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What Is The Best 4 Slice Toaster On The Market?

If you are in the market for a new toaster, then you may be wondering what the best 4 slice toaster on the market is. There are many different toasters to choose from, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best 4 slice toasters on the market and what makes them stand out from the competition. We will also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right toaster for your needs. 

Let’s get started! 

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What Is 4 Slice Toaster? 

A 4-slice toaster is a toaster that can toast four slices of bread at the same time. They are generally larger than the average 2 slice toaster and have more features, such as different levels of browning or a Bagel Mode which warms one side of the bread while toasting the other. Some also have a longer timer so you can set it and forget it, perfect for when you are busy in the morning. If you are looking for a toaster that can handle all your needs, a 4-slice toaster is a great option! 

How Does 4 Slice Toaster Work? 

There are a few different ways that a 4-slice toaster can work. The most common way is that the toaster has two slots on the top and two on the bottom. The bread is placed in the top slots, and when it is toasted, it pops up out of the toaster. The toaster then automatically lowers the bread into the bottom slots toasting it further, if necessary. 

Another way that a 4-slice toaster can work is with four separate heating elements. This means that each slice of bread can be heated evenly without one slice being hotter than the other. Finally, some 4 slice toasters have a conveyor belt system. The bread is placed on the conveyor belt, and then it moves through the toaster. This is the most even way to toast bread, but it can also be the slowest. 

How to use 4 Slice Toaster 

If you are looking for an effortless way to toast four pieces of bread at once, a 4-slice toaster is the answer. Here is how to use one: 

  1. Plug in your toaster and wait for it to heat up. The light will turn on when it is ready.
  2. Place your bread on the toasting slots. If your bread is too thick, you can cut it in half or use smaller pieces.
  3. Close the toaster lid and wait for the light to turn off. This means your toast is done!
  4. Remove your toast from the toaster and enjoy!

If you are not sure whether your bread is done, use the automatic toasting feature. This will automatically stop toasting your bread when it has been done. 

Tips on using 4 Slice Toaster 

4 Slice Toaster is a great option for those who have a large family or like to cook for guests often. It has four slots, which means you can cook multiple items at the same time. Here are some tips on how to use 4 Slice Toaster: 

  1. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using your 4 Slice Toaster. Each model may have different instructions.
  2. Always unplug your toaster when not in use.
  3. Be careful when removing items from the toaster – they may be hot!
  4. If you are cooking thick slices of bread, make sure to lower the setting to avoid burning them.
  5. Experiment with different types of bread and toppings to find what you like best.
  6. Keep a close eye on your toaster – it may cook quickly!
  7. Have fun with your 4 Slice Toaster and enjoy fresh, hot toast for breakfast every morning.

Benefits Of Using 4 Slice Toaster 

When it comes to toasters, there are a few different options on the market. But if you are looking for the best option out there, then you should definitely go with a 4-slice toaster. Here are just some of the benefits of using a 4 slice toaster: 

  • They are Faster: A 4 slice toaster can toast bread faster than a 2 or 3 slice toaster. This is because there are more slots, which means that more bread can be toasted at once.
  • They are More Efficient: A 4 slice toaster uses less energy than a 2 or 3 slice toaster. So, if you are looking for an eco-friendly option, then a 4-slice toaster is the way to go.
  • They are More Versatile: A 4 slice toaster can toast more types of bread than a 2 or 3 slice toaster. This means that you can use it for a wider range of purposes.

So, if you are looking for a powerful and efficient toaster, then a 4-slice toaster is definitely the way to go. 

10 Best 4 Slice Toaster Reviews

When it comes to toasters, there are a lot of different options to choose from. But if you are looking for the best 4-slice toasters, then you have come to the right place. 

Here are ten of the best 4 slice toasters on the market today: 

1. Best Overall: Cuisinart CPT-T40 4-Slice Touchscreen Toaster

Cuisinart CPT-640P1 4-Slice Custom Select Toaster, Stainless Steel


User reviews

Toasters aren’t what they used to be, BUT. This one deserves the good reviews for it’s toasting ability. Toasts both sides about the same and toasts the whole side which no other modern toaster I’ve had is able to do. It’s also decent looking, and feels more substantial than the cheap plastic toasters, so I’m pleased, but saddened by the decline in quality of most small appliances.
Consistent toasting with lots of heat choices. The old one died (a noble death), so we bought a new one. It toasts well and gives lots of heating options. Toasts 1 to 4 slices. A smidge more width for wider bread would be make this shiny trinket perfect.
Nice looking with many options for toastng. The only problem with this toaster is that it does not toast each side of the slice of bread. No matter which slot using single slice or not, it only toast the left side of the bread. It looks like the heating wires on the right side of each toe slot to not heat up the same as the others.
Great. Love this toaster. Easy and accurate. You get the toast you want every time
Never really worked right, and now barely works at all. I just looked at the date we bought this, it was about 15 months ago. Within the first few weeks, we realize the so-called single-slice function didn’t work. I contacted Cuisinart, and they asked me for a serial number. With ill health in the family, things got too busy, and I never got the toaster and looked for the serial number. We managed to use it without the single-slice function, but then we noticed that the far-right slot always toasted only one side. So if we had to use that slot, we had to be sure to pop up the toast and turn it about half way through. Pretty soon, we noticed both of the right hand side slots didnt toast evenly; both toasted on only one side. So we started using only the slots on the left. That worked for a while, and then that started also toasting only one side. So we started flipping the bread halfway through on that side, as well. We now are unable to calculate what will happen, so we generally have bread toasted on only one side and haven’t figured out how to circumvent this. It appears that at least one coil on each side of the toaster doesn’t heat. Should a toaster work that badly that quickly? I should have tried to find the serial number and gotten an exchange while I could have. But life gets hectic sometimes.I remember my grandmother had an old G.E. toaster that she had had for several years when I was visiting her. No problem ever with that thing. It was heavy and bulky and solid. She had it and used for 35 more years after that. Just because Cuisinart seemed to have a good reputation, I thought this looked like an idea toaster with lots of settings and functions, toasting 1 side only or both sides, 4 slots, etc. Very disappointing and a waste of money. It’s a year later, so maybe it has been improved. But too late for us. Ours will have to be junked. Even the Salvation Army won’t want it.What makes it worse is that Cuisinart makes it costly and difficult to use the 3 year warranty. When I called a year ago, I would have had to ship them the toaster at my own expense and make sure it would get there, meaning insuring it. Then it would have cost me out of pocket $10 for them to send me a repaired or new toaster. I’m guessing that would have cost ME almost $20, plus I would have had no toaster at all for that period of time. That is about the worst deal I’ve heard in many years when it comes to customer service. Considering my time as well as money, I’m better off to just buy a different brand toaster and to avoid Cuisinart products. The warranty is virtually useless.
Toaster. It was more than I was thinking it would be one of the best toasters I’ve ever had the privilege of using
Its true its not a great toaster. Well a lot of the bad reviews about bread being burnt may not be due to the toaster. The bread that I can buy from a supermarket is of variable quality. It will sometimes be dried out or full of moisture common sense tells they will require different times. Another quirk of today’s bread is how much sugar or other chemicals are in the bread that might cause it to burn instead of brown. This toaster leads all I have used in my 60 years of toasting bread for toasting failsSo if the bread is of variable quality how can a dumb machine achieve consistent cooking. Maybe it can’t. To my mind it should be adjustable for the high and low moisure, variable suguar, of modern sucky bread that can be purchased anywhere in the USA which is where this machine was purchased, and used. I cannot adjust this box low enough to prevent burning. I cannot stop the cycle with the eject button which failed after a short period of time. So I have to push the bread lower lever up to stop its magnetic hold on my smoking bread. So one would think once you have a loaf dialed in and get a perfect slice you are home free. Not so it is so irregular. My current loaf that went from dry to wet now burns at the first increment. Other loafs burnt at total left stop position. So its a hot fast toaster but is not automatic and must be baby sat to get consistent results. As like most small products it will cost more to return. The manufacturer is safe for warranty claims. One thought did occur to me as this is an outsourced product. Possibly Cusinart are getting ripped off by out of spec parts being included in their products while off brand from the same line get the proper stuff. Reading toaster reviews which I did before my purchase problems are abundant for all brands. So in summary, variable bread quality, machine designed to toast fast, limited variability to heat or time adjustment so you burn a lot of bread. I have seen a triangle that sits on the gas stove burner, makes 2 slices. Total manual. I’m next to it cooking eggs so why not? If I screw it up it’s my fault. Thats progress.
Funciona perfecto para Bagles
It is quick to toast and easy setting
One side of bread is not toastingNew toaster
Esta muy padre
Makes great toast not dry

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In our lab tests, the CPT-T40 4-Slice Touchscreen Toaster outperformed the competition, especially considering its price. Touchscreen controls on the front and six shade settings provide precise control. Features include bagel, defrost, single-slice toasting, a +30 second option, and a cancel button that stop the toasting immediately.  

A separate pair of levers control each pair of toast slots, making it simple to toast one side lighter and the other side darker simultaneously. The display of this toaster enters standby mode when it is not in use and activates at the touch of an icon, ready to assist with breakfast tasks.  

The usefulness of this toaster’s various features and the quality of its bagel toasting earned it praise from our laboratory testers. On medium and high settings, bread is toasted to a nice golden brown, with the highest setting producing evenly dark bread without being burned.   

The testers had to help thick bagels into the slots manually, but even at the highest setting, the bagels emerged with a golden-brown cut side and a soft crust. The removable crumb tray facilitates cleaning, but our testers observed that the easy-to-clean exterior tended to collect fingerprints. 

Key Features 
  • Full touchpad controls 
  • 6 shade settings 
  • Bagel, Single Slice, Defrost and Cancel functions 
  • QuickView™ feature to check progress during toasting process 
  • Extra wide 1 ½” toast slots with high-lift lever 
  • Removable crumb tray(s) 
  • Touchscreen controls
  • High-lift lever and "+30 seconds" feature
  • Single piece feature
  • Bagels are a tight fit

2. Runner-Up: BUYDEEM DT640 4-Slice Toaster

BUYDEEM DT640 4-Slice Toaster, Extra Wide Slots, Retro Stainless Steel with High Lift Lever, Bagel and Muffin Function, Removal Crumb Tray, 7-Shade Settings (Cozy Greenish)


User reviews

A Very Good Toaster That Is Very Lightweight for Some. UPDATE #3: This toaster is now available in Stainless Steel. Much better choice than the icky green. My opinion though. Icky green may go well in some kitchens and may not be icky to those buyers. However, that is not the reason for my update. A couple years later plus a few months: this toaster is still going strong. For a measly $50 this toaster simply can’t be beat. I own a $330.00 toaster that is hand made in England that has been around for many, many years and this toaster beats it in just about every way possible—as far as how the toast, bagels, etc. come out. The Dualit has many features that the Buydeem does not and if I am not mistaken no other toaster made anywhere has such as a stay-warm feature. That’s all and good but for the life of me I can’t get it to toast evenly bread evenly. And for $334.00 plus tax it should do everything as advertised. In addition to that, I also own another toaster that costs $539.00 plus tax and it’s not even worth the cost of the stainless steel used in the construction of the toaster. As earlier stated, this is one Chinese-made toaster from a real Chinese company that builds a better toaster than any other company making toasters in today’s market. You simply can’t go wrong. Of course, it’s possible that got a one-off toaster and yours might be bad and will not work, but I doubt it.UPDATE #2: I want to let the Amazon public know what I have faced with the Buydeem Company since writing my initial review and Update #1. After writing my initial review, I received a note from Buydeem to explain to them how I burned my finger because they thought it was impossible to to so. They asked that I CHANGE my review to reflect this. After re-reading my review, I realized I did not write a fair review and did not give them a fair rating of the toaster. Since the toaster’s tipping forward and dropping toward the floor and in trying to catch it I burned my finger was my fault in having it at the edge of the counter, I decided to explain it in the update and I changed my rating to a 5-star. As I stated both in the update and in the initial review, this is a GREAT toaster; in fact, I have yet to find a toast that does everything one could want from a toaster as well as toasting bread perfectly—fully browned top to bottom and left to right—except for the one that is handmade in England and sells for six (6) times the price of this toaster.Then, after making the change, I received another notice from Buydeem begging me to change my review as they had dropped from a 100 percent rating to 88 percent due to MY single rating. I wrote them back saying that I had already done so and asked them why they hadn’t bothered to look before they wrote me.Then, they wrote me back immediately asking me to add pictures or better still a video of me, I presume of my making toast so show how good the toaster is.I am telling the Amazon buying public this because I feel that this type of conduct by a seller, manufacturer, or vendor is pandering to an almost illegal degree. And I feel certain that it would be against Amazon’s rules that any of these companies/people are allowed to do. So beware, if you purchase this very fine toaster and don’t give it a 5-star review, you may be facing a, shall we call it ‘a comeback’ from Buydeem to fix your review and change it to a 5-star so they can keep their rating at 100 percent. They may or may not do this, but from my experience, they will.UPDATE:First, I want to add that when my review was posted, Buydeem wrote to me to review with me what I said below. First, they sent me a copy of the UL Certificate they received showing that the toaster is UL rated and indeed it is. So that issue has now been cleared up.Second, the fact that they contacted me shows they care about their product. Never has any product owner or manufacturer taken the time to reflect on what I said in a review which, to me, shows they are passionate about the products they make. So, I want to make another item in my review very clear. When I said that when I pushed both plungers (lift levers are what they are really called I know now) down to lower the bread into the toaster to be toasted, and the machine tilted forward and on one occasion burned my hand, this was a one off situation. I actually had the toaster at the edge of the counter because, as I said, it wobbled. It wobbled because a foot had come off during shipment and before I realized it and replaced it (it was in the box) I was trying to find out why my counter was so uneven. So, I moved it toward the front edge of the countertop and then tried pushing both lift levers down. Being a strong man, pushed too hard, the toaster flipped forward, fell off the counter, I tried to catch it and because I had just toasted four pieces of toast just before this, the toaster was already hot, when I caught it from falling to the floor, my fingers touched the hot part of the toaster, the chrome edge around the burners which on any toaster are always hot. My point was that if it tilts forward, and IF you accidentally touch that area of the toaster one could get burned. The toaster itself, the green body of the toaster, is very cool to the touch.I advised the person who contacted me that were the toaster a little heavier such as making it on a die-cast chassis, this would prevent this very light toaster from tipping forward when the lift levers are pressed downward too hard or lifted up too hard it would prevent the toaster from tilting backwards.Since I wrote that initial review, I have since learned to not push so hard on the lift levers and as a result the toaster remains on all four feet and, therefore, remains firmly on the countertop. For this reason, I am changing the rating to a 5-star. As I earlier said, other than the King of Toaster, the Dualit family of toaster, this is the first toaster that toasts bread very quickly and leaves it crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. That is the way a good piece of toast should be. And it toasts all the bread evenly from end to end, top to bottom, side to side. This is, for the price, a marvelous toaster. Other than the Dualit, the best toaster I have ever had that is sold on the US market. I hope that clarifies this my earlier review.Not very often do I alter a review, but this toaster really makes the grade A and deserves a 5-star rating._________________________________________________________________________________________________I know you are going to ask how I could give this toaster a 4-star rating when it’s easy to use, has great value for the money and it’s a great style, I’ll explain. This toaster is a very, very good toaster when it comes to toasting. I don’t know of another toaster that does its job more quickly than this toaster. And, it does it very well. The browning is very even from top to bottom and right to left. In that vein, I have no complaints.However, Amazon does, in its description, mislead us. It states that the weight is 8+ pounds. With no knowledge of the brand except for the good reviews it had, I decided to purchase it along with the fact it was heftier than most non-die-cast toasters such as the Breville models which I have been used to. But the Buydeem weighs in at 4.13 pounds, just a little too light to be valuable as a toaster, especially if children are using it. This toaster does get hot.When I lifted the risers to remove the pieces of bread after they were toasted, the toaster flipped up off the front feet. Worse, when I pushed both risers down to start all four slots toasting, the toaster flipped downward to the counter. In either case, had the toaster been used over and over again, I could have burned my hand. This, for a child, could be—I will say it again—could be a danger. For this reason alone, I am returning the toaster for a model with good reviews that will not flip up or down.It seems to me that a toaster that not only is made in China but is from an actual Chinese company would have weighted it down a little more for safety reasons. I did not see any UL Certification but it may have been..
Classy, good price, excellent function. Is it possible… can a toaster be… this sexy? Yes. Absolutely yes.This sexy toaster fit right in my farmhouse style kitchen with it’s cool mint green color and retro vibes.I have made toast with it and a toasted sandwich with cream cheese and thin sliced turkey – it was delicious! This toaster pops so quiet I missed it, twice!!! My toast was cold, but then I noticed this amazing thing also has a REHEAT button!!! So no worries if you miss that pop sound. Your roommates won’t even hear you make toast in the night….Pros: Four slots and they are the wide and long type meaning those fancier breads fit without squishing the sides of your slice. It has a bagel setting, as well as that nifty reheat button so your toast doesn’t get burnt or overly crispy if you aren’t hovering over it and miss it pop up and have to retoast it. The LED lights around the buttons are kind of cool too. It is fairly easy to clean, just dump the tray, so no worries about crumbs or bits of bread burning in the bottom and ruining the perfect taste of your slice. The knobs have a neat texture and are adjustable so you can time it just right for Pop Tarts (2), toast (3.5) or toasted sandwich bread (4). And who really goes past 4 anyways? I mean, the setting is there so you can, but let’s face it if you are setting your toast past 4 on the dial you probably should seek out some sort of therapy. If you are using 7 (and it does go up to 7) then mayne you should go to your room and start considering why you hate toast and what it has ever done to you to warrant that.Cons: My husband is a little jealous of how much I love this toaster, and has been asking me if it is better than him. What could I say? I mean it makes TOAST, all he makes is methane gas so… Maybe consider ordering a couples therapy workbook to go with this toaster when purchasing.PS. NO, I am not receiving any promotional consideration for my review of this beautiful toaster I just really, really love it! If you think that makes me weird… then you probably just haven’t found the right toaster for you yet. Don’t worry, it will happen… especially if you buy this one.
Great product and customer service. Awesome product and excellent, responsive and prompt customer service! Love the joining of “old” and “new” in the design of this toaster which makes an impressive statement on my kitchen counter!
Super cute, basic & functional toaster. I love the sleek/vintage look of this toaster (& that it is yellow!) I was looking for something I could leave on my counter to free up cupboard space and this is perfect. The features on this toaster fit my needs (basic settings like toast, bagel, defrost, reheat – love this option!)At first I didn’t think there was a crumb tray to remove, which was a bit of a bummer – but did eventually find it in the back by where the cord comes out!I took a star off because this toaster STINKS right out of the box. Very chemically/plasticy. I put it on the highest setting, opened windows, & kept running the toaster…probably about a dozen times to burn off those fumes and feel a little better about putting my food in it… realistically we’re all screwed with ingesting chemicals and what not on a daily basis so it is what it is….long story short – I am happy with the toaster!The only reason
Great toaster. I am so impressed with the performance of this toaster. It toasts evenly and has many functions that the higher end toasters have. I got the yellow and love the color. Has a kind of retro look to it, which makes it fun and interesting. Really a great toaster and a great value for the money.
Best toaster ever@. I love this toaster. Color is perfect in my kitchen. And it evenly toasts bread, bagels and English muffins. Haven’t found anything that does not fit in this toaster.
Bright, Cheerful, Effective. Attractive enough to sit on countertop 24/7. And it works well, performing the functions described.
Stylish Toaster. I like this product so much because it’s perfect for our family of 3, it’s very easy to use and clean as well and you get the stylish color that I love.
Very well made and very happy with the toaster
Sinceramente me animé por el precio y ahora que ya han pasado 2 meses no me arrepiento, funciona muy bien y no le pide nada a los que son de marcas reconocidas y por ende más caros.
I love this toaster, love the retro look and the yellow is so pretty.Purchased this toaster just before Christmas and it worked great until last week. One side would not toast. I contacted the seller through Amazon and once I was able to take video of issue I had a new toaster within a few days. Rika was excellent to deal with. Great customer service. I do hope my new toaster lasts a lot longer
The product looks great but lacks the basic function of a toaster. Maybe I got a bad one, needs to put up too high a number to even toast. One side is toasted the other is not.UpdateAfter reaching out to the manufacturer they quickly sent me a new toaster that works well.
Toast is just right. Easy to use and looks great.

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Most toasters resemble a sleek black or silver box. Some may be constructed from superior materials or have a more elegant appearance, but few have a distinguishing feature. This prompted our testers to seek out some design-forward four-slice toasters, such as Buydeem’s retro-style, curved toaster.  

The Buydeem has all the characteristics of a 21st-century toaster, despite resembling a midcentury modern appliance. There are bagel/muffin, reheat, and defrost settings, in addition to seven color settings. The two sides are controlled independently, and there is a high-lift lever for smaller items. The toaster consistently toasted bagels and bread to a golden brown on the medium setting, while the high setting produced toast that was highly browned but still edible.  

The exterior is easy to clean, and the 40-inch cord is concealed, allowing you to keep this statement piece on your counter after use. 

Key Features 
  • Bagel & Muffin Expert – True bagel toasting function, heats up both sides of the bagel initially, then only toast the cutting side of the bagel. Enjoy your crispy cutting side bagel! 
  • Extra Wide Slots – 4 wide (1.4”) slots with self-centering guides, perfect for different kinds of slices. 
  • 7 Toast Shade Settings – 7 browning controls for 5 basic functions with LED indicators. Satisfies all your daily toasting needs. 
  • 4 Slice Dual Independent Control Panels – Less time, more choices; solid high lift lever, fulfill different tastes at the same time. Enjoy your morning with the ultimate breakfast. 
  • Save your Space – With its compact and retro design, this stylish toaster can save space on your countertop, cord storage on the bottom to neatly store away your toaster. 
  • Consistent performance
  • Available in mint green and pale yellow
  • Lightweight
  • Highest setting runs hot

3. Best High-End: Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch 4-Slice Toaster

Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch Toaster 4 Slice with Extra Wide 1.5" Slots for Bagels, 7 Toast Settings, Even Toasting, Reheat, Cancel, Defrost, Black


User reviews

Finally! A toaster that toasts both sides evenly. I approached this rather expensive toaster with some hesitation. I’d had a Hamilton Beach for a decade that gradually failed to toast one side adequately, and then one day quit altogether, unless I was willing to hold the handle down through the entire toasting process. I read hundreds of reviews of other toasters, and so many shared my big complaint: One side browns, the other doesn’t. Or, if you like your toast toasted, one side toasted and the other burnt. Ugh.I figured that if it took some more coin to find a toaster that consistently browned both sides as the setting indicated, it was cheaper over the long run that experimenting with a bunch of $20 disappointments. And in the comments I’d found online about this one, it toasts both sides about the same.Amazon had the best price, and Amazon always makes shopping easy. So, I plunked down the dough and went for it. And it’s been soooo satisfying!My toast is beautifully, evenly browned with no burnt edges, no squishy places, just terrifically reliable toasting. It works great for English muffins too. It gives great chewy with crunch there.The toaster itself is beautiful. Understated, it blends in and compliments the rest of the kitchen like a nice piece of jewelry with a LBD. It’s easy to clean, and the drawer type crumb tray doesn’t flop open and deposit your crumbs across the counter or floor like the hinged types. It doesn’t make that loud heart attack pop noise when the toast is up, so you need to glance at it occasionally while making the rest of your breakfast. It keeps your toast well until you’re ready to grab it. The extra long cord is a nice feature, too; sometimes, counter space is iffy; and some toasters offer cords so short it’s difficult to get them out from under upper cabinets. This one offers lots of range for movement.It’s solid and distinctively beautiful. And long after I’ve forgotten what I paid for something, I live with how well it works in my life. Do I love it? Does it work for me? Does it make my life a little easier, a little better?Yep. It’s just a toaster. But it does the job with real excellence.
Finally a Great Toaster. After buying and returning THREE different brand toasters, this one finally toasts evenly. The 3 others were purchased based upon reviews. Not one toasted evenly; the coils did not light up evenly. This ZWILLING long slot toaster is heavy, toasts evenly at all settings and cleans easily. It’s German engineered, although constructed in China. It has 1710 watts. The bagel, defrost and warm pre-sets are easy to use. The cord is not lengthy but is substantial and has 3-prongs. The lift can be raised a bit more after automatically popping up when finished to allow easy retrieval of perfect toast. The crumb tray is discreet and empties and cleans easily. Various sized breads can be toasted easily. The outside becomes warm but not hot. So glad we made the extra purchase of the warming rack. The toaster was well packed in it’s own box which was then well-padded and packed in a heavyweight box for shipping, so no chance of it being damaged during transport. We’re very pleased with this toaster. This company and product deserves 5 stars!
Toast’s perfectly and quickly. Zwilling makes such great products and this toaster is no exception. I love that it has a setting so you can toast only one side, like for a bagel. It’s great looking and cleans easily with the slide-out crumb tray. I’m very happy with my toaster.
Works Well With Some Important Caveats. I never thought I would spend so much on a toaster, but after going through several others that didn’t make the cut I decided to spend a bit more and get something that might last longer and do a better job. This is a very nice looking appliance (important if you intend to keep it on the counter all the time). It’s very easy to clean. I like the way each pair of toaster slots can work independently of the other. It works well with slices of bread It toasts evenly and the settings work as intended. It does not toast things like English muffins or bagels thoroughly enough to make them crispy even when turned to the highest setting and using the bagel mode. It also takes awhile compared to others I have used.
Don’t waste your money. This toaster is a classic example of price doesn’t dictate quality. The toaster performs much worse than a $40 or less toaster. Big design flaw by the company by not placing the power cord from the rear of the unit or even the side. No, they decide to run it out right underneath the controls in the front. Can’t figure that one out. as far as performance, absolutely terrible never have gotten and evenly piece of toast from either side using one slice two slice three slice or four slice . Just does not toast evenly period . don’t be misled, don’t purchase, don’t be the fool I was.
The BMW M-Series of toasters. Like most of you, I’ve spent my entire existence on this planet with a typical toaster. What in the world would make this toaster worth the money vs the $25 model from Target? Capacity and precision, my friend. Rather than go with the 4-slot standard, I bought this 2-slot elongated because it can do two or four slices of standard bread, and two slices of breads like a round sourdough.But the biggest difference you’ll notice is the output quality. Regardless of what kind of bread you put in, the browning is almost perfectly even across the slice. If you put bagels or buns in it with the bagel mode, one side browns evenly and the other is almost cool to the touch. I can’t comment on the longevity of it, as I’ve only had it a few weeks, but it really is a noticeable difference in quality.
Great beautiful toaster. This is our first high end toaster, we previously had multiple two slot budget toaster like Hamilton Beach etc.This is definitely worth the money! We love the long two slots that fit 4 slices or our homemade longer slices of bread. Bagels and frozen waffles also fit great! It’s easy to use and for the first time we are actually using the different modes (defrost, warm, bagel). Eggo waffles are a staple in our house and this toasts them perfectly, with our old toaster we always had to to toast twice. The toaster looks beautiful, it’s a black metal exterior that will get pretty warm (just like any toaster) and it works well in our modern, simple kitchen.
Great toaster
Gift to match same brand of kettle
We got this toaster for our lake house. Its sturdy, toasts really well and easy to clean. Only downside is its a bit large. We put it under the counter when not in use as it takes up a lot of counter space for what it is.
As Advertised.
Got this toaster about 2years ago, to the great dismay of my wife who thought I had grossly overpaid…At first I was very happy, it’s a very nice looking piece of hardware, and more importantly it toasts very well.I remember thinking bread tasted like “camping toasts” after a cycle (which is high praise from me).About 2 years in, the top part (made out of plastic), started cracking, at first on one side (per picture attached), then in a similar corner on the other side. I contacted Zwilling’s warranty group (they advertise a 5 year warranty), only to be told I had to return it to a Zwilling store (closest one was a 7hr drive…) or ship the unit at my expense to be repaired. All things considered, terrible options…So in the end my wife was correct, I horribly overpaid and was lured by a worthless warranty claim. Shame on me, and I am going to stick to brands that stand by their products going forward.

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Zwilling is known for its sleek design and high-quality appliances, and its four-slice toaster did not disappoint our testers. It has seven browning settings and defrosts, reheat, and bagel functions, all visible on LED-lit controls. You can choose between a soft lift and a high lift when the bread is done.  

The slots are designed to position each bread slice for uniform browning, and our testers found that this feature performed admirably. No matter the setting or type of bread, this toaster browned everything perfectly and uniformly.   

The testers noted that it provided the most excellent coverage of toastiness, with no untoasted bread found at the bread’s perimeter. When they dropped in bagels, the wide slots accommodated them perfectly, with the highest setting maintaining a soft crust and a dark, but not burnt, interior. Our testers concluded that this toaster’s contemporary design would complement any countertop.  

The accessories included in Zwilling’s Enfinigy line are a bonus; there are separate pieces for toasting sandwiches and warming buns. 

Key Features 
  • COOL TOUCH: Stay-cool exterior remains cool to the touch 
  • PRECISE TOASTING: This 4-slice toaster features 7 browning control settings. 
  • EVEN TOASTING: This black toaster features bread slice centering 
  • EASY TO USE: Built-in slot lift and extra-lift to ensure gentle raising of toast and easy retrieval. 
  • FAST CLEAN UP: Removable crumb tray. 
  • CUSTOM SETTINGS: 3 pre-set custom programs: defrost, reheat, and bagel. 
  • WON’T BURN TOAST: Safety function with automatic shut-off prevents burnt toast. 
  • Sleek design
  • Consistent performance
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Pricey

4. Best Budget: Oster TSSTTR6330-NP 4-Slice Long-Slot Toaster

Oster Long Slot 4-Slice Toaster, Stainless Steel (TSSTTR6330-NP)


User reviews

Oster Long Slot Toaster – Perfect. This toaster worked perfectly from the day we received it. Holds 4 slices of bread perfectly. Love the style which goes perfect in our kitchen with our other stainless appliances.
Uneven toasting. Update, Jan 2022:I didn’t end up sending this toaster back because I couldn’t face the thought of more research and trial-and-error with buying a new one, and I’m glad I kept it.I take back my complaints about uneven toasting. It took another few weeks, but the toaster did, in fact, “settle down” and begin toasting evenly, and I’m 100% happy with it, so if you want a long-slice/4-slice toaster and are willing to be a little patient, I’d unequivocally recommend this one.Original review, from ~April 2021:My primary problem was toasting bagels. First off, it’s supposed to only toast the cut side if you use the bagel setting (according to customer service), but both sets of elements heat up. That’s not a big deal for me, but it’s the first red flag that the toaster doesn’t work as intended.The BIG problem, though, is that it toasts unevenly along the length of the slot. The edge of the bagel that is toward the middle gets burned, while the edge that is toward the end is under-toasted. I have scraped SO MANY burnt bagel edges over the sink in the last two weeks, y’all would not believe….I gave it a couple of weeks, but despite the experiences of some other commenters, it didn’t “settle down” and toast properly for me, so back to Amazon it goes and I have to start the search for a reliable long-slot toaster all over again.
Toasts decently but not really evenly. I read a LOT of reviews on this toaster and other long slot toasters before purchasing. One thing that stood out across all the reviews was that every product at every price point got mediocre reviews. Generally people commented that their toaster toasted unevenly. I figured why buy a $100 toaster that got the same kind of complaints as the $50 one. So I purchased this one. In general its a fine product. I like long slot toasters so I can fit irregular lengths of homemade bread in, and this one suits that purpose. It has all your basic buttons on the side, but really all i’m ever going to use is the cancel button so the others aren’t important to me. The outside stays fairly cool during the cook cycle, however after multiple cook cycles back to back it does get pretty warm. But how does it toast? Its ok. I’ve long ago given up on a toaster cooking evenly so I now use two shorter cycles and rotate the bread in-between cycles for even toasting. This method does produce good results. But if you use only the one cycle to toast then you’ll find some areas that cook more than others and you may be disappointed. It seem manufactures just cannot make a decent toaster that cooks evenly anymore.In summary: looks good, stays cool on the exterior, has all your basic toaster buttons, has a high lift feature and toasts decently but not really evenly.
Best Toaster Ever. This is the second time I have purchased this Oster toaster. The first one lasted several years, maybe 10. The slender design makes it easy to leave on the counter. My favorite feature is the long and wide toasting slots for use with round loaf bread, larger, or thicker slices of bread. Great for bagels too!
Perfect. This is the best toaster I have ever owned! Love the retro look. Made perfect toast right away and I didn’t have to keep adjusting the settings to get it right. Makes it fast too! Toasted the bread even and perfect. Looks great in my kitchen. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Got from Amazon warehouse. It was obviously never used or even opened. Great price! Still had the plastic smell til washed as directed. Love it and would highly recommend. Fast shipping too.
Nice but with flaws. Good quality and features. Love the appearance and long slots. But it does not toast evenly or consistently and that is what you buy a toaster for. Don’t hate it…don’t love it.
The best longline toaster, period. This toaster is the best you can get without going for a commercial model. I love it so much that it’s earned a spot on my counter, which means a lot, because that space is at a premium.It features two extra-long slots, which means you can toast things like a sliced half-baguette, hot dog buns, homemade bread, and other larger-than-sandwich-bread items. The slots are wide enough to support bagels and thicker breads, as well. Whatever you’re toasting will be neatly clasped by the toaster so things don’t fall through and burn.The crumb-catcher removes and cleans easily.
Muy buen producto
Great toaster. Can toast long slices like miches, round pumpernicles and sourdoughs, German & Scandinavian rye loaves, as well as wide bread like bagels, soft pretzels, kaisers and cheese buns!Setting 4.5 is perfect for raisin bread toast. Haven’t tried yet with rye bread but will update when we do.The only thing I don’t like is that the cord is located badly with respect to where our wall plug is. It’s on the right hand back corner. Would be better if it was on the back in the middle. Otherwise the cord can end up up against the hot body of the toaster. 🙁
Es funcional y cumple con todo
This stainless looking toaster fits in so nice with my other appliances. I have been looking for a long-slot toaster for some time now and some were just straight up garbage and burnt my toasts sometimes.The long slots allow me to toast longer foods which I like a lot.
Advertised with Bagel feature but still toasts on both sidesAny bagel efficiado knows you don’t toast on both sidesPossible an American made item,therefore I guess I understand why!In Montréal the world capital of Bagels 🥯We toast 1 sideAs a toaster a good overall machineVery disappointed

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You can make delicious toasted food with the Oster Stainless Steel 4-Slice Toaster. This toaster, made of stainless steel, will resist wear and tear despite frequent use. It has an anti-jam feature that prevents food from burning if it becomes stuck. It has an automatic safety shut-off feature that will turn off if something gets stuck inside.   

This toaster has bread guides that automatically adjust to produce evenly browned items. It has a removable crumb tray, making it simple to clean the toaster. This toaster has extra-long slots that accommodate all sizes of bread.   

It features an easy-to-clean design, allowing you to maintain a clean kitchen. This toaster has two slots, making it suitable for couples and individuals. It has a cancel button that will end the toasting process manually.   

The bagel function toasts the cut side of the bagel to perfection while warming the round side. It has a defrost function that automatically adjusts the toasting time for frozen items. It has a keep warm function that will keep your food warm until you are ready to consume it. It is ideal for bagel toasting. It has seven color settings to accommodate your preferences. 

Key Features 
  • 4-slice stainless steel toaster with extra-long slots accommodates a variety of breads 
  • Dual auto-adjusting bread guides adjust to bread thickness for even toasting 
  • Advanced Toasting Technology ensures consistent results time after time 
  • 7 toast shade settings from light to dark to customize toast’s crispness and darkness 
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe crumb tray for easy cleaning 
  • Four-slice capacity makes it perfect for families
  • Stainless steel build gives your kitchen a sophisticated feel
  • Extra-long slots can accommodate food of all sizes
  • Stainless steel build requires more cleaning
  • Four-slice capacity may produce uneven toasting
  • Two slots are usually made with one browning control button

5. Best Splurge: Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster

Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster, Stainless Steel


User reviews

Breville BTA840XL-Smart4Slice- A toast 2the Appliance Maker. **** SO IT’S BEEN 3 YEARS FROM (October 2010 PURCHASE NOW); HERE IS THE ANOTHER OR (a 2nd) UPDATE ON THIS SMALL APPLIANCE**** ******** THE 2ND SECTION AT VERY BOTTOM BEGINS THE OCT. 2011, UPDATE ********* ******** THE 3rd SECTION AT VERY BOTTOM BEGINS THE OCT. 2013, UPDATE *********Toaster Review:Breville BTA840XL- Smart Toaster4Slice… Two words…”GET ONE”A bit more..,/length of ownership (LOO); new out of the box however Operation SUCCESS!In this family household…the toaster is used fairly often.If you get one & it happens to have a legitimate manufacturing flaw >return it & GET ANOTHER ONE.This toaster…is very solid..(my counter-top doesn’t care if it’s to heavy). Whatever functions used so far preform flawlessly.., and my toast comes out….well.. like toast. Based on whatever usage thus far… we believe the bagel/def. features will more than likely preform to some degree- once used. Either way..,if in the market to replace a old/broken toaster.., & even more important..if someone’s the type that remembers that manufactures skimp at every turn (when designing & assembling what they now might refer to as “throw away items”.., you might squander all your reserves buying a new toaster every other year..;hence the few extra bucks for this thing is absolutely more than worth every penny. After researching toasters, no other device has similar features. Moreover, what generally sells me is value.For lack of a better thought, it’s as though a robot is preparing your toast & how cool is that? Hats off to the Brev Brand. —– ************************** U P D A T E **************************10/2011 Update; “LOO” 1YrNo issues thus far, all features you read about in the Breville ADV. ..satisfy us to a T, Not to mention-..typical english muffins done in 1 cycle. Makes a great evenly toasted breads…as well. We figure we use it as most would- for various breakfast/snack/frozen/bread items.Everyone’s happy with the look/feel/operation.My wife states the crumb trays are a Breeze & onceINaWhile gently shakes it upside down to release any slightly larger residue that may not make it to the trays. As for The Brev Brand, well it’s a definite pleasure to use an appliance that’s much less likely actually “come apart” at the touch of ones hand. Very Solid, Fairly Quick..Plenty of Element Heat..but unit stays generally cool to the touch. If one is the type to splurge (when affordable to) on a purchase…this is one of those times to do so.After some initial various review searching- no surprise that all toaster brands can have issues , pro/cons etc & it seems there is still 3ways to price a toaster on average., $30. ,$90. & 150.+ or so..& there may be descent mid-priced toasters on the market. That being noted, if one appreciates very well made, innovative appliance’s/items…this toaster is a real winner & absolutely Worth`the Whirl!We’ll see if our $200. toaster holds up moving forward & over nxt couple Y’s.It’s a Five-Star`er —- “for now.”************************** 2nd U P D A T E ************************** 10/2013 “LOO” 3YrSo far at 3 full years…., the appliance acts as it did when new. Just the Pro’s and still no Cons. Superb wattage/heating power…preforms flawlessly on whatever we throw at it. We especially love the little “ding” when the cycle finishes. We will see how this thing holds up thru it’s 5Yr Anniversary. lol – And will update again at 5Yrs or if it craps out… ( whichever comes first ). Bottom Line, yes, still recommend this appliance. Even if it does break down soon, being that we see & use the appliance at least 3-5 days a week- would much rather own it again over the tinny / cheaply made alternatives.Update as of;October 27, 2017.No issues with the toaster. Works as it did the day we took it out of the box. If it retires itself would purchase another of the same. Cheers.
This was going to be a negative review but, WOW, you can’t fault performance features. First off our 4 slice toaster of over 20 years passed last Friday; one of the toasting elements stopped working. Out of grief, I began my search, unbeknownst by my wife, for a suitable replacement on Amazon. After reading the reviews, it was clear this expensive toaster was destined to be our replacement for the next 20 years.I announced my choice and what I had ordered to my wife on Saturday just after placing the order… I got an earful for spending so much money on a “frigging” toaster…. I assured her that there was only one better that I could identify and that was selling for over $300 and it didn’t have perfect reviews either but both we considered well built and worth every cent; I mean, hey, spread that cost over 20 years right?Well, the toaster arrived this Monday and I didn’t have time to unpack it till, yesterday, Tuesday. I read the manual for the toaster and did what it suggested; burning it in at full darkness setting on both sides of the toaster without and bread in the slots. I was impressed how the toaster gently lowered the bread elevators and how the holders moved toward center to hold a piece of bread vertical. I was, also, impressed how the LED’s flashed and went out in sequence while the toasting cycle was being completed. When finished, the toasting elevators rose and the toaster beeped the completion of the cycle. Any techno geek would be impressed. I did notice a slight bit of smoke as the toaster burned off oil that had been left in the unit during manufacturing. DO NOT FORGET TO RUN THE TOASTER WITHOUT “BURNING IT IN” FIRST AS DIRECTED BY YOUR USER MANUAL.Well, this morning, Wednesday, was the big day! I plugged the toaster in, put two pieces of bread in, set the browning level to the recommended 3.5 browning level and hit the toast button. Once again, the toasting carriages gently, quietly, lowered and the toasting process began with LED’s flashing and the Lift and Look button illuminated along with the adjacent red Toasting button. I watched as the LED’s slowly went out as the toasting cycle was completed and when it was time for the toasting carriages to rise… well…. NOTHING! All I heard was a “clicking” for about 30 seconds and then every single button on both sides of the toaster lit up like a Christmas Tree and kept on flashing! You wouldn’t believe my ….ummmm … surprise and the greeting my wife gave me. What a wonderful way to start the day!The very first thing I did was attempt to contact Breville Customer Support but phone but they wouldn’t be open until 8 AM Pacific Time so, I filled out a form on their support web site and sent it in. The second thing I did was contact Amazon and requested a replacement and return of this, obviously, expensive defective toaster; no problem, Amazon responded like a champ and a replacement was being prepared and UPS would be picking this “dog” up tomorrow. The world was becoming a kinder and gentler place to live in although I was still concerned about Breville quality and the replacement being sent.Two hours ago, my phone rang; it was Breville Customer Support; I told them what happened. The first thing the Customer Support Rep asked me was “Did you have the toaster plugged into a GFI’d protected circuit (you know those you typically find in a kitchen or, in our case, throughout our home)? Well, yes, I told her…. she said OK, do me a favor plug the toaster into another circuit… well, I had already packed the thing back up for the return to Amazon and, out of anger, left both pieces of toast in the toaster…. maybe Breville could feed the birds once they received the unit back right? Well, I did what she said. Guess what, THIS WONDERFUL TOASTER WORKED AS ADVERTISED!It appears that what you receive is a “smart toaster”; one of the features is recognizing fluctuations in electrical power and it shuts itself down to protect the onboard software! Geesh… I mean, wow I began feeling somewhat foolish although vindicated for my decision to purchase. The Rep told me that this is what the unit is supposed to do and I wouldn’t believe how many people, like myself, conclude the Toaster is defective. NOT!While I have only run two toasting cycles now… looking at two perfect pieces of toast staring at me as I type this review, I’m confident this will, in fact, last the next 20 years. I’m looking forward to seeing my wife but, understand if she doesn’t exactly come up to me and give me a hug! LOL.Last word, this toaster is built like a tank and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a durable, quality built, toaster. Don’t be put off by the price; you pay for what you get in this case.Thank you Amazon for standing behind your sale; thank you Breville for your great Customer support and product and thank you UPS for being there when needed!
Love it. I spent way too much time looking at toasters, which caused my wife to just shake her head. I then bought a retro looking model, which looked great, but got dangerously hot when used. That got returned and I then got this model, spending way more than I planned. But I love it. It has unique features, works great, and doesn’t get hot on the outside when in use. I joke with my wife that we now have the best toaster of anybody we know.
Fanciest toaster ever. This product is fancy. The bread is automatically lowered for you and you can specifically choose to toast bagels. I read many reviews and settled on this toaster.However, it is definitely expensive but worth it in my opinion. Definitely a splurge. I’m very happy with my purchase.
It’s tough to rate this 5/5 on “value for money” just because I think it’s a little absurd that anyone would pay $200+ CAD for a toaster…and yet, here I am, doing it for the second time. There’s nothing wrong with the first machine, let me explain.I was married to the kind of man who grumbled at length about anything he found annoying. This included our plastic 2-slice toaster, which we’d picked up from a discount store way back when we first moved in together. It was cheaply made and toasted inconsistently. Eventually, tired of the daily ranting, I donated it and bought him the most expensive toaster I could find, hoping that would improve his quality of life, at least at breakfast.(This was quite a few years ago and I had ordered it from a department store. I had to pick it up at the store and the kindly older sales rep was a little alarmed to see how much it cost, until I explained that I was trying to keep my husband happy.)It worked, to an extent. He did like the toaster and stopped grumbling (about toast, at least). He’s a machinist and particular about materials & finishes; the Breville is a gorgeous appliance. In fact, he liked it so much that he insisted on keeping it when we finally split up (don’t worry, we are both much happier now).Two years post split, I don’t miss him at all but I sure missed that toaster. I’d bought a stainless steel toaster when I moved out and I hated it. For a while, it only toasted one side of the bread, and then it broke.After that, I finally broke down and ordered my own Breville. It is a beautiful appliance and I regret nothing. It is well-built, the controls are precise and accurate, it looks amazing on my counter, and it toasts like a dream. Was it the frugal choice? No, but amortized over time it’s worth the investment. And now that I have the “a bit more” button again, my life is complete. My toast is perfect, every time. My mornings are better and thus my entire quality of life has improved.Maybe this isn’t the toaster for you, but it’s the toaster for me. I finally understand what it means to be treated well and I hope you can also find a way to set standards. If you can find the means in any way, don’t put up with a toaster (or a partner) who treats you terribly. I’ll never settle again. And if I remarry I’m putting this toaster in my pre-nup.
This thing has all the bells and whistles, Its like your in a George jetson cartoon, with all the led’s lighting up when you touch the slider or any button, and it tings when the toast pops up. We have used it around a dozen times and toast-bagels-english muffins have always come out perfect. Love the touch button to automatically lower and raise the toast, and its very easy to clean. If this lasts 20 years then it will be worth the tremendous cost to purchase. But we were fed up with crappy cheap toasters so went with this very expensive one. We do have a few other breville kitchen appliances and both have served us very well over the years. We bought the cast silver 4 slice model and looks good on counter.
Lovely toaster, nicely engineered, and makes toast very well with uniform browness from a variety of breads. Whether or not its worth the price paid is debatable; I suppose it depends on how long it keeps working – I used to think toasters lasted 20 years but that’s not my recent experience, we’ll see for this.The dimensions given by Amazon are accurate, whereas the ones by Breville in the product description are not, and slightly larger (I was anxious it may not fit on a shelf in our kitchen and it just does)
Excellent produit en avait un deux toasts et il a duré 20 ans
It’s working well.

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The Breville Smart Toaster, model number BTA840XL This toasting machine is an expensive option, but it exudes quality and sophistication. We were impressed by its exceptional toasting capabilities and intuitive operation. It is upscale in every respect. The Breville Smart Toaster BTA840XL has many unique extra features that allow you to customize your toasting experience. Even the most discriminating toast enthusiast will be satisfied.  

Everything about the Breville Smart Toaster’s design screams sophistication. The brushed die-cast aluminum gives it a sleek and contemporary look that complements any kitchen.  

Engineers from Breville packed this toaster with design features and its appealing appearance. This includes its motorized and automatic lift. Instead of pulling down a lever, you need only press the toast button to begin toasting. As if on an elevator, the bread will automatically descend and ascend. It is an impressive and luxurious-looking feature. The extra-wide slots are ideal for toasting bagels, artisanal bread, and pastries. Its removable crumb tray makes this bread toaster easy to clean, as the trays can be removed from the front and the crumbs emptied.  

Among the toasters we evaluated, this Breville model performed the best. In our testing, we evaluated each toaster’s ability to toast frozen bread and bagels evenly and consistently. The Breville Smart Toaster BTA840XL excelled in every single one of these categories. Each piece of bread that we toasted turned out perfectly. Both sides of the bread were evenly browned, and there were few visible bar marks. Using the four available slots on the toaster yielded the same results.  

The Breville Smart Toaster is packed with contemporary features, and its streamlined design will complement any countertop. The Lift and Look and A Bit More features allow you to make perfect toast every time. Moreover, the automated controls simplify toasting bread. There is no denying that the combination of this toaster’s high-end design and exceptional performance makes it an excellent product. However, can you purchase a cheaper model that will toast your bread adequately? Quite likely. 

Key Features 
  • Dual Independent Toast Controls: Offers different levels of brownness 
  • Intelligent One Touch Auto Lowering 
  • oasting Progress LED Indicator 
  • Capacity: 4 Slice Extra Wide capacity to suit all bread types 
  • Settings: 5 Settings including; ‘A Bit More’, ‘Lift & Look’ , Defrost & Bagel 
  • High-end design and attractive finish
  • Excellent toasting capabilities
  • Bagel and defrost buttons
  • Lift and look' and 'a bit more' settings
  • Each pair of slots can toast to different levels
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

6. Best Wide-Slot: Hamilton Beach 24810 Keep Warm 4-Slice Long Slot Toaster

Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster with Shade Selector, Bagel, Keep Warm and Defrost Settings, Auto-Shutoff and Cancel Button, 4 Slice, Stainless Steel


User reviews

Light weight,modern,cool to touch, retracting CORD. My five star review is based on a two (2) week ownership of this toaster if things change and update will be posted.Pros : Obviously the RETRACTING CORD (such a space saver) i just hope the springs or what ever hold up,but that (the retracting cord) was a MAJOR reason behind my purchasing this toaster and im sure youre also looking at this feature. (works well so far)It is VERY LIGHT WEIGHT which i find to be a plus.NOT hot to the touch! (the black side surface does not radiate heat)It looks nice and modern and IMO would match a Keurig coffee machine perfect (the blk and silver model with the blue lights) as this toaster lights up with a blue tinge when set on a setting.Its size is moderate its not BIG, but it isnt tiny.And to whats really important… Its performance! It toasts bagels and bread very good I have no complaints thus far.The features this toaster offers are also nice in addition to everything else!Cons: The only thing I can think of is it being so light maybe its not made of the best materials,but many high end sports cars are also made of light materials and perform well. No this isnt a Bugatti its just a toaster.
Simple Toaster Gets the Toast/Bagel/Waffles Done Right. As the household review-guy my wife tasked me with finding a new toaster to replace our dead Cuisinart toaster. A relatively straightforward task turned out to be a bit more difficult than I imagined at first. So after reading way to many reviews and after considering spending way more money for what I thought would be an inexpensive appliance I settled on the Hamilton Beach Keep Warm 2-slice Toaster. A pretty middle-of-the-road toaster if there ever was one but it functions perfectly and does the job simply… so what more can we ask?►Features:So there are some nifty features packed into this toaster and they are actually pretty intuitive!1) Keep Warm: This is on by default and is a terrific feature for folks like me that pops in bread and then walks away in the morning to do other things. Keep Warm does exactly what it describes and keeps your toast nice and warm for up to 3-minutes. Works perfectly and doesn’t over-toast your toast while keeping it hot enough to still melt butter.2) Bagel: Toasts only one side of a bagel.3) Defrost. In my house my son goes through a lot of frozen waffles so this setting is perfect for fist thawing out the waffles before lightly toasting them.4) Cancel. Pretty much self-explanatory. This cancels whatever setting and pops your toast/waffle/bagel so you can start over.5) Chime/Beep. When your toast is done there’s a audible chime/beep indicating that you’re ready to eat! At first I was a little hesitant about this feature (we have a baby in the house) but the beep isn’t obnoxious (hello Kenmore microwave) and just beeps once.6) Dial. Pretty standard on toasters – the dial is used to indicate how dark you want your toast. Works great.All in all this toaster is working out great in my house and we actually like it way more than we ever liked our old Cuisinart. Top marks all around.
Just what I was looking for. I purchased this after several years living with a Breville long-slot toaster. It worked OK, but the controls were on the side and the only place I had for it resulted in a position where the controls ended up against a side wall. That meant that every time I needed to use the toaster, I had to pull it out from the wall. That, and after several years, it developed a bad habit of burning everything unless I stood over it and watched it like a hawk. Time for a new toaster.So after reading the reviews and looking over and comparing several other brands, I decided to give this a try. I’ve had it for 3 weeks now, and so far, I like it.First, the primary reason I bought it: The controls are on the end. It’s a little smaller than my older toaster, so it fits within the same “footprint” nicely.The cord is sufficiently long to reach the plug about 9″ up and 6″ to the right of the toaster — it would easily accommodate an outlet located another 6″ or so further away (I have it wrapped once around the cord guide in the base).The slots are wide enough to handle bagels and long enough to accommodate the large width of some of the artisan breads so popular these days. I also make my own bread, and this works well for that, too.So how does it toast? It took a few tries to get the setting just right, and it does vary depending on what I’m toasting (artisan bread from the bakery, bagels, frozen waffles, etc.). The heating can be a bit uneven, but it’s not major — no charred or untoasted spots, just some slight color variations.Yes, it beeps, quite loudly. But I live alone, so I’m not overly concerned about waking others. If you live with light sleepers, you may want to take this into consideration.Bottom line: I’m quite happy with this. It’s not perfect, but it’s performing nicely and it appears to be sturdy enough to withstand at least several years of several-times-a-week use. Solid 4 stars.
The media could not be loaded.  Nice toaster, very esthetically pleasing. Retractable cord is sooo convenient! I purchased mine in 2020 so almost 4years later and it still works great!
Bien hecho. Facil manejo. Caben diferentes grosores de pan y se puede seleccionar el grado de tostado. Funciona muy bien. Facil de limpiar. Lo recomiendo.
La relación calidad-precio es excelente.
Like so many others, I’ve recently started baking my own sourdough bread. I like my bread toasted, and didn’t know there was an easy way to toast a full slice of this oversized goodness until I saw this long slot toaster.Bottom line: it’s a keeper!Pluses: FINALLY! I can toast a full slice of sourdough (or any other artisanal beard I bake). The LONG 10″ (25.4 cm) slots easily accommodate any slice I’ll probably produce. Many reviewers noted to beeps, which I actually like. If I’m busy making several things at once, I don’t overlook that the toast has popped up. If it’s going to be buttered I can slather on the topping while the toast is at its warmest.Someone also mentioned they don’t like that the cord comes out the front. Well guess what? You can easily run the cord beneath the toaster so it exits out the back. They made room for it to exit between the two rear feet.Some reviewers also mentioned the bagel setting did nothing. It works perfectly on mine, turning off the outside sets of elements in both slots. As long as you put the bagel in with the sliced part towards the centre you’ll be fine. If by change you get one that doesn’t turn off the outboard elements, it’s probably a manufacturing issue. Just have Amazon ship a replacement.Negatives: The elements are HOT so it does toast quickly. When you first get it, it will probably take some trial-and-error to get the perfect setting. Because it is much more efficient that my previous Hamilton Beach toaster, it cooks more quickly and I did burn a slice leaving it in too long. Once I got the setting where I wanted it, the toast is consistent and perfectly toasted.UPDATE: There are several comments about it burning toast around the edges. After much experimentation, I’ve come to the conclusion this is because of the long slot and only happens when the shot isn’t full of bread. Here’s what happens: When you put a slice of bread in, all the elements heat up. The elements that are adjacent to the bread do their job and toast it. The sections of elements that have no toast in front of them still heat, which super-heats the air in the slot. That extra-hot air is now next to the edges of the bread in the slot, so in effect the edges are heated more quickly (from all that extra-hot air in the empty portion of the slot). When the slot is filled completely with bread (two sandwich-size slices end to end), it toasts very evenly.I’ve found that by setting the toaster to a lower number and toasting twice, the slot can cool a bit and the edges don’t burn.
I have had this toaster for a few weeks. I am very happy with this toaster. . functions well, lightweight, can be stored in cupboard and very well priced. The buzzer warns you just before the toast is finished which is a nice feature.

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Are you sick of preparing a delicious meal only to find that your toast is cold by the time you sit down to eat? If this is the case, the Hamilton Beach Long Slot Toaster is ideal for you. This unique toaster will keep your toast warm for an additional three minutes without over-toasting it! This allows for extra preparation time at the table.   

This stainless-steel toaster looks good and has all the additional features you desire, including extra-wide slots, a bagel setting, a defrost setting, and a cancel button. In addition, the illuminated, easy-to-press buttons allow for clear viewing, and the toast boost function raises your food for effortless removal.   

Underneath this Hamilton Beach toaster is a convenient cord wrap feature for storing it between uses. You also appreciate the “Cool-Wall” stainless steel sides, which will not burn your hands if they accidentally come into contact. This four-slice toaster is the superior option because of its unique keep-warm function. 

Key Features 
  • Easily fits extra-long, extra-wide breads and bagels 
  • Optional keep warm setting – toast stays warm for an extra 3 minutes in slots 
  • Cool-wall, stainless steel sides 
  • Bagel, Defrost, and Cancel 
  • Toast Boost lifts toast higher for easy removal 
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Automatic Shutoff
  • Alarm System
  • Keep Warm Feature
  • Extra Long
  • Extra Wide
  • Little Bit Loud Beep Sound

7. Best Design: Smeg Retro 4 Slot Toaster

Smeg 50s Retro Line Cream 4×4 Slot Toaster


User reviews

Stylish and functional toaster. Great retro style and ergonomics. Feels well constructed and functions perfectly.
Perfect Toast and So Cute. I’m so happy with my SMEG toaster. It’s beautiful to see on my counters. It’s easy to both use and clean. The Toast settings are granular enough to get just the right amount of browning however you like. I Toast bread, English muffins, pastries, and buns it in all the time. Couldn’t be happier!
I mean is it not the best toaster. The media could not be loaded.  If you like fancy things you can’t go much fancier on a basic toaster.
Great choice. Works better then other toasters and looks nice. Everyone in my family loves it. It is pricey but happy my family loves it.
Love SMEG. I bought this & the mint color best toaster ever!
Quick delivery. Awesome toaster excellent for regular toast and bagels
SMEG 4 Slice Burnout. Got this in Aug 21. Did a lot of research and also considered the Dualit 4 slice. What I did not realize is that this toaster has a limited 1 year warranty. Well Nov 22 I noticed that the No 2 slot from the left as you are facing the toaster was not toasting the bottom 1 inch of toast. So figured I would just use the right side pair. A couple of months later it seems the infection has spread and all four slots are not cooking the bottom 1 inch of toast. Seems to be a rather expensive toaster to last less than 2 years. I do have photos of the toast just presently too lazy and disappointed to upload.
Style. I saw this toaster at my sister’s in Sweden. I thought that it was really stylish so when my wife and I decided to give a Xmas present to both of us, we decided this was it.
La verdad me arrepiento de haberlo comprado y no devolverlo cuando pude. El producto está bien, el color súper lindo, pero en otros sitios lo vi aprox dos mil pesos más barato.
Me parece un súper producto pero yo creo que en Mexico el voltaje es distinto pues en 2 ya se quema el pan, hay que aprenderle las mañas y ver en qué número es el tostado ideal (ente 1 y el Pan)

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Smeg, an Italian company, has been making inroads into the American market and gaining a following due to the retro appearance of its appliances and the unique color options that make a statement in any kitchen. This toaster’s exterior is powder-coated steel with polished chrome accents, but its accolades extend beyond its aesthetic appeal.  

Our testers rated this toaster highly for its consistent performance, whether they were toasting four standard slices, two extra-long slices, or two bagels. The brownness consistently matched the setting of the toaster. The testers did note that when using the bagel setting, the bread toasts slightly less evenly, but if you crank up the heat to high, the cut side gets a fantastic golden-brown hue. Also included are reheat and defrost settings.  

The testers enjoyed the toast popping out of the toaster, even though these pieces could easily land on the floor. It is simple to clean thanks to the removable crumb tray and non-slip feet that keep it in place on the counter. 

Key Features 
  • Powder coated stainless steel body in cream 
  • 4 large single compartments 
  • 2 independent control panels 
  • Automatic slices pop up 
  • Removable stainless steel crumb tray 
  • Polished design
  • Consistent results
  • Includes bagel and defrost features
  • Toast sometimes pops out of toaster

8. Best for Brunch: KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot Toaster

KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot Toaster with Brushed and Chrome Stainless Steel Housing, 4-Slices with Dual Independent Control Panel, Silver


User reviews

Exactly what you would expect, as advertised. For the price a great value. This is easy to use, looks good and works like you would expect. Do not expect Wolf or similar construction, but looks good and the controls are easy to adjust, hold their level of toasting. Like the reheat function, and cancel function. We have it set on one of the lowest settings to keep from burning toast. Not sure what you would want the higher setting for, anything more than a couple of setting up from the lowest burns toast. But the lowest seems to work well for a medium level of toasting and not burning. I would not return but if choosing again would look again for other options. However not unhappy with this choice.
Terrific Toaster. I read a lot of reviews and did a lot of research before buying this toaster. I love it. The toaster itself is very attractive and modern looking. It works like a charm. I read reviews that complained about the length of time it took to toast. I learned many years ago that low quality toasters usually toasted very fast, browning the outside, but not warming the bread product itself through and through. When I started to purchase better quality toasters I learned that they did indeed take a bit longer to toast. The reason being is that they toasted more slowly and at a lower temperature which allowed the bread to be thoroughly heated through, not just browned on the outside. This toaster takes as long as the one it replaced as it too was a high quality toaster. It toasts perfectly evenly on bread, bagels, waffles, etc. I appreciate the reheat feature which allows the bread product to be heated again without getting more toasted. The defrost setting works just as it should and is really very fast. I appreciate the crumb trays which are located in the front at the bottom. They’re very easy to keep clean. Also, if you have something that is sitting low in the toaster, simply push up on the lever and your item will be raised enough so you won’t have the need to go fishing for it with a knife or fork. This toaster also has a 2 year warranty which is a nice change from the standard one year offered on most products. I would recommend this toaster to anyone. There’s not one thing that I would change about it or that I’m not pleased with. Don’t forget to do as the manufacturer instructs and run on the highest setting with nothing in the toaster for 2 or 3 times before actually toasting in it.
Does not toast evenly but beautiful to look at. Beautiful toaster. Very disappointed in the heating and toasting elements. Some work and some don’t. No browning on one side and top burned on the other. English muffins were set on 6 and took a long, long time to pop up. When they did they were not even slightly browned. Very disappointed.
The KRUPS toaster is well made and does a great job of toasting bagels. This toaster replaced an old T-Fal toaster that still works, but was showing small signs of possibly needing replacement. I liked the T-Fal, but as you can tell from the picture it was showing signs of age. One thing I did not like about the T-Fal was that the words indicating what each button did wiped right off very easily with a swipe of a dish rag. So this time I thought I would try another brand. I researched at all the web sites selling toasters and I found that there were no perfect toasters to be had (at least according to the opinions I read). It didn’t seem to matter how much you spent. Since I really didn’t want to spend $400 for a toaster, I settled on this KRUPS model. For $68.46 I have an attractive looking toaster that does the job nicely. I love bagels and I would have to give a higher mark to KRUPS for bagel toasting versus my old toaster. Does it take longer to toast than my old T-Fal? Perhaps it does, but so what. I am not sure why that is an issue with a lot of the comments I have read. When I want toast, I put the bread or bagel in and than go set the table, pull out whatever I want to put on the bagel, etc. I am not standing there watching the toaster with bated breath. This toaster is very easy to keep shiny and I love that the crumb trays are in front (my old toaster had them in the back). I have had this toaster for a little over a week. Will it last the seven plus years my old toaster did? Time will tell, but for now I am happy with my purchase and I believe you will be pleased with this mid price range toaster.
Quality. My second toaster from Krups. First one lasted eighteen years. Pure quality inside and out. For an appliance you use daily, I highly recommend the Krups toaster.
Very pretty toaster. The sides are typical stainless steel and the top and front are mirror-like. As indicated in the instructions, it had a very strong odour the first few runs so we ran without anything it is until that was gone.
Works great, takes a little longer to toast than expected. Good looking on the counter and would recommend to buy
esthétique très belle, se nettoie bien, mais après 2-3 semaines d’utilisation les toast ne grillesplus égales et sont plus pâles même au maximum.je ne recommande pas ce produit.
Ever since I plugged this in it has easily been the worst toaster I have ever owned. It takes forever to make toast and does not toast evenly. Not only do you have to wait forever for your toast, you then have to turn it around and make it even. Absolutely horrible appliance.
My expectations are that a toaster be able to brown, Bread, English Muffins, and Frozen Waffles to a satisfactory level with one press. The Krups toaster succeeds brilliantly at one out of three with one press. The toaster is nothing short of fabulous with grocery store baked sliced bread. It toasts bread evenly (both sides) at a setting of 5 or 6. Per the photos the bread is evenly toasted on both sides. This alone earns the toaster four stars. No other toaster I have ever had can do this as consistently as the Krups. The toaster however requires that Frozen Waffles and English Muffins be popped down at least twice to reach the level of browning that I require. The defrosting feature, in combination with the maximum setting, still did not brown Frozen Waffles to the same standard as the bread; nor did simply putting the Waffles in at the maximum setting. English Muffins on the maximum setting were warmed but not sufficiently browned. I did not have bagels to toast but I did try English Muffins on the bagel setting and found they did not brown sufficiently on the inside. My approach is to toast Waffles and English Muffins on the maximum setting, then turn the toaster down to 3 or 4 and re-toast to sufficiently and consistently brown them the way I like. The toaster’s cord comes out of the side and is longer than others with plenty of reach to access electrical plugs. I give the Krups four stars due to its superb bread toasting ability and design. I deducted one star for making me re-toast English Muffins and Waffles. Note that other toasters I have owned were not even close in terms of the Krups performance.

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The new KRUPS four-slice toaster is outfitted with enhanced customization options. It elevates your breakfast and provides enough for the entire family. A rotating knob with six browning levels is combined with extra-deep slots to achieve precise and uniform browning across the whole slice.   

A built-in high-lift lever makes removing your toast or bagel simple and safe. Additional functions include a 30-second reheat function, a defrost setting, and a bagel setting for toasting bagels to perfection. A removable rear crumb tray for easy cleanup completes the design. This stainless-steel toaster is ideal for beginning the day with a hot, crunchy breakfast that has been toasted to perfection.  

It has two independent control panels for simultaneously preparing different types of bread with varying levels of browning. The extra-high lift function lets you remove smaller pieces of bread without burning your fingers.   

Extra-large, self-centering slots can accommodate a variety of bread, such as bagels, buns, English muffins, and thick homemade bread slices. Select the bagel mode to warm the exterior and toast the interior of the bagels.   

The toaster has a defrost function that ensures consistent results when toasting frozen bread by prolonging the toasting process. The KRUPS 4-slice toaster allows you to reheat your toast without further browning. 

Key Features 
  • 4 Slice Toaster: Toast up to 4 slices of bread to crispy perfection; dual independent control panels to toast at different browning levels simultaneously; extra-large, self-centering slots ensure even browning and accommodate a variety of breads, including bagels, buns, English muffins, and more 
  • 6 Browning Settings: Choose preferred level of browning thanks to the shade setting dial, ranging from 1 (lightest) to 6 (darkest) 
  • 4 Push Button Functions: Defrost toasts frozen bread longer to ensure consistent results; Reheat allows for reheating toast so it warms without added browning; Bagel warms the outside and toasts the inside of bagels; Cancel ends the toasting session at any time 
  • High lift lever: Raises smaller pieces of bread up and out of toaster for safe, easy retrieval 
  • User friendly modern design: Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning; brushed and chrome stainless steel with blue LED indicators for sleek contemporary style; handy cord storage; 2 years worldwide warranty 
  • Attractive design
  • Durable, solid
  • Two independent toasting zones/control panels
  • Extra-large slots
  • Removable crumb trays for each section
  • Slower than other toasters
  • A bit too large for some kitchens

9. Best Budget: Proctor Silex 4-Slice Wide Slot Toaster

Proctor Silex 4 Slice Toaster with Extra Wide Slots, Cool-Touch Walls, Shade Selector, Toast Boost, Auto Shut-off and Cancel Button, Black (24215PS)


User reviews

Great Buy. Easy to use, easy to clean , and works quick. 🙂
Proctor Silex 4 Slice Toaster with Extra Wide Slots. Works great, both sides browned the same amount when set the same, all elements heated up. I wish Proctor Silex would stop putting the cord coming out the right side of toaster, it needs to be on the back side. My old toaster, also a Proctor Silex has the cord coming out on the right side instead of the back side like it should be. Good inexpensive toaster.
I like the cancel button. Very nice double toaster. There is a big cancel button on the control that makes it easy to pop up when you think the toast is done. I have found that the control at max. is not quite enough to toast a very thick English muffin, so I have to put it in twice. Other than that it works very well.
A solid toaster from a solid brand. When our old Procter Silex 2-slice toaster finally started to have issues, it was time to upgrade. This was an economical option that gave us both more slots and wider slots (the better to toast bagels and other goodies). So far, it has been great. It actually toasts quite a bit faster than our old toaster.The one thing I would change is to make the toaster slots a little bit longer, as they’re not quite long enough to accommodate the naan or wheat bread that I like. (They can be turned sideways, but then one end doesn’t get toasted much unless you rotate partway through.
This product makes great toast. We just wanted a simple 4 slice toaster. This toaster is perfect for our family and looks nice on our countertop. Easy to use!
Great toaster. This was a great toaster for the price. I gave it to my daughter and son in law and so far they have been pleased with the performance! The openings are nice and wide so bagels fit in it perfectly and so far it seems to toast very evenly.
Its an amazing product. It’s perfect when I’m making toast for my family. Bagels and warmed up French toast are so easy with this toaster.
Will do the job. We bought this to replace a working older Proctor Silex simply because we needed a different color to match the kitchen theme. My wife and I both like the older one better, just seems better built than this new one and easier to use. My biggest complaint is the dial indicator is the same color as the knob and hard to tell where it is pointing especially if you get the black one. Instead of returning it, I just highlighted the pointer with a dab of white enamel.
This is your very basic model toaster. It feels extremely lightweight compared to our older Cuisinart so do not expect it to feel substantial in any way.I spent a lot on our previous toaster and within months one side was not working, and it never toasted evenly. This one is a fraction of the coast and is toasting better (mind you, you have to turn the knobs quite far up I find) at least both sides of the toast. We’ve been using it multiple times a day now for two weeks. Bagels and toast. Works equally well.I figure toasters give out after a couple of years of use so I’m not splurging anymore. This does not look as fancy as our old one nor does it go with the rest of our kitchen gadgets but I don’t care. Our other one always had fingerprints and was next to impossible to keep clean. This works fine.Really, isn’t that all you care about when it comes to a toaster? Does the trick and if it breaks in a year, I’ll get another. No biggie.Recommend so far. Good value for price.
This toaster is a meh for me.I like how it looks, I like how little space it takes for a 4 slice toaster.It toasts quite unevenly – often one side of the toast is barely toasted at all and the other side it dark so I find myself popping slices up halfway through the toast and flipping them so they toast evenly which is irritating.I also find while it fits thick slices of bread, it does not fit WIDE slices. We love the Olafson’s oat nut and honey bread but it barely fits in this toaster.
So I ordered this toaster to replace one that was burnt out. Our family has grown so we wanted one that would toast 4 slices. It works fine – the dials feel a bit cheap and it’s hard to set them consistently, the mechanisms are a bit flimsy but they do work. I like the lift feature. Not very wide so texas toast is a tight fit and not long so forget doing round loafs as a whole.The big problem I have was YGLL had this toaster listed as Prime for $58.20 when I purchased it and charged me a handling fee of 12.30 bringing my total after GST to $74. The day after mine arrived the toaster price dropped to $30 with FREE shipping. So I wrote to the seller asking if they would be willing to refund me the difference from the $58.20 I paid to the $30, even noting that I understood they couldn’t refund the handling fee. They were totally unwilling to help me out with this or offer any discount but instead said ‘if you are not happy you can ship it back to us’ – which I started the process on but they wanted to charge me $30 to return it!Overall just not the experience I’d expect on Amazon.
Our old toaster lasted for years. It had some weight to it, it was well insulated and you could touch the sides without fear of it being hot. It had large drop down doors under each two toasting slots that allowed you to really empty all the crumbs out of the entire toaster. It was a Proctor Silex. It was a very hard act to follow. This toaster is also a Proctor Silex but you can tell by the quality that it is not made in the same place our older toaster was. It’s very light, does heat up a little but you can still touch it with no fear of too much heat and it toasts really evenly. It has no extra settings other than the STOP feature. It’s a really good basic toaster for the price. Proctor Silex has been able to retain the quality in the toasting functionality but not the sturdiness or quality of material and design since the move to new manufacturing.
Après tout ce temps il fonctionne toujours très bien

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You have many options if you’re looking for a cheap, no-frills toaster, but our testing revealed that there aren’t many basic four-slice toasters that won’t malfunction frequently or burn your bread. In our laboratory, the Procter Silex four-slice wide-slot toaster stood out for its efficiency and straightforward design. 

The only additional features of this basic, slightly compact model are seven browning settings, a high-lift lever for English muffins and similar items, and a cancel button. During testing, the bread closest to the heating element (the slot on the far left) turned out darker than expected, indicating that this oven reached a high temperature when set to its hottest setting. Consistently, the disparity between the four slots was observed, but once the learning curve was mastered, the toast was golden brown. 

Key Features 
  • Easily retrieve smaller breads with Toast Boost 
  • Keep your countertop cleaner with the pullout crumb tray 
  • Customize your toast — shade selector has 7 toast shades and an integrated cancel button 
  • Neatly stores away — the cord conveniently wraps and stores in the base 
  • Automatically shuts off for peace of mind 
  • Very efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek design
  • Inconsistent browning

10. Best for Bagels: KitchenAid KMT4115 4-Slice Toaster

KitchenAid 4-Slice Toaster with Manual High-Lift Lever – KMT4115


User reviews

Effortless Toasting Experience: KitchenAid 4-Slice Toaster – A Must-Have Addition to Your Kitchen. The KitchenAid 4-Slice Toaster with Manual High-Lift Lever – KMT4115 in Contour Silver is an absolute game-changer in my kitchen. From its sleek design to its impressive functionality, this toaster has quickly become a staple appliance in my daily routine.One of the standout features is the manual high-lift lever, which makes it effortless to retrieve even the smallest slices of toast without risking burnt fingers. The four-slice capacity is perfect for busy mornings or when entertaining guests, allowing me to toast a variety of bread types simultaneously.The toaster’s contour silver finish adds a touch of elegance to my countertop, complementing the overall aesthetic of my kitchen. It’s not just about looks, though; this toaster delivers consistent and perfectly toasted slices every time, thanks to its multiple browning settings.Cleanup is a breeze with the removable crumb tray, and the toaster’s durable construction gives me confidence that it will withstand daily use for years to come. If you’re in the market for a reliable and stylish toaster that delivers exceptional results, look no further than the KitchenAid 4-Slice Toaster with Manual High-Lift Lever – KMT4115.
Just once down. I previously had purchased a Breville 4 slice toaster. Despite the little extra, it would not adequately toast without putting the toast thru another cycle and left an untoasted area in the middle of a long slice. Returned it. This KitchenAid toasts perfectly and evenly at a setting of 2-3. 5 is too much for most types of bread. It’s fast and simple. We never have to push the toast down twice. Each slot can be separately controlled. Very satisfactory.
Small, attractive seems durable. I use it every day because the fancy toaster oven is not consistent. This replaced a very old red plastic KitchenAid 4 slice toaster. I would say design has improved in 20 years. I was never disappointed with the old toaster and do not expect this to change. Cord wraps for a clean counter, or storage. This time the color and material seem to match my mixer. A welcome upgrade.
Fancy. Looks nice, works well, and is high-tech for a toaster. Be sure to check the measurements to make sure it works in your space…this thing is BIG for a two-slice toaster.
Quality Toaster. This toaster is a quality appliance! My husband is specific about how he likes his toast & bagels done. I surprised him with this toaster for his birthday (he receive more fun gifts as well 😉) he did not understand why I purchased this toaster until he used it. It is on the “heavy side” it stays out on the counter, has many toasting & bagel settings as well as the most pleasant chime when it’s ready. Has a couple other features as “a keep warm setting” your toast will automatically go back down to warm up if your breakfast is not ready all at the same time. You also have the option to toast “a little more” if not quite toasted to your liking. Overall the slots are roomy & we are very pleased with our new toaster!
Might be the best toaster I’ve ever owned. How on Earth did I end up paying $260+ for a toaster? Well, in big part because I saw a video of an antique toaster with a far superior bread handling mechanism than any toaster I had ever used, and I wanted something close to that design but with modern features and safety standards.Enter the 2-slice Pro Series Toaster from Kitchen Aid. It has everything I was looking for, and nothing I wanted to avoid. That’s right, no touchscreen and no internet connectivity are actually features, not problems.That New Toaster SmellLike any new toaster, this KitchenAid toaster emits a weird unpleasant smell the first few times you use it. The first time, I turned on the kitchen hood vent fan to minimize the smell, but it was still very noticeable. The next day, for the second and third uses, I did not turn on the vent fan and could still smell the unpleasant chemical smell from the toaster, but weaker than on the first try. By the fourth use, the smell was a non issue.Toasting PerformanceIt seems Amazon has grouped many different models into the same review umbrella. I’m talking specifically about the Pro Series 2-slice toaster. I’ve had zero issues with burned toast. I keep the darkness slider set to 4 and that matches my toast preference to perfection, at least when it comes to bread. I tried toasting Pop Tarts in one occasion and they come up with the edges more toasted than the center. But Pop Tarts are not the reason to buy a toaster anyway. There is a Frozen mode, that I have not tried yet – I might update this review when I try toasting frozen bread. There is also a Bagel mode, which I do not care about because I do not like bagels.Keep Away from Keep Warm?One of this toaster’s smart features is that if you do not pick up the toast after it is done, 45 seconds later, it lowers the bread again to keep it warm for three minutes. This is an excellent value add especially when multitasking with preparation of the morning’s breakfast. However, with help from a power meter, I realize that the Keep Warm feature works by frequently cycling the thermostat on and off. I’m not sure the electrical components will hold up well with power constantly applied and then taken off. As a result, I will avoid using the Keep Warm feature whenever possible.Other Design FeaturesI went for the white version of the toaster, as the red version seems too tacky, but this is just personal preference. In any case, the white version doesn’t try to grab your attention as much and blends better with the other appliances on the kitchen countertop. I’d expect the black version to be about as discreet, but that is impossible to achieve with the red toaster.The way this thing lowers the bread without any lever, and raises it gently at the end is magnificent, and the main reason I ditched the $8 to $30 toasters. The lowering and lifting of the bread comes accompanied by a ding sound that is not obnoxious at all. It reminds me of the ding sound you hear in airplanes before the flight attendant speaks over the PA systems. Again, judging by multiple reviews here, it seems some of the other models may come with a more obnoxious sound.Toaster’s body remains cool to the touch. And I appreciated the extra safety of the grounded plug.In conclusion, if you can afford its higher price, I definitely recommend this toaster.
Everything we were expecting and more. This toaster was to replace a very old one that never worked well, especially with bagels. Easy to use and understand the dials and button functions. Everything we have toasted has come out perfect even the bagels. Use this more in just a few days then the old one in a year. It also looks great in the kitchen with the painted exterior to match our KitchenAid mixer.
I felt like I didn’t need a toaster with a digital screen lol, this toaster has all the features you need. Have used it for a bit now and the toast is always evenly toasted, the bagel function works well too. Crumb tray ejects with a push button which is nice and it stays put if you store the toaster away and bring it out sometimes. Easy enough to clean.
So far it works very well. Usually have 3 sourdough toasts in the morning and coffee, the press down handles seem a bit too soft when pushed all the way down and I fear they might snap off compared to other past toasters. The warning BEEP once toasted still makes me jump … I’ll get used to it eventually.It works well ! A Toast to that toaster !! 🍞
Looks nice and not cheap like some of the toasters on the market, toasts pretty well without completely drying out the bread.
Excelente electrodoméstico. Recomiendo su compra.
Es muy bonito de vista, pero en función deja mucho que desear por el precio, no Tosta parejo de los dos lados, debes voltear el pan y tostar de nuevo, las funciones adicionales duran muy poco y no agregan mucho al tostado ya pedí mi devolución

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Even if you’re not toasting New York-style bagels, squeezing half a bagel into a slot that’s too small can result in a significant number of crumbs. If this is a common occurrence in your kitchen, you should purchase a toaster with a wide slot that is ideal for bagels. With this KitchenAid four-slice toaster, our lab testers found a winner.  

This model is offered in three color options: five shade settings, a manual high-lift lever, and slots measuring 1.5 inches wide. In our laboratory, it repeatedly toasted bagels to perfection in all settings. Place the bagel in the toaster, activate the bagel function, and you’ll have a bagel with a soft crust and an even, golden brown crispness inside when it beeps.  

Remember that the testers found this toaster’s standard settings to be a bit on the dark side. They appeared to have fingerprints, but they were quickly removed. 

Key Features
  • 4 Extra-wide slots for the flexibility to toast a variety of breads from bagels to English muffins, thick breads and more. 
  • Make toast for more than one, just the way each of you like it, at the same time, with the dual independent controls. 
  • Designed to toast your bagel just right – heating element on one side reduces by 50% to gently brown the outer side of the bagel, while still toasting the inside. 
  • Your toast, just the way you like it with the adjustable shade control, featuring 5 settings, from light (1) to dark (5). 
  • Whether your bread is big or small it’s easy to access your bread in the toaster with the high lift lever. 
  • Easily bread crumbs from the toaster with the removable crumb tray. Hand wash only. 
  • Model KMT4115 includes (1) Toaster, (1) Removable Crumb Tray 
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Dings when done
  • Classic color options
  • Hard to keep clean

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best 4 Slice Toaster 

When it comes to choosing the best 4 slice toaster, there are several factors you need to consider. Here are some of the most important ones: 


How much counter space do you have available? If you have a lot of counter space, then you may want a larger toaster that can hold more slices at once. However, if you have limited counter space, then you may want to choose a smaller toaster instead. 


The material of the toaster is important because it can affect how durable the toaster is. If you are looking for a durable toaster, then you will want to look for one that is made from stainless steel. 


There are two main types of 4 slice toasters- the traditional toaster and the oven toaster. The traditional toaster is the most common type and is best for making toast. The oven toaster has more features than the traditional toaster, such as a bake setting, and is better for baking things like cookies or cake. 


There are many different features that can be found on 4 slice toasters. Some of the most common features include bagel mode, defrost mode, reheat mode, and cancel button. It is important to choose a toaster that has the features that you need. 

Ease of Use 

Some toasters are easier to use than others. Look for one with intuitive controls and an adjustable browning setting so that you can get your toast just the way you like it. 


How many slices of toast do you usually make at once? If you only make one or two slices of toast at a time, then a small toaster may be all you need. However, if you like to make four or more slices of toast at once, then you will need a larger toaster. 


When choosing a 4-slice toaster, it is important to consider the brand. Some brands are known for making high quality toasters, while others are not as well known. It is important to do your research and find a brand that you trust. 


Toasters come in a wide range of prices, from budget-friendly models to high-end ones. Decide what your budget is and shop around until you find the perfect toaster that fits your needs and your budget. 

When choosing the best 4 slice toaster for your needs, these are just some of the factors you need to consider. So, take your time and do your research before deciding. You are sure to find the perfect toaster for your home. 


It is important to choose a 4-slice toaster that has a good warranty. This will ensure that if something goes wrong with the toaster, you can get it fixed or replaced without any hassle. 

It is important to consider all these factors when choosing the best 4 slice toaster for your needs. By taking all these factors into account, you can be sure that you are choosing a toaster that will meet your needs and fit into your budget. 

Best 4 Slice Toaster – FAQs

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people have different preferences. However, some of the most popular 4 slice toasters on the market include the Breville Smart Toaster, the Dualit Classic Toaster, the KitchenAid Pro Line Series 4 Slice Toaster, and the Cuisinart CPT-440 Countdown 4-Slice Toaster. 

Some of the most common features of 4 slice toasters include variable browning control, defrost function, reheat function, cancel function, and shade selector. 

The best 4 slice toaster for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Consider what features are important to you and then shop around until you find the toaster that has all the features you are looking for. 

Yes, there are some safety concerns to be aware of when using a 4-slice toaster. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before use and never leave your toaster unattended while it is in use. Also, never insert anything metal into the slots of your toaster as this can cause a safety hazard. 

Some of the most common problems people experience with 4 slice toasters include burnt toast, uneven browning, and jammed slots. If you experience any of these problems, be sure to troubleshoot the issue before attempting to fix it yourself. 

To clean your 4-slice toaster, unplug it and remove the crumb tray. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of the toaster. Be sure not to submerge the cord or plug in water. Finally, replace the crumb tray and plug in your toaster. Allow it to cool down completely before using it again. 

The toaster has six buttons with different functions: two for slots 1 and 2, one for slot 3, one for slot 4, a cancel button, and a frozen bread button. Slots 1 and 2 are for regular bread, slot 3 is for waffles, slot 4 is for bagels, the cancel button resets the toaster, and the frozen bread button warms up frozen bread. 

There are seven different toasting levels: low, medium-low, medium, medium-high, high, and two extra-high levels. The lower the number, the lighter the toast. 

The toaster has three lights: a power light, a bread ready light, and a toasting light. The power light comes on when you plug in the toaster and goes off when it is turned off. The bread ready light comes on when the bread is in the toaster and goes off when it has done. The toasting light comes on when the toaster is toasting bread and goes off when it’s done. 

If you want to stop the toasting mid-cycle, press the cancel button. The toaster will pop up the bread and turn off. 

To clear the toaster of any previous settings, press the frozen bread button. This will reset the toaster to its default settings. 

There is no way to know how much time is left on the timer. 

You should put regular sliced bread in slots 1 and 2, waffles in slot 3, bagels in slot 4, and frozen bread in the frozen bread slot. 


After our extensive research, we have concluded that the best 4 slice toaster is the Breville Smart Toaster. It has a range of features that make it stand out from the competition, such as independent slots with different browning levels, and a reheat function that warms up toast without over-cooking it. 

If you are looking for a high-quality 4 slice toaster that will last for years, the Breville Smart Toaster is definitely worth considering. Thanks for reading! 

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