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A comprehensive guide to selecting the best meat slicer

Meat slicers were exclusive to delis, where they sliced rare roast beef and other meats and cheeses for the ideal sandwich. In 1898, Wilhelm van Berkel patented his sophisticated and intricate slicing machine in the Netherlands. His slicing machines are an actual work of art to this day. The value of Berkel slicing machines is high at auctions and antique websites. Wilhelm understood the importance of slicing meats and cheeses as thinly, quickly, and uniformly as possible. 

Now, more than 120 years later, it’s simple to select the ideal meat slicer with the help of our comprehensive guide! At Williams Food Equipment, we curate a line of professional-grade cookware, including meat slicers. Here is what you should look for, along with some of our favorites. 

How long is frozen meat good for? 

Freezing is an excellent method for extending the freshness of meat! However, there is always the question of how long the food can be consumed safely. 

According to a United States Department of Agriculture study, freezing food to 0 degrees Fahrenheit inactivates microbes and prevents mold and bacterial growth. Temperature fluctuations should be avoided to prevent bacterial growth. Temperature is just as important as storage precision. 

Frozen Meat Shelf Life 

Frozen meat’s shelf life depends entirely on the type of meat. It typically lasts between one month and one year. 

If you plan to consume the frozen meat within two months, you can store it in its original packaging in the freezer. Wrap it in freezer paper or aluminum foil if you want to freeze it for over two months. Additionally, examine the packaging for the expiration date and product content. The table below provides information about the shelf life of frozen meat. 

Meat Shelf life (in freezer 0 Degree F or below) 
Bacon 1 to 2 months 
Steak 6 to 12 months 
Chicken pieces 9 months 
Whole Chicken or turkey 1 year 
Hot dog 1 to 2 months 
Fish 3 to 8 months 
Roasts 4 to 12 months 
How Can You Tell Whether Frozen Meat Has Gone Bad? 

If the texture of frozen meat changes, it may no longer be safe to eat. It does not appear remarkably interesting, dried out and dehydrated. Occasionally, frozen meat harms the actual flavor and aroma, which is a clear indication of spoilage. 

You may be familiar with freezer burn, also known as food killer. If you observe grayish or brownish dry spots on frozen beef, remove them. A freezer burn causes it. Although it is edible, the flavor and quality are significantly diminished. 

This is an excellent alternative if you wish to preserve your frozen meat. You can use food-saver bags to keep your frozen meat from spoiling for longer. Then, use a vacuum sealer to remove all the air from the bag. Is it not incredible? 

The following are guidelines for freezing meat without spoiling it. 

Can Frozen Meat Be Sliced with a Meat Slicer? 

Yes, it is possible to slice frozen meat with a meat slicer. However, as stated previously, cutting frozen meat is a challenging task. The proper meat slicer is essential for slicing frozen meat without thawing. Thawing affects the meat’s texture and flavor negatively. 

However, meat should not be completely frozen. Otherwise, the blade will be damaged. The best texture for using a meat slicer is partially frozen meat. 

Slicing chilled meat is quite simple. Consequently, it is always preferable to slice partially frozen meat over fully frozen meat. Ensure that the meat is completely deboned. Otherwise, it will damage the slicer as you cut the meat. 

Why Invest in a Meat Slicer? 

Even though it makes the best salami sandwiches, a meat slicer can be used for much more. Since the introduction of wholesale chains, meats and cheeses in bulk have become an industry standard for home kitchens. Opportunities abound when purchasing large roasts or blocks of cheese to save money. You can shave off equal portions of any desired substance using a meat slicer. The meat slicer will be helpful in your home for making sandwiches for kids’ lunches, shabu-shabu, charcuterie, and in many other time-saving and cost-effective ways. 

Until recently, a high-quality meat slicer cost upwards of $1000. You can easily slice the meat at home to resemble your favorite delicatessen for significantly less. The Chef’s Choice Meat Slicer is an excellent meat slicer that will help you save money, have fun, and prepare delicious food. When meat is sliced so thinly, it produces a sensation in the mouth that no other device can replicate. 

The Various Types of Electric Meat & Food Slicers 

Electric meat and commercial-grade food slicers vary in price and workload. The Occam 12″ Belt-Driven Meat Slicer is our recommended beast for deli-style cuts, weighing over 75 pounds. The Chef’s Choice Meat Slicer is one of our go-to suggestions for home chefs. 

Back in the day, manual meat slicers like the Berkels’ were the way to go. And they continue to be! The 14.5″ Blade Manual Volano Slicer with Flower Flywheel from Omcam is an actual work of art. Effortless and remarkable slicing, stability, and dependability on an effortless flywheel allow the user to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating this superior machine. When slicing prosciutto so effortlessly and thinly with the Omcam, you will be convinced that this new tool in your arsenal elevates your culinary skills to the next level! 

What to Look for When Buying a Meat Slicer 

Quality is necessary for all aspects of life; therefore, some meat slicers can be expensive due to their attention to detail. Before purchasing a slicer, it is essential to determine its size and type. Do you require it for domestic or industrial use? What kind of electric motor does the meat slicer have, if any? When purchasing a meat slicer, it is also essential to consider the ease of use, blades, and adjustability of the cut thickness. Lastly, safety is of the utmost importance when discussing razor-sharp, fast-spinning blades! 

The Motor 

Meat slicer motors typically have low horsepower but high gear-driving performance. Most meat slicers rotate at over 250 rpm, so the engine must be quick! Many of the meat slicers manufactured by Omcam have a maximum horsepower of 0.35 HP. This amount of juice is more than sufficient to keep those sandwiches flying! 

Motors rarely malfunction. Most likely, the home cook would never encounter this problem. Motors for commercial-sized meat slicers rarely fail. If so, the warranty may still be valid, or replacement parts are readily available online. 

The Blade 

Given the task at hand, the blade of a meat slicer must be ridiculously sharp. The blade must rotate at very high RPMs, so maintaining straightness and avoiding wobble is crucial! And the most critical aspect of a blade for slicing meat is that it must be made of stainless steel. Stainless steel will retain its sharpness and will not rust. In addition, stainless steel maintains its shape over time. 


You decide how thin or thick you want the slice to be. All meat slicers slice nearly paper-thin meat. Thin to a thickness of between 0.2mm and 0.6mm per slice! Conversely, most slicers can produce bacon slices that are an inch wide! The owner’s manual will ensure that your meat slicer is adjusted correctly for the best pieces. 


A stainless-steel blade spinning at over 250 RPMs can undoubtedly cause damage to a finger. However, since van Berkel invented meat slicers, safety precautions have been taken. Always read the instructions first! Wear gloves resistant to cuts. When the blade is not in use, it should be secured. 

Unplug the unit if it is electric before cleaning it. Always ensure that the tamper and safety switches are correctly on and off. Society Insurance has authored a pdf on Meat Slicer Safety. This is provided for your information. 

The Comfort of Use 

Since the function of meat slicers is straightforward, their usability is likewise clear. Place the meat in the carriage and secure it. Enter the desired thickness value. Start the blade and then guide the meat or cheese through the blade. Have parchment paper on the opposite side to catch your tasty meats and cheeses. Pay attention and observe all safety regulations; everything will be effortless and delicious! 

Noise Levels 

Even the most potent motors in the Occam 13″ Blade-Gear Driven Automatic Slicer are incapable of producing enough noise to annoy anyone. This model has two engines of half horsepower! Consequently, if this beast is quiet, you can rest assured that your home will not be filled with the sound of blades grinding out of control. Due to cleaning, meat slicers generate noise. Maintaining cleanliness after each use will help reduce noise levels. If necessary, disassembling the meat slicer and cleaning the gears and belts will ensure the next trip down the meat slide goes smoothly. 

Precautions When Using a Meat Slicer 

This is crucial for your fingers and your well-being. Adhere to the safety instructions listed above. Focus your attention on your task. Do not allow family, friends, or alcohol to distract you. Maintain the same stance throughout the slicing process. Never stoop over the device. Always maintain proximity to the Off button and electrical outlet. 

Final Thoughts

Now that we have explained why and how meat slicers are so excellent, it is time for you to start slicing! It is very entertaining and pays for itself. Using a meat slicer to make sandwiches on your own will be worth the investment. A unique party will result from experimenting with foods such as shabu-shabu and Mongolian BBQ at home. Stay safe, content, and healthy, and always remember to slice thin to win! Visit Williams Food Equipment for additional products to enhance your home kitchen. 

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