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Raw Guacamole – with Alfalfa Sprouts

This month I am working on being creative with sprouts. Today I used Alfalfa Sprouts in my guacamole. We love Guacamole at our house. It does not last long and this recipe with the added sprouts was no exception.

Alfalfa Sprouts sprouted in a mason jar

Guacamole alone is a great, kid-friendly dip and an easy appetizer for a crowd (or small family). It can also be a healthy and nutritional lunch for those of all ages.

Raw Guacamole w/Alfalfa Sprouts

The thing I love about Guacamole is it is so forgiving. I list the ingredients below, but don’t fret if you are missing something (unless it’s the avocado). The ingredients don’t need to be diced into perfect tiny pieces.This is a recipe my kids are in charge of making. We just keep tasting until we have added enough spice to our taste.

If we have tomatoes we use them. If we don’t, we may use salsa, or nothing at all.

We may or may not have cilantro. Often we do not, but have ordered some heirloom seeds and will try to grow some this Spring! I usually buy a bunch and use it once and it all goes to waste. So sad.

But, I will certainly be sad if my sprouts go to waste,  I have them in the front of my fridge and have an eye out for whatever I can put them in, on or under.

I made this Guacamole to go with left over Vegetarian Chili with Mung Bean Sprouts. The Chili was so much better the next night than the first. The spices had time to mingle and get to know one another…a much tastier dish!

Guacamole with left over Chili (both with sprouts)

Raw Guacamole – with Alfalfa Sprouts

    • 1 large Avocado (or 2-3 small avocado)
    • 3 small tomatoes (or salsa)
    • Juice of 1 lime
    • 2 garlic cloves
    • 1/4-1/8 onion chopped
    • Salt to taste
    • Cumin
    • Cilantro (optional)
    • Alfalfa Sprouts


      1. Slice avocado in half. Spoon out avocado from the shell into a bowl. Using a fork mash it up, or you can leave it chunky.
      2. Dice up the tomatoes or spoon in some salsa to the mashed avocado. Add juice of 1 lime (or try a lemon if you want).  Add garlic, onion, salt, spices and sprouts.
      3. Stir well and taste before adding more spices.
      4. You can use garlic and onion powder too, instead of fresh.

      Some claim the pit tossed in the guacamole will prevent it from turning brown. I don’t often do this and have had no problems. Lime juice helps too.

      What different ways have you enjoyed using sprouts?

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