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What Size Food Processor For Pie Crust?

For too many people, kneading pie dough by hand is a tedious and time-consuming process, but with the aid of a food processor, it is now considerably easier to make delicious pie dough. 

This article is for you if you’re looking for a food processor but don’t know what size food processor is appropriate for pie dough. The appropriate size depends on the number of people you typically cook for and the dishes you intend to prepare. 

Let’s have a clear understanding of this article’s concept. 

What Size Food Processor Is Necessary For Pie Crust? 

When determining the size of a food processor to purchase for your home, you must consider the foods you’ll be preparing, the amount of food you’ll be designing, and the length of time you’ll be using the machine. 

A food processor with a three-cup capacity can easily handle enough pie crust or dough for one to two pies. Consequently, recommendations for the size of food processors vary across families. 

The Suggested Dimension For Pie Crust 

When determining the actual size of a food processor, it is crucial to remember that the cups indicated do not correspond to the machine’s capacity. Instead, it relates to the food processor’s bowl size. 

A nine-cup food processor typically produces approximately four cups or less than half of the specified bowl size for liquid foods. Use up to 75% to 90% of the bowl capacity for dry ingredients in a 9-cup food processor or approximately 6 to 8 cups. 

Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose from various sizes. Let’s see. 

3-Cup Food Processor 

If you live alone or only need to prepare a small amount, you can use a three-cup food processor. A food processor with a 3-cup capacity can easily accommodate enough pie crust for one or two pies. 

7-Cup Food Processor 

A bowl with a capacity of seven cups is not necessarily capable of holding seven cups of food. It can handle half of that volume of liquids and three-quarters of that volume of solids. 

Consider upgrading to the next bowl size if you serve a large household; this will save you money because it will retain all these incredible features and be large enough to meet your needs. 

11-Cup Food Processor 

If you’re looking for a medium-sized classic processor that can handle heavier foods such as pizza dough or any large-batch dish, then the 11-cup processor is for you. 

12-Cup Food Processor 

It is a food processor with a standard 12-cup capacity. This indicates that it can accommodate a substantial amount of dough. Certainly, kneading dough for pies or pizzas is effective, but not for oversized items. 

14-Cup Food Processor 

The food processor will be helpful if you intend to prepare food for a large group. This is due to the food processor’s 14-cup capacity. The enormous capacity enables you to process vast quantities of food while still having sufficient space to knead pie dough without making a mess. 

This is it if you need a large, powerful food processor to knead pie dough and make pies. Choose a more extensive food processor than 12 cups, such as a 14-cup model, for kneading dough. As dough recipes serve numerous individuals, additional space is required. To knead, the dough also necessitates additional space for its formation. 



      • When selecting the size of a food processor, you must consider the following: 
      • There should be sufficient room to knead the dough until it forms perfectly. 
      • Larger sizes alone will not provide sufficient capacity; choose a model with a more powerful motor. 
      • Consider bowl size as opposed to machine size 

    Final Reflections 

    As food processors with more than 12 cups are preferable for kneading pie dough, you may choose a 14-cup food processor or any other according to your needs. 

    If you want to avoid the challenges of cleaning a large bowl, you can choose a small one. This is a philosophical viewpoint. I hope you clearly understand what size food processor to use for pie dough. 

    Grab the appropriate one and enjoy the pie! 

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