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Anolon Classic Stainless Steel Steamer

The Anolon Classic universal stainless steel steamer insert with a lid allows you to steam like a pro. This durable stainless steel universal insert fits tulip and straight-sided cookware with ease. This steamer set includes a stainless steel steamer lid that seals in heat and flavor, making it ideal for steaming tamales, lobster, or linguine for pasta night. This steamer set is oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

  • UNIVERSAL STEAMER INSERT: Made of durable stainless steel, this steamer insert fits both tulip and straight-sided 2-quart, 3-quart and 4-quart sauce pots
  • LOCK IT IN: Stainless steeel steamer lid provides a snug fit to lock in heat for perfectly steamed foods
  • EASY TO HANDLE: Dual riveted handles are large enough to grip this steamer when moving around the kitchen
  • TURN IT UP: The universal steamer insert is oven safe to 500 degrees F, making it easy to finish cooking in the oven
  • EASY TO CLEAN STEAMER: Designed for convenience, this steamer insert and lid are dishwasher safe for easy cleanups
pros PROS
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fits a variety of pot sizes
  • Fits a variety of pot sizes
cons CONS
  • Can steam only one type of food at a time
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This steamer insert fits virtually all 2-, 3-, and 4-quart saucepans, including those with straight and tulip-shaped sides. The steamer rests on the sides of the pot, allowing the food in the steamer bowl to remain close to the simmering water.

The steamer is made of stainless steel and has a shatter-resistant glass lid that fits snugly and keeps steam contained while allowing you to observe the cooking process.

Even if they are not the same brand, a simple design works well in numerous pots. Excellent quality and depth. Approximately the volume of a three-quart saucepan. Depending on the type of food cooked, all steamers can become stained.

Compared to another brand I own, all handles seem to get quite warm, and I’m surprised that more people haven’t complained. I’ve observed designs with superior heat dissipation.

The lid and steamer are dishwasher safe. The steamer can be used in an oven up to 500 degrees if you need it.


It is ideal for one or two people, accommodates various pans, and has a glass lid. Yes, the handles become warm, but I have oven mitts, so it’s not a problem. It is not more difficult to clean than my stainless steel pans.

I frequently steam vegetables while simultaneously reheating rice (on top of the vegetables) in the steamer, and the rice does not fall through the holes. I believe this basket cooks my vegetables faster than my previous mesh basket.


It’s straightforward to clean and sits high enough in the pot that I can add a couple of inches of water below it and not worry as much about the pot boiling dry, which is an excellent feature for an easily distracted cook like me.

The stainless steel is simple to clean, and the glass lid fits snugly so that steam does not escape around the edges. The handle is made of metal, so it does become hot; use a potholder to grasp it.

It’s lovely that there’s no plastic involved, as heating food in plastic is generally not considered very safe, so the all-metal construction is ideal for this purpose.

Should you buy Anolon Classic Stainless Steel Steamer?

This is well worth the price, in my opinion. Many of the folding steamer baskets were flimsy and prone to disintegration. With this steamer insert, we have more control over the amount of food that can be steamed than we did with the little folding basket steamers that we previously used.

It’s well-made, simple to clean, and convenient to store (which is excellent for those with limited space, as it can sit in one of your pots when being stored and is versatile with three pot sizes).

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