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Tangzhong bread machine recipe

Tangzhong bread is a soft, fluffy, and slightly sweet bread that is made using a tangzhong or water roux method. The tangzhong method involves cooking a portion of the flour with water to make a paste, which is then added to the bread dough.

This method helps to retain moisture and produce a lighter texture in the bread. Making Tangzhong bread in a bread machine is a convenient way to enjoy this delicious bread at home.

Which kinds of Tangzhong can you use in bread machine?

Tangzhong is not a specific type of bread, but rather a method of making bread. It can be used with various types of bread, including white bread, whole wheat bread, and even sweet bread like raisin bread.

So, you can use any recipe that uses the Tangzhong method in a bread machine. The key is to make sure that the recipe is designed for a bread machine and that the ingredients are measured correctly.

Why should you make Tangzhong in bread machine?

Making Tangzhong bread in a bread machine can be a convenient and easy way to create soft and fluffy bread. The Tangzhong method involves cooking a portion of the flour and liquid into a paste (the Tangzhong), which is then added to the rest of the ingredients. This method can increase the water-holding capacity of the dough and result in a softer and more moist texture in the finished bread.

Using a bread machine can help simplify the process of making Tangzhong bread by handling the mixing, kneading, and rising of the dough.

Additionally, bread machines can have a special setting for Tangzhong bread, which helps ensure that the dough is properly prepared for this method.

How to make Tangzhong in bread machine

Tangzhong is not a type of bread, but rather a technique used in making bread that involves cooking a portion of the flour and liquid in a recipe into a thick paste and then incorporating it into the dough. This technique is believed to improve the texture and shelf life of bread.

To make Tangzhong in a bread machine, you will need:

  • 1/3 cup bread flour
  • 1 cup water


  1. Add the bread flour and water to the bread machine pan.
  2. Select the dough setting and start the machine.
  3. The bread machine will heat and mix the flour and water until it forms a thick paste. This usually takes about 15-20 minutes.
  4. Once the Tangzhong is ready, turn off the bread machine and let the paste cool to room temperature.
  5. Use the Tangzhong as directed in your bread recipe, mixing it with the remaining ingredients and kneading the dough until smooth and elastic.

Note: Tangzhong can also be made on the stovetop using a small saucepan over low heat. Simply whisk together the flour and water until smooth, then cook while stirring constantly until the mixture thickens and forms a paste. Cool the Tangzhong to room temperature before using in your bread recipe.

How long does it take to make Tangzhong in bread machine?

The process of making Tangzhong in a bread machine can vary depending on the specific recipe and the capabilities of the machine. However, typically it takes about 10-15 minutes to prepare the Tangzhong in the bread machine, which involves mixing the flour and liquid ingredients and cooking them to a thick, pudding-like consistency.

After that, the Tangzhong is allowed to cool down to room temperature before being added to the bread dough mixture in the bread machine. The overall time for making Tangzhong bread using a bread machine can range from 2 to 4 hours depending on the recipe and the specific bread machine used.

Tips for making Tangzhong in bread machine

To make tangzhong in a bread machine, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Use a bread machine with a “dough” or “pizza” setting. This will provide the right amount of mixing and resting time for the tangzhong to develop properly.
  2. Follow the recipe carefully. The amount of flour, water, and milk needed for the tangzhong will depend on the specific recipe you’re using. Be sure to measure your ingredients accurately.
  3. Use a whisk to mix the ingredients together thoroughly. You want to make sure there are no lumps of flour or dry spots in the mixture.
  4. Cook the tangzhong until it thickens. You want the mixture to be thick and pudding-like in consistency. This usually takes about 5-10 minutes of cooking time.
  5. Let the tangzhong cool completely before adding it to the bread dough. This will help prevent the dough from becoming too hot and killing the yeast.
  6. Add the tangzhong to the bread dough at the appropriate time. Depending on the recipe, you may add it right at the beginning or after the dough has had a chance to rest and rise for a bit.
  7. Don’t overwork the dough. Once the tangzhong has been added, be careful not to overmix or knead the dough too much. This can cause the bread to become tough and dense.
  8. Allow enough time for the dough to rise properly. The tangzhong will help the bread rise more quickly, but you still need to give it enough time to double in size before baking.
  9. Follow the baking instructions carefully. Tangzhong breads may require slightly different baking times and temperatures than other breads, so be sure to follow the recipe closely.

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