer Review — Conclusion 

Suppose you’re considering purchasing the Ninja Air Fryer Max for yourself or as a gift. In that case, we strongly recommend it because it’s likely to become one of the kitchen appliances you use almost daily. 

With the Ninja Air Fryer Max XL, you’d get more than you pay for in terms of versatility and affordability. It has an additional six functionalities, making it truly versatile equipment. 

The food comes out of the air fryer much faster, it is unquestionably healthier, cleaning the non-stick tray is a breeze, and it passively saves you money in the long run by consuming less energy over a shorter period than a conventional oven. 

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