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Shun Knives Review: What the Best Shun Knives

Japan is known as a top supplier of the finest cutleries in the world. Through the years, consumers and chefs are going for Japan-made knives for both commercial and residential kitchen use. In this Shun Knives Review, we will feature the best of the best Shun blades that you might want to choose from and use for an ultimate cutting, slicing and chopping experience.

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

For a quick comparison of our top five knives, check out the following table.

Pros and Cons of Using Shun Knives

These knives match the quality of other top knives, including Mercer knives. They are priced reasonably for those looking for the best bang for their buck.

The brand uses only premium quality steel and thinner, sharper and lighter blades for ease of use and top performance. For example, thinner edge provides easy control and balance.

The cutting angle of 16 degrees is also precise when compared to European knives, which are usually between 20 and 22 degrees of cutting angle.

Shun is also known for using only durable and top quality materials and sharp edge with maximum retention.

On the downside, proper care must be done or else you might not be able to use the Steak Knives for a very long time. For example, Shun knives must be hand washed to retain their sharp edges. Also, these knives are pricier than others are in the same category.

Things to Look for to Find the Best Shun Knives

Check on high-performance steels used. It is great to know that Shun keeps its promise of quality for using only top notch materials on its products. For one, find thinner, sharper and lighter steel blades for cutting a wide range of foods, including turkey.

You may also want to check on composite blade technology of combining the most useful characteristics of two steel in a blade. Additionally, you may want to check on layered Damascus steel for extra durability.

Determine your cooking style and purpose. There are knives of 8-inch length or 6-inch lengths. You can also find out how many knives you need. There are those sold separately and those sold in sets.

Check on the handle. As much as possible, you may want to select those that have a wooden handle, not those with a plastic handle, for added durability.

Look for balance and comfort features. Additionally, find those that have a D-shaped handle to fit the palm perfectly.

1. Shun DM0718 Classic 7-Inch Santoku Hollow Ground Knife

Shun Classic 7” Hollow-Ground Santoku All-Purpose Kitchen Knife; VG-MAX Blade Steel and Ebony PakkaWood Handle; Hollow-Ground Indentations for Reduced Friction and Smoother Cuts; Handcrafted in Japan


User reviews

Sharp, very very sharp, but not a true santoku. I should start by saying this is not a true santoku. The reason I say this is because the edge has a considerable rocker to it (curve), unlike the traditional and much flater santoku blade. In fact, the rocker is much closer to the shape of a regular chef’s knife. The good news is that this means people accustomed to western chef’s knives can jump right into this knife. The bad news? If you’re used to a flater santoku this knife will not chop as much (since less of the blade is in play) and it’s a little harder to use this blade to scoop the things you’ve just cut. If you like to rock-and-chop, this knife will do it better than any other santoku. If you like to drop-chop, then this knife isn’t going to get quite as long a chop. I like both, so I’m quite happy the knife can perform both jobs.As advertised, this knife comes with one of the sharpest factory edges you could ever ask for. So far the edge holds up extremely well, a few stroke on the steel and knife edge remains razor sharp.The knife comes in a nice presentation box, which although pretty, does not present a good way to carry the knife. If you plan on using this outside your house, buy a blade guard or a carrying case. Also, if you’re buying a knife this nice, let me recommend that you get a hardwood edge-grain cutting board (or plastic, for you germaphobes). Don’t cut on glass or tile, and any other such silly new-tech board. If you’re going to pay big bucks for an nice knife, do what it takes to keep it nice.About actual use: The knife is extremely well-balanced, although I find that the location of the balance take a little getting used to. If you use a standard chef’s pinch grip, you will find there are actually two places you could grip the knife. The first place is where the handle curves into the blade. If you look at the picture, you will see this is actually a half inch or so back from the full face of the blade. If you pinch the knife here, you will find the balance to be off slightly, and your index finger will probably fatigue from being wrapped where it is. Also, since you will not be pinching the full face of the knife, you won’t get the fine control that the chef’s pinch is designed to give.So, why would you do this? If you’re not used to this knifes design you might because of the short part of the tang that extends from the pakka handle. On most chef’s knives, your middle finger would wrap around the very front of the handle. You need to break that habit with this knife, because your middle finger actually wraps around the protruding tang, and your ring finger is the first one to wrap around the pakka handle.If you do this, and pinch the full portion of the blade, the balance of the knife is wonderful. It is lightweight, and chops and slices extremely well. Unfortunately, the knife was definitely made for right handers (good for me, since I’m right handed, but bad for you lefties out there). Not only does the “D” shape of the handle favour a right handed palm, but the blade of the knife is actually off-set from center to the left. That means if you look straight down at the spine of the blade, it is set slightly to the left. This is good for right-handers since it makes the pinch easier (more room to curl the index finger along the face of the blade, and less power needed from the thumb to hold the knife balanced). I tend to think this off set would probably adversely affect left handed use. But, if you’re thinking about getting this knife and you’re left handed, I’d say go ahead and order it from Amazon. If it doesn’t work out, send it back (and post your comments for other left handers!).As for the scallops, a lot of people ask me if they work. This is what I say: if you’re looking for some magical solution that will keep *all* thin-sliced tomatos or mushrooms from sticking to your knife during quick chopping, no, they don’t work. If you’re looking for something that will help decrease the stickage factor, then yes, they work. Is it worth the $20 price difference? Well, it was for me, but then, I cut a lot of stuff that tends to stick to the blade, so even a little extra help is appreciated.Overall, for ease of use, Kershaw/KAI has created a superlative product in their Shun line. The knives look great. They are well-balanced. The factory edges are razor sharp. The handles fit a right-handed person extremely well. The materials used are absolutely top notch, and should stand up to a lifetime’s worth of residential kitchen use. And, since they are stainless steel, cleaning and maintaining them is a breeze.I would recommend this knife to anyone who really wants to have a great knife in their kitchen.
Sharp blade, great grip, well balanced. Very happy. Pretty good knife. I keep it honed with a Spyderco Sharpmaker set to the 15-degree angle and it keeps an edge very well. I find that it does especially well with harder vegetables. It’s great with meats, fruit, herbs, and pretty much everything else I’ve thrown at it, but for some reason, I really notice it when cutting carrots, potatoes, radishes, etc. Slicing a large carrot or a potato into chunks, I just expect a certain amount of resistance, not much, but some, and this knife behaves as if there’s nothing there.On another note, when I was still deciding, I read a few reviews saying the handle was slippery, which almost turned me off the knife. After working with it for a while, I now think those reviews were fake. Nobody could hold this knife in their hand and think “oh, slippery”. The pictures make it look slippery (shiny!), and the actual handle has a nice smooth polish and seems like it SHOULD be slippery, but it just isn’t – when I grip it, it grips back. Even wet or with various food juices on my hands, the grip is 100% reliable. It seems weird to say so for something so smooth, but it holds in the hand like it was wrapped in sandpaper.My first Shun, but I suspect I’ll be buying more.
Superb Quality, Perfect Size, Great Balance. I’ve used Wusthof knives, and while their quality seems to have diminished in recent years, Shun has maintained a strong presence on superior quality. Japanese steel stays sharper than what is typically found on German knives, plus Shun offers 100% free sharpening (al you pay is shipping). If you live near their Oregon facility you can just walk in and drop them off by the armload and pick them up the next day all sharpened up nicely.The Shun Classic line features an ergonomically-shaped handle to fit the right hand (southpaws, beware: Some people say they get used to the odd grip in their left hand, but it is technically *designed* for right handers).Shun knives arrive very sharp (unlike some reviews for Wusthof, for instance). I was handling this knife and knocked myself within five minutes when the tip just tapped my knuckle.The size is a bit misleading: It looks smaller than it actually is. However, it’s very well balanced and handles so well you basically use this for most stuff in the kitchen. This and a pairing knife are basically the only two you really need unless you’re working with fish or something that more or less requires a particular blade.Recommended for anyone who wants a quality main knife for their kitchen. The handles also do not get slippery when wet or fatigue the hands. Wood seems to hold up very well to wet conditions – but then again I take care of my equipment.
Ottimo prodotto arrivato come da descrizione
Was für ein großartiges Messer, Design und Qualität auf absolutem Top-Niveau, der Preis natürlich aber auch. Da überlegt man ja auch schließlich ein wenig, ob man so viel Geld für so ein Messer ausgibt oder nicht. Ich selbst, bin mit dem Gedanken schon lange unterwegs gewesen und habe dann mir gesagt, mach es. Ich habe es nicht bereut und bin so begeistert, dass es nicht das einzige Messer aus dieser Serie mittlerweile ist 🙂 Klare Kaufempfehlung von mir.
Beautiful piece of craft! Well balanced and very sharp. Have not owned the knife long enough to comment on how long it will keep its sharpness with daily use. A bit expensive but worth it for the quality.
Era para un regalo, así es que no puedo opinar sobre su calidad y resultado de uso. El embate muy cuidado, la presentación excelente y el envío rápido como de costumbre

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    The Shun DM0718 Classic is NSF certified for use in commercial kitchens, including restaurants, hotels and deli shops. You can look forward to long-lasting use with the knife that has been certified for high quality, performance, and safety.

    The product is 7 inches long, making it ideal for a broad range of purposes, including dicing, slicing and cutting. It is a hollow ground knife that is versatile enough to keep up with your cooking and food preparation style; in fact, it can also be used for mincing and dicing.

    The item is made of forged stainless steel blade, making it one of the most durable Shun knives around. So if you’re looking for a sturdy chef knife that can keep up with the level of abuse and use in your kitchen, you may want to consider this knife that is also clad with a 16-layer stainless steel to come up with a rust-resistant Damascus cutlery tool.

    This knife is also made of a durable Pakkawood handle, which is known for the brand, making it durable and elegant-looking. It is also constructed with an offset steel bolster, which provides you with a tougher knife.

    The core of the blade is made of VG10 steel, which becomes a standard in knife manufacturing because this material can retain the blade’s edge for a longer time, meaning you can depend on a sharp knife to use through the years.


        • It is also made in Japan, one of the top suppliers of high-quality chef knives in the world.
        • This knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
        • The item is NSF certified for its proven performance, safety and quality.
        • The blade is a 16-degree angle that makes it one of the sharpest chef knives, which is sharper than European blades that are between 20 and 22 degrees.
        • The D-shaped handle fits the palm excellently.


          • It requires maintenance.
          • The product isn’t ideal for dishwashers.

        2. Shun DM0706 Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

        Shun Cutlery Classic Chef's Knife 8”, Thin, Light Kitchen Knife, Ideal for All-Around Food Preparation, Authentic, Handcrafted Japanese Knife, Professional Chef Knife


        User reviews

        Gorgeous and crazy sharp. In love with this knife, it’s very comfortable in my hand, super light weight and incredibly sharp. Made meal prep significantly easier and it looks great as well!
        Beautiful, functional, lightweight, and wickedly sharp. I love this knife. So much so that we purchased the matching 6″ chef knife as well and have plans to buy more!!I researched a LOT before I bought this blade. And I chose it because it is light weight and has a thinner blade than the European-made competitors. It is SO EASY TO USE. It has *just enough* heft to get the job done without tiring your hands out. Being an average woman, my hands aren’t huge (ladies’ size 7 gloves). This knife fits my hand well, and ALSO fits my average-guy-sized hubby’s hand despite that it’s much larger than mine.These blades are works of art. They’re each unique and beautiful. I enjoy using them more because I like looking at them! I know it is silly but it’s true. Same reason my dish cloths are my favorite color and my cutting board is a thing a beauty… cooking is more fun when you enjoy looking at your tools!We purchased this knife in I think June 2019, it is now October 2019, it has been around 4 1/2 months of daily use (we cook almost every day), and it has lost the super keen edge and needs to be honed, but it’s *still* sharper than any other knives I have ever owned! We are going to hone them soon, honestly we haven’t yet because we are nervous about doing it, I’m paranoid I’ll mess up and damage the blades. I don’t actually expect it to give us any trouble, though, and a few moments of work will hone them back to a dangerously sharp edge.I kid you not, I have accidentally sliced through my fingernails several times, and had no idea until I either started bleeding or saw I was missing a slice of nail!! It was so sharp at first I could literally cut through a fingernail and not feel it. Let that sink in for a minute… like i said, dangerously sharp when brand spanking new. I have had to learn to be less sloppy with the knife!!!However, I am OK with the crazy sharpness, I have learned not to accidentally amputate my fingertips, and after 4 1/2 months I am still in love with my Shun knives.
        This is a great shape knife. We use this knife daily for lunch and dinner. It is super sharp and excellent quality!
        Best knife ever. If you value a razor sharp knife that holds it’s edge and is beautiful to boot, then this knife is for you. I have used the best Chicago Cutlery for the past 45 years and I am an expert at keeping knives sharp. There is no comparison and I am absolutely hooked on Shun.
        Excellent balance between quality and cost for a professional or at home knife. This is the second of these knives I’ve owned. My previous one followed me through a few professional kitchens over 8 years and was donated to a new cook so it could stay in the kitchen when I moved on. The one I have now, this one, is still at home and still working great.This knife has the perfect balance between quality and cost. I’m a trained chef with almost 20 years in professional kitchens and this is the best knife for a professional kitchen that I’ve used. The grip is not round, but has a slight protrusion running lengthwise along the grip to fit the contours of the hand better and stops the knife from rolling (though you should always have a sharp knife so this is not an issue). The blade is done japanese style, so no finger guard, making the back a bit sharp for some. The blade is the right length for just about any job at home or professionally. The height of the blade is short enough that a rocking motion is easier on the arm as you don’t have to pull it up so high, only limited by the length. The blade maintains a good sharpness for quite awhile. In a professional setting I would sharpen in every couple of weeks depending on use, at home it’s more like every few months. Granted this is with daily honing. (look up the difference between sharpening a knife and honing a knife if you’re confused).The knife itself is not the best knife you can buy, there are sharper, better blades made out of higher quality materials. But who wants to use a $300-500 knife in a setting where it will probably get stolen, dropped, misplaced, etc. On the other hand, I wont use a $25 stamped piece of garbage that isn’t worth the packaging it came in. This knife is a perfect fit in between those two extremes and works great at home or in a professional kitchen. I would put the knife as slightly better than most wusthof/henkels and on par with the better globals.Due to the different feels of the various brands of knives, I strongly recommend going into a shop prior to buying this here and handle them all.
        This is the best chef’s knife I’ve ever owned. I am a fairly adept home chef who studied culinary arts in my younger days and worked in restaurants for 15 years, mainly in the front of the house. I have a number of good quality knives, Wustof, Henkels, F.Dick and Mac primarily. I’ve used any number of different styles of knives including classic chefs and Japanese Santoku.I had this knife in my wish list for a while after reading a positive review in an online review of chef’s knives. I didn’t feel I NEEDED a new knife, but received a gift certificate and decided to splurge.The Shun arrived with a thick cardboard protector for the blade inside the box. I carefully unboxed the knife and immediately was impressed by the feel. The knife was lighter than I expected but not so light as to feel flimsy or unwieldy. The offset in the handle makes the knife feel good and secure in the hand. Function aside, the knife is also beautiful to look at.Right out of the box the knife was super sharp and didn’t really need any dressing/steeling. I wiped off the blade, gave it a very light steeling and then tried it out on some chicken breast, and vegetables. It cut through everything like it was butter. Very easy to make razor thin slices, whether in meat or vegetables. Tomatoes it cut cleanly and evenly without pausing through the skin. I actually said “Wow!” out loud a few times while trying it out.I’ve now had the knife for two weeks and I have to say that is is both my favorite knife and probably the best chef’s knife I’ve ever used. It continues to feel great, keeps it’s edge very well, is razor sharp and has the added bonus of looking beautiful. What more could you ask for in a tool?
        Ein excellentes Messer in jeder Hinsicht. Und ja, man muss es gelegentlich nachschärfen. Dafür gibt es hier in diesem Laden auch Nassschleifsteine zu erwerben. Aber wenn ich lese, dass jemand nach 9 Monaten über die nachlassende Schärfe enttäuscht ist muss ich lachen.Ich nutze es seit 9 Jahren mehrfach täglich für alles. Gemüse, Brot, Fleisch. ALLES.Man darf nicht auf Glas ober Metalluntergrund schneiden, sondern Holz oder Plastik. Nichts gefrorenes. Und natürlich gehört das Messer nicht in den Geschirrspüler.Wenn man dann nach Monaten merkt, dass die Schnittleitung nachlässt, netto 10 Minuten Arbeit in das Nachschleifen investieren und man hat wieder für Monate ein superscharfes Messer zur Verfügung.Neben der Schärfe überzeugt mich auch jeden Tag wieder das hervorragende Handling des Messers.Würde ich jederzeit wiederkaufen, aber es schneidet und schneidet und schneidet…..
        I purchased this knife to use for all round food preparation tasks to assist my humble home cooking efforts. I did a quick bit of on-line research to see which chef’s knives would meet my requirements and although the Kai Shun Classic Chef’s Knife was by no means the cheapest option available I am delighted that I paid a bit extra because this really is a premium product. The knife is really comfortable to hold and is razor sharp (as you’d hope/expect), which makes preparing vegetables etc really easy (and safe). Highly recommended.
        Un’assoluta opera d’arte, dopo anni di lavoro con la linea Wasabi ho deciso di fare un salto di qualità e passare alla linea Shun e come mi aspettavo la Kai non mi ha deluso. Il coltello è robusto, ben bilanciato, la forma a castagna del manico permette una presa solida e sicura. L’acciaio è strepitoso , il taglio preciso e netto se curato bene bastano un paio di colpi sulla pietra per ridare vita al taglio. Personalmente lo consiglio a qualunque addetto al settore. Per quanto riguarda gli amatori non so se consigliarlo, non è un coltello qualunque e va curato affinché possa esprimere tutte le sue potenzialità. Detto questo posso dire che è semplicemente magnifico.
        Magnifique couteau de Chef, en provenance directe du Japon (cf. certificat de garantie inclus et inscription sur la lame). Forgé dans les règles de l’art et affûté à la main, ce couteau de très grande qualité vous apportera, de par son tranchant sans faille et son excellent équilibre, un véritable plaisir de coupe lors la préparation de vos prochains petits plats… en un mot : parfait !
        cuchillos de alta calidad.Muy bueno y ademas ha llegado en perfectas condiciones.

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          This item is the famous Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife that many professional cooks use for many purposes, including slicing, chopping and cutting virtually all types of foods. They can use it for a variety of culinary applications. The knife is made using superior Japanese technology.

          It is a Kai Shun 20 centimeter knife that is made of 32 layers of Damascus steel, which has a reputation for being one of the most durable materials used in cutlery tools. The chef knife, without even saying, is the more durable choice versus cheap knives on the market.

          Aside from being effective, the chef knife has a striking appearance, making it one of the most favorites among amateur cooks and pro chefs who are looking for superior performance and excellent design.

          This Shun knife is made even more durable with a combination of SUS410 high carbon steel and VG10 steel that makes it highly resistant to corrosion, rust and other signs of wear and tear even with frequent use.

          For stability and balance, the product is designed with an ergonomically weighted and shaped handle, ensuring your comfort and safety. With this chef knife, you can always have peace of mind that you can prevent slippage for using it even with a wet hand.

          And if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing knife in your kitchen, what do you think about Pakkawood handle? This chef knife looks amazing with its black wood and resin covered handle, which gives it an impressive look.

          The product is long enough at 8 inches, so it can be used for many purposes, including dicing, slicing and chopping.


              • The knife is an 8-inch model that works for many purposes, including dicing, slicing, and chopping.
              • The chef knife is Damascus steel that makes it rust-resistant.
              • Its handle is Pakkawood, making it classic looking.
              • The product is durable for its SUS410 high carbon steel and VG10 steel.


                • The product isn’t cheap.
                • While it is dishwasher safe, I suggest hand washing to keep it from becoming dull.

              3. Shun Premier Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

              Shun Cutlery Premier Grey Chef's Knife 8”, Thin, Light Kitchen Knife, Ideal for All-Around Food Preparation, Authentic, Handcrafted Japanese Knife, Professional Chef Knife


              User reviews

              Sharp, Lightweight, TERRIFIC. I hesitated buying a Shun knife even though I had heard wonderful things from professional chefs about them. Let’s face it, they are expensive. Well, if you love to cook and need ONE knife that outperforms everything you have in your kitchen, BUY this one! I love it – it’s very very sharp so I bought a pair of Kevlar gloves to use with it; it’s lightweight, very lightweight, so your cuts and chops are easier with less wrist and hand strain; it’s a work of art, beautiful Damascus steel and the handle is comfortable too. I have many Wusthof and Henckel knives and while I love them, they are heavy, hard to sharpen and have thicker blades than the Shun. I couldn’t be happier and look forward to buying a parer and 6″ Chefs knife in the future from Shun!
              Perfect balance. I talked to three professional chefs and tried six different knives. The shun knife has good balance, cuts vegetables and meat very well overall performance was above and beyond the other five knives, and they were all top name brands. I purchased this for my son he ismuch larger and stronger than I am, and it works well for both of us.
              Works flawlessly. Great balance extremely sharp. Fair price range for the blade and easy to use. Very comfortable to cut with asell has great edge
              A Beautifully crafted 8 inch Chef knife. A beautifully crafted 8 inch Chef knife, mine came out of the box very sharp as it made that fine scrapping noise when i run my thumb over the sharpened side. I have a 6.5 inch palm size (top of middle finger to wrist) and find the ergonomics of the cutting motion very comfortable. This 8 inch blade has replaced most of blades of similar size for my daily prep work or unless i need to do a specific cut that requires a specialized blade. Tsuchime finish on the top part of the blade makes separation easy for those deep cuts and prevents fruits or meats from sticking to the blade.
              Very well crafted for the price. Very well balanced… For the price, this is a great knife. I sent back the Myiabi Mizu for poor craftsmanship, the blade was bent and then the Yoshihiro Gyuto that was horribly balanced ( not at all) with a handle that was supposed to be wood and felt like plastic, that was also $200… As a Chef who uses this daily. This is a $200 knife, thats cheap to be honest, people have this impression that is a lot of money for a knife. A good Japanese hand forged knife goes far beyond $800/$1000. This is a quality knife for the price. If i had was buying this myself, I would not be purchasing through Amazon, my work paid for this, so your options are very limited in what Amazon carries.
              Incredibly versatile chef’s knife. Beautifully designed, super sharp, nice balance and just the right amount of heft. A superb piece of good design & craftsmanship. Cuts as good as it looks too. It’s become my go-to first choice knife for fruit and vegetable prep. Wouldn’t recommend this for heavy meat cutting and chopping—there are better suited knives for those tasks. This is a lifetime investment you will not regret.
              Highly recommended. As an executive chef for a world renowned hotel, I found this to be the perfect knife for me. The blade requires less sharpening then others I have used. It’s also heavier then most Japanese knives I’ve tried, letting the knife do most of the work. This has become my go to knife.
              One of the finest chef knives I have ever used. One of the finest chef knives I have ever used. Really keeps its edge and sharpness even with heavy use.
              Nicely balanced, factory sharp (hone it a little on an appropriate sharpener – 16 degrees, for a great edge). Thin Japanese blade doesn’t stick to food. As a bonus, it looks great too.
              It’s just ok not very sharp or extraordinary.. just ok
              The Shun knife is beautiful and exactly as advertised. The Fedex delivery was terrible. House of Knives was of little help.

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              This item is one of the best chef knives I have ever seen online. The reason is that it is an all-purpose cutlery tool that gives me a very good time in the kitchen.

              It is an eight-inch knife that makes it ideal for a wide range of purposes, including slicing, chopping, and dicing, among others. I can cut and slice most types of foods, including potatoes and carrots, as well as dice onions and chop peppers anytime that I want.

              Additionally, the knife is made with a Pakkawood handle, finished with a walnut stain. It looks classic that fits any kitchen decoration. You will also feel inspired for using a great-looking chef knife that you can always count on for a broad range of cooking needs.

              The product is also dishwasher safe; however, I don’t recommend this method because it might make the blade dull due to heat and harsh chemicals. That’s why you should wash it by hand if you want to keep it sharp. And then don’t forget air-drying it for the best care possible.

              The chef knife is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty against any defects, so you can have peace of mind that you can get help when you need it.

              It is made from layered Damascus steel, making it more durable than counterparts using other types are. Additionally, the chef’s knife is hand-hammered finish to ensure long-lasting use and create a more visually appealing knife. And because it is hand-hammered, the knife can also prevent knife-drag when you’re cutting as well as keep the food from sticking to its blade.


                  • This product is an all-purpose chef knife that works perfectly for slicing and chopping meats and vegetables.
                  • The chef knife is made of layered Damascus steel that makes it stronger than other knives are.
                  • It is also hand-hammered finish for a striking look. This method also prevents the food from sticking to the blade. Hand hammering can also reduce knife drag.
                  • The model comes with a premium, stylish Pakkawood handle that can nestle into the curves of your palm for secure and comfortable grip.It is long enough for all types of purposes.


                    • The blades might become dull after some time.
                    • The item is more expensive than its counterparts in the same category are.

                  4. Shun TDMS0300 Premier Knife Starter Set, 3-Piece

                  Shun Premier Kitchen Knife Starter, 3-Piece Set, TDMS0300, Silver


                  User reviews

                  Beautiful, functional, extremely sharp. These are great. Def worth the price in my opinion.
                  Beautiful knife set. Very nice knives. I bought them for my husband and he was thrilled. Extremely sharp. Well balanced.
                  Beautiful, Delicate Knives. Incredible knives so far. I was originally going to buy just a chefs knife and pairing knife but when I saw this and realized it was only a little bit more for 3 knives I pulled the trigger. They’re beautiful and arrived is perfect condition and very sharp. I only just got them though so I don’t have a long term review yet. I also saw some reviews about them chipping and such which after researching them I’m no longer worried about as I’ve learned that as long as I use and maintain them properly they should not chip. I recommend anyone who buys these knives research before as they are NOT a standard kitchen knife and can not be thrown into the sink, or the dish washer or into a drawer with other things. They are very delicate and beautiful knives! So excited to have them
                  Excellent. These kitchen knives are amazing. Stropped them up to shaving status and I can glide through anything I’m preparing in the kitchen with crazy accuracy and nothing but the weight of the knife blade to push through even thick food products. Be wary though, this isn’t the kind of knife that you use to pry open jars or hack through some thick bones or something, they’re thin, and as such provide precision accuracy when cutting. They’re not intended as a kitchen utility tool for every day use and you’ll likely break or bend the tips if you attempt to use them for much other than cutting. I never put them through the dish washer, and never cut something not backed up by a cutting board. To do so would dull them fairly fast and greatly reduce their usefulness.At this price point, these are something you take care of. Hand wash, and be aware of what and where you’re cutting. They’ll hold up excellently for years to come provided you show them proper use and maintenance. I’d highly recommend these knives as a set for anyone. The three knives offered here cover my full range of needs when it comes to preparing food. Others may find you need more, but this is a perfect place to start.
                  Beautiful and sharp, but the tips broke off. Beautiful construction, lightweight, and sharp. I use these knives daily; most of my chopping is fruits and vegetables. My only problem is that the tip of my knife broke off with in the first three months of use. While hand washing in the sink I hit the tip up against the side of the sink. From the other reviews I had read I knew this was likely to happen because the knives are so thin at the tip. Overall I think I would maybe purchase the brand again, but I don’t know if I would buy these knives in particular.
                  A Great Gift for a Young Couple. I bought these for my niece and her husband. Young couples rarely have the money for a good knife, and these are great knives. So a basic set like this made a great gift. They get to feel like they have a little luxury in their lives. I also have these knives. The knives are incredibly sharp (seriously, be careful!), and they’re beautiful. You’ll often hear that you need to be careful not to chip Japanese knives because they’re thinner, and that’s true. I’ve ruined some beautiful knives in my time. But with that said, these lightness, sharpness and maneuverability that you get in the trade off is well worth it to me, and mine have lasted many, many years.
                  Expensive but worth every penny. I bought these for my husband who is an avid home-chef as he’s never had good knives. They are beautiful as well as functional. They have a nice balance without being heavy. They are very sharp and hold their edge a long time. We both love them…
                  Japanese Knife Addict. Love my new Shun knife set. I have had several types of Japanese knives in the past, and now I can’t live without them. The knives are incredibly sharp, but also beautiful to look at. The edge lasts on these things–you don’t need to sharpen as often as you sharpen western knives. The weight feels good in your hand, and I find that I am much more precise with these knives than I am with ordinary kitchen knives. I also like that these knives don’t instantly develop the “patina” that some of my other Japanese knives sport once they get wet during cutting.
                  Wow! We are a bit scared of these knives and how sharp they are 😉 Superb! Happy with the purchase. Looking for other knives by this manufacturer to complete a set.
                  No hay mucho que decir. Los cuchillos son de lo mejor. Peso y balance adecuado, mango de madera que se acopla perfecto a la palma de la mano. La calidad y la atención a los detalles durante su fabricación lo puedes sentir desde el primer momento en que los usas. El precio es insuperable y me llegaron super rápido!!!
                  Product was delivered quick and everything was as expected and outlined. Very excited for my wife to try them once she opens them at Christmas.
                  Great knives but now I want the set. So I bought more
                  Excelentes cuchillos, tengo unos global y estos y realmente son excelente no tan rudos como global pero si un filo impecable y excelente estética la mejor marca de cuchillos sin lugar a duda

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                    The 3 Piece Starter Set is a part of the premier series. If you’ve just started growing your knife sets, then you can go for it to help you perform a broad range of kitchen task.

                    The set already includes a 3-inch paring knife, an 8-inch chef’s knife, and a 5-inch utility knife.

                    The set isn’t only reliable for a wide range of purposes, including paring, slicing, dicing and cutting, but it is also beautiful and elegant.

                    The Shun TDMS0300 also features the well-known Damascus steel, which is highly coveted for its superior performance and strength. And because they come with a hand-hammered finish, the knives also prevent food from sticking to the blades and reduce blade drag for added convenience.

                    The handles are Pakkawood, with proves more durable than knives with plastic handles. The material isn’t only stronger but also stylish and sleek, which makes it an excellent material for knives that you can be proud of owning.

                    These handles are also designed perfectly to fit the palm while using each of them, providing you with superior comfort and balance, allowing you to use them with ease and safety all the time.

                    Each of the knives is also embossed with the brand’s logo that makes them beautiful in and out the block.

                    And for added convenience, the blades do not require constant sharpening due to their thinness and sharpness.

                    Overall, the Shun knives are a perfect addition to your kitchen, whether you’re growing an existing collection or you have just started investing in your first knives.


                        • The set is made by Shun, which is one of the top manufacturers of high-quality cutlery tools in the world.
                        • The knives are hand-hammered, which is why they can prevent knife drag and food from sticking to the blades.
                        • The product features Damascus steel for added durability.
                        • The product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
                        • It is a part of the premier collection for top quality and precision cutting.


                          • The items are not meant for many years of use if you don’t take care of them properly.
                          • No knife block included.

                        5. Shun VB0706 Sora Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

                        Shun Cutlery Sora Chef's Knife 8”, Gyuto-Style Kitchen Knife, Ideal for All-Around Food Preparation, Authentic, Handcrafted Japanese Knife, Professional Chef Knife


                        User reviews

                        Best knives in this price range. I absolutely love these knives. The profile of the blade is great and they are really sharp right out of the box. I purchased the Santoku, 8″ chef, 6″ Chef, Utility, Ultimate Utility, bread knife, and pairing knife. Not only are they a great looking set of knives to display in your kitchen, but they truly do take your cooking to another level. Some people complain that the polymer handle feels cheep, but these knives are perfectly priced for what they are. The polymer grip is comfortable and its profiled it such a way that it looks great. These knives truly show the mastery knife making at work at Sora. I also have a some Wusthoff Classics, Messermeister Elites, and a set of the Calphalon Katana. The Classics and Elites I love. The Katanas not so much. These Soras are the best knives in this price range and I love them. My favorite out of all of them has to be the 7″ Santoku, but all of the others are great to.Some people say they got rust spots on these knives. Well more expensive knives have a good side and a bad side. They are great because you get better blade profiles, with a blade that holds an edge a lot longer and is much easier to sharpen, but the down side is they are prone to rust. You shouldn’t just leave these knives laying in a wet sink for days like you can do with cheaper knives. You should do that with any higher end knife because they will all get rust spots. Also I can not stress this enough. Do not put these knives in the dishwasher. When you finish using them. Hand wash them in soap and water. Hand dry them really good and put them back on your knife rack. Also make sure you knife isn’t wet from placing wet knives on it. Putting your good knives on a wet knife rack is a good way to get rust spots. These really are great knives that are very easy to take care of with a little respect and a few steps, and these are possibly the best knives in the price range. These or the Messermeister Elites. Though the elites are a little more expensive than these. You will not regret buying these Soras’. Also if you purchase these. Get yourself a nice knife rack to display them. The beautifully crafted knives look way to go to be thrown in a knife block or drawer.
                        particularly sharp chef knife. Works well for slicing and other meal prep activities – NOT chopping. Following instructions regarding washing with warm, soapy water and drying with soft cloth. Good purchase for our kitchen!
                        Sooooooo sharp. Great knife! Super super sharp and has a beautiful blade and very comfortable handle. 10/10 recommend
                        The best. Sharp. Balanced. Perfect
                        Sharp. Bought this for my MIL for Christmas. She has since said how much she loves this knife and has shown me her new knives and cutting boards that she has bought from this brand. She even demo’d the knife for me and I got to see first hand how great this thing cuts!
                        Absolute pleasure to use. Exceptional knife and extremely sharp. This is my first Shun and it is pleasure to use. I own other German name brand knives, but the edge on this Shun is significantly better out of the box. It feels great in the hand and the handle is very comfortable to hold. It’s not a heavy duty knife but is great for everyday use on veggies and meats. Overall, I am very pleased with its performance and will post an update to my review in a year to see how the blade holds up. I do take very good care of my knives by (i) I use a honing steel as frequently as needed to maintain sharpness of the edge (ii) always hand wash and dry after each use and, (iii) always keep knife if a sheath/protector (I make my own using manila folder or similar material).
                        Excellent, durable knife. I am no expert in knifes, but I have used this knife now for now almost 2 years and have had such good experiences with it I had to gift it to a family member. It is incredibly sharp, and stays sharp with regular care. It is weighted perfectly such that I have good tactile awareness where my knife is at all times. I have not had any issues cutting meat, vegetables, and fruit with this knife, and have decreased injuries to myself infinitely ever since buying this knife (upgraded from a $20 kitchen set and it was so worth it).
                        Great design and finish with exception of the handle. Really well constructed blade with excellent finish and sharpness. My only qualm was with the handle, which feels like cheap plastic and is a little lightweight. If this is made heftier, and perhaps to look a bit more substantial, this becomes an overall five star. I have knives from several different manufacturers. This is my first from Shun.
                        My partner loves this knife. It’s exactly as promised. The only thing I would grumble about is the cardboard sheath it comes in. For the cost, I expected it to come with something a little nicer. It’s a beautiful knife, super sharp and easily to handle. A lovely weight and excellent for multi purpose kitchen knife.
                        Muy bueno.PERO NO SE LO PRESTEN A ALGUIEN QUE NO SABE DE CUCHILLOS…este cuchillo es solo para cortar VERDURAS, CARNE , FRUTAS.~NO HUESOS~Yo se lo dije a la persona que lo agarro cuando yo no estaba , lo que pasó después es trajico. :,(,,,,,,,.: Un día yo no estaba en casa , Alguien estaba cortando huesos y miró mi cuchillo que acababa de comprar , acto seguido agarro y lo empezó a usar de Machete para cortar los huesos wtf .lo que pasó ya te lo puedes imaginar si sabes de cuchilleríase desquebrajo toda la parte de acero VG10(ya no sirve).este cuchillo tiene una dureza muy alta por lo que no es nada flexible y eso es bueno para lo que fue hecho este cuchillo. pero porfavor dejen de usar las cosas para trabajos para los cuales no fueron DISEÑADOS , si alguien sabe sobre cuchillería porfavor agale casi…Pros:-muy bonito-se mira muy bien el San Mai-corta muy bien-facil de afilar-ofrese mucho , cobra poco-(calidad-precio)-exelente calidad de construcción-es cómodo.Contras:.no ningun contra.pd: a las personas que se les rompe es por qué no lo saben usar ,yo lo use por el suficiente tiempo como para poder dar una reseña sincera. (•‿•)
                        What a super knife. Well balance super sharp. Highly recommended.
                        Bought this knife for my girlfriend to start her shun collection. She absolutely loves it and was so excited to use it. I own another collection of shun knives and will never go with another set. The quality of the blade and handles are above the rest and worth every penny. Can’t wait to buy our next one’s
                        Un excelente cuchillo por la calidad precio que tiene. Más con la oferta que tuvo de más de un 40 de descuento. Muy afilado, excelente peso, muy funcional

                        View all reviews

                        This item is the Sora 8-inch chef knife from one of our most loved cutlery brands – Shun! It is the go-to chef knife for a broad range of kitchen tasks.

                        The item features the brand’s composite blade technology, which combines VG10 steel, which is clad with a stainless steel layer on each side, creating a retentive sharp edge for constant use.

                        This chef knife also features the mirror-polished 420J stainless steel on its upper, and it boasts a 16-degree cutting angle, which proves more useful than knives created with between 20 and 22 degrees cutting angle, on each side.


                            • The item features a high-performance technology that keeps it sharp. The cutting edge is also laser cut, and two sections are secured and fitted together.
                            • The handles and blade shapes are designed using traditional Japanese style knives, making it look elegant and sleek.
                            • Every handle is made using TPE polymer handle for optimum balance and comfort as well as easy maintenance.
                            • The item features a VG10 core for long-lasting edge retention and superior performance.The item is made in Japan.


                              • The handles might not last long.
                              • The blade requires constant sharpening.


                            There you have our Shun Knives Review to help you decide on which Shun knife or knife set to choose based on your cooking style and needs. You may also want to consider your budget on how much you’re willing to spend on the investment. Finally, you may want to select based on materials, technology, handles, and edge retention. Hope you find the right Shun knives today!

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